EP 67 – Hacking Healthcare With Sarah Bolt From Forth

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The HUSTLR Podcast
The HUSTLR Podcast
EP 67 - Hacking Healthcare With Sarah Bolt From Forth

Hey hustlers, welcome back to another episode of the HUSTLR Podcast. Firstly, I want to apologize to our avid podcast listeners that have been following this show closely that we will not be publishing weekly episodes now as we are undergoing massive amounts of change internally over the past few months and there has been a small shift of focus. I’ll continue to try my best to publish as often as I can but we want to be pickier with who we bring onto the show as we only want to publish the best interviews we have our hands on.Which brings me to today’s guest – Sarah Bolt from Forth. Sarah is a high growth startup founder that is in the health tracking space. Forth is an innovate biomarker tracking platform which helps people at the UK navigate their way to better health. In this episode, she shares her journey as a female startup entrepreneur in the healthcare space and  growth strategies that she has used to grow her business.

Mentioned in the episode
For the general public –  https://www.forthwithlife.co.uk/
For athletes – https://www.forthedge.co.uk/

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