EP 5: Ng Khai Yong – From Digital Marketing To Internet Saving Chrome Extensions

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The HUSTLR Podcast
The HUSTLR Podcast
EP 5: Ng Khai Yong - From Digital Marketing To Internet Saving Chrome Extensions

In this episode of the HUSTLR podcast, we have Ng Khai Yong on the show. He’s a growth marketer who’s really good at what he does and he also builds chrome extensions during his free time. He also does a ton of side hustles leveraging on his passion and skills.

In March 2019, his chrome extension that protects people from Avengers Endgame and Game of Throne spoilers on went through amazing press and went viral.

In this episode, we dig deep into his psyche, what got him started and what keeps him hustling.

Read the full interview transcript below:

Jeremy: 00:01 | Welcome back to episode number 5 of the HUSTLR Podcast. In this episode, I’m very honored to have a very good friend of mine to come to this show his name is Khai Yong. You might know him as the guy who saved the internet from the Avenger’s Endgame spoilers as well as the Game Of Thrones spoilers. He created this Chrome extension which helps you block out all of the spoiler posts on social media. 

Jeremy: 00:15 | Welcome to the HUSTLR Podcast and in this episode, I’m very lucky to have a very good friend of mine Khai Yong. You might know him from the Chrome extension that he has developed to save the world from spoilers such as Avenger’s Endgame and Game Of Thrones. It’s really awesome work that he’s been doing and I’m really glad to have him in the show today.

Khai Yong: 01:41 | Thanks for inviting me.

Jeremy: 1:44 | My pleasure to have you here. So for the audience who do not know who you are, could you briefly share about yourself; like what do for a living, what do you do for that, and how do you come about creating all these Chrome extensions.

Khai Yong: 02:04 | Okay. So, uh, my name is Khai Yong. Um, basically I’m working as a digital marketer right now, I’m working for a company called “Keyword Tool” which is a web tool for advertisers and search engine optimization specialists who want to do keyword research. So, how this chrome extension thing came about was basically, I’m very much into tech and I think the easiest way to get involved in tech is to be hands-on to it, to get your hands dirty into coding. And that’s what I’ve been kind of dabbling with on the side. And I’ve just been making chrome extensions here and there just for fun and nights. And one day it blew up, one of my chrome extensions kind of went viral and that’s how it all started.

Jeremy: 02:56 | Okay. So, were you classically trained as a programmer? Like do you know how to code when you were just starting out?

Khai Yong: 02:19 | So I never really took a formal education into programming or computer science. Everything I learnt was by myself through the internet.

Jeremy: 03:15 | Wow, major hustler. So what pushed you to actually do this? I know you work as a digital marketer and I know you’re an amazing marketer, right? But what pushed you to explore these things? Like there must be some sort of internal motivation.

Khai Yong: 02:49 | I think working in the digital arena, you kind of need to know how the Internet works. Such as tech, every and anything digital work, the building blocks and how everything comes together, how our websites made, how do web apps work, how do web apps made or mobile apps made for that matter. So that made me really curious, right? Because how can I call myself a digital marketer if I don’t know the kind of the building blocks of digital stuff, right? Yeah. So that’s kind of what drove me to be very, passionate about this topic, to dive deep into the inner workings of how applications work and so forth.

Jeremy: 04:27 | So you just spend time looking over internet how to create chrome extensions and then you just ran into do it.

Khai Yong 4:34 | So it was interesting because I didn’t start off with chrome extensions, I was more interested in how to build full-fledged web applications and its quite not as simple as it looks there are a lot of things that go around in the background. I realise that I was using a lot of chrome extensions in my day-to-day job so that got me curious. Like hey, what is a chrome extension? How do you build one? Does it require a specific programming language? And I realise after doing some Googling and YouTubing and I found out it’s actually very simple and quite easy to roll-out a chrome extension and it doesn’t cost you anything but 5 dollars to Google website and immediately launch chrome extension apps which are hosted by Google, you don’t require to even pay for hosting. How awesome is that?

Jeremy 5:32 | That’s interesting, so how many chrome extensions or web apps have you launched so far?

Khai Yong 5:36 | At this point, it has been a few months now since I have been on my side hustle coding journey. I think I’ve launched at least more than 10 apps.

Jeremy 5:47 | So out of these 10, how many of them blew up?

Khai Yong 5:52 | The one that really blew up was the Avengers Endgame Spoiler chrome extension. I actually managed to flip some of my apps on this website which you could sell out your apps for under one thousand dollars. So I sold two apps there, it was pretty cool

Jeremy 6:14 | What’s the platform called? I’m curious.

Khai Yong 6:14 | The platform is called “1kprojects.com”

Jeremy 6:17 | 1kprojects.com? interesting. So it is a marketplace where you could list digital projects and digital products for someone else to buy over?

Khai Yong 6:26 | Yep, basically that’s it.

Jeremy 6:28 | Wow, that’s super cool because you work as a growth marketer as your full-time job and you saw that there’s this opportunity, right? That needs to be fulfilled on the internet, do you think that you’ll be able to sell this Endgame Spoilers chrome extension?

Khai Yong 6:51 | Well my app has basically gone viral so it already received commercial interest and I’m working with this company which sponsors me and we did some branding stuff so it is already a win for me in that sense

Jeremy 7:04 | Good for you man! So you took a few months to experiment you know you’ve developed so many chrome extensions like 10 so far. So at the beginning do you feel like you don’t know how to do this or anxious about creating these chrome extensions? Do you have a plan to monetise these things from the get-go or is it just a hobby kinda thing?

Khai Yong 7:33 | I mean when I first started out, my plan was to create some free chrome extensions and later one to transit to make some paid chrome extensions. And so far, I’ve only managed to sell free chrome extensions but hey, it’s still money right? I have not actually gone to the process of creating paid chrome extensions because I might have these “blogs” that think that my app isn’t good enough and so people don’t want to buy my apps. But it turns out people do like my apps it’s just how you market it and how do you get people to notice your apps?

Jeremy 8:10 | And that’s your forte right? You know, digital marketing, you know how to sell your products online.

Khai Yong 8:15 | Yeah exactly, so but I do realise that there is a market that wants to purchase existing apps and use it for their own commercial purposes or maybe give something fun to their subscribers. Coming back to your question regarding if I’m confident and was I able to build apps. I would say that there’s this saying right? “Every master was once a disaster.” And so, when I first started out, I mostly copied and pasting other people’s code and trying to modify it and that was how I accelerated my learning, figuring how to build my own chrome extensions. So now after doing it for a couple of months, it is really easy for me to push out new chrome extensions and I guess you just have to be good at Front and Java Script.

Jeremy 9:09 | Making things look pretty?

Khai Yong 9:10 | Making things look pretty, functional as well because with Java Script you’ll be able to change elements on the page. And chrome extensions have their own API as well, API is like how one software talks to another software or a program or an app talks to another app. So the more you understand these pieces building blocks for chrome extensions, the more ideas you’ll be able to generate.

Jeremy 9:39 | Right. So for example, if someone has absolutely no programming experience, do think they’d be able to create a chrome extension on their own? If they’re willing to learn it of course.

Khai Yong 9:50 | Definitely, of course, you’ll need to learn to program but not as in-depth as back-end languages but you do need to know logic structures such as IFLs condition statements. Because the more you know about how programming works, the more ideas you can come up with and solve problems. Such as if I want my app to achieve this, how am I going to do it? And the more you’ll know about programming, the more you’ll be able to realize these ideas. In fact, a lot of the ideas I’ve created so far are limited to what I know about programming. So the more I explore, the more I know, the more ideas I can create.

Jeremy 10:35 | The more ideas you can bring it to life?

Khai Yong 10:37 | Yes, exactly.

Jeremy 10:38 | Interesting, so this was quite a relatively new site Hustle. Like creating chrome extensions, web apps and all this kind of stuff. But maybe you can share a little bit more with our audience, like before all this. Like, have you done any freelancing work or side hustle just to earn some side money from the internet as well?

Khai Yong 11:01 | So my forte has always been digital marketing and we have people coming to me all the time to help them with marketing. If it’s something within that I can handle, then I would say and try to help up. So if you have a core skill, something you believe that you’re good at know that you’re good at that can actually help people, you definitely can monetize it and make money from it.

Jeremy 11:30 | I see, so you think that getting your base right like knowing your capabilities before offering this kind of service is very important when it comes to helping other people right? Like you can’t help somebody when you’re not good at it.

Khai Yong 11:45 | Well I mean if you’re on a level 5 then you can probably help a guy which is level 1. But if you’re level 10 you can help more people who are below level 10.

Jeremy 11:54 | I see, that makes a lot of sense. So how do you motivate yourself to “level up”? When it comes to digital marketing as it is your forte right? It is the same for all skills if you want to be the best you have to continue learning. So what is your primary motivation when it comes to getting better?

Khai Yong 12:25 | I think my primary motivation when it comes to growth, I don’t really need an external source of motivation. It’s just something about me, I’ve always wanted to learn new things, to explore how all these different “fields” out there. Like knowledge is so wide, a limited amount of time you won’t try to learn everything is impossible. So you’ll have to pick and choose the fields you want to get into. And right now, marketing and coding, these things are very relevant in this era, the digital age. So that’s where I choose to focus my time and motivation isn’t that much of an issue. But that’s it for our viewers here, I think if there’s something you’re really passionate about such as cooking as an example, go all-out you know? Like find as much information you can about the topic, there’s plenty of information on the internet and it’s up to you to go and learn from the best, I would say.

Jeremy 13:29 | Right, so what are some of the resources that you think could benefit our audience? Like if our audience wanted to start something which is something that they’re completely new at? They want to explore something new, they want to learn something. Where would you do that? Like would you just google or buy some courses?

Khai Yong 13:47 | If you’re just starting out like if you want to build up your fundamentals, there are plenty of free resources online. Especially for more technical topics, I would recommend YouTube because YouTube has a display of explaining concepts very easily through videos which I very liked that. When it comes to the big picture and vision, I would normally read books from authors who are experts in these fields and go in-depth and try to figure out what’s going on in their minds. Like what’re the latest trends and everything they know about it and tries to mimic what they’re doing.

Jeremy 14:25 | Right, okay. So I’ve known you for quite sometime Khai Yong, so I know some of the other hustles you’ve done previously like you sold stuff and other people’s stuff on the internet as well. So for the sake of our audience, could you share a little bit more about that? Because that definitely qualifies as a side hustle as well.

Khai Yong 14:44 | Yeah sure. This was back in the day where I was very much into selling products online, information products specifically. I’m sure you’ve heard of ClickBank right?

Jeremy 14:56 | I have, yes.

Khai Yong 14:57 | It’s like one of the biggest affiliate market places online. It was back then, there’s probably a lot more competition.

Jeremy 15:06 | I think the quality of the products up there is getting more and more “doubtful” and “questionable” quality. Like for example, I use Longtail pro from ClickBank and it’s a really good tool as well.

Khai Yong 15:28 | That’s the thing about affiliate marketing you really gotta pick what you choose products which you think would sell and at the same time provide value to your customers if not you won’t have repeat customers right?

Jeremy 15:39 | I see, so you want to only recommend the best products?

Khai Yong 15:44 | Yes, if you can.

Jeremy 15:46 | So back to the story.

Khai Yong 15:47 | Yes, so back to the story. So when I first started out my career as a digital marketer, I was very much involved with paid-traffic acquisitions so Facebook ads and Google ads, and at that time there was something that I was very lucrative for any industry. The ads were cheap, you could basically use it to promote a lot of stuff on Facebook and make a good return into your investments. So in one of my side hustles, I was actually promoting an information product which is a gaming e-book for Candy Crush which is one of the most popular games back then.

Jeremy 16:27 | My mom still plays Candy Crush.

Khai Yong 16:29 | Oh?! I’m not surprised, it’s quite an addictive game. And if you’re still playing it up till now, you must be like level 50 thousand.

Jeremy 16:47 | Hahahaha yeah maybe.

Khai Yong 16:40 | Yeah so I was using a lot of my paid acquisition skills, just trying it out in the waters in the wild west. And I found that this product was a good thing to promote at that point in time. So with everything I knew about the digital market, I have built a list that I inserted the affiliate product like the back end. I created an inner funnel which basically taught them how to play Candy Crush. Again I was not a “pro” at Candy Crush, but I was at a certain level and I’m able to teach beginners, so I was basically creating all the content myself. And I have also created my own e-book as an upsell of course to sell even more content-related to Candy Crush. At that point of time, the hustle was actually doing very good, I was making sales every day from selling Candy Crush guides. The business has closed now, at that point in time it has made pretty decent profits.

Jeremy 17:45 | I see, do you think people would be able to emulate this process right now in 2019?

Khai Yong 17:52 | It wasn’t just a matter of finding a product and selling it to make money. The truth is, you’ll need to do a lot of research, you need to spend money sometimes to test different products in the market to see if people would buy it. And that’s what I did, I have tested a lot of products, a lot of them failed which I have lost money, but not a lot. It’s basically a small testing budget, but eventually, you’ll find something which has potential and that’s when you double down your efforts on it.

Jeremy 18:22 | I see, so your advice here would be is to go out, experiment, test and validate the products and the marketing strategy used before doubling down and putting more at budget behind.

Khai Yong 18:36 | Yep, that’s right.

Jeremy 18:37 | So experimenting and just going out there and executing.

Khai Yong 18:40 | Yes, and the more you explore even like platforms like Hustler, you realize that there are so many different ways to make money online to make a decent side income and the world is your oyster; pick and choose what you want to do and see how it goes.

Jeremy 18:59 | Right. Like for example when I created Hustler, I realized that after speaking to some people, they were saying I should create a “lead-generation” platform for the geek economy people. People like GoGet, GoJet, Grab, Uber, etc because they’re always looking for new drivers and new users and if you could bring business to them, they could actually pay you money. So that’s going to be one of the key monetization strategies for Hustler because we want to help people to start making money, maybe not on your level where you used Facebook advertising and digital marketing skills. But for those of you who have no idea how you can literally make money on the internet, all you need to do is for example: Sign up for an Uber account and start a blog about Uber driving, and getting people to sign up to Uber through your articles.

Khai Yong 19:58 | Exactly, I think what’s interesting is; you probably interview a lot of people with different ways of doing-

Jeremy 20:06 | You’re the 5th person but I’m trying to interview more people.

Khai Yong 20:09 | Right. When the platform gets really big right like you mentioned this Uber, there’s Grab, there’s a Chrome Extention guide, all these digital marketing, all these different ways of digital marketing and all these different ways to make money and anybody interested in making money through a side hustle could just pick and learn from the experts in your platform. I think that’s really powerful and interesting at the same time.

Jeremy 20:33 | So thank you, that’s what we’re trying to do you know? I don’t think we’re there yet but again looking to improve, explore, improve and just get out there and do it and see where this brings; The hustler business. So okay, this podcast episode is not about me, it’s about you. I really like the part where you mentioned that it’s not a “short-fire” thing basically, whenever you pick a product online, there is more than one way to do it and it’s up to you to find out. And the only way to find out is:

Khai Yong 21:13 | To test and experiment

Jeremy 21:14 | To test and to experiment. Which involves going out there and executing. So for those of you, who are still in the cage when you don’t know how to make money online, my suggestion to you and I’m pretty sure it’s Khai Yong’s suggestion as well, you want to just do some research, how to do it and then just going out there to do it and see where it brings you. Because again I have been saying for the past few episodes-version ones is always better than version zero. If you don’t have version one, you won’t know what people are looking for, correct? So what plans do you have on the next…let’s say 2 years, are you going to bring your chrome extension to a whole new level or are you looking to explore…?

Khai Yong 22:07 | Well right now, I did gain some attention for my Chrome Extensions, so I’m looking to see how I can leverage on this. That’s one thing, another thing is I’m still very much into creating stuff as I’ve just created an extension last night just at a whim, also related to Avengers because it’s like the “in-thing” now.

Jeremy 22:35 | So you want to ride “the wave”?

Khai Yong 22:36 | Ride the wave, and there are more waves to ride of course there will be more movies. But it’s fun you know? To me, it’s fun. I don’t really do it for money as much but if it makes money so why not? Great! And so by the long-term wise, I do want to dabble more with tech and in fact, I’m looking to creating even more Robust applications and I’m not concerned whether I’m the one who’s making it or I work with someone better than me to create the apps and we market it. But most importantly, the platform has potential and could grow into something huge. So that’s what the direction generally I’m going towards right now.

Jeremy 23:17 | I see. So you mentioned that you created another chrome extension last night, how long did it take for you to launch the extension?

Khai Yong 23:27 | Wow! Um…probably an hour?

Jeremy 23:31 | An hour?

Khai Yong 23:32 | Yeah!

Jeremy 23:32 | So how long did it take for you to launch your first ever chrome extension?

Khai Yong 23:37 | Um…It’s a few days I would say. Because if you’re not familiar with launching chrome extensions then there is one file inside which could give you a lot of headaches. There is one file that has to be sort of perfect and if you don’t understand what each line does, you can’t even launch your chrome extension.

Jeremy 23:59 | I see, but you’ve gotten better, you know how handle the file now?

Khai Yong 24:03 | Yes.

Jeremy 24:05 | It’s through experience and experimenting, right? So a lot of people think that if you want to launch something perfect it will need to be perfect and you tell yourself you’re not good at it. I think that is a horrible excuse for not going out there to actually do it. The more you do it, you’ll get better right? And now, look at Khai Yong. He spent days launching his first-ever chrome extension and now he takes one hour at a snap. Like if he wants to launch something, he can just launch something, correct?

Khai Yong 24:37 | Yeah.

Jeremy 24:38 | So advice for you guys, go out there and get your feet wet, don’t let anything hold you back and I believe that’s very very important if you want to start a site hustle. And because when it comes to momentum, I feel that getting momentum is waaay harder than maintaining momentum. Because it’s in the definition; once you get going, it’ll get easier.

Khai Yong 25:13 | So true. I mean the chrome extension that I’ve built last night, I actually started the first line of code at midnight and I was already quite sleepy. But the moment I started writing code, I was like: “I’ve gotta finish this before I sleep.”. And ended up coding for an hour or so and once I pushed it live…Okay! Close the laptop and go to sleep! So you just have to get it done and if I don’t complete it, I’d probably won’t finish it tomorrow like “just forget about it”. Like that inspiration is gone it’s like that moment when-

Jeremy 25:50 | Yeah, because I think momentum is a very powerful thing. Once you see something work, once you know how to get something done, you will just go ahead and create and create and create more and more. Because you got better at it and at the same time it’s something that you’re comfortable at that time. I think it’s very important to also challenge and to look for new challenges because right now it doesn’t seem like a challenge for you anymore.

Khai Yong 26:15 | I mean, of course, it can be more challenging, there are a lot of things which I want to build which I’m not able to do yet.

Jeremy 26:23 | “Yet”, and that’s the keyword.

Khai Yong 26:25 | Yes, there are more Robust apps that I want to build and it’s not just limited to chrome extensions and certain site applications. These are things that I want to explore more and get better at.

Jeremy 26:40 | Okay, cool. So how do you…I’m very curious that you have a full-time job right? And in a very good position and you also have all these site hustlers, how do you juggle your time? You know, for those listeners who can’t really work in a full-time job.

Khai Yong 26:59 | I mean of course one caveat here is definitely don’t sacrifice your full-time job as in don’t let it affect your work. You still need to have your job.

Jeremy 27:12 | Do you mean don’t let the site hustle affect your job?

Khai Yong 27:19 | Yep, that’s why it’s called the Site Hustle right? Because you’re doing it in a site and so the way to find more time to work on-site hustle is: Number one, work on it at your home. Cut out all the distractions; stop playing games, stop watching tv because you really need to dedicate time to work on it and again that’s why it ties back to “Are you passionate about the site hustle you’re working on?”. Because that is going to give you the extra energy, the extra motivation and the extra push for you to complete these projects. Like for me, I’m quite passionate about this topic, to me its like relaxation, I get a “kick” out of building these apps.

Jeremy 28:03 | So it’s like your form of relaxation? Rather than just watching mindless tv for an example

Khai Yong 28:09 | Yeah, I get to kill two birds with one stone. I get to relax and get to work with stuff I’m passionate about.

Jeremy 28:15 | Yeah, so do you think that passion is very important when it comes to site hustles?

Khai Yong 28:22 | To a certain degree, it’s not to say I’m not passionate about it. Hence, I can’t go into this site hustle. In fact, I think passion is just the means to motivation sometimes, sometimes people might be motivated by wanting to give a better quality of life to people around them. Financially, for example, and that’s what drives them. A lot of my friends are doing well, for example, they’re selling insurance or other financial instruments but they’re doing great because they see the light in the tunnel; this is where I want to be. Hence I’m going to hustle and-

Jeremy 29:01 | And make extra money right? Right, super cool man. So do you not watch tv or play games anymore?

Khai Yong 29:12 | Um, I think my only other form of entertainment right now is YouTube. I love YouTube, I get a lot of inspiration from watching stuff which people have created on YouTube. I do play sports, sports are…I love it, I play basketball and it’s a great way to unwind. Oh, I do go to the gym quite often as well and it’s also another source of ideas and inspiration.

Jeremy 29:38 | How so?

Khai Yong 29:39 | Because, for me, people get ideas at all sorts of places, right? Some people while they’re taking a shower when they’re out drinking coffee with a friend. Sometimes when I go to do cardio and stuff like that, that’s when the inspiration comes to me.

Jeremy 29:54 | Wow, are you able to give me an example, maybe? Like of an inspiration that came while…

Khai Yong 30:02 | I don’t have a specific example but I do believe to a certain extent that if it weren’t for those long, boring cardio session you might call it, a lot of these sessions are actually the source of inspiration for my ideas, for the type of apps I create. And I think that many studies have shown that exercise actually helps in that aspect. Getting your brain juices moving basically.

Jeremy 30:27 | I see, and you know you’re on the treadmill running and your mind is just wondering…

Khai Yong 30:33 | Yeah, it’s like my quiet time, unlocking the “alpha” state of mind, that’s where all the inspiration comes.

Jeremy 30:40 | I like that. Okay, cool man. Um okay, so before we end this show, I want you to give if you had to give a piece of advice. Like what are the 3 most important characteristics or say “tips” to our listeners who have not started their site hustle or if they want to take their side hustle to the next level. What kind of advice would you give them? Tips and advice.

Khai Yong 31:15 | Okay so number 1, if you have not started yet but you want to start it, I guess that’s why you’re listening to this show. It is quite a simple advice, get your hands dirty, you won’t know what it actually likes, you can theory craft with all you like, but you won’t know exactly what you’re getting into until you start getting your hands dirty. The second piece of advice: You’re going to suck in the beginning, you’re going to feel inferior, you’re going to feel like “this is too hard”. But with anything in life, the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll get it. Same thing with my first chrome extension, when I first started out I didn’t know anything. Whereas when I read more and research more, I gain confidence and I’m able to create something more useful in a few months down the line. The third piece of advice, turn into shows like “Hustlr”

Jeremy 32:07 | Come on, man!

Khai Yong 32:09 | No, I’m serious! Shows like Hustlr, like we’re so connected now in the world of the internet. Like people in the past, people didn’t have this opportunity to watch what people on what they’re doing in other countries for an example. And now we have this internet that lets us learn stuff, get inspiration, get ideas, it’s crazy! Why would you not do that? I would do that every day, that’s what I’m doing that every day. So instead of doing mindless activities, spend some time to look up what are other people doing and it will really open up your world into more things, I would say.

Jeremy 32:51 | Okay, fantastic advice, very actionable aswell. So, one last question, okay? So if you could turn back time…5 years back right? What would you do differently? How would you approach life and your hustles differently?

Khai Yong 33:14 | Hmmm, if I could turn back time 5 years let’s say I know what I know now 5 years ago, I would definitely number one I would try and get a head start. I would cut out all the things that don’t bring value to my life, for example, playing games. I mean, it was fun but I think at a certain point, you need to really sit down and decide like “This is what I want to focus my time on”. 5 years is a long time, I do wish I’m 5 years younger but if you are? Great! Now it’s time to take action!

Jeremy 33:52 | Do you still regret that you did not start earlier? Do you think?

Khai Yong 33:58 | I do have regret, but you don’t know what you don’t know, right? Me 5 years ago was a totally different person compared to now. And so, no pressure right? For anyone, if that’s not where you are right now, it’s fine, it’s cool, enjoy your life, do what you feel its right. Whereas you start to realize things about yourself, don’t wait. Go and act on it, don’t procrastinate and I think that’s very important “don’t procrastinate”. Because something you want to get out in the world, just go and do it.

Jeremy 34:28 | Fantastic advice, man. Once again, that’s the end of this episode. Thank you so much for being on this show. Thanks for being such a sport, I have a tee-shirt for you, a Hustler tee-shirt because I think that you’re a true Hustler.

Khai Yong 34:42 | Oh thanks, man. This looks great, thanks a lot!

Jeremy 34:45 | Okay so guys, if you think this episode has helped you or can help a loved one or a friend, then make sure to share this episode with that person. Just show us some love, show them some love as well, and if you want to check out more episodes like this, definitely subscribe to the Hustlr podcast. We’re available on all the major podcast platform, we’re on Spotify, we’re on apple music and we’re every you want to listen to us. Thanks for tunning to us once again, bye!

Khai Yong 35:20 | Bye!

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