EP 49: Super Podcasters Kaitlin Statz & Travis Vengroff Share Their Story

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The HUSTLR Podcast
The HUSTLR Podcast
EP 49: Super Podcasters Kaitlin Statz & Travis Vengroff Share Their Story

Hey hustlers, today I have a husband and wife team – Kaitlin and Travis from Fool & Scholar Productions. Both of them are serial podcasters and have 4 million downloads across all of their shows. Podcasts they produce are very different from this podcast. The couple focuses on producing creative podcasts that to be honest sounds like TV shows. Two of their shows even won awards, specifically The White Vault and VAST Horizon. Super Impressive!

Quick backstory on the both of them. Kaitlin has worked in the podcast industry since when she was a student at the University of Oxford in 2015. Lucky for her, she found her passion in podcasting and formed the company with Travis right after graduating. She’s also an established fiction writer and creates some of the best podcasts in the realm of indie fiction.

Travis, on the other hand – is a storyteller and producer who has experience in audio editing since 2010. He started off arranging, producing and editing studio albums for other musicians but has shifted focus to tell audio stories via podcasts. He’s an established sound designer, writer, performer and music producer under the name Careless Juja. Another interesting fact is that he’s also a voice actor in video games.

Hustlers, if you’re a creative at heart have you imagined living your life like Kaitlin and Travis? Let’s dive deeper into their story, stay tuned.

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