43 Powerful Tools to Increase Your Email Opt-in and Subscribers

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Congrats! So, you’ve started your online business or blog and looking to gain some traffic and earn a decent amount of revenue. You probably have heard about email marketing and have begun taking measures to ensure you capture emails of visitors whenever they land on your website.

Social media has not made email marketing obsolete. It’s a false narrative. In today’s world, email marketing has become imperative to scale your online business. Email marketing is a viable and effective method for generating leads for your business. You have everything mapped out except that your simple opt-in form has not worked for you. You are probably blogging every day, but the engagement level has stalled.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the the saying “the money is in the list”, but you fixate on the number of subscribers you have managed to gather and your email list with disdain. The thought of having thousands of subscribers has you feeling all excited and eager. Well, your beliefs and expectations are valid. You can grow your list organically and sporadically if you use the right tools.

Creating a strategy that allows you to build your list is the dream of every business owner. We have carefully curated today’s post to include 43 powerful tools to increase your email opt-in and subscribers.


1. Rafflecopter


Image via Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter is a tool that allows you to create contests and giveaways you can organize on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With Rafflecopter, participants can invite friends to participate in the competition.

2. WP Notification Bar

WP Notification Bar

Image via MyThemeShop

When you download the WP Notification bar plugin, it appears at the top corner of your blog. The plugin notifies your readers to submit their email address in the box to get regular blog updates and more.

3. Easy Forms for MailChimp

Easy Forms for Mailchimp

Image via WordPress

MailChimp is by far the most widely used email marketing platforms. If you use a WordPress blog, you can build your list, view insightful analytics using Easy forms within the WordPress platform.

4. Hello Bar


Image via Hello Bar

Hello Bar is an optimization tool that shows a welcome message to your website visitor. Hello Bar appears at the top of the site and also helps capture email addresses when a visitor clicks on your landing page.

5. BounceX


Image via BounceX

Looking to improve your bounce rate whenever a visitor visits your website. BounceX takes effect whenever a visitor tries to exit the page or close the tab. The pop up will be shown once the user moves the mouse towards the exit or “close tab” direction and display a “call to action” graphic.

6. OptinMonster

Optin Monster

Image via OptinMonster

OptinMonster gives you the freedom to place different opt-in forms on different sections of your blogs, With OptinMonster, you can create custom opt-in forms for different pages and place them as floating footer bars on the sidebar.

7. PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination

Image via PopUp Domination

The PopUp domination plugin and software is flexible and easy to use. You can use PopUp domination on any website platform to create pop-ups, including WordPress. 

8. Sumo


Image via Sumo

Sumo is a free WordPress plugin with amazing features. Sumo allows you to capture your readers’ email addresses easily. Sumo will enable you to integrate several email marketing platforms.

9. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups

Image via Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is quite popular because of its affordability and relatively easy to use platform. With NinjaPopups, people can sign up for your newsletter, get coupons, and enhance social media engagement by locking the content until you are ready to publish.

10. UpViral


Image via UpViral

To put it simply; UpViral is focused on making you go viral. With UpViral, your readers can fill in their email addresses in exchange for freebies. You can also give out more incentives when they invite friends to subscribe.

11. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi

Image via Mad Mimi

Create high-quality emails with Mad Mimi’s native and simple editing tools. Mad Mimi allows you to customize your emails with click-through links. It also provides access to your social networking actions like a pin, like, share, retweet, and more. Mad Mimi integrates with ‘Google Analytics’ which provides detailed click tracking analytics to help optimize your campaign.

12. Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

Image via WordPress

The Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box plugin grabs the attention of your readers without obstructing the content. You can edit the look, and message on the notification.

13. Optin Feature Box Plugin

Optin Feature Box

Image via Plug Matter

The Popular Internet Marketer Derek Halpern has talked about this email marketing tool. Feature Box Plugin allows you to insert a form at the top of your blog for your readers to fill out.

14. ConvertKit


Image via ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a robust email auto-responder platform that offers the whole package. With ConvertKit, you can create opt-in forms to capture email addresses and it comes with a really powerful email marketing platform.


15.  AWeber Webform Widget


Image via AWeber

Aweber Webform Widget allows you to install a custom Aweber form on your WordPress website. With Aweber Webform Widget, visitors can subscribe to your list and engage in the blog’s comment section.

16. PromoSimple


Image via PromoSimple

PromoSimple is a starter pack plugin for online entrepreneurs who are just starting to get into the giveaway and audience competition game. PromoSimple is simple and easy to use.

17. Wishpond


Image via Wishpond

Wishpond is one of the new kids on the block but has fast become popular with webmasters. Wishpond has a web tool that allows you to organize contests and competitions that keeps your audience engaged.


You can grow your list and subscribers via social media platforms too. Do not restrict your list building effort to your websites. Platforms like Facebook have allowed developers to build tools that help entrepreneurs grow and scale via their social media pages.

18. ActionSprout


Image via ActionSprout

Facebook has three major engagement buttons; like, share and comment. ActionSprout allows you to use over 20 different engagement actions like endorse, congratulate, volunteer and suggest. If you run an NGO or a business geared towards giving back, you should use ActionSprout.

19. TabSite


Image via TabSite

TabSite allows you to design custom welcome pages for your page. It is simple to use and requires little to no coding experience. TabSite has several features including a content editor interface that allows you to match text, images, coupons and more.

20. AdEspresso


Image via AdEsprsso

AdEspresso comes with insightful analytical and tracking features that help you build and scale your Facebook ad campaigns. With the AdEspresso WordPress plugin, you can also get people to sign up for email updates.

21. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Image via Sprout Social

If you love to plan your strategy around your social media analytics, you should consider Sprout Social. This tool allows you to track analytics on the go for all your social media accounts.

22. Join My Mailing List

Join My Mailing List

Image via Constant Contact

Just as the name implies, this plugin helps you get new sign-ups straight from your Facebook page. However, only people using the Constant Contact platform can use this tool.

23. Boosterberg


Image via Boosterberg

Boosterberg allows you to manage the aesthetics of your facebook posts before you boost them. Boosterberg’s automated features give you the freedom to select the number, schedule, and type of posts you need to promote.

24. Woobox


Image via Woobox

With Woodbox, you can make a free static HTML tab to capture emails. The app comes with full customization features that allow you to organize contests, deals, and more.

25. ShortStack


Image via ShortStack

ShortStack houses a designing tool that enables you to create custom Facebook tabs with intuitive widgets for easy navigation and social media management.

26. Pagemodo


Image via Pagemodo

Pagemodo offers a DIY approach that allows business owners to customize their business pages look and feel. Pagemodo is free and does not require prior design or coding experience.

27. Heyo


Image via Heyo

Looking to organize a Facebook contest on your page to drive traffic and engagement, check out Heyo and what they are cooking. Heyo allows you to capture emails and also build out a solid sales strategy.

28. Comment Redirect

Trying to divert the attention of your commenters to a separate page? Comment redirect allows you to redirect people who engage with a post to another page so that they can opt in to your email list.


Landing pages come in handy when it comes to email marketing. If you are looking to create a service or an event independent of your normal business offerings, you can use a landing page to increase your list. These tools are easy to use and require little to no coding experience.

29. OptimizePress

Optimize Press

Image via OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a WordPress theme that is meant for entrepreneurs looking for a simple way to capture emails without the hassles associated with full website maintenance.

30. LeadPages


Image via LeadPages

LeadPages is a simple tool that helps you create and manage landing pages for webinars, events, and more.

31. Unbounce


Image via Unbounce

Unbounce is a fan’s favorite. With Unbounce, you can create, optimize, and publish your landing page without the need to write code. If you love to customize a lot, Unbounce is the tool for you.

32. Kickofflabs


Image via Kickofflabs

If your email marketing campaign is focused on lead generation only, Kickofflabs should be your topmost priority. Kickofflabs boasts impressive features, including sign-up widgets and a robust native email marketing platform that allows you to grow your audience.

33. WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing PAges plugin

Image via WordPress Landing Pages

The WordPress Landing Pages plugin is excellent for monitoring and tracking essential metrics like your conversion rate. The WP Landing pages also let you run and compare A/B test mode.

34. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Image via Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Looking for something to keep your audience on the edge of their seats while you plan the main event? This plugin enters the scene with rich themes, hundreds of images, and many customizations.

35. Convert Plug

Convert Plug

Image via Convert Plug

Convert Plug is an affordable email list building tool for small and medium-sized businesses. With Convert Plug, you get access to a plethora of features that help with both lead generation and customer retention.

36. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Image via Thrive Architect

Thrive Theme’s Thrive Architect allows you to build landing pages for your WordPress website with an easy drag and drop process. Currently, this is the tool that the team at HUSTLR builds our landing pages with.


37. Mailster


Image via Mailster

Mailster is a WordPress plugin that allows you to write, design, and send emails directly from your WordPress back end. Mailster doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Just be aware that this might slow your website down.

38. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

IceGram Email subscribers newsletters

Image via IceGram

Email Subscribers & Newsletters is also a WordPress plugin that lets you build your list, manage your subscribers, and send newsletters periodically directly on WordPress.

39. Optimizely


Image via Optimizely

Optimizely is a platform that gives you the ability to tweak your lead generation strategy to help increase traffic and conversions through split testing.

40. Instapage


Image via Instapage

If you’re looking for a tool that allows you to create a good landing page without the hassles and high subscription fee like ClickFunnels, Instapage is your go-to-tool.

41. ClickThroo


Image via ClickThroo

ClickThroo operates at an enterprise level with its software and consulting services. If you are looking for an all-in-one platform with a plethora of tools to help scale your business or blog, you should consider ClickThroo.

42. Bloom


Image via Elegant Themes

The Bloom plugin by Elegant Themes gives you the power to generate leads and gets email opt-ins through your website. It’s a lightweight and reliable piece of software.

43. Popup Maker

WP Popup Maker

Image via WP PopupMaker

Popup Maker is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create attractive popups in less than 5 minutes.


Whether you are running an eCommerce business or an affiliate marketing blog, your email list is where your journey to internet marketing acclaim begins. Getting more subscribers is as crucial as retaining them. Write blog posts, organize readers’ contests, share valuable niche-specific tips, and more. Whenever you decide to monetize your blog by offering a webinar, book, or tool, the people on your list will be the first to try it.

P/S: Now, before you run off buying email lists from the internet, remember that there are now data protection laws and regulations. Strive to be an ethical email marketer. You could be reported for spamming or sending unsolicited emails to people.

Building and maintaining an email list requires creativity and hard work. With the 43 tools listed above, we hope you can tap into your inner entrepreneur zest and make it happen. Good luck!

43 Powerful Tools to Increase Your Email Opt-in and Subscribers

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