20 Ways to Make Money Traveling the World

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Everyone loves to travel (side-eyes people with hodophobia). Whether you are looking to take a trip to Iceland, or visit the Buddhist temples in Myanmar, traveling is an exciting activity. Traveling keeps our hearts warm and blesses us with memorable experiences.

While a large number of people love to travel, the real fun and mystery for most – earning while traveling.

Have you ever thought of how to make money while traveling? Is it remotely possible that you can earn a decent amount on the road while having the best time of your life?

There is a possibility that these questions have crossed your mind. Maybe we have you thinking about it right now. Well, you dropped in at the right moment. We’re delighted to share that there are many different opportunities to make money traveling the world.

Today’s post has been structured as a thorough and lengthy guide to help travelers around the world earn money on the go while doing various tasks and jobs. We will try to cover as much ground as possible and list every possible method of making moola while traveling.

Better yet, our comprehensive list is just a fraction of the opportunities that exist for people looking to adopt a more nomadic lifestyle. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Expat Related Traveling Jobs

Expat Network

Image via Expat Network

An expatriate is a professional who is a citizen of one country and chose to live or work in another country. As an expat, you are not entirely nomadic or traveling for fun. Most expats move to other countries to assess opportunities that appeal to them. While there are several expat-level jobs, simple expat related jobs include teaching English (or any other language in demand in that country), specialized nursing and care services, translating positions, and more.

So how do you go about trying to find excellent employment opportunities abroad? Making use of job sites on the Internet like LinkedIn or Expat Network is a good example.

2. Work in a Hostel

Hostel Travel Jobs

Image via Hostel Travel Jobs

Hostels are continually looking for new hires willing to work on a per-time basis. You can take up a job at the reception or assist the cleaning staff in exchange for a bed space or cash. However, working a hostel job may not come as easy as you would expect. Most hostel dwellers are there for a short time and probably need a job too. That being said, like any workplace, proving yourself worthy is key to getting the job you need.

Hostel jobs to look out for include: cleaning, Kitching assistance or Chef position, receptionist, and more. Are you looking for some hostel job in your present location? Don’t forget to check out these two platforms –  hosteljobs.net and hosteltraveljobs.com.

3. Tour Guide


Image via Contiki

If you know the finest places in a city like the back of your hand, you can offer your services as a tour escort. For most travelers, finding time to put their feet down, let alone research and properly book a holiday, can be pretty tricky, and expensive. That’s where you come in, by providing hassle-free solutions to making sure everyone enjoys their tours and holiday.

You can go the independent route or sign up with international tour operators. Global tour companies like G Adventures and Contiki usually assign tour escorts to tour groups to make the trip more educational and interactive.

The pay may not be humongous, but you get to travel around the world for free while earning some cash in the process.

4. Travel Photography


Image via Unsplash

Are you a sucker for good pictures? Do you have a good camera? Do you love traveling? Then half the job is done.

When visiting a new place, the dream of every photographer is to adequately find a way to catch its feel, its uniqueness. Travel photography, though complex sometimes, can be quite appealing and rewarding.

Walking around and getting random shots isn’t all that there is with Travel photography. Like every endeavor, you need some time to think and plan what you want to express and how.

You can visit popular tourist sites and take landscape photos from different angles and weather. You can create your online shop on Pixabay and SmugMug and sell your pictures to independent journalists or travel magazines.

5. Teach English

English teacher

Image via Pixabay

If you can speak English as fluently as a native English speaker, several teaching opportunities awaits you. Going overseas to teach English can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, many people miss out on due to various misconceptions or myths they hear about teaching English abroad.

Some of these myths include the need to speak the local languages. This is largely not true; most of the time, all you need is basic knowledge about the concepts you intend to teach in the local language. Another common myth is the need for a degree in English to teach abroad. This is also mostly untrue as what you need mainly is the knowledge and the will to dispense your knowledge.

If you love traveling to non-English speaking countries like Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar – you can apply to teach in some schools on a per-time basis.

6. Work as a Freelancer


Image via Fiverr

Freelancing is fast becoming a trend not just among travelers, but also among individuals trying to make a decent living by working remotely. Thanks to the Internet, exchanging products and services without the need for physical contact is now possible. Whatever your skillset is, there’s an online platform available willing to connect you to prospective clients for a small cut.

As a professional graphic designer, web developer, or writer, you can sign up on freelance sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Create an attractive profile, set up your portfolio, and start pitching prospective clients. These platforms serve as a medium or meeting point for freelancers and companies. Upwork takes its 20% cut for maintaining the platform while you keep 80%. The amazing thing about doing freelance work is that you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have can access the Internet.

7. Travel Blogging

Travel Blog

Image via Pexels

Blogging is still one of the top ways to make money online in 2019. If you have a burning passion for writing and telling stories in a captivating manner, you should consider blogging. As an avid traveler, you can start blogging about what you love – traveling.

Travel blogging is all about maintaining a archive on the Internet about your take on issues and personal experiences. Your blog can contain your opinions about various political, socio-economic issues or entertainment trends. If you are starting out, go on Namecheap and buy a domain name and a hosting package.

Your audience will live vicariously through your stories, pictures, and experiences. You can earn money through Google Adsense or by selling affiliate products.

8. Day Trading


Image via Investopedia

Trading forex or stocks is a craft for the financially literate, but it’s never too late to start. You don’t have to be an independent or institutional financial investor to day-trade currencies, stock, or commodities. Learn the ins and out of investing on Investopedia. Create a demo account on any trading platform and practice what you have learned. When you are ready to swim with the big sharks, create a broker’s account and start trading.

So, while you decide to tour the world, all you need is your personal computer and access to the Internet, and you can earn good money from anywhere in the world. Depending on how good you are, you can employ day trading as your full-time income option.

9. General Photography

Make use and earn money with your photography skills

Image via Unsplash

The good thing about photography is that once you have the tools, the skills are more like art. They flow according to your interpretation. If you have an eye for the lens, photography should be top on your “ways to earn” list. While traveling, you could set up accounts on websites like smugmug.com. 500 Px allows you to sell your shots to interested parties varying from individual to companies or even magazines.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Lead Dyno

Image via LeadDyno

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy and needs a little bit of time to get the hang of. Affiliate Marketing is a revenue sharing business model between a website owner and an merchant. Affiliate marketing works like this: the website owner (you) send potential customers to the merchant’s site for a share of the profits.

Affiliate marketing is highly competitive but can be highly lucrative if done well. You can start with Lead Dyno today. They are one of the best platforms and earning models. Another alternative is being an Amazon Affiliate.

11. Work Remotely in Your 9-5 Job

Image via Unsplash

Working full-time remotely while you travel is also a possibility for you – although the opportunities are rare.

If you’re employed in an organization that supports working remotely, you could easily apply for pack up your bags to travel while you continue working from anywhere you are.

12. Seasonal Jobs

Ski Resort Jobs

Image via Ski Resort Jobs

If you are on the road and want to supplement your income, a seasonal job can help boost your finances. Seasonal jobs come and go, but can help you make a decent living while backpacking. Apart from earning good cash on these jobs, you can also gain new experiences, meet new people, and indulge in other fun activities during your vacation.

A popular venue for seasonal jobs is Ski Resorts; Ski resorts provide you with golden opportunities to earn more in the winter. Ski resorts are regularly in need of employees in positions like ski instructors, supervisors, ski patrol, transportation workers, attendants, cashiers, and cooks, among others.

Other platforms also provide various seasonal jobs. You’ll do well to check the season and the jobs available before embarking on your vacation to take full advantage of the location you find yourself.

13. Travel Nurse

Cross Country Nurses

Image via Cross Country Nurses

If you are a nurse and you love to travel, then this in the right travel gig choice for you. As a travel nurse, you will enjoy the experience of traveling, meeting, and working with new coworkers and getting paid for it. This career path may add a whole new exciting chapter in your life and the life of your family. This option allows you to go to a different place and get paid for doing your profession as a nurse. A great perk about being a travel nurse is that your accommodation and feeding will most times be sorted out.

Another benefit about travel nursing is that you could apply for long term roles as long as short term roles. Search for travel nursing jobs on Cross Country Nurses. It’s a platform that connects nurses to opportunities around the world.

14. Flight Attendant

Jobs in Aviation

Image via Jobs in Aviation

A flight attendant is more or less a physical representation of what an airline stands for and represents. If you have the wits and charm, becoming a flight attendant is an excellent way to tour the world and earn.

Flight Attendants are always in demand, and airlines want attendants that will propel the corporate image of their airline. Becoming a flight attendant requires some training and skill acquisition and so may not be suitable for everyone.

Most attendants possess values and distinct communication skills. They also have profound Interest in and knowledge of the airline they work with and a passion for catering to the needs of different people while traveling. Register on Avi Broker and Jobs in Aviation to receive daily flight attendant job alerts from different airlines.

The benefits of becoming a flight attendant include free board and lodging, free food, and a host of other benefits. If you feel you’ve got what it takes, sign on those platforms.

15. Join the Peace Corps

Peace Corps

Image via Peace Corps

If you want to make a difference in the world but are unsure about how to start, you can join the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps is an organization that is made to promote world peace and friendship. Peace Corps is a voluntary commitment whereby you get sent to a specific country to help perform tasks as ordered by the government of that country.

You will have to go for training for three months and work for free service for two years. Doing charity work may sound counter-intuitive since the Peace Corps doesn’t pay members, but you can save up on accommodation costs and more when you are out on the field helping people. You’ll also have ample time for a side hustle or two to make some money at the same time.

16. Yacht Sailing Jobs

Crew Seekers

Image via Crew Seekers

Sailing on a yacht sounds like the dream of a lifetime. Unfortunately, for many of us, it’s hard to make this dream a reality. For the most part, only the rich and famous can afford to live a life of luxury. While this is true to a certain extent, there is one way to live part of the dream – and that is to search for yacht crew jobs and work for other people!

Since you’ll probably be away for long periods, most yacht crew jobs come with perks like a room and board with no fees. Having no fixed overheads means you won’t have any bills to pay; you’ll be doing something you love, and have the time to save for the future. Sign up on Crew Seekers and get daily ship and yacht related job alerts.

17. Online Translation Jobs


Image via Unbabel

Marketing is all about delivering a meaningful message, so it makes sense that a high level of skill and delicacy is applied when it comes to multi-language translation.

Vital points can often get lost in the mix if the translators aren’t meticulous enough or are just more concerned about getting the job done without really understanding your business or brand voice. Gaining a foothold as an online translator in a highly competitive market and can be a complicated business.

What do you need to do to become a successful online translator?

The first thing to note is that many translation agencies do not want to admit new online translators into their networks. However, a lot of translation agencies start with a trial period which you could fit into. In this period, you would be closely monitored, and all the work you do will be vetted to reduce the risk of inaccuracy.

As a translator, you can work from the comfort of your home and get the job done on your laptop or mobile device. Unbabel helps with connecting translators with jobs and opportunities.

18. Scuba Diving Instructor

Scuba Diving

Image via Unsplash

Wouldn’t you like to live the dream? A dream job where you look forward to going to work every day. Wouldn’t you want to live on a tropical island with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, coconut plantations, tropical jungle, white sand beaches? Diving pristine reefs or exploring wrecks is a scuba thing, or is it?

Scuba diving is all about life-changing experiences. If you love to travel to places where you can scuba dive, then this tip is for you. You don’t need to be a the best scuba diver out there, but you do need to be better than most people. Show off your skills and get people to ask you to teach them. Introduce them to the beauty of the underwater world. Explore more opportunities in the world of scuba diving with Dive Zone.

19. Travel Agent

Travel Agent

Image via Unsplash

The entire process of visiting another country can be tiresome and frustrating. If you have visited a few places many a time and know the process involved in getting a visa, cheap ticket prices, and awesome places to visit, you should consider being a travel agent.

Avid travelers use travel agents now more than ever before. They have learned how to match travelers with vacations they will treasure.

As a travel agent, you can charge a fee for getting good travel deals and helping your clients get the most bang for their buck. If you want to join a known travel company and become a travel agent for them, you can start with Oasis Travel Network.

20. List Your Place On Airbnb


Image via Airbnb

List Your Place On Airbnb? Yes, you can list your place whenever you leave town.

Listing your home on Airbnb is a strategy for savvy homeowners to turn their homes into a cash earning asset.

You may know people who shun hotels when they travel. “We like to live like the locals,” they say. People like this usually rent apartments in the cities they visit. They’re able to cook at home, make tea at any hour, and enjoy a more residential (and tipping-free!) experience. Well, what if your home was the vacation apartment these travelers stayed in?

Register on the Airbnb platform and list your apartment.


P/S: First, a little disclaimer. Many of these travel-friendly jobs require passion, specialized training, time commitment, and talent. For those that don’t, the pay isn’t always amazing.

However, part of the job includes identifying scam job posts online. You should be careful and meticulous when considering your options. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We wish you a memorable and opportunity-filled experience on your next trip.

20 Ways to Make Money Traveling the World

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