60 Easy Ways to Make Money as A Teenager in 2024

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Everyone’s going to tell you that your teenage years are some of the best years of your life. You should start believing them! But that doesn’t mean the bulk of your glory days should be wasted away in the false premise that you’re only going to get your sh*t together once you’re older. 

Contrary to popular belief, teenage-hood is the best time to get ahead of the game and make money.

We’re talking about earning cash to keep away for your education, stacking up on valuable industry insights and having a fully loaded, impressive resume that would be irresistible on any employer’s table that goes a long way for you to make money for the rest of your career.

Or better yet; you could get the experience you need to start your own business! The point remains – it’s never too early to explore ways to make money, and it’s never a bad idea to get some sort of financial independence at the same time.

There are tons of cool ideas you can get on with if you’re looking to make money as a teen. And yes, we’re narrowing the ones that don’t involve things like working retail part-time (because which teen doesn’t already know that’s an option?).

However, do keep in mind that some of the ways to make money mentioned here might not be feasible depending on where you live – some may not be applicable anymore because of the havoc COVID-19 has wreaked.

That being said, this is the most updated list of ways to make money as a teen that is 2021-relevant; with a little something for everyone no matter how many years old you are.

Whether you prefer to get hands-on, have a great knack for teaching others or are just overall super tech-savvy – dive straight into HUSTLR’s list of 60 easiest ways to begin your journey to make money as a teen.

With the right hustle and determination, we’re sure some of the ways to make money mentioned here will net you some extra money in no time.

1. Taking surveys for money


Perhaps one of the simplest ways of making money as a teen on this list is by finishing off short surveys online!

While this is one of the easiest ways to make money, you’ll want to opt for the ones that are high-paying and wouldn’t spam you with low-cost forms each minute. This gets you the most extra cash for the least amount of effort and could be a great way to dip your toes into the validation that it’s possible to make money as a teen.

One of the sites that has been tried, tested, and will earn you a decent amount of money for each survey is Survey Junkie. If you want to start making money by taking surveys, you can get started right away by signing up on their site.

We’ve also compiled a list of 22 best paid online surveys for even more options – check out our article on it linked below!

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2. Start selling products with Amazon FBA

With more than 100 million members now signed up for Amazon Prime, you can tap into Amazon’s huge pool of customers that are spending billions of dollars on Amazon each year. The beauty about selling on Amazon is the access to valuable analytics you can access with affordable third party tools. One such tool is Jungle Scout, which allows you to know exactly what products are in demand so that you can offer something that millions of shoppers are already looking for.

Using data driven research, you can easily make a ton of money on Amazon just by sourcing the right products and listing them on Amazon!

If done correctly, you could easily stand to make thousands of dollars on Amazon every month, passively. This means there is no work required on your part other than setting it up in the first place. The great thing with sourcing products with analytics is that customers will come to your listing, instead of you having to promote your offering.

If you want to learn how to make money with Amazon FBA, we recommend reading the Chapter 2 – Private Label eCommerce section of our Start an Online Business Guide and be sure to check out our guide on how to use Jungle Scout here.

With these guides, you should be able to start listing highly profitable and in-demand products on Amazon and make money even if you’re still in high school. Done correctly, this is easily one of the best way to make money as a teen. 

3. Create or resell NFTs

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of this term before. NFTs have been making headlines lately, as popular art prices, video clips, and even Tweets that have been tokenized on the blockchain have been setting records in terms of resale value.

As with anything related to crypto, there is no age limit to get involved – you can dive into this even if you are 13 years old! This makes it a very accessible way to make money as a teen.

What is an NFT?

The acronym NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. This means that they are entirely unique, and can only be owned by 1 entity at a time, and they are certified on the blockchain – the technology that powers all cryptocurrencies. 
To put it simply, you can create a tokenized version of almost anything digital into an NFT. This token then becomes a digital asset that resides on the blockchain, which is public to everyone. Similar to cryptocurrency, it can be traded, which means you can either resell NFTs to make money, or, if you are an artist yourself, create your own NFT to be sold and collect royalties that can make you extra cash.

There is a lot to learn about the world of NFTs – if you want to learn more be sure to check out OpenSea, Rarible, and NBA Top Shot to learn more.

There’s no limit on how much you can make with NFTs, but we’d highly advise against investing with more money that you can afford to lose. With that being said, flipping NFTs can be insanely lucrative, and is gaining mainstream popularity thanks to recent record shattering success like Beeple’s collection selling for $69 million at an auction.

While there’s no saying how much you could make from this, we think this is one of the coolest ways to make money as a teenager in this list.

4. Do homework for other students

Are you always finding others looking for your help with homework? Instead of offering your help for free, this is actually one of the most popular ways to make money as a teen!

There’s a huge market for essay writing services online, making it very easy to get into if you really want to turn this into a way to make money.

There are also options for other types of work, like math homework. If you find certain subjects easy, then this is one of the no-brainer ways to make money. Check out sites like Papers Marketplace to learn how to make extra money by doing homework for others online!

5. Selling stock photos

Sell stock photos

If you think that no one can make money off being a photographer anymore – think again.

Only 20% of online visitors read through the content on a website. The rest are skimmers, and around 65% are solely visual learners.

Content marketers know this, which is why the demand for high-quality, relevant stock photos and visuals are always going to be in demand no matter the niche!

If you’re already taking photos in your past time, why not make some money while you’re at it? Here’s a list of platforms to check out if you’re keen on selling your pieces right away:

· iStock
· 123RF
· Dreamstime

6. Earn money as a proofreader

If you have a good grasp of catching grammatical errors, you could make decent side income as a proofreader.

With this side hustle, you get paid to proofread all sorts of writing – letters, blog posts, articles, or even emails.

A great upside to making money with proofreading is that you can do it with just a laptop and an Internet connection, which means you can do it from anywhere, at your own pace. You can also pursue this no matter where you live, even if you are outside the United States – as long as you are fluent in the English language.

It’s a little pricey to get started but you can pick up a REALLY good skill that can make you a lot of money in the future. Proofreading Academy is a great resource if you want to get started with proofreading, check them out here!

7. Washing Cars

If you live in the suburbs where there are plenty of cars around your neighbourhood, chances are that people would appreciate the service of getting their cars washed right from their homes. After all, if you don’t wash their car, someone else has to.

Ask your parents if there’s any supplies around the house and learn how to wash cars properly in your own home, and get started with selling this service to your neighborhood! You can also ask around friends and family for a start.

Simply go door-to-door and offer to wash cars for a reasonable price, and you’d be surprised at how many people would find your deal a no-brainer. Besides, if you’re doing this as a teen, most people would respect the hustle and be more likely to support you on your venture.

8. Build websites for local businesses

Every business needs a website to establish an online presence, but small businesses usually do not have the budget to get help from professional agencies for web development services.

This is where you can come in as an independent freelancer that can offer these businesses a simple website that you can create easily. Check out our guides on web development on HUSTLR where you can easily learn how to build websites with incredible tools that make things super easy.

Once you’ve taken the time to learn how to build websites, simply reach out to your local businesses and tell them about your offer and how you can get them online with a modest budget. You can easily get away with $500-$1000 for a decent looking website, and if you’re familiar with web building tools, you can easily crank out a great website every week. That’s a great chunk of side income for a job you can do from home!

9. Build or flip Instagram theme pages

With the release of iOS 14, more and more Facebook advertisers are now scrambling for alternative ways to advertise their products. In case you didn’t know iOS 14 makes Facebook advertising less effective, as Apple continues to lock down on what data can be shared with Facebook. This results in less effectiveness in Facebook advertising moving forward as Facebook has less data to work with.

With that said, advertising using native content on Instagram stands to benefit the most from this change. This is where advertisers pay Instagram pages to post content on their feed or story that serves as an ad.

If you know the ins and outs of Instagram, you can build a themed page that revolves around a certain niche that can be very valuable for advertisers. For example, if you are into traveling, you can simply compile pictures and videos of amazing travel footage from all around the world for your page. The same can be said for pets, cars, sports, or anything that you find interesting.

Depending on the size of your page, you can charge anywhere from $30 – $100 just to post ads on your feed, which is a great way to earn passive income from home.

Alternatively, you can also acquire Instagram pages if you have some spare cash lying around and work on growing its following to a larger size, and resell that page for a nice profit.

The beauty of this way to make money as a teen is that you can do this entirely on your phone, all you need to do is consistently post great content that can engage your followers!

10. Become a copywriter on Twitter

We all know that you can make money by building social media accounts from scratch, but have you ever thought about doing that on Twitter?

If you know how to build a following on Twitter, it’s totally possible to make money as a teen by doing this, as you offer that as a service to companies. Best of all, you can even build a personal brand on Twitter, where you can monetize your audience in so many different ways even as a teenager.

More importantly, you can pursue this without requiring you to fork out any capital whatsoever up front – you’ll only need to invest your time in mastering the intricacies of Twitter and tweet away! Believe us when we say that any teen can make money this way even without a real job. 

Now, you might be wondering, how exactly do you do this? Make It Stick is an excellent resource to get started with, as it provides you step-by-step guides on how you can produce quality content on Twitter with a robust strategy that has been applied to build Twitter accounts for companies from the ground up.  

11. Online freelancing through Fiverr and Upwork

Online freelancing through Fiverr and Upwork

Maybe you’ve already got certain skills under your belt.

You’re a total graphic design ninja. A golden voice that everyone compliments you on. Maybe you even know some basic code!

If you know for a fact that your skills count for something –look into starting an online freelancing job. Working this way allows you to work straight from home, out of your favourite café or literally anywhere else in the world with reliable Wi-Fi and a laptop.

We recommend platforms like Fiverr and Upwork for the most number of clients you can reach.

12. Sell Print On Demand T-Shirts 

If you have cool ideas for T-shirts, or have a good eye on the latest trending dank memes, you could make some side income from selling print-on-demand T shirts.

There are a ton of platforms where you can create your own custom t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, pillows, bags or even shoes. All you need to do is to upload your design, and since its drop shipped, everything else is taken care of!

This method to make money as a teen is perfect for those of you concerned about investing in products to sell. Since products aren’t manufactured before the sale, there is no need to order inventory or handle shipping. 

This leaves you to laser focus your efforts towards creating and uploading compelling designs.

Also, you don’t need to be a graphic designer at all to make money doing this. 

Counter intuitively, graphic design know-how isn’t required to create a profitable design, although it would come in handy. You’d be surprised at how well simple, text-based T-shirts are among the top designs that make money.

If you’re skeptical on how simple, plain T-shirts can do well for a dropshipping business, take the time to check out Wholesale Ted – they are an excellent resource for getting started with a print-on-demand business. 

13. Selling your designs on CafePress and Creative Market

sell your designs on CafePress and Creative Market

We mentioned freelancing as a graphic designer, but you could also be a bit more adventurous if you have the experience.

CafePress is a way to do just that. Here, you can start dipping your toes into a more entrepreneurial way of earning a side income by selling your designs to the public!

How? On CafePress, you’re free to design t-shirts, totes, drink mugs, hoodies, and a whole bunch more for individuals/brands/companies to use after they pay you the royalty.

Creative Market also operates on somewhat the same logic. If you know how to design vector graphics, logos, fonts, and other cool templates – this is a good alternative to consider.

14. Creating YouTube videos

create youtube videos

Everyone seems to be hopping on the YouTube bandwagon, and for good reason! If you go viral on YouTube, there’s a likely chance you could develop an insanely profitable career from that point onwards and start raking in the big bucks for your videos.

Views from your videos are turned to cash through something called Google AdSense. There are even options to earn cash through affiliate methods, which you can do once you reach a substantial following of subscribers.

Oberlo has a pretty good guide to get you started on gaining popularity from your YouTube videos

15. Becoming an amateur referee

Become an amateur referee

Recreational or not, every sports game needs an umpire or referee to oversee it all. We’re not suggesting you apply for the ones facilitating FIFA; even small-time referees get paid!

As a teenager, you could reach out to the sports communities within your neighborhood to see if they are in need of such services.

Of course, some of them might require you getting an official license and even being 16 years of age.

You can check out this guide to get you started as a teenage referee.

16. Offering pet sitting services

Earn by walking furry mates with Rover

We don’t know about you, but this is a win-win if you ask us!

After all, the only thing that beats spending time with these adorable furballs is getting paid for it.

And boy, do people pay a lot on account of their pets. The average cost of owning a pet is actually $1,270 on average in the US!

So you can understand why getting into the pet-sitting business might prove really lucrative. Of course, you can start sourcing for clients the traditional way (by asking around, putting up flyers around your neighborhood, etc). Or you can start building your audience online.

If you’re at least 18 years of age, check out Rover to scout pet-sitting jobs in your community; and register right away to start getting matched to pet owners in need.

17. Starting a personal assistant business

Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

Adults get busy all the time – and it sucks having to juggle everything at once.

So it’s understandable if they might need a little additional help with day-to-day tasks. This includes buying groceries, meeting reminders, helping out with errands and other small stuff that you could do in a jiffy!

Your client could be anyone from your neighbor to your friend’s parent, a pastor…or literally, someone else that you’re comfortable with and know well.

18. Creating Tumblr themes

Creating tumblr themes

No doubt about it, Tumblr has risen to become one of the most popular social media sites there are for millennials.

If you’re familiar with the site, you’ll know that Tumblr blogs operate on themes –and you can actually get earn from designing them!

You’ll, of course, need some basic coding/HTML experience. But here’s the gist of it!

19. Become a babysitter

become a babysitter

Did you know babysitting one child would pay you anywhere upwards $16.75/hour in the US?

Of course, this depends on if you have certain licenses to justify the pay! But even if you don’t, amateur babysitting is still practiced widely – and it only takes looking in the right direction to find concerned parents that need your services.

If you want to reach more clients than the ones you know, try signing up on a platform like Care.com and Sittercity.

Both of them require you to go through pretty extensive background checks, but once that’s done and dusted, you could be earning a pretty hefty side income from babysitting.

Sittercity even has a comprehensive list of fees/hour listed on their official website. Here, you can estimate how much you’d make on average according to your schedule!

20. Selling in-game items

Selling in-game items

We don’t even need to tell you how much of a phenomenon video games are in the modern world.

One way your little hobby can reward you is; through the selling of special digital items through games! A popular option is a virtual game SecondLife.

This includes anything from clothes, accessories, home items, buildings, and all else you can think of. Once a fellow gamer makes the purchase, you’ll be given a good chunk of the pie.

Here’s an in-depth guide that’ll teach you how to do it.

21. Selling old gadgets, DVDs and electronics


Sure, you might have the latest iPhone XR or swanky Android to boot. But that doesn’t mean the demand for older tech has gone totally out the window.

On the contrary, many old-time gadget enthusiasts would looooove to get their hands on your classic movie DVDs, console games or that little flip phone in your cupboard that you thought no one wants.

Just check out Decluttr! It’s one of the easiest ways and platforms to sell your old tech – to a crowd that’s waiting to take it off your hands for a reasonable price.

22. Investing in the stock market

Investing might seem scary when you’re young – but that shouldn’t be the case at all!

With more options out there being readily available to the younger crowd, investing as a teenager is entirely possible to start. Plus, it helps give you the experience needed when you start earning an actual paycheck and making much larger investments.

HUSLTR recommends trading platforms like Robinhood and Stockpile if you’re interested in starting early with stocks. Stockpile even allows you to invest with just a minimum deposit of $5!

23. Teaching fellow gamers

Gamer Sensei

Gamer Sensei is a peer-to-peer matching platform, probably one of the best of its kind that connects professionals to interested gamers who want to better their craft!

If you’re a total badass at online games, esports and other roleplaying games – consider signing up to be a Sensei right here.

Gamer Sensei lets you pick your hours, set a rate, and teach your budding students all they need to know to be on top of their game.

24. …or even just playing video games!

It’s cool if you’re not really that comfortable coaching other people yet. The gaming industry is a behemoth community; there are still gamers who are going to be interested in just watching you play as a reference.

Twitch is a platform that allows you to charge subscribers to watch you play. Subscribers pay to be granted access to your channel, and you can either live stream your experience or record it to be uploaded.

There are also tons of other ways to earn a side income by utilizing your gamer skills. MakeUseOf wrote a pretty extensive article about this – so check it out!

25. Working as a camp counselor

Working as a camp counselor

You’ve probably been to your fair share of summer camps in your lifetime. But did you know that this is a totally viable way of earning some income on the side for teenagers?

It’s also the perfect job position if you’re a natural-born leader and educator. It helps to be good with children too!

You can browse through job opportunities on sites like Indeed or more niche platforms like CCUSA for available listings.

26. Becoming a freelance writer

Be A Freelance Writer

If you’re a stickler for the finer details of grammar and a master of words; look no further. A freelance writing business is an excellent way to take advantage of those skills and build a good looking portfolio at the same time!

So how do you start?

We recommend starting your personal blog portfolio above everything. You can check out the best platforms to utilize here and some handy blogging tools you may need.

Once that’s done, attach your portfolio throughout your social media business pages (we generally think that LinkedIn is an excellent way of networking and finding new clients too!) and get to work.

27. Start flipping sneakers

sell sneakers

You’ve heard of people flipping houses – now get ready for a crowd of them doing the same for sneakers.

Yeap, you read us right. It’s one of the most unique ways to make money on this list, but it’s super well-paying if you know the tricks behind it. The sneakerhead community or “hypebeasts” are known for their willingness to pay loads of cash to add up to their collection – so why not explore this to make some money?

Here, you’d generally be buying and selling trending shoes that are doing well in the market. Take a look at how Six Figure Sneakerhead (this guy makes almost $10,000 a month) started on this business model!

28. Completing tasks on Amazon MTurk

If you’re above the age of 14, Amazon Mechanical Turk (or MTurk) is a fantastic way to make some fast money online doing simple tasks.

You’d have to register and be confirmed through their site, first of all. One that’s done -you can start looking through a myriad of administrative tasks, survey participation, basic data entry, and other tiny micro-tasks that are outsourced to YOU by other companies.

In the end, companies get to reduce costs by not hiring big-name organizations or using expensive software, and you get to earn some side income on account of your own schedule. It’s a pretty sweet deal! 

29. Selling makeup through Avon


It only costs $30 bucks to start selling with Avon – plus, you get to take home 40% from all your purchases.

Your first $30 invested would get you things like free online training and a personalized online store that would help significantly boost sales!

This is a pretty good way to earn money as a teen especially if you know any older makeup users; since they make up the bulk of Avon customers.

30. Earn money from opinions and reviews


This is a little something like MusicXRay (in the way you get paid for providing your feedback after an experience) – but with a little something for everyone.

Slicethepie is yet another platform you can use to earn money from your opinions! Here, you’ll find everything from fashion reviews, to rating product experiences, and much more.

Best part? There’s no limit to the number of reviews you can give! They also generally pay $0.05-0.06/review and gives you the ability to cash out once you reach the $10 threshold.

31. Gig work with Instawork


If you honestly can’t find the time to slot in a part-time job at the moment, start considering gig work instead! 

Gig work involves you making yourself available literally any time you can, and platforms like Instawork makes all of this possible with a click. Once you’ve signed up with Instawork, you’ll be considered an on-demand staff, and you’ll be able to set your schedules and get curated job openings whenever you’re available only.

Instawork makes it possible to book gigs at the last minute too! You’ll also have access information such as location, pay rate, hours, and everything else you need to know. Here’s where you can sign up.

32. Online customer services


There are tons of companies that would hire teenagers to work from home through customer service, but U-Haul is one of the most revered.

U-Haul hires a lot of staffers under the age of 18! Once you get started, your basic job requirements would be things like taking calls, answering questions, and monitoring your customers’ experience through the process of truck/storage/transport facilities.

You can check right here here for any open job listings.

On average, U-Haul pays its online customer service assistants anywhere from $7.00-8.50/hour. That’s not bad as a side income for a teenager!

33. Managing social media accounts for businesses

Social media management services

Yep – exactly what it sounds like! If you know of any small, local businesses in your area (cafes, coworking spaces, pet shops could be your targets) or even a budding entrepreneur; reach out to them to see if they are in need for a social media account manager.

Chances are they’d be pretty stoked to get someone as tech-savvy as you onboard!

With teenagers being 100% natural at everything Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube – we’re loving the odds of this side hustle bringing you good money.

34. Organizing bake sales

Organize a bake sale

Note how we mentioned bake sale(s), as in plural. So we’re not just on about you organizing one lone bake sale – but to become the ultimate guru of bakes in your community.

You can start off by organizing a few sales during high school game tournaments and carnivals with your friends. Sell anything from cupcakes to cookies, mini cake pops; you name it! Take this to another level by becoming an organizer and start selling booth spaces to other kids.

Then, stay tuned to anything similar happening around town – and offer your experience here. Your freshies and juniors might genuinely appreciate the help, and of course, it helps that you get to split the profit at the end of the day.

Here’s a modern checklist to planning your very own bake sale!

35. Selling your clothes on Poshmark

Sell unused clothing on Poshmark

Poshmark operates on a very similar basis to selling your clothes on ThredUP, but with a twist. The stuff here generally ranges to upper-class brands such as Nike, Michael Kors, Coach, and a few others.

We understand that teenagers might not necessarily have access to big-name brands such as these –but you can ask around! You’d be surprised at how many women you know that are unaware of such a site, and still, have their pre-loved designer items collecting dust in the back of their wardrobe.

Your mom or aunt would be great people to ask! Poshmark only takes a very small (20%) cut off the items sold, so you can still take a piece of the sale before handing the rest off.

36. Start online tutor classes with TakeLessons


You don’t need to show off some fancy-schmancy cert to start becoming an online tutor! Actually, you don’t even need to be good at traditional subjects. If you’re good at film acting, singing, or even the drums – TakeLessons is the place you need to sign up on.

TakeLessons is a platform that has been connecting teachers of all walks of life to interested students since 2006. If you’re interested in signing up as a teacher, TakeLessons allows you to choose your desired time slot according to availability – which is super if you can only commit to a certain number of hours per day.

After passing a background check, you should be ready to start earning via TakeLessons.

Note that they pay you 60% of the price of each lesson, but with a little treat the longer you go on. For every 5 lessons completed, TakeLessons would give you the opportunity to earn an extra 10% more. This additional increase stretches to up to 90% total fee once you surpass 16 lessons!

37. Monetizing your blog

If you’re not quite sure of the basics of starting a power-packed blog yet, here are some good (and free!) blogging resources to get you started. We’ll even throw in an awesome eBook you can read to start building traffic to your blog.

The idea here is to start making money from your blog – instead of just running one for the sake of it.

You can do this one of two ways! By running the usual ads through Google Adsense, or by promoting affiliate links.

Here, we also show you 5 well-paying tactics that can allow you to drive up to $10,000 worth of traffic via Pinterest. Hooray for passive income!

38. Teaching a foreign language


You get maaaaajor plus points for speaking a different language in our book. And, the chance to make money fast through tutoring.  

Verbalplanet allows you to earn some side income by teaching students across the world your preferred language. It also allows you to conduct lessons via Skype anytime, anywhere with a strong Internet connection!

If you have this skill to boast, Verbalplanet isn’t the only option. Check out these 6 more sites that rake in $30/hour for foreign language tutors.

39. Delivering groceries with Instacart


If you’re at least 18 years of age and with access to your own car, consider becoming a personal shopper for Instacart.

Becoming an Instacart shopper essentially means that you’d be handpicking items from the grocer’s and delivering it to the doorsteps of customers. Simple as that!

The minimum wage is $10/hour, although you can make anywhere from $20 above during peak hours. Here’s how you can apply.

40. Transcribing audio files

Transcribe audio files

If you’ve got a good ear and burning desire for perfect detail, you’d make the perfect fit as an online transcriptionist.

This position is of course, 100% remote and with totally flexible hours. All you need to do is listen to audio or video files and recordings, and transcribe that into a text form!

HUSTLR recommends both Rev ($1/minute) and TranscribeMe ($15-22/hour) as solid platforms that keep a pretty consistent stream of jobs coming in.

41. Downloading the Qriket app


Don’t say we didn’t give you anything easy.

Qriket is the hottest way out there to make money fast as a teenager – and it literally involves you spinning a wheel. Yeap, we’re pretty shocked too.

You earn a spin by watching short ads in-app. Each and every spin gives you the chance to cash out with $5 bucks in cold, hard cash! If Lady Luck happens to smile down upon you a particular month, you could walk away with anywhere from $20-30 bucks a week. Not bad at all, right?

42. Delivering food through DoorDash


DoorDash is another on-demand delivery service that pays anywhere upwards from $10/hour. Same logic as Instacart, same requirements! Very flexible hours if you’re a busy bee just looking to make money fast for a few months – but stable enough that you’ll never be out of customer orders to fulfill.

Your earnings from doing food delivery services will vary significantly depending on the time of the day, and knowing how food delivery platforms work can greatly benefit your earning potential.

If you’re serious about making money with this side hustle, check out this in-depth guide to learn how you can maximize from food delivery platforms.

Sign up to become a Dasher here.

43. Installing Qmee on your browser


Qmee is an extension you can download on Chrome, Mozilla, and anywhere else; that lets you earn spare change every time you watch a pop-up ad.

After watching an ad through Qmee, you’d get a payout of a few cents at a time! Not much, we know, but these prompts come quite frequently – so you’ll always have the opportunity to click on them!

44. Starting a mini-landscaping business

Starting a mini-landscaping business

Going into landscaping could involve anything from mowing lawns, pulling weeds, trimming flower bushes and the like. Plus, there’s almost always a demand for maintenance services such as these.

Pull a buddy into it if you know of anyone that’s interested. You could even start designing simple little posters and flyers to go up around your neighborhood to advertise yourselves!  

45. Becoming a youth lifeguard

Becoming a youth lifeguard

Scout around your local community pool, swimming recreation centers, or the like for lifeguard opportunities.

All this side hustle requires you to have is excellent swimming and resuscitation skills, basic lifeguard training, and a really cool whistle. The average lifeguard even makes $10/hour – pretty decent for a side income summer job!

46. Getting family and friends to use Boostapal


You can start using the Boostapal platform to earn a little cash on the side every time someone you refer makes a purchase.

This is done via an invitation; extended to friends, family, classmates, anyone at all that you can think of. When they have successfully made a purchase through stores like Kohl’s and Target – you get a small cut of the total sale price.

Quite literally zero effort involved in this one. Sign up right here!

47. Starting an ironing service from home

Starting an ironing service from home

As adults generally get busier in their lives; there’s less time for them to worry about day-to-day tasks like laundry…and ironing.

Besides, the local laundromat can only do much! An ironing business on the side can stand to make money fast once you build up a steady stream of clients and word-of-mouth referrals.

Here’s a guide to get you started with the basics.

48. Teaching English with Samespeak

Teaching English with Samespeak

We mentioned teaching foreign languages previously, but if English is and always has been your native tongue – there’s money to be made this way too!

You can get started on the Samespeak platform to teach the English language by utilizing Skype’s video call feature! The going rate at the moment is $10 for every 30 minutes – and you’re given a rough outline and syllabus at the start of each lesson.

49. Renting out your video games

Renting out your video games

We understand the love for video games, but there’s no denying that it can be veeeerrry steeply-priced at times.

So it only makes sense that there’d be tons of gamers out there who would prefer to rent games instead of buying each new release right? Absolutely!

There’s a bit of a market gap in private peer-to-peer video game rentals, but you can always source fellow enthusiasts through Facebook or Meetup groups that are willing to pay a small fee for your rentals.

50. Becoming a social media influencer

Become an influencer

If you’ve always been keen to get your opinions out and share experiences with the rest of the world; the influencer life’s a-calling!

The absolute fastest way you can explore this way to make money as a teen is through Instagram, of course. All you need is a decent Instagram business page, strong social media management skills, and a fantastic niche to establish yourself in.

Even micro-influencers can make anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000/year! You can take a look at this outline to get you started.

51. Monitoring customer service calls


Notice how at every start of a customer service call there’s going to be a voice telling you that it’s recorded for “quality assurance” purposes?

That’s where Humanatic comes in. With their platform, you can sign up to earn side income while reviewing each of these voice messages, looking through feedback, and eventually giving your own two cents about the experience.

All of this eventually goes back into improving customer service and sales! Once confirmed, you’d be able to earn anywhere from $0.06-0.10/mini task.  

52. Providing services through TaskRabbit


Those at least 18 years of age can apply to become a “Tasker” with TaskRabbit – and start earning up to 85% of the total rate for each task.

Becoming a Tasker would revolve around you completing some pretty heavy-weight tasks though, so you want to make sure you’re an individual alright with a little bit of physical work. This includes assembling IKEA furniture, moving boxes around, mounting a TV stand and all sorts of other home maintenance services.

You can officially sign up to be a Tasker right here.

53. Earn money with Swagbucks


Swagbucks allows its users to earn Swagbucks, also known as SB for playing games, watching videos, using their search engine, and more. SB are redeemable for gift cards or sent out as cash to a Paypal account.

Swagbucks is available to pretty much anyone, since they have a fully-fledged mobile app and a web page.
With their A-Rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for 13 years and an average of 8.3 out of 10 rating on Trustpilot across 16,000 reviews, Swagbucks is definitely legit. In fact, they have paid out over $400 million to their members to date.

Simply put, you get paid to do a variety of miscellaneous tasks that are incredibly simple to do on your free time. Swagbucks also excels in consolidating all of these offers into a single platform, which means there is always something for you to do when you choose to.

Want to start earning money with Swagbucks? Sign up for Swagbucks here to get started. Also, check out our full guide here on how to make money with Swagbucks.

54. Rent out your car when it’s not in use

This works best if you’re at least 16 with a valid driver’s license (duh). Basically, you could make some good money fast by doing nothing at all if you have a car sitting at home.

With websites and apps like Turo, private car rentals are quickly becoming a legit side income that people are starting to turn to! Sixt is also another option to look at.

Of course, there would be different rates you get paid for according to the model you own. By Turo’s estimate, renting your 2018 Ford Fiesta would get you up to $303 bucks a month; whilst a Lexus RX 350L could get you anywhere upwards $600 bucks every single month!

You can gauge how much you’d earn through Turo on their site’s calculator right here.

55. Listing out your wardrobe

Listing out your wardrobe

There’s no shame in admitting – you probably have a bunch of old, or even totally unused clothes in your wardrobe as you’re reading this right?

Ever heard of ThredUp? It’s a fashion haven for those who want to buy cheap, or sell pre-loved from a variety of different brands to fellow enthusiasts! They’re renowned for being the world’s largest online consignment and thrift store –so you’ll know you’d be selling to a huge audience + increasing your chances of a purchase!

Here’s how you get started selling on ThredUp. They currently accept clothes from 35,000 different brands, which are <5 years old.

56. User-testing websites

User-testing websites

If surveys aren’t exactly your thing, you could even get paid from surfing websites.

This could range anywhere from testing usability, to giving your feedback about designs and visuals or noting down any glitches and bugs experienced.

We know what you’re thinking –and no, you don’t have to be an expert developer or web specialist to sign up. There are tons of big brands looking for the opinions of people just like you, so it would make sense that it’s your two cents they want!

HUSTLR recommends signing up on sites like Usertesting.com and Testbirds to get started.

57. Becoming a mystery shopper

Try Mystery Shopping

Much like scanning your grocery receipts, mystery shopping is a way to earn a side income from just going about your daily life – and getting rewarded for it!

Essentially, mystery shopping is just you coming under the guise of a regular shopper, but monitoring your entire experience throughout to report back to the company you’re involved with.

This includes the customer service you’ve experienced, cleanliness of the branch and other elements you’re asked to keep a watchful eye out for.

Some sites that connect you with companies that use this service are Market Force and Confero.

58. Getting paid to shop with Ibotta

Get paid to shop with Ibotta

Ibotta is the app you’re going to wish you heard of a long, longggg time ago.

It’s a 100% free cashback app that pays you back money for every purchase made from thousands of retailers! We’re talking eBay, Pet Smart, Fossil, Krispy Kreme, Amazon and tons more.

When you’re shopping for something, launch the Ibotta app to check if the retailer qualifies for cashback via Ibotta. Once the purchase is made, money is deposited into your account within 48 hours.

If you’re shopping in-store, you can also earn your cashback from just uploading your receipt and scanning the barcode items that you can redeem.

59. Teaching computer lingo to the older folks

Teaching computer lingo to the older folks

How many times have you had to stop what you’re doing to help your mom out with accessing a file on her laptop? Or times out of your day you’ve had to ring your grandfather and help him out with shopping online?

Many people over the age of 60 are struggling to cope with how fast technology is developing – and that’s where you come in! You’re born in the generation that’s lightning-quick with all sorts of devices, tech, and websites; so why not use that upper hand?

Check with local senior citizen centers/retirement homes to see if they’re open to the idea of having weekly programs that teach tech to their elders.

These millennial entrepreneurs even started a whole business around this idea! No reason why you can’t too.

60. Review songs to get paid

Review songs to get paid

You already like listening to music on a daily basis – why not start making money fast this way too?

MusicXRay is a unique platform that lets you listen to songs and get paid to deliver your opinion this way too! The current going rate is $0.10 cents/song, and you’d be prompted to give your feedback on lyrics, genre compatibility and whether or not you like the artist in question.

Plus, the minimum listening time is only 30 seconds for you to get paid! It’s a side hustle that would pay you on the train ride to the mall, or the drive to the grocers.

Wrapping Up

As you can probably tell – age should never be a limitation when it comes to earning your slice of the pie.

Exploring ways to make money as a teen to earn additional income (or even for just super valuable experience!) is always going to prove lucrative in the long game; even though it might move a little slow at first.

As you can see from this guide, there’s no shortage of ways to make money as teen that you can explore to make money.

If you need even more ideas on top of what we’ve gone through, do check out HUSTLR’s Side Hustle Checklist here.

60 Easy Ways to Make Money as A Teenager in 2024

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  1. Right here is the right webpage for anybody who would like to understand this topic.
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  2. This is a really good list. Teens could most definitely take up these kinds of jobs! It may also be of help to the youth, esp for those who are into transcription work or who need to do transcriptions at some point.

  3. I'd say this is pretty much useless. Selling things is a thing that we already know, NFTs require you to have a great amount of money to be able to publish it and anything in this list that is "working in {a restaurant, summer camp}" requires you to be 16 years old at least. Teens starts go from 13 to 19, but litteraly every blog page I've read on the subject just ignores the teens that are 13 to 15 years old. The paid surveys are pretty much only for USA, and where I live (Reunion Island) there is NO paid surveys. I mean, even French websites don't consider Reunion Island as a French department (in reality it is). I found a site named baclick.com, it is legit, I know it, but whenever I try to sign up to this website it says "We only accept IP addresses from France (and some others countries)". The thing is that I'm French, I live in France but they just don't understand it. Also, the thing is in this article, you don't explain, like, you just say "Earn money as a proofreader" and you don't name any platform where you could find potential clients. So the only thing in this article that are worth a try is making a website for local businesses and all the things related to social media and online teaching.

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