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Online Workshop Focused On Thriving, Not Surviving With Marketing Expert Jeremy Ong.

Introducing The Stupid Simple Sales Machine... A Roadmap To Thrive In Selling Online.

Discover The Little Known Technique With Creating Sales Machines That Effortlessly Increase Revenue, Leads And Engagement.

Struggling Due To Unforeseen External Circumstances?

Change Is Coming, Fast.

You could be a service provider looking to provide your service remotely – but you have no idea where to start. If you’re a service-based business that has been affected by the fast-changing environment. This course is for you.

Or you could be a successful business owner that wants to go online – It’s hard to filter experts from “experts”. If you have no idea where to look to get professional help and would like to save some money. This workshop will help you set up your Sales Machine for under RM300.

Or you could be looking to start earning money as a freelancer – you might be really good at what you do, but if you don’t have the basic digital skills necessary to market your service – you may not get clients and partners that you deserve.

Chances Are You've Thought To Yourself.
"It's Too Expensive And Difficult To Go Online, There's Nothing I Can Do!"

Stupid Simple Sales Machine™ by HUSTLR founder Jeremy Ong is a special workshop for elevating your digital sales process to a far higher level – so you and your business can rise above relying on physical presence and storefronts, and quickly realize your business’ digital potential.   

Even though this workshop is focused on helping service providers and freelancers. The guiding principles of this workshop can be applied to any sorts of business. We structured this course to give you the tools that you need to succeed with minimal resource requirements, and bring your business forward into the future.

Our Promise

After completing this course, you will know how to have your own Stupid Simple Sales Machine™ set up for less than RM300 in under 24 hours.

Why Stupid Simple Sales Machine

Like most people in the world today, you work a day job, you run an  business, and you’ve been told this would make for “an honest living.” With change being accelerated to an unprecedented speed. It’s time you take matters into your own hands and create a simple yet powerful sales platform that will help you further your career and business goals.

How Is This Course Different From Building A “Website” On Wix & Squarespace?
User-friendly platforms like Wix, Squarespace may be useful for creating simple corporate websites to act as a “digital name card”. Jeremy’s Stupid Simple Sales Machine framework is about building high-performing, conversion focused web pages that will drive leads, revenue and engagement with the lowest COST and highest IMPACT. 

Simple, Step By Step Guidance

This is a step-by-step online course (with a private mastermind FB group) that will take you through the whole Stupid Simple Sales Machine process from developing a sales machine, launching it and where to get highly targeted traffic.

If you ever wanted to build an online presence and start generating leads digitally…. Stupid Simple Sales Machine can show you how.

Even though this is an online pre-recorded workshop covers evergreen principles that is flexible and something you can work through at your own pace.

The Five Pillars To A Successful Sales Machine

1. Supercharged For Speed

The online environment is increasingly mobile. Page load speeds of more than 3 seconds will not help with conversion rates. When it comes to engaging with your audience these days, speed is of the essence.

2. Automated Sales Process

A key element to Stupid Simple Sales Machine is an automated sales process, very much like eCommerce transactions. Even if you're a service provider, you need to start leveraging on automated systems to reduce sales process related headcounts and overhead.

3. Convincing Direct Response Copywriting

If traditional selling is about business development and sales teams, modern selling is about emotionally-driven direct response copywriting. To effectively sell online, you need convincing copywriting.

4. Correct Digital Channels

Not all channels are created equally. Some industries do well in other digital channels. When you have limited resources, leverage and focus on the correct channels to build awareness to the service you provide.

5. Effective, Time-Saving Tools

"I like doing manual follow up calls, and email reminders." - Nobody Ever
Are you sick of manually cold calling & sending follow up emails to ask if a prospective client is still interested in your service? Banish these low-value tasks and free up your time to do more important things in your business.

This Course Is For...

Graphic Designers

Video Editors


Personal Trainers

Food Delivery Business Owners

House Cleaning Business Owners

Video Studios & Agencies

Service-Based Businesses

eCommerce Businesses

Wealth Planners & Real Estate Agents

Furniture Stores

Healthcare & Doctors

And Many More...

Instructor Profile

Jeremy Ong

Jeremy knows the way…. and can show you the way too!

Within just 12 months of starting his eCommerce business in 2015, it was generating a revenue north of RM200,000/month and RM400,000/month 12 months later. Obviously, he hasn’t looked back since. He now dedicates 90% of his time to run HUSTLR – a digital resource and agency on helping people and businesses navigate the digital economy. 

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What You'll Learn

How To Get A Sales Platform Up For Under RM300 In Less Than 24 Hours.


Discover Key Elements Of A Sales Machine

While Stupid Simple Sales Platform teaches you how to build a website, you will learn what makes a website drive REAL business results. This module will go through the key elements that must be present in your sales machine. 


Setting Up Your Sales Machine

Jeremy has been building his company through websites over the past 7 years and has been experimenting with more than 100 tools over the years. Discover the cheapest and best tools that he uses to build high-performing sales funnels and automation processes to develop sales machines like this page. The best part is – it will all cost under RM300 to get started.


Principles Of Direct Response Copywriting

In this module, we will go through the principles of direct response copywriting – a school of copywriting that drives meaningful action for your business and how you can pique prospective clients’ emotions by implement these principles.


Optimizing Your Sales Machine For Lightning Speed

According to a study by Google, if a website takes more than 5 seconds too load, 90% users will leave the website right away.

In this module of Stupid Simple Sales Machine™, you will discover how to make your website load lightning fast on mobile, tablet and desktop – so you never lose leads or clients because your website is loading too slowly. 


Supercharge Your Sales Process With Automation Tools

If you’re relying on manual sales processes like WhatsApp, email and phone calls, you’re missing out on scalability and reach. Can you handle 10,000 enquiries in one day? No, because there’s only so much one person can do! With automation tools that we will unveil in this blueprint, it’s time to free up your energy and time to ACTUALLY growing your business.


The Correct Sales Channels To Amplify Your Offer

In this module, we’ll uncover the best sales channels to promote your Stupid Simple Sales Machine for optimum results. No more guesswork needed, most industries will be covered so you’ll definitely benefit from this workshop.

More Feedback from People We've Helped

Working with Jeremy has been a fantastic experience!”

Nithi Maniam, Founder

“Jeremy is a practitioner and he knows what he's doing. Learn from him and start taking action. You're in good hands.”

Peng Joon
Internet Marketing Celebrity

“Will happily recommend HUSTLR to friends and colleagues.”

Anoushka Bhar, Digital Lead
Axiata Digital Services

“Working with the team at HUSTLR has been a wonderful experience. Jeremy & his team is very knowledgeable and willing to share.”

Julie Chen, Marketing Consultant
Ex-Munchys and Mondelez

“I saved a ton of time and money learning from HUSTLR & Jeremy! Highly recommended.”

Evelyn Marieta, Founder

“My website is a totally different animal thanks to Jeremy! Super impressed and grateful for the work done and knowledge shared.”

Peter Shankman, Keynote Speaker

Relief Support Offer During MCO: Join Now & Save RM360

If you’ve reached this page, congratulations! You already took a huge step towards digital selling success.

However, this is just the beginning of your transformational journey. Now, we’d like to encourage you to take it all the way with an exclusive discount on the Stupid Simple Sales Machine Masterclass.

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To secure that discount, just join on this page now before the offer expires. Plus, you still qualify for our 30-day money back guarantee – which lets you see for yourself before deciding if the Stupid Simple Sales Machine is for you at no risk.

Bonuses Included

Sales Machine Templates (Like This Page!)

As part of the launch of the Stupid Simple Sales Machine Masterclass, we’ll be including 100 copies of templates that are directly taken out of our OWN website and our best performing pages that you can just copy and paste onto your own Sales Machine so your business can go online fast! 

You’re Protected By The HUSTLR Unconditional 30-Day Guarantee

When you’re buying a car, you can test drive it. When you’re buying a house, you can take a tour of it. We believe you should have the same peace of mind with your education too – so we’re giving you up to 30 risk-free days to try Stupid Simple Sales Machine and see how it works for you.

And if you’re not over-the-moon with your results, simply send us an email to get an instant refund. It’s that easy.

Jeremy Ong
CEO & Founder

Secure Your Spot In The Stupid Simple Sales Machine Masterclass

Here's Everything You Will Get

  • Access to a private Facebook Mastermind group that supports you on your journey.
  • 6 Actionable modules on launching your own Stupid Simple Sales Machine.
  • 10+ recommendations on the best tools to use for your business.
  • Lifetime access to step by step implementation guidance in the actionable modules by Jeremy and his team.
  • Unconditional 30-day money back guarantee, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.​

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RM 88
  • Special price for businesses that were affected by MCO.
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“Stupid Simple Sales Machine” is an online video course that shows you how Jeremy Ong creates sales funnels that has high conversions for most industries. Results from the course may vary from individual to individual, company to company and industry to industry. While many students who have worked with us have seen significant results in growing their revenues, we cannot guarantee that this will work for you or your company. Growing a business is a serious endeavor and there are numerous factors that could impact the growth or decline of a business — not limited to the nature of the company, the industry, staff, leadership personnel and many other factors. All businesses involve risk. We at HUSTLR stand behind this course and the system that Jeremy teaches therein, but it is important to note that building a company in this manner takes enormous discipline and dedication and is no simple task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. We accept Credit Card and Debit Card payments.

Yes, you can get started right away after you have registered and logged into the course.

You will have lifetime access to the course.

Yes, we will update the course from time to time. Things change pretty quickly in digital and we always try our best to update our students and courses to stay relevant. However, we try to keep our course material as evergreen as possible with future-proofed concepts.

Yes we do! You can join our private Facebook group once you’ve signed up to the course.

Yikes! We don’t want that! But if you are unhappy with the course for any reason, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get a refund for you.

Secure Your Spot In The Stupid Simple Sales Machine Masterclass

MCO Relief Price

RM 88
  • Special price for businesses that were affected by MCO.
  • For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

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