EP 53. How To Build, Run & Grow A Startup with Roman Grigoriev from Splento

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The HUSTLR Podcast
The HUSTLR Podcast
EP 53. How To Build, Run & Grow A Startup with Roman Grigoriev from Splento

Welcome back to The HUSTLR Podcast. Today – I have a very experienced serial founder, Roman Grigoriev joining us on the show today.

Entrepreneurship is part of Roman’s DNA. Roman never switches off his creative ideas and his relentless hunger to see them realized. It’s what led to his inclusion in the BBC’s Rich, Russian and Living in London as a service provider (despite not being Russian).

Fluent in 3 languages, Roman’s drive has led to the successful exit of two companies to date, and to his current business Splento, a successful visual content company operating in 37 countries and 263 cities.

Over 17 years of entrepreneurship, Roman has:

  • Cofounded 7 and ran 5 of those companies
  • Sits on the Board of two successful companies whilst launching Splento
  • Attracted global leaders to his company as investors, board members and advisors, including Tej Lalvani (Vitabiotics, Dragons Den), Konstantin Kalabin (TripAdvisor), Rob Dembitz (Cannes Lion), Ray Rafiq-Omar (Unmortgage) and many others.
  • Raised over $2m for his latest business alone
  • Spoken at BBC Newsnight (twice), ITV and other major media channels

In this episode, we’ll be talking about the thinking behind assembling an A-team for startups, the process of high-profile fundraises, why visual content is king, the importance of fast and constant iteration and making sure the startup solves a real problem.

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