7 Weekend Jobs That Pay Well In 2019

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Your phone beeps – your salary has been credited but thanks to the rent, student loan, and other liabilities. The next thing you know, all that money is gone in a matter of days.

In spite of having a full-time job, this struggle to make ends meet month after month can be a frustrating experience.

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Are you wondering how you can make some more money? Weekend jobs might just be the answer to your problem.

Don’t worry; you are not alone here. You will be surprised to know that almost half of working Americans report to having a side hustle outside of their primary job. While some do it to explore their passions and hobbies, for many others, it is a necessity because one job is not enough to pay their bills, loans and live the life they want to.

Well, the good news is that the rise in the gig economy has opened doors to a variety of exciting and flexible options that are available to part-time job seekers.

So, whether you are looking for a side hustle to boost your savings, pay bills or increase your disposable income, make sure the weekend job you settle for fits well with your full-time work schedule and leverages your strengths.

In this article, we will share 7 high-paying weekend jobs you can consider to make money on the side.

1. Freelance Writer

Become a Copywriter

If you have always had an affinity for writing, it’s time to put it to good use by taking up freelance writing as a weekend job. It’s one of those flexible jobs you can do from home in your pajamas.

From writing articles for magazines, newspapers, and digital publications to creating marketing content for websites, blogs, and advertisements – there is enough and more work for freelance writers to get their hands on. In addition to freelance writing, you can also explore projects that require similar skills, such as proofreading and editing.

Get started:

Apart from writing skills, a laptop, and a stable internet connection, what you need is a niche to get started. Ask yourself what topics you can write on – this will help you pitch to relevant websites and publications.

As a freelance writer, it’s essential to know how to market yourself and build a strong reputation. How do you do that? You create an online portfolio, showcasing your past work, experience, and skills.

Your potential clients will ask for work samples, and when you can direct them to an impressive portfolio that highlights your strengths and projects you in the best light, it will increase your chances of getting selected.

The easiest way to find freelance writing projects is by creating a profile on platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork and take up work according to your availability. Remember – there will be rejections, but it’s essential to be at it and keep trying.

This might seem like work, but once you have established a robust online portfolio, you can pitch on weekdays and leave the writing for weekends.


While it ultimately depends on the hours you put in, the average salary of a freelance writer is $25.77 per hour.

2. Online Marketplace Seller

Sell unused clothing on Poshmark

What if you could sell products online without going through the hassle of creating and maintaining your own website?

Online marketplaces are on the rise, and while that means you get access to a multitude of options and great prices, it also means that you can use these platforms to sell your products to a broad audience.

The best part about becoming an online marketplace seller is that you do not have to spend money creating a website or online store because you can leverage the traffic from these marketplaces.

Get started:

The first step is to choose a marketplace and create a business or seller account. Then, select the category your product belongs to and take efforts to build a compelling page with a strong headline, product description outlining its features accurately and high-resolution images.

However, selling products on online marketplaces is not as easy as it sounds. You need to pick the right product to sell that will get takers. It’s important to do some research on the marketplace’s best sellers and sponsored ads to see popular products and/or categories. You can also use product research tools such as Jungle Scout and Algopix.

Do note – both Amazon and eBay will charge you relatively higher fees for selling on their platform. Other niche online marketplaces you can look at are Poshmark (fashion), uSell (cell phones, tablets, and video games) and thredUP (clothing).


As per a study done by WebRetailer, 34.3% of eBay sellers make under $10,000 per year, versus only 9% of Amazon sellers.

3. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

“Teaching? Me?”

Yes, why not. It might not be your full-time profession, but that should not stop you from taking it up as a weekend job.

According to a report by Cision, the global online tutoring market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.76% during the period 2018-2022. This translates to more extensive opportunities for online tutors.

From teaching K-12 coursework and languages to entrance exams and college-level tutoring – there is a gamut of tutoring jobs available today.

What’s more, tutoring demonstrates your mentoring abilities and thereby proves to be a valuable addition to your resume as well.

Get started:

Start with deciding which subjects you want to teach and are good at. As you are already juggling a full-time job, make sure you choose a topic that’s easy for you to learn and teach.

Depending on the subject you decide, reach out to the relevant tutoring sites such as Tutor.com (K-12), Student Tutor (college students) and VIPKID (English language) among many others.

Once you meet their requirements, you can pick time slots that suit your schedule. Apart from conducting the class, you will also be expected to work on lesson plans and learning material. Ensure you have access to the must-haves – a webcam, headset, and microphone.


Depending on the company, subject taught and experience, online tutors are paid between $12-$30 per hour.

4. Delivery Driver


A lot of restaurants and supermarkets deliver food and groceries, and due to increased demand on weekends, they are likely to want more hands. So, if you have a car, scooter or bicycle, why not use it to deliver food and groceries?

Get started:

You can explore websites such as Instacart for grocery deliveries and DoorDash for picking up food from local restaurants and delivering them. It’s also a good idea to search ‘delivery driver weekend jobs near me’ on Google to find the list of local restaurants and supermarkets that might need help with delivery.

To be a delivery driver, you need to have a valid driving license, smartphone, and eligibility to work in the US.

Apply to the company you want to work for – once you pass the background and driving test, you can proceed to take up deliveries as per your schedule.


The average hourly wage for a delivery driver is $14.05.

5. Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are part of our daily lives, which makes search engine evaluators a growing work from home job that you can take to during weekends.

So, what do search engine evaluators do? They analyze search engine results and check for quality and relevancy because search engine algorithms are not always accurate.

Such a job is fantastic for someone like you who is on the lookout for flexible weekend jobs because you can take up as much as you can handle.

Get started:

Keep a check on companies such as Appen and Lionbridge as they often post about search engine evaluation job opportunities. While there is no elaborate training required, you do need to follow a list of guidelines the companies provide.

A lot of the work involved is location-centric, which means you will need to be updated with the local happenings to be considered.


According to Glassdoor, you can earn between $12- $15 per hour as a search engine evaluator. 

6. Focus Group and Survey Participant


Many companies carry out surveys and invite people for focus groups to get feedback before launching their new product or understand their customers better.

What is a focus group, you ask? It is a type of market research wherein individuals are invited to share their opinion on a particular product, service, campaign, or offer. Focus groups are also utilized to understand consumer sentiments and get ideas. They can take place in-person or online.

Get started:

To be considered for surveys and focus groups, you need to first sign up on the respective websites. Some examples of top-rated paid survey websites are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

Similarly, websites you can use to find focus group opportunities include 20|20 Research and Mindswarms, among others.

How do they work? Once you sign up, you will be made to take a screening test to verify if you are a good match. Once selected, you will be notified about surveys and focus groups that match your profile. As the competition is immense, ensure you are quick to respond to invitations.

Do not rely on this as a regular source of side income as the frequency of receiving invitations can vary.


You can expect to make $30-$150 per focus group. It entirely depends on the company conducting it. Paid surveys offer lesser pay as compared to focus groups.

7. Bartender


How does spending your weekends in a happening sports bar and earning quick bucks on the side sound? Weekends are when bars and restaurants have the most footfall, making bartending a viable weekend job option.

What’s more, if you manage to impress customers, you also get to earn a lot more money through tips alone. You can also use this job to meet new people and expand your professional network.

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It’s a job that is fun, keeps you on your toes, and improves your communication skills, which makes it worth a try!

Get started:

Start with searching which nearby restaurants and bars are looking for bartenders. Meet them personally and express your desire to work for them on weekends. It’s a good idea to approach those places where you are a regular goer.


The average hourly wage for a bartender is $8.03


So, now that you have a list of weekend jobs to choose from, pick the one that perfectly fits your schedule and personality. While choosing a part-time job, it’s also essential to go for one that you enjoy. The last thing you want is to do is spend your precious weekends doing something you detest.

Working on weekdays and weekends can prove to be hectic. Hence, ensure you take good care of your health and give your body the rest it deserves to avoid reaching a stage of burnout.

To make life easier, we have compiled a simple and useful Side Hustle Checklist. So, take a look and learn how you can make weekend jobs work for you!

Looking to make your weekends more productive by earning extra income on the side? Here are the 7 weekend jobs that pays well in 2019!

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