How to Create Viral Pins to Increase Site Traffic with Pinterest

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It’s 2023, and the online marketing space is as competitive as ever. As a webmaster or if you have the unenviable job of managing a website, increasing site traffic should be one of your topmost goals.

Today’s post is focused on “how to create viral pins to increase site traffic with Pinterest.”

As of the fourth quarter of 2019, Pinterest reported 335 million monthly active users worldwide. Over one-third of Pinterest’s current monthly active users are from the U.S., so there’s room for international audiences as well.

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to upload, share, create, and share their interests. An Interest can be a meme, idea, quote, or anything represented in a visual or graphical form. Posting images or videos on Pinterest is also known as pinning; Pinning is the esoteric lingo for Pinterest users just like Twitter’s “tweet.”

Pinterest is centered around an individual’s lifestyle, enabling you to share your Interest with other users and connect to other people with similar interests. Users can upload images from their devices or pin things they find on the internet using the Pinterest bookmarklet.

Just like other social media platforms, users can assess regular social networking features like commenting, liking other people’s pins, repining to their own boards, following boards of colleagues and friends, and sharing pins on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail. As a website owner, you can also embed selected pins on your website or blog.

Pinterest’s goal is to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.”

How to Create Viral Pins to Increase Site Traffic with Pinterest

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Pinterest

1. Sourcing or Creating an Attractive and Top-Quality Image

The power of an attention-grabbing image can never be overstated. By pinning compelling and premium quality images, you have a higher chance of going viral; which is the goal of your Pinterest marketing campaign. Whether you are a food blogger, dog-lovers blogger, a business blogger; a pin with the right image attached to it can get you loads of traffic.

As a rough guideline, pin images should be vertical and measure 600 X 900 pixels or 2 x 3 inches. There are several image optimization platforms available if you download an image in a different size format.

If you do not have basic graphic design skills or don’t have the budget for custom designs, you can source for free stock images from Pixabay and Unsplash. There are thousands of images, vectors, and graphics on these platforms. You can start by checking out Pixabay.

2. Using the Right Keywords for Your Pin Image

pinterest keyword targetingSource: Bounteous

Okay, when you thought you were done worrying about SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it pops up again. Yes, using the right keywords with your pin image is as important as a blog post on a website (If you are still struggling with writing meta descriptions for your blog, check this post out).

Fortunately, the same concept when writing a blog is employed herein deciding on the relevant keyword for your pin image. There is a balance here; just as the image needs to give the robots enough info to crawl and rank the content, it must also be appealing and catchy to spark the curious minds of your target audience.

So how do you strike this balance of a keyword-catchy title perfection?

• Make it quick and easy to read.

• Consider long-tail keywords just as you do with the title of a blog post for SEO.

• Place your catchy long-tail keyword caption at the top of the image to avoid Pinterest cutting off some elements of the pin.

• Optimize further by using numbers in your keyword. Several studies have revealed that titles incorporating numbers perform better on Pinterest, just like blog titles.

Get our FREE Pinterest Copywriting Tips to get started.

HUSTLR Pinterest Copywriting Tips

3. Pin to Relevant Boards

pin to relevant boards
Source: Revive Social

Pinning your content to the right Pinterest board helps connect to a laser targeted audience. This means that a food recipe related pin should be pinned to a food recipe board. You can also pin to your featured board, niche group boards, and do not forget to adhere to the board’s pin rules. You can also take your Pinterest marketing campaign up a notch by joining Facebook groups with several active Pinterest users.

Being a fashion blogger doesn’t mean you can’t pin on all-niche boards. You can also attract quality traffic from general niche boards. A vast majority of Pinterest users usually check out the all-niche board. Lastly, if your pin gets repined from an all-niche board, there is a good chance it will go viral on the niche boards.

4. Scheduling Your Pin During Peak Time Periods

Let’s face it; Pinning can take up an enormous amount of time. It only makes sense to make the most out of your pin-time, right? According to Pinerly, the Pinterest analytics tool, the best time for pinning targeted towards getting the highest number of re-pins and the highest amount of referral traffic to be Saturday mornings and late weekday evenings between 8 pm – 1 am EST.

Now, the trick is pinning during those peak periods consistently. As a busy blogger and someone who probably has other things to do, pinning during fixed timelines are challenging — this is where pin scheduling comes in. To do this, you can utilize a tool like Tailwind to help make your Pinterest campaign easier.

Tailwind was designed specifically for Pinterest and Instagram. There are several scheduling tools out there, but we recommend Tailwind because we use it, and it has been a wonderful experience so far. It has a myriad of advanced features that allows you to schedule your pin wherever you are and at a time that suits you or during specific peak periods.

With Tailwind, you can upload multiple pins, use the drop-down calendar for choosing the time, date and time zone to schedule your pin.

You can also choose the hour and minute you need the pin to go live by adjusting the cursor towards the right along the scale on the relevant bar.

One of the essential advantages of automating your Pinterest marketing campaign is that it allows you to pin daily without getting online every day. You can churn out fresh, and relevant content to your followers consistently.

And, as with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, consistency is vital for engagement and website popularity.

5. Re-Pinning and Networking with Other Users

pinterest group board stats
Source: Louisem

If you are focused on pinning only your stuff, then you will get found out immediately as a salesy or desperate blogger. The best way to get people genuinely attracted to your pins and build a ton of tragic is to mix posting good content from other places.

Unless you have a massive number of followers on your boards, you will have to be mindful of how often you pin things that link back to your website. By re-pinning other users’ pins and pinning exciting content that doesn’t link back to your website, you are adding value to the community.

Although there is no general rule of thumb on the number of pins that should link back to your product page or blog post link, you should be mindful and know when it is getting much.

A good pattern will be to pin twice as much interesting general content as you pin pieces of stuff that link back to your website.

This strategy will get you much more traction than always promoting your website.

6. Develop Amazing Curating Skills

Develop Amazing Curating Skills

As the saying goes; content is king, marketing is queen. As someone looking to build and redirect an avalanche of traffic from Pinterest, you must offer more than the regular user.

Gathering, editing, creating, and ideating new content in your niche will make you stand out.

Just like art curators or museum curators, you must understand what piece of content resonates with certain moods and personalities across various niches. Art curators tend to an audience trooping to a physical location; your job is to thrill and entertain your virtual audience.

Developing your curating skills means you select the best images and organize them in a visually appealing manner that attracts a lot of impressions and re-pins. Whether you are curating for July 4th or summer DIY ideas, ensure it is fresh and creative.

Being a curator is playing the long game of social media authority. As you curate, pin, re-pin other excellent content, you build trust and notoriety. Users will begin to look out for your content, and your website traffic will grow organically.

So, get your content right, organize them, and start pinning away; just the good stuff.

7. A Strong Call to Action

A strong call to action is the final piece that connects the message and intent of a piece of marketing creative.

People use Pinterest to find exciting ideas for business, fun, and everyday tasks. While pinning away, ensure your description conveys a strong call to action you expect your audience to act upon.

If you are redirecting to a web page or a product page, make sure the link is active, and the directive is as concise and straightforward as possible.

You can also mix things up by pinning a value-oriented pin and not an advert related pin — for example, a manual or guide article to do a specific task. You can use multiple images and use listing directions in the description.


What do the best pins have in common; they are beautiful, engaging, and actionable.

This should be your map guide towards planning your Pinterest marketing campaign with an overarching goal of getting more people on your website.

Gaining traffic and earning as a blogger via Pinterest has never been more comfortable if you put your mind to it.

You can reach a local and international audience effortlessly by going the extra mile to get your Pinterest audience to click on your Pin and visit your site. The right pin can drive a good amount of traffic to your site if you do everything right.

Start pinning (the right way) today!

How to Create Viral Pins to Increase Site Traffic with Pinterest

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