Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch – Which is the best Amazon FBA tool?

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With over three hundred and fifty million products on Amazon, finding the right product to sell is not easy. To start your journey as an Amazon Seller, the first thing you need to choose is an Amazon product research tool.  The right tool will help choose a profitable niche and give market summaries and competitor analysis, helping you aggregate market data by tracking their performances.

Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are two of the most popular product research tools for running a successful Amazon FBA business. These are data-driven platforms that help you run a profitable business right from product selection to generating profit.

This article will discuss Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch and see how these two product research tools are different and similar. Hopefully, this analysis will help you choose the right product research tool for a successful Amazon FBA business.

With that said, if you want to know more about Jungle Scout in particular, check out our in-depth review here where we cover Jungle Scout specifically in more detail.

Viral Launch VS Jungle Scout

Both Viral Launch and Jungle Scout are two data-driven software designed for the same purpose. Both are almost similar software that helps you in every stage of setting up your Amazon FBA business.  Both offer many same features as a keyword research tool, competitor and product tracking, and sales estimates. To understand both tools, let’s look at the features both software offer.

Features of Jungle Scout

Jungle scout is an all-in-one solution that covers all your needs for each step of your Amazon FBA seller journey. It offers ten features that guide the seller on their journey from product selection, niche hunting, finding suppliers, list building, launching products, sales and promotions, and business growth.

Let’s look at each of Jungle Scout’s features in detail.

Product Database

They offer a rich database containing over 70 million Amazon catalog products. Several filters like categories, estimated product sales, or revenues allow you to narrow down the niche of your interests, so you can find the product ideas that match your specific criteria.

Product Tracker

It’s a comprehensive solution for you to track the performance of the product of your interest over some time. You can monitor the sales and create some viable opportunities for your success on Amazon. Real-time tracking of data and sales results enables you to make informed business decisions.

Opportunity Finder

The feature allows you to discover new opportunities for your business. It helps you narrow down niches with less competition and more demand. In-depth data on emerging trends and sales performances help you turn your keyword into a profitable business plan.

When utilized correctly, Jungle Scout can robustly identify very lucrative opportunities in the Amazon FBA marketplace. Check out our full guide here on how exactly you can find great product ideas to launch on Amazon FBA.

Supplier Database

The tool gives you access to the seller’s database to reach suppliers across the globe. A recent addition is to search the sellers through the ASIN number, from which you can manage and compare sellers’ quotes. You can record your financial transactions by generating the purchase orders as well.

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout helps you use the keywords the buyers are using to search for certain products. It is a very helpful feature in creating product listings. You can search top ranking keywords that are highly converting. You can get an analysis of your competitor’s keyword strategy as well.


Once you have settled a supply chain and created a listing, it is time to promote your product and generate sales. Jungle Scout allows you to launch your products with them and start some early promotional campaigns. You can automate your email communication and monitor your review counts by responding to the views or answering their questions.


Whether you are starting your Amazon FBA journey or are already an Amazon seller who wants to grow their brand, Jungle scout offers a comprehensive training program covering everything from picking the right niche to launching your product.

The founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, Greg Mercer, designed the courses and stayed actively connected with the community.

Sales Analytics

Sales analytics helps you analyze your sales data in real-time. The information can be valuable for shaping up your campaigns, profit-building, cost-saving to maintain your business’s financial health.

Inventory Manager

You can automate your Amazon inventory planning through an Inventory Manager. The tool gives an accurate estimate of when to order the new inventory and how much you need.


Finally, you get the customized alerts on critical changes to products you track or sell. You can track product review changes, monitor new opportunities, or view metrics of your performance.

Features of Viral Launch

As compared to the ten features of Jungle Scout, viral Launch offers 9 product assets to help you plan a successful business strategy.

Kinetic PPC

The feature allows you to save time and automate your Amazon PPC. The available data enables you to assess your strategy and make more informed decisions about your products. You can customize rule automation, access more data for your promotion campaigns, and implement that information on your strategy.

Product Discovery

Amazon product finder allows you to search for business opportunities on Amazon. Viral Launch gives access to thousands of product ideas. You can apply filters like categories or monthly sales to narrow down your research.

The real-time data gives accurate sales estimates for you to accumulate favorable product ideas.

Market Intelligence

With market intelligence, you can aggregate real-time data to analyze the sale trends. With accurate data on historical sales and trends, you also estimate if a certain product is a viable business idea. A built-in calculator helps you estimate how much money you need to invest and the expected profit as well.

Keyword Research

Once you have the product ready for sale, you can search for the right keywords to put into product listings. The tool uses an industry-standard algorithm to generate the relevant keywords relating your field with the most accurate search volumes. You can use these keywords in your product listings to rank higher in search engines.

Competitor Intelligence

It’s an advanced tool that helps to understand your competitor’s strategy. By entering an ASIN of a product, you can get thousands of top-performing and underutilized keywords to promote your sales. It gives a detailed analysis of keyword rank, price, sales, and search volumes.

Listing Analyzer

Listing Analyzer helps you improve your listings by analyzing how your listing ranks in competition with similar products and how you can improve it to improve your sales.

Keyword Manager

It offers a simple dashboard to track important keywords to stay updated with the current market trends.

Listing Builder

Listing builder and listing analyzer, and keyword manager integrates seamlessly and gives you the insight you need to create a perfect listing.

Split Testing

With a split-testing tool, you can test separate list variations like price, image, title, description. The report helps you identify problems in each category to improve your products’ overall listing and presentation.

Jungle Scout VS Viral Launch: Pricing and Features

Price can be a deciding factor for some sellers, especially when you are a beginner and want to establish a profitable business while keeping the cost in check.

Jungle Scout Price Plan

Jungle Scout offers three plans. The good thing here is that if you are selecting a yearly plan you will be saving up to 55%. 


Jungle Scout’s web-based software can be used for finding products, sourcing, and launching the products. The basic plan starts from $49, and it includes:

  • Product Research Tool
  • Product Tracker (3 ASINs)
  • Historical Product Tracking (1 month)
  • Historical Keyword Tracking (1 month)
  • Access to Review Request (unlimited)


The package includes enhanced features for $69. Here you get the basic plan and:

  • Product Tracker (150 ASINs)
  • Historical Product Tracking(3 months)
  • Historical Keyword Tracking(1 year)
  • Access to Advance Seller Tools(3500 Keywords in Rank Tracker and 100K monthly emails )


It’s a complete package for professionals for $129 monthly. It includes the suit plan with the following features:

  • Product Tracker (1000 ASINs)
  • Historical Product Tracking (6 months)
  • Historical Keyword Tracking (2 years)
  • Access to Advance Seller Tools (5000 keywords in Rank Tracker and 15K emails monthly)

Price Plan: Viral Launch

The most distinctive difference between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch is the price factor. Let’s look at the price plans offered by Viral Launch.


The basic plan starts from $59 per month. The package includes:

  • Product Finder Tool
  • Chrome Extension
  • Competitor Intelligence Reverse ASIN Keyword Tool(3 Products)


The Pro Plan starts from $99 and includes:

  • Product Finder Tool
  • Chrome Extension
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Intelligence Reverse ASIN Keyword Tool(3 Products)
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer (50 products)
  • Keyword Manager (Track 2000 Keywords)

Brand Builder

The package is for those who are looking for some Brand building. It includes:

  • Product Finding Tool
  • Chrome Extension
  • Competitor Intelligence Reverse ASIN keyword tool (100 Products)
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer (100 products)
  • Keyword Manager (Track 5000 Keywords)


Here Viral Launch offers a comprehensive plan for professional and brand builders – this plan includes:

  • Kinetic Ad Management
  •  Product Finder tool
  •  Chrome Extension
  •  Keyword Research
  • Competitor Intelligence Reverse ASIN keyword tool (250 Products)
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer (100 products)
  • Keyword Manager (Track 5000 Keywords)

Price Comparison

Though Viral Launch offers four different plans against the three price plans of Jungle Scout, still Jungle Scout has an obvious edge over Viral Launch as a more cost-effective product research software. They also offer a 14-day free trial period with a money-back guarantee so you can use the software and decide if you want to move on to a proper package or not.

Viral Launch offers a chrome extension with all their plans, while Jungle Scout’s basic plan does not include a chrome extension.

Data Accuracy: Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are useful tools with plenty of useful features. Still, it is important to understand that both software gives you an estimate, not accurate data-driven from Amazon.

Jungle Scout has more Data accuracy than viral Launch in giving an all-in-one solution.

Viral Launch does little better in product research and marketing insight. Its Split-Testing tool is useful in splitting the results to get more accurate data.

Still, when we compare the two software, the Jungle Scout has a 15.9% margin of error compared to a margin of 20.7% of Viral Launch. The window of difference seems even more huge when we consider its financial implications.

User Experience: Jungle Scout VS Viral Launch

Both software have their unique user interface with intuitive navigation. Jungle scout paints a comprehensive picture of products the user can dig further by applying different filters. Its Product Database shows the product detail with the exact metrics. You can track the product’s seasonal performance painting a more comprehensive picture of the product’s viability.

Viral Launch offers an advanced filtration system so you can refine the search results by investment cost, sales pattern, price change, and review change.

The Market Intelligence Tool lets you view the market trends, seasonality, and product idea score.

So both software gives an estimate of historical sale performance, product score, and search filters for the user’s convenience.

Customer Support

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch offer 24 hours customer support to sellers.  Jungle Scout offers an Academy that contains multiple training courses, case studies, and a free library of content for Amazon Sellers. They also offer Regular webinars to share the tried and tested tips of selling on Amazon with their users.

Viral Launch also offers two free courses on selling on Amazon and an Amazon PPC Playbook that gives valuable information on running a successful business on Amazon.


It should not be a deciding factor of choosing between the two software, but Jungle Scout is more popular with more than 40,500 monthly searches against Viral Launch’s only 12,100 monthly searches.

Jungle Scout VS Viral Launch: Pros and Cons

After analyzing the features, user experience, price plans, and other factors, let’s sum up the pros and cons of each product researching tool.

Jungle Scout Pros

  • Jungle Scout is a wider marketplace. It is available in 10 countries that helps you sell your product internationally.
  • Jungle Scout is affordable and best suited for beginners who are just stepping into the Amazon FBA business.

    A 14 day free trial period is enough to give you an idea if you want to spend money on any of its paid packages.
  • Jungle Scout offers a robust keyword research tool in all of their plans.
  • Jungle Scout gives you an opportunity score. It simply tells you how good a certain product if you have a better scope of earning with it.
  • Jungle Scout gives you the historical sale data and to see the viability of a product. The Calculator shows the result of an estimated profit for a product.
  • You can add products to Product Tracker and track and stay updated with the sale of a product.
  • You can export your search results to a spreadsheet.
  • A rich resource of courses, case studies, and tutorials helps you select and launch a successful Amazon FBA business. You can learn from Greg Mercer, an 8-figure Amazon seller himself and a winner of Amazon Best Expert from Seller Awards.

Jungle Scout Cons

  • Chrome extension is sold separately.
  • More suitable for product research and product discovery.

Pros of Viral Launch

  • The software offers a chrome extension with all packages.
  • Its Product Discovery Tool offers more advanced tools and filters that help you find potential products more easily.
  • It allows you to monitor changes in review percentage.
  • Its market intelligent tool gives more in-depth market research.
  • Split Testing tool allow you to test seven variations to help you analyze price image, product description, and titles.
  • Viral Launch offers better in-depth product discovery and data mining than Jungle Scout. The wide range of information is seamlessly integrated, so you don’t need to  copy-paste any data.
  • It has a lot of tools to help you launch your product on Amazon.

Viral Launch Cons

  • It may not be easy to afford for beginners
  • No keyword research tools in lower plans

Final Words

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are useful product research tools that Amazon sellers can use to get better market insight and competitor analysis. Your search for a viable business product with both. They provide better usability in different features.

Whether it is Jungle Scout’s Product Database or Viral Launch’s Product Discover, it works the same. Both offer various features that help you through every stage of establishing a successful Amazon FBA business.

They work somewhat similarly, but there are also some differences between the two software. We recommend Jungle Scout for beginners as it’s an all-in-one solution for digging the niche, complete market analysis, arranging the suppliers to the listing, and launching the product. It even keeps an inventory of your financial transactions and gives you an estimate of how much stock you need to reorder.

However, Viral Launch is more suitable for pro users or Brand builders. Their Market Intelligence gives more in-depth information about the market and product and making better strategic decisions. 

Want to try out these tools for yourself? Both of these incredible Amazon FBA tools are offered with a free plan, click here to try out Jungle Scout and here for Viral Launch.

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