Side Hustle – Another Income Stream

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What’s A Side Hustle?

A Side Hustle is a way that enables you to make additional income even if you are working a full time job, owning a business, or as a student.

Think of side hustle as a way to pursue your passion and interest that you have pushed aside since the start of your work. It can be something as simple as drawing or writing during your free time, to even something such as playing games (without going pro).

I am personally a fan of the RO (Ragnarok Online) game franchise, and when they launched their mobile game version, Eternal Love, I went on to spend over 3 months grinding myself through the game, did a little research on the game and also splurged over $500 to get the best items available.

Little did I know, there was a market online where people are looking to buy over accounts. I decided that since I have to put more focus into my work, I would sell my account off and after searching and talking to a few people, I managed to sell my game account for a total of $2000.

For me, this was a little unexpected as selling and making money out of this wasn’t in plan.

Research On Some Side Hustles

In this current day and age, a side hustle isn’t difficult to find but it depends on the effort you would want to put in. Look at what you have, and question the internet if you are able to make money out of it. If you have a car, sign up for Uber or Lyft. If you love writing about a specific topic, sell your service on sites like Fiverr.

Reselling is one side hustle we see that is on a rise over the past decade. People have been crowding the lines on items that have a high resale value, and they sometimes line up for long hours for a chance to get the said product. Brands like Supreme, Off White, and Adidas Yeezy have been shown to resell for a way higher value than it originally is. This provides a big opportunity and market for those who are into fashion and sneakers and use the opportunity to create a side hustle but you never know how one thing can lead to another.

Back in the days people love reselling concert and event tickets but with many people spiraling the prices out of control, many organizers are now controlling their policies on reselling and owning of the tickers.

So while some side hustles do come with risks on your investments, there will always be safer options and lower risks, depending on you.

The Side Hustle For You

Whether your side hustle requires you to work on ground, or whether just being in front of your computer, there are many other ways that you are able to come up with a side hustle that will benefit you both in terms of growth and of course, financially.

Find a niche that suits your interest, look for ways to grow your skills and make money from those you already have. With the abundance of methods to make money popping up online, and the ease of starting up a dropshipping store with minimal cost, the possibilities are endless.

It may look like something small when you first start off, but you will never know where it might take you in the future.

Side Hustle - Another Income Stream

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