Top Products for eCommerce Sellers in Winter 2021

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With more than half of 2019 behind us, we’re now inching towards the winter holiday season, the busiest months of the year for shopping.

With multiple huge shopping days in winter, like Single’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, there is a huge opportunity for eCommerce sellers to make a killing during the final quarter of the year.

On top of that, holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are known to cause a huge surge in demand for gifts, which is where you can come in as an eCommerce seller to cash in on that demand.

Why seasonal products?

During winter, there is a predictably huge demand for winter-specific products, allowing for a myriad of seasonal product ideas to flourish.

If you’re new to eCommerce and need some ideas on what to sell, it’s never been a more opportune moment to start sourcing for winter products right now to have them ready for winter.

For seasoned eCommerce sellers, offering some winter products are also a great way to diversify your catalog.

With all that said, let’s dive into the top products to sell this winter.

1. Glove Dryer

Glove dryer

If you’ve ever dealt with wet gloves during winter, you’ll know how much of a hassle it is to dry it when you get home. With a simple glove dryer, you’ll be able to utilize heat vents in your home to quickly dry up wet gloves! This ridiculously simple item will surely come in handy during winter and would make a great addition to any household.

2. Touchscreen Gloves

touchscreen gloves

There’s no doubt that gloves will sell well during winter, but a key differentiating factor in this product is the rubberized fingertips that allow the wearer to use their phone out in the cold. Alleviating the inconvenience of taking off your gloves to use your phone out in the cold is a huge selling point, which makes touchscreen gloves the ideal product to sell during winter.

3. Boot Tray

boot tray

After a long day out in the cold, you’re bound to get snow all over your boots, which means a huge puddle of mess when they melt on your shoe rack. This simple boot tray will keep the moisture off your carpet and prevent any stains.

4. Shoe Covers

Shoe covers

Planning to hit up the outlets with a bunch of friends for some Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping? You’ll probably want to rock that fresh new pair of kicks you just got, but you’re worried that you’ll get it covered with snow and have it ruined when the snow melts. With these handy shoe covers, you’ll have peace of mind that you can protect your brand new pair of shoes whenever you encounter puddles, snow or rain.

5. Pet Jacket

Pet jacket

Want to take your pets out for a walk when it’s cold out? Get some comfortable pet coats on them so that they’ll be more warm outside. Not to mention, these will look super adorable as well!

6. Pocket Scarf

Pocket scarf

A winter scarf is essential to staying warm in winter, but the added utility of storing a few small items such as your wallet or smartphone makes this an irresistible product to pick up, which is no wonder why pocket scarves had a huge spike in Google Trends during the past winter. Have a look for yourself on Google Trends here!

7. Waterproof Pants

Waterproof pants

If you love to go out on an adventure out in the cold, be it hiking, camping, skiing, or hunting, there’s no doubt that waterproof pants will be a necessity, which is exactly why they make for a great product to sell during winter.

Just like the aforementioned touchscreen gloves, waterproof pants have always had a predictable spike in interest during winter periods, as indicated by this Google Trends graph here.

8. Christmas Banner

Christmas banner

For households that want a cheap and simple way to decorate their homes for Christmas, this garland banner is a fantastic way to decorate. This long banner is perfect to hang right beside your fireplace, Christmas tree, or at your front porch.

Since it’s essentially a paper than can be folded compactly, it’s also very cheap to source and ship, making for great margins despite its low price.

9. Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings

Nothing gives off the Christmas vibes like Christmas stockings, and with limited options at brick-and-mortar stores, you can easily make a killing by selling Christmas stockings with more distinctive designs online! Check out this listing on Amazon with more than 1000 reviews, a testament that even a stocking with a  simple design can sell insanely well during the Christmas period.

This list should give you plenty of product ideas to source for winter, and with a proven spike of demand over the past couple of years, you’ll more than likely be able to sell them like hotcakes, so jump on them now before it’s too late. Best of luck!

Top Products for eCommerce Sellers in Winter 2021

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