EP 64. Going Where You’re Treated Best With Andrew Henderson From Nomad Capitalist

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The HUSTLR Podcast
The HUSTLR Podcast
EP 64. Going Where You're Treated Best With Andrew Henderson From Nomad Capitalist

Welcome back to the show hustlers. The team at HUSTLR hopes you’re doing fine in this very difficult time. Today’s topic is around the growing trend of global nomadism and today’s guest, Andrew Henderson – Managing Partner of the Nomad Capitalist. Nomad Capitalist is a specialist firm that helps people optimize their life, their business, identify low hanging fruits, the best path to success and investment planning in an increasingly globalized world.

After nearly a dozen years visiting and living in 100+ countries, Mr. Henderson has become an expert on the growing field of global citizenship. He is the author of “Nomad Capitalist”, a book discussing the concepts of global citizenship that anyone can apply.

In this episode, we talked about entitlement, benefits of being a global citizen, diversified income streams and countries that are best for optimized finances. If you’re an US citizen looking to become a global citizen, check out this article from Nomad Capitalist.

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