EP 50: From The Streets To A 6,000 Square Foot Office With Steve Schultheis from Steve’s Goods (CBD Business)

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The HUSTLR Podcast
The HUSTLR Podcast
EP 50: From The Streets To A 6,000 Square Foot Office With Steve Schultheis from Steve's Goods (CBD Business)

For this episode, I’m very happy to have Steve Schultheis from Stevesgoods.com joining us on the show. This is a really amazing story to share on how a small business can grow to a respectable size in just a matter of 3 years – provided you’re in the right industry. I was tempted to keep this interview recording for episode 420, but that’s gonna be 7 more years down the line – so I wouldn’t be doing it justice. 

Super interesting interview with Steve here. The business started off on the streets with Steve – the founder of the company started talking with everyone in sight about Hemp, CBD and its benefits. He’s a really cool guy and I’m happy that he’s going through this success.

Fast forward three years later, Steve’s Goods has grown from a small cramped space in Lyons to a 6,000 square foot office, production and distribution center in Colorado. They’ve also recently opened up a 3,000 sq foot retail space to host educational events, product launches and more.
All this success didn’t come easy. The CBD and marijuana industry is filled with a ton of red tape and hurdles. The simplest things like getting a bank account, getting a logistics partner and renting an office is many times harder just because of the industry and the negative sentiment around marijuana.
If you want to know more about Steve and his journey in building the business – stay tuned to the end of the episode.

Want to give CBD/CBG/Hemp a shot? Visit stevesgoods.com. I’ve tried them myself and it really helps me with my sleep and anxiety issues (life of an entrepreneur).

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