WPX Hosting Review (2023): From An Actual User. Is It As Fast & Easy As They Say?

wpx hosting review

WPX Hosting is a premium fully-managed WordPress hosting service that provides lightning-fast website speed and a 99.95% uptime guarantee. It also comes with free migration services and automatically takes daily backups of your website. WPX Hosting also provides you with some of the best website security features such as daily malware scanning and removal, a custom-built WAF, and Enterprise-level DDoS protection. To top it off, WPX also provides helpful technical support to ensure that your experience is like a cakewalk.



WPX Hosting delivers on its promise of being a fast, secure, and dependable managed WordPress hosting service. All its sophisticated features work in tandem to guarantee the lightning-fast speed and top-notch protection against cyber attacks. The only catch is that you can’t use WPX Hosting for websites that aren’t built on WordPress.



WPX Hosting pricing plans are replete with superior features such as unlimited site migrations, malware removal, DDoS Protection, etc. However, starting at $24.99 per month, pricing is on the higher side. While the inclusions justify the cost, this could be a concern for beginners.



Getting started with WPX Hosting is fairly straightforward. You just have to select your pricing plan and sign-up on the website. Thereafter, it provides you with a simple and intuitive dashboard to manage your website. From installing WordPress on your website to restoring previous backups – you can accomplish most tasks with a few clicks.



WPX Hosting provides exceptionally superior customer support. You can connect with them using the live chat features, as well as a ticketing system. Response times are fairly low on both channels. However, the inclusion of phone support would have been a nice touch.

What is that one factor that single-handedly influences the success of your website? While the performance of your website depends on several things, site speed is likely the most crucial of them. For a user, there is nothing more frustrating than a website that takes too long to load. For a website owner, slow site speed could take a toll on the bounce rate, search engine ranking, conversion rate, and even revenue.

An effective way of improving site speed is to select a high-quality web hosting service. The choice of hosting provider will have a significant impact on other aspects of your website as well. These include your website’s overall performance and reliability, as well as security. That is why it is essential to select a hosting provider that enhances your website.

If you are a web developer or blogger, you have likely come across WPX Hosting. It boasts great reviews and ratings on Trustpilot and G2 Crowd. In this WPX Hosting review, we will evaluate all its features and determine whether all the hullabaloo surrounding it is justified. Before we delve deeper, let us first take a quick look at what WPX Hosting offers.

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting is a premium fully-managed WordPress hosting service. It offers lightning-fast website speed and an impressive 99.95% uptime guarantee. Moreover, it provides a plethora of other helpful features such as daily automatic backups and malware protection. WPX Hosting is also known for its top-notch and responsive technical support team.

Image via WPX Hosting

A Brief History

WPX Hosting is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Terry Kyle. Kyle has been involved with various online businesses since 1998. Consequently, he came across a plethora of mediocre and below-average web hosting providers. Some of the common problems he encountered were slow server performance, complex admin dashboards, and lack of live expert support.

Moreover, these hosting services weren’t flexible and often collapsed the moment your website took off and started receiving significant traffic. Kyle developed WPX Hosting to overcome the challenges posed by the readily available hosting providers. It was launched in 2013 with the objective of providing a simple and high-speed hosting solution with round-the-clock support. Today, WPX Hosting has grown to become one of the most highly-rated WordPress hosting providers.

Distinguishing Features

The biggest highlight of WPX Hosting is that it lets your website load at an ultra-fast speed. WPX Hosting uses advanced technology, including SSD storage and WPX Cloud (it’s inbuilt Content Delivery Network), to attain such high speeds. It offers daily automated backups and securely stores these backups in a separate server for 28 days. This can be particularly useful when your website encounters an unexpected crash or a cyberattack.

All WPX Hosting plans include unlimited free site migrations. This means if you already have a website hosted by a different company, you can migrate it to WPX Hosting for free. Moreover, the expert support team takes care of the migration process, making it hassle-free and beginner-friendly. The best part is that you can migrate as many websites as you want without paying any extra money.

Moreover, WPX Hosting provides a user-friendly admin dashboard that can be used to monitor your website and server. It includes a one-click WordPress installation feature that gets your website up and running in a jiffy. You can even use the staging area and create a copy of your website to test new features and upgrades. Once you’ve updated the changes in the staging area, you can merge it with your live website using just one click.

WPX Hosting also offers a plethora of features to make your website more secure. It provides you with unlimited SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt for free. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about obtaining the keys and installing the certificate on your website. These tasks are carried out automatically, giving you more time to focus on enhancing your website.

Moreover, WPX Hosting doesn’t require you to purchase and install any other security plugins. It scans your website daily to identify any potential malware attack. The WPX Malware Team also removes any malware or malicious files as soon as they are identified. This saves you the trouble of going through complicated site audits and identifying security threats.

What makes WPX Hosting’s security features stand out is the inclusion of Enterprise-level DDoS protection by Incapsula. This is exceptionally helpful, considering The Business-level plan on Incapsula costs $299 per month per website. WPX Hosting uses a better plan and offers it to you at no additional cost.

WPX Hosting’s biggest strength lies in its 24/7/365 expert technical support. This includes super-responsive live chat support and an equally helpful ticketing system. It only takes a few seconds for one of the support reps to connect with you on live chat. Unlike self-proclaimed WordPress experts of other hosting services, WPX Hosting’s reps are extremely knowledgeable and often resolve your problems within minutes.

The ticketing system is also fairly proactive, with an average response time of five minutes. The website also has a robust knowledge base that can be used to resolve various issues. The only catch, however, is that WPX Hosting doesn’t offer email and phone support. While the quick response times more than makeup for it, this is something you should keep in mind if you prefer verbal communication.


WPX Hosting offers three different pricing plans, namely: Business, Professional, and Elite. While the Business Plan comes at $24.99 per month, the Professional and Elite plans cost you $49.99 per month and $99 per month, respectively. You can also get suitable discounts on yearly subscriptions.

Image via WPX Hosting

While WPX Hosting doesn’t offer a free trial, all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This lets you check out the service and get the hang of it before making a commitment. If you aren’t satisfied, you can ask for a prompt and courteous refund.

It is worth mentioning that WPX Hosting’s pricing plans are slightly on the higher side. The inclusion of Enterprise-level DDoS protection, unlimited SSL certificates, and unlimited site migrations justifies the cost. You should, however, be sure that you are going to leverage all these features in the long run.



Things to Consider Before Selecting a Web Hosting Provider

Choosing a hosting provider for your website is an extremely critical decision. It shapes the future of your website, as well as your business. However, the variety of hosting companies available in the market makes it difficult to choose one. It is, therefore, crucial to evaluate the features and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a hosting service before committing to it.

Speed, storage, bandwidth, reliability, and security are important factors that influence your choice of hosting provider. Additionally, you should also consider your level of expertise and experience. If you are a beginner, a managed hosting service that handholds you at each stage is the right fit for you. On the other hand, an experienced web programmer might prefer a hosting provider that offers developer-friendly tools for increased control and flexibility.

It is equally crucial to evaluate the quality of customer support. If a company takes minutes to respond to live chat, it may take even longer to resolve your queries. You should also take a look at the channels of tech support provided by the company. If you prefer verbal communication over texting, you should select a hosting provider that offers phone support.

Moreover, it is essential to consider whether the pricing plans fit your budget. If your website is less resource-intensive and only showcases company information, you may not want to spend precious dollars every month on hosting. You should also take into account the additional costs that you may incur in terms of site migration, security plugins, SSL certificates, etc.

WPX Hosting offers a simple and beginner-friendly platform to host your websites. Apart from speed and uptime guarantee, it also offers unparalleled customer support. Moreover, once you purchase a plan, you don’t have to spend extra for malware scanning, DDoS protection, migration, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for a well-rounded hosting package that offers high speed and excellent tech support, WPX Hosting is just the right fit. It is ideal for resource-intensive WordPress websites and blogs that use a plethora of images and heavy plugins. It is also meant for websites such as online stores that need additional security features to safeguard user information.

However, WPX Hosting is a fully-managed hosting service that doesn’t offer too many developer-friendly tools. If you prefer to self-configure your servers, it might disappoint you. Moreover, WPX Hosting is restricted to WordPress websites and blogs. If your website is custom-coded or built on another platform, you can’t migrate it to WPX Hosting.

You should select WPX Hosting only when you’re willing to build your website on WordPress. Moreover, WPX Hosting’s pricing plans tend to lean on the higher side. While the features and inclusions justify its cost, you should analyze whether your website needs these sophisticated features at all.

Now that we have a fair idea of what WPX Hosting promises, let us dig deeper into its features and benefits.

Features & Benefits: A Closer Look

As I’ve discussed earlier, WPX Hosting boasts a rich profile of sophisticated features. These include high speed, automatic backups, security plugins, etc. Even the most basic pricing plan can host up to 5 websites and includes 10GB of SSD storage as well as 100GB bandwidth. It also includes WPX Cloud integration.

The use of high-performance SSD storage is one of the most crucial factors that improve website speed. Moreover, WPX Hosting has data centers located in the U.S. as well as the U.K. It gives you the flexibility to choose a hosting location that is physically closer to your target audience. This, in turn, improves website speed even further.

In the following sections, we’ll take a look at the most notable features and determine whether WPX Hosting is worth the hype. Let’s get started:

1. WPX Cloud Integration

A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of proxy servers spread across geographically distributed data centers. These servers are used to cache static files such as multimedia, HTML scripts, etc. from your website. When a user tries to load your website, the nearest proxy server is used to retrieve these files. This is the biggest advantage of a CDN as it improves loading speed and reduces latency.

WPX Hosting has built its own custom CDN called WPX Cloud to provide you with lightning-fast loading speeds. Its proxy servers are spread across 20 worldwide locations covering six continents. This ensures that no matter where your target audience is located, they will have access to a fast website. It is particularly useful when you experience sudden traffic spikes as a result of marketing campaigns.

Image via WPX Hosting

The best part is that all WPX Hosting users get access to WPX Cloud for free. It was introduced in October 2018. All accounts created after the date come with automatically configured and activated WPX Cloud. If you, like me, had been using WPX Hosting before that, you’ll have to manually enable it using your admin dashboard. However, the process is simple, and the website even has a step-by-step tutorial to guide you.

Image via WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting saves you the trouble of finding and configuring a third-party CDN. Apart from enhancing speed and security, it eliminates the additional cost associated with an external CDN. I find this to be extremely helpful for new bloggers and web developers. All you have to do is select the right pricing plan; the tedious task of installing and configuring WPX Cloud is automatically taken care of.

2. Unlimited Free Site Migrations

Do you already have a website and are contemplating switching to a better hosting provider? WPX Hosting lets you migrate any number of existing websites without any additional cost. Moreover, the process of migration requires minimal participation from your side. It is executed in the background by WPX Hosting experts while you focus on other aspects of your website.

Image via WPX Hosting

This was one of the major reasons I picked WPX Hosting while looking for a new hosting service. I had been running a few blogs long before I chanced upon WPX Hosting. Migrating them manually to a new platform would have been a herculean task. Not to mention, it would’ve been fairly expensive.

Thankfully, all I had to do was create my WPX Hosting account and place a migration request using the ticketing system. I was asked to provide my present hosting account details, along with my WordPress login credentials. The migration took less than 24 hours to complete, and my blogs were running smoothly after that.

The free migration policy is also ideal for business owners and marketers who aren’t well-versed with web development. It saves you the hassle and cost of finding an expert who would carry out the process for you. The best part is that you can migrate as many websites as you want.

3. Daily Automatic Backups

Your website could crash as a result of a sudden traffic spike. It may even be the result of a cyberattack. Moreover, you are prone to making mistakes while adding new features to your website. That is why backups are a crucial aspect of WordPress websites.

The good news is that WPX Hosting scans your website daily and automatically creates a backup. Moreover, these backups are saved on a separate server for 28 days. You can use your dashboard to access these backups and restore a previous version in the event of a crash. WPX Hosting also gives you the option to take manual backups.

The biggest advantage of the automatic backup system is that it helps you quickly recover from an unexpected website crash or slowdown. You can simply restore the backup to ensure that your website remains accessible to users. This, in turn, ensures that you don’t incur any significant losses in terms of revenue and traction. I find this especially useful for newcomers who are still trying to get the hang of building a website on WordPress.

4. Staging Area

Testing new features and plugins is an integral part of running a WordPress blog or website. However, you wouldn’t want to add these changes directly to a live website. That is why WPX Hosting provides you with a staging area where you can create a copy of your website and test new features before implementing them. It ensures that your audience continues to have a seamless user experience while you try new features in the background.

However, most hosting providers don’t retain the changes made on your website after you created the staging site. What sets WPX Hosting apart from other services is that it lets you merge the staging site with the live version. This means your website will have all the upgrades while retaining the previous changes. This is particularly useful for bloggers who may have added new blog posts or comments after creating the staging site.

5. Unlimited Free SSL Certificates

In recent years, SSL has emerged as a critical security feature for websites. It manifests itself by changing your website URL from the regular “http://” to “https://”. Simply put, it tells website visitors that any personal information that they share is in safe hands. Moreover, it has a significant impact on your website’s search engine ranking.

While you can easily obtain an SSL certificate from your hosting provider, installing and configuring it can be tricky. It is time-consuming and requires technical expertise. Fortunately, WPX Hosting automatically installs SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt on your website in less than a minute. It further strengthens my belief that WPX Hosting is as suitable for newcomers as it is for seasoned bloggers.

Image via WPX Hosting

The best part is that WPX Hosting doesn’t charge extra for providing you with an SSL certificate and installing it. Moreover, you can get SSL certificates for as many websites as you want. This is what distinguishes WPX Hosting from other services that often limit their allowance to one SSL certificate per account. This feature is particularly useful for websites that are required to obtain sensitive information from visitors.

6. Malware Scanning and Protection

WPX Hosting scans your website every day to identify malware and other security threats. However, its service isn’t just restricted to identifying potential attacks. It assigns a dedicated WPX Malware Team that removes the malware and other suspicious files if your website is hacked.

Image via WPX Hosting

Moreover, it provides you with a “fixed for you guarantee” ensuring that all the security errors are fixed without any extra cost. Even if your site is under a malware attack, it can resume normal operations in no time at all. I find this particularly useful when your revenue largely depends on your website. Apart from malware removal, WPX Hosting also uses a custom-built Web Application Firewall (WAF) for additional security.

7. Enterprise-level DDoS Protection

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is one of the most potent security threats for today’s websites. It occurs when multiple systems flood your web server’s resources and bandwidth with traffic. Consequently, the server gets overloaded, making your website inaccessible. All WPX Hosting plans include Enterprise-level DDoS Protection by Incapsula.

This is amazing considering Incapsula’s DDoS Protection plans start at $59 per month per website. In addition to including it for free, WPX Hosting provides you with the highest level of DDoS protection. I also think the strategic assortment of top-notch security features is an added bonus for beginners. As a novice, you may not even be aware of the different types of attacks that could tamper your website’s security.

8. Simplified Dashboard

The plethora of features offered by WPX Hosting can be overwhelming for a newcomer. To help you ease in, it provides you with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. From hassle-free website migration to one-click WordPress installation – you can effortlessly carry out complicated tasks. You can even manage your domains and email hosting from the dashboard.

Image via WPKube

9. Domain Registration

Apart from being a WordPress host, WPX Hosting also lets you register new domains. Prices for domain registration/renewal start at $10.99 per year. All domains come with free WHOIS privacy and unlimited SSL certificates.

Image via WPX Hosting

I should point out here that domain registration is an optional service by WPX Hosting. It isn’t mandatory for you to register your domain with WPX Hosting to use their services.

10. 24/7/365 Support

All the WPX Hosting reviews I’ve come across unanimously vouch for its impeccable technical support team. While all WordPress hosting providers in the markets claim to hire WordPress experts, WPX Hosting lives up to its reputation. Apart from working round-the-clock to backup your website and identify security threats, WPX Hosting’s support reps help you sail through the platform. You can get in touch with them using the live chat feature and the ticketing system.

Image via WPX Hosting

What sets WPX Hosting’s customer support apart are the quick response times and resolution periods. In the case of the live chat, they only take a few seconds to respond. Even with the ticketing system, they don’t take more than a few minutes to get in touch with you.

Moreover, as soon as you share your query, they work fast to resolve it. I’ve had instances where my issues were resolved within 10 minutes or less. From setting up your account to creating your first WordPress website – WPX Hosting’s support team is always there for you.

The only slight drawback is that WPX Hosting doesn’t offer email or phone support. While I haven’t had a problem so far, the lack of phone support would bother someone who doesn’t prefer written communication. Nevertheless, you can use the comprehensive knowledge base on their website to resolve your queries.

Image via WPX Hosting

11. Pricing

No WPX Hosting review is complete without discussing its subscription models. I’ve already mentioned that you can choose from three different plans starting at $24.99 per month. You can also choose yearly billing to avail further discounts. All plans include WPX Cloud integration, malware scanning & protection, unlimited site migrations, unlimited SSL certificates, email hosting, and Enterprise-level DDoS protection by Incapsula.

Image via WPX Hosting

While the Business model is suitable for beginners, the higher plans are ideal for experienced developers with specific needs. All pricing plans come with a transparent 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can use the services for a month without making a commitment. I found this useful because I was initially skeptical about whether WPX Hosting would deliver on its promises.

It is, however, worth reiterating that WPX Hosting doesn’t offer its services at throwaway prices. You will find a plethora of other affordable WordPress hosting services in the market. However, what WPX Hosting provides you in exchange for the additional cost is unparalleled. If you’re looking for a fast, secure, and dependable WordPress host with flawless customer support, WPX Hosting is perfect for you.

So far, we have discussed what WPX Hosting offers and whether it is worth the hype. We have found out that it does provide you with a few exceptional features, including custom-built CDN integration, unlimited migration, and powerful security. It is now time for us to find out what real-life WPX Hosting Users have to say about it.

What other people think about WPX Hosting

It would be unfair to review a web hosting service without considering the experience of real-life users. I did some research and scoured the internet for genuine WPX hosting reviews. I was impressed to see it holds an “Excellent” rating and favorable reviews on Trustpilot. Users have particularly praised its top-notch customer support.

Take a look:

Image via Trustpilot

WPX Hosting has also attracted similar reviews on G2 Crowd. Take a look:

Image via G2

Lastly, I also visited their Facebook page and found that they hold a rating of 4.8 out of 5 with generally positive reviews. Here are a few Facebook reviews:

Image via Facebook

Now that you are impressed, you must be willing to spend your hard-earned money on WPX Hosting. However, before you’re fully convinced, you should consider if it is the right fit for you.

Is WPX Hosting Right for You?

The best way to answer this question is to weigh WPX Hosting’s pros against its cons. Let’s get started.

Advantages of WPX Hosting

The biggest strength of WPX Hosting lies in its ability to provide prompt and efficient assistance. The superior quality of technical support sets it apart from other WordPress hosting providers. It also makes WPX Hosting suitable for newcomers who are just getting started with web development.

The combination of proactive customer support and a user-friendly interface ensures that you don’t need exceptional technical skills to use WPX Hosting. The flexibility to migrate your existing websites for free is a cherry on the cake. Moreover, the integration of WPX Cloud eliminates the need to hunt for a third-party CDN. Apart from improving site speed, it helps maximize website security.

The impressive assortment of security features also distinguishes WPX Hosting from other WordPress hosts. From unlimited SSL certificates and malware removal to high-end DDoS protection and a custom-built WAF – WPX Hosting offers everything to make your website secure. If your website is relatively new and simple, you may not need all these features right away.

However, the inclusion of these advanced features ensures that your website remains secure as it develops further. This gives your website a sufficient room to grow. Moreover, you can work on enhancing your website with better content and premium features without worrying about factors like speed and security.

Disadvantages of WPX Hosting

Firstly, WPX Hosting is pricier than other WordPress hosting plans available in the market. While its features explain the higher price point, it may not be justified for a static website that only showcases company information. Since it is a fully-managed service, seasoned developers may find their flexibility and control curbed.

Moreover, WPX Hosting is restricted to WordPress websites. If you aren’t comfortable working on WordPress or if you have a custom-built website, it isn’t suitable for you. The absence of phone support could also be a cause of concern for those who prefer verbal communication.
Final Verdict
WPX Hosting is a feature-rich hosting service that is great for WordPress websites demanding high-speed and advanced security. It is beginner-friendly and offers excellent tech support. If you want to start a blog or migrate an existing WordPress website, WPX Hosting would be a great choice. You can even build complex websites, including online stores on WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting is also a wise selection for websites that are expected to grow and attract more traffic in the future. However, it is not ideal when you only want a simple static website. If your website doesn’t receive more than a handful of visitors per day, you might be better off using a mediocre yet more affordable hosting service.

WPX Hosting vs The Competition

• WPX vs Bluehost

In terms of pricing, Bluehost is a clear winner compared to WPX, but we reckon the value you’re getting out of each option is relatively comparable. While Bluehost is miles cheaper than WPX, you’re still getting your money’s worth with WPX’s pricier plans, and this is clearly evident when you consider WPX clearly comes out on top when it comes to performance, speed, and reliability.

With that said, if you’re working with a tight budget and you just want a web hosting platform to get the job done, Bluehost is an option you can’t go wrong with! Check out our full review of Bluehost here if you’d like to explore Bluehost in more detail.

• WPX vs Kinsta

When it comes to performance, WPX and Kinsta are pretty much neck-to-neck in terms of raw speed. While this can be boiled down to a multitude of factors, some of the more notable differences is that Kinsta uses a standard cPanel while WPX uses a custom cPanel.

At the end of the day, you can’t really go wrong with either option if you’re simply looking for top tier web hosting performance, but we found that WPX’s plans are slightly more affordable compared to Kinsta. However, some of Kinsta’s features might be worth the added cost for your needs; check out our full review on Kinsta here to learn more.

• WPX vs Siteground

Siteground is yet another alternative to WPX that is a lot more affordable, but the catch is that Siteground charges an arm and a leg when it comes to their renewal fees. Simply put, Siteground charges more than double of their introductory rates when you renew their plans. With that said, Siteground is still a cheaper alternative than WPX even at their renewal rates, though the gap is drastically reduced.

While WPX might appear more costly upfront, we think that most users would be getting a better deal in the long run with WPX if you operate a heavy website that requires more resources. You’d also get far superior support with WPX than Siteground, which might justify the higher price. With that said, Siteground is still a great all-round option for web hosting, and might be a better suited for you if you’re looking for a more affordable plan. Check out our review on Siteground here to learn more.


The choice of web hosting provider can make or break your website. It is what distinguishes a fast and secure website from a sluggish sub-par one. WPX Hosting offers high-speed, secure, and reliable hosting for WordPress websites and blogs. It uses a custom-built CDN called WPX Cloud to improve speed and efficiency even further.

Other features such as unlimited site migrations, premium DDoS protection, daily automatic backups, and malware scanning & removal make it a powerful WordPress hosting provider. It is also known for its vigilant and super-responsive tech support. WPX Hosting is ideal for websites that use a plethora of heavy plugins, multimedia files, and other resources.
Are you tempted to switch from your current hosting provider to WPX Hosting? Click here to sign-up and save 17% on your yearly subscription.

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