EP 41: Serial Startup Founder Christopher Franks From AutoDeal.com.ph

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EP 41: Serial Startup Founder Christopher Franks From AutoDeal.com.ph

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Today I have Christopher Franks, a serial startup founder joining us. Currently, his main role is the co-founder and COO of AutoDeal.com.ph – the number 1 online automotive marketplace in the Philippines. Chris is a British expat who moved out to SEA a decade ago. In 2013, he exited his first company (PinoyAutoTrader) to Sulit.com.ph – the biggest digital classified company in the Philippines that is backed by the South Africa giants NASPERS. His first business started off as a side hustle, but after exiting his first company, he hasn’t looked back.

Chris’ current business (AutoDeal.com.ph) business is wildly successful, having raised over $3m use in funding, they’ve reached break-even in just five years, a really uncommon trait among similar platforms in the startup industry. Fast forward today, they’re a profitable business with more than 70 employees. They’ve also beaten out the competition with way bigger war chests like Rocket Internet.

Hustlers, want to listen to Chris’ story? Stay tuned to the end of this episode.

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