13 Legit Direct Sales Jobs With 0 to Minimal Start-Up Costs in 2020

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Times are changing for the CEOs of the household. The lines between working mom and stay-at-home mom are blurring, and being your own boss has never been easier.

However, starting a business from scratch can be a daunting task (though we’re doing our part to make it easier for you). 

Believe it or not, the United States was home to 6.2 million direct sellers in 2018! It offers a home-based business opportunity – with all the backend and brainstorming pretty much already settled.

Don’t worry; we know what you’re thinking.

Direct sales!? 

No, direct sales don’t need you to involve an arm and a leg to join.

It doesn’t have to involve buying your life’s savings worth in inventory.

If it does, these can sometimes be tell-tale signs of illegal pyramid schemes

To help you avoid this risk, we’ve narrowed down 13 legit direct sales jobs which are either FREE or cost next to nothing to get started. Let’s delve into it.

1. Norwex


Product: Antibacterial home and cleaning products
Startup Cost: $9.99 (if you meet the first 3-month quota)
Compensation Plan: 35% commission on product sales

Norwex is a company in the business of home and cleaning products. More specifically – the Norwex Microfiber

To get consultants off the ground, Norwex (like most direct sales companies) requires consultants to buy a starter kit. The kit is “free”, but it costs $9.99 for shipping and handling.

There’s a catch though – you have to sell $2,000 worth of products within the first three months, or you’ll be required to pay the $200 cost of the starter kit. So if you are confident in your ability to hit the 3-month target, this is one you should consider.

2. pawTree


Product: Pet products
Startup Cost: $1.00
Compensation Plan: 10% commission on product sales

When it comes to direct sales (and doing it successfully), loving the product is critical. 

So for all the fur baby mommas – pawTree might be right up your alley! 

Though the DSA-approved company sells a host of other products for both canines and felines alike, their pet food seasoning is what stands out.

The $1 enrollment option includes access to various business support (website, online training, and workshops). We’re also big fans of their rewards program, which are given out based on certain targets achieved by their consultants.

3. Java Momma

Product: Specialty Flavored Coffee and Teas
Startup Cost: $20.00
Compensation Plan: 20% commission on product sales

While relatively small-scale, Java Momma certainly has a unique product line of flavored coffee beans and grounds.

Think “Chocolate Maple Bacon” and “White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle”!

Baristas pay a startup cost of merely $20.00, which comes with a free website and sample bags of coffee. 

Compensation is straightforward enough considering Java Momma is still in its nascent stages, with the main form of payout at 20% of product sales.

4. SimplyFun

Product: Educational Children’s Games
Startup Cost: $39.00
Compensation Plan: 25% commission on product sales

There’s absolute effectiveness in the recommendation from one parent to another. SimplyFun knows that, and it’s been the basis of their direct sales model for 15 years now.

The company sells mainly board games aimed at children, with themes such as life skills, and even STEM.

“Playologists” buy a $39.00 starter kit for various training and support materials – including a FREE website.

The usual kit costs $129.00, though there’s no mention of when the limited option of the $39.00 kit will remain up. Compensation averages at 25%. View the full compensation plan here.

5. La Bella Baskets

La Bella Baskets

Product: Gift baskets
Startup Cost: $24.95 / monthly
Compensation Plan: 20% commission on product sales

The saturated direct sales industry has way too many health/wellness/beauty products.

Fortunately, La Bella Baskets is different. For $24.95 a month, gift consultants can start their own home business selling gift baskets to friends, family, or online.

With a monthly fee of $24.95, you receive an online e-commerce store already loaded and ready to go on top of all the usual training. 

La Bella handles all the preparation and shipping for their consultants. Therefore, this means that you will not have inventory risk associated with the perishable nature of the products (fresh flowers, cookie bouquets).

With a base commission rate of 20% paid via direct deposit twice monthly, we reckon it’s worth the extra bucks. 

6. My LaLa Leggings

My LaLa Leggings

Product: Leggings and Apparel
Startup Cost: $10.00
Compensation Plan: 25% commission on product sales

No prizes for guessing what My LaLa Leggings’s signature products are.

If you’re fond of funky leggings and have no problem sharing the love, LaLa leggings allow you to turn that into a home-based business opportunity. For just $10.00 too! 

The compensation plan for My LaLa Leggings is rather average with the rest of the companies on this list – 25%.

7. J.R. Watkins

J.R. Watkins

Product: Natural Home and Personal Care
Startup Cost: $29.95
Compensation Plan: 35% commission on product sales

The 150-year old apothecary features natural home and personal care products.

No kidding. Everything from meat tenderizers to detergents. In hindsight, this can play in your favor by allowing you to personalize product recommendations to prospects.

The startup cost to get involved is only $29.95, coming alongside access to their home business site, support, and relevant training.

One of the cons you should take note of is the competitiveness as a direct seller. The reason being, Watkins products are already available in major chain stores such as Target and Walmart.

8. The Gourmet Cupboard

The Gourmet Cupboard

Product: Gourmet Food Mixes
Startup Cost: $0.00
Compensation Plan: 40% commission on product sales

The Gourmet Cupboard’s business concept is making cooking easy through pre-packaged mixes.

While there’s no startup cost involved, $25 is charged initially and taken off your first order (chances are you’re going to make that purchase anyway).

Commission rate is more than decent at 40%, though there is some pressure not to stay stagnant. Reps are required to make $100 worth of orders twice annually; regardless they make any sales or not.

9. Linen World

Linen World

Product: Home Decor and Furnishings
Startup Cost: $0.00
Compensation Plan:

Whatever makes a house resemble a home, Linen World sells it. 

Again, this gives you an advantage when putting into direct selling terms. Are your neighbors looking for new curtains? Did your sister-in-law burn her pot? 

Market yourself well enough, and they’ll know straight away whom to call when they need something new!

Linen World provides two options for home-based business opportunities. Direct sales or affiliate marketing. Startup costs for both clock in at a sweet ZERO, though their compensation details aren’t accessible for public viewing.

10. Fibi & Clo

Fibi & Clo

Product: Shoes, Sandals, and Accessories
Startup Cost: $0.00
Compensation Plan: 15% commission on product sales

If your extended circle is home to any shoe fanatics, becoming an ambassador with Fibi & Clo might come in handy.

Their main products are embellished jelly sandals, which come in a multitude of colors and designs. Ambassadors start with a commission rate of 15%, and join for absolutely no startup cost!

11. Avon


Product: Beauty and Cosmetics
Startup Cost: $25.00
Compensation Plan: 20% commission on product sales

For many of us, Avon is synonymous with direct sales. You probably don’t need a further introduction to them, so let’s dive into the details.

Avon representatives get into the scene via starter kits ranging from $25.00 to $100.00. That includes all the usual training and catalogs, plus two full-sized products.

Compensation for newbies comes at 20% for products in the “fashion & home” category, while the “beauty and jewelry” category varies between 20% – 40% according to the number of sales. 

12. Elegance Inc

Elegance Inc

Product: Jewelry and Accessories
Startup Cost: $14.95 / monthly
Compensation Plan: 25% commission on product sales

While most direct sales companies tie their consultants down, this jewelry company gives their “Boutique Owners” the option to sell for other companies as well. 

With the startup cost of $14.95 (charged monthly), you get a free online eCommerce boutique. Everything from marketing collateral to inventory to shipping is taken off the hands of the Boutique Owner. 

Moreover, did we mention it’s run on a dropshipping model too? Running on a dropshipping program means no inventory risk and lowers the need for paid-up capital.

13. Team Beachbody

Team Beachbody

Product: Fitness and Nutrition coaching and supplements
Startup Cost: $39.95
Compensation Plan: 25% commission on product sales

Have you ever heard of the workout program P90X? Might the “Shakeology” protein shake ring a bell? 

They’re both products of Team Beachbody, a 1988 company arguably most well-known for their infomercials. These days, their Beachbody Coaches do most of the work. 

Despite the name, Beachbody Coaches may not necessarily coach. Instead, they earn 25% commission off products and workout programs sold. Startup fees start at $39.95, plus $15.95 monthly.

Wrapping Up 

Direct sales aren’t limited to liquid superfood drinks and your run-of-the-mill skincare alone. 

So pick a company whose beliefs align with yours, and whose products you feel confident to share even with your SO. 

Then refine your eCommerce skills with our free resources here, and make the first step in becoming your boss from the comforts of home! 

13 Legit Direct Sales Jobs With 0 to Minimal Start-Up Costs in 2020

11 thoughts on “13 Legit Direct Sales Jobs With 0 to Minimal Start-Up Costs in 2020”

  1. Linen world is no longer in business. As a previous consultant of linen world. It saddens me because they were one of the best.

  2. It looks like Linen World is no more 🙁 It sounded really interesting, too.
    I’m already a Barista with Java Momma (#3!!!!!) and LOVE IT!!! I’ve moved all the way up the ranks to Roaster this month and couldn’t be happier <3

  3. Thank you for including Avon. The details are a bit outdated. There is now just one starter kit available and that is $30. Through 5/25/20 there is also a no cost startup option that does not include a kit. New Representatives earn 20% on fashion and home, and 25% on beauty products when they have sales or $40 or more in a campaign (2 week selling period)

  4. You left out that MANY of the direct selling companies require recruitment in order to make back money. Most will also encourage you to make purchases or reach sales quotas to stay active.

  5. doTERRA isn’t technically direct sales, but they did just announce a new US Founders Club opportunity. It starts May 15, 200 spots, level playing field for everyone to qualify. Super exciting!

  6. Watkins sold out to big business. You can buy their items in retail stores for less. So why work for a company who doesn’t work for you?

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