7 Mobile Apps That Help You Track Your Expenses

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Ever wonder where most of your salary goes at the end of the month? Or maybe you’re just keen on saving up for that gap year holiday you’ve been postponing.

You could even be starting an online business, and need to keep track of micro-expenses more carefully. If you don’t have your business profit and loss statements readily available too –sorting your financials is bound to be a total pain in the ass at the end of the month. Installing a budget tracker on your phone into your personal finance workflow will put an end to this guessing game.

With an arsenal of budgeting mobile apps at your disposal – not having the time to track your finances is no longer an excuse! There are thousands to choose from; coming readily paired with Android and iOS compatibility.

Be this as it may, it might be just a tad difficult sifting through the masses to find one that suits just you. We’ve taken the liberty to deliver some of HUSTLR’s handpicked finance and budgeting apps straight to you based on pricing, compatibility, elements of user navigation and who exactly should be using it. Let’s get started!

Here is a comprehensive list of personal budgeting and expense trackers we recommend:

1. Wally

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Wally_logo.png

• PRICE: 100% free with paid add-ons
• COMPATIBILITY: Android and iOS
• RECEIPT SCAN: Available
• CURRENCIES: Global options
• BANK SYNCS: Available on Wally Next.

You must have heard of Wally’s expense tracker by now. Wally provides insights into your individual spending and saving habits –incorporating features such as artificial intelligence and other innovative developments.

Wally does offer two separate apps for different needs though. While Wally Lite does not link to any financial institutions (as of yet, anyway), their other version of Wally Next does offer this feature. Wally Next is 100% free to use and gives you access to all of its major features. However, they do have ‘power add-ons’ that range from $0.50-$2.00 for users who want to use access banking integrations, unlimited teams, currency converters and so on.

Throw some rich infographics in, a colourful interface and you’ve got yourself a power packed budget tracker that you’re going to look forward to using at the end of each transaction. HUSTLR recommends Wally Lite to those that need a basic bigger picture of each personal transaction. Use Wally Next if you need something a little more –like a monthly breakdown of how you spend each dime. All in gorgeous graphics that are easy to understand.

2. Spendee

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is spendee_logo-300x77.jpeg

PRICE: Free/Monthly/Yearly plans available
RECEIPT SCAN: Not available
CURRENCIES: Global options
BANK SYNCS: Available

Another alternative worth exploring is Spendee. This nifty tool is useful for those who want to do the least amount of work when it comes to bookkeeping and budgeting.

Spendee’s interface is downright easy to navigate. Red = credited funds/expense and green = debited funds/income. Pretty straightforward right? Its intuitive user interface was meant to provide the ultimate accessibility and functionality with each experience.

Spendee has always been minimalist and true to its original purpose of tracking budgets in a clear and precise manner. They pride themselves as the ‘budgeting app that people actually want to use’ and boy were they right! Spendee has been downloaded over 3 million times with features by Apple, Google and the New York Times.

Although they do provide users with a free plan too, it’s features are pretty basic. Spendee Plus (the cheapest one) ranges from $2.99 whilst its all-access subscription is around $4.99. Not a very extravagant price to shoulder once you factor in bank syncs, shared wallets, unlimited data exports.

3. Money Lover

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is moneylover_logo.png

PRICE: Free/Premium plans available
CURRENCIES: Global options
BANK SYNCS: Not available

Money Lover’s influence is widespread across the Southeast. In May 2017 itself, Google rewarded Money Lover with a place on its list for best Android mobile apps of the year –as it constantly topped charts in personal finance.

The budgeting app was developed by umbrella company Finsify; aimed at improving all of its users’ personal income and expense transaction over a vast number of categories. Money Lover introduces painless budgeting to its app as well –allowing push notifications and reminders to stay on track financially.

Above all, Money Lover’s interface syncs perfectly across both mobiles, tablets, PCs and the Web! It’s totally seamless in this aspect and offers bank-standard security to protect all your data and personal information.

Visually pleasing graphics and pie charts help out each user in organizing their budget through the app –so you’re always on top of the bigger picture.  Although bank synchronization has not been made possible yet, Money Lover does come in handy when it comes to scanning and keeping all your receipts in one place.

If you’re managing finances for a small business:

1.  Quickbooks

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is quickbooks-1024x279.png

PRICE: Multiple Premium plans available
CURRIENCES: Global options
BANK SYNCS: Available

When it comes to the world of bookkeeping and accounting software, Quickbooks is one that needs no introduction. It’s a complete powerhouse in all that it does –and certainly something to consider if you need help keeping track of income/expense through your side hustle business.

Speaking of here are many more ways you can generate income and learn how to start a side hustle. Don’t miss out.

Imagine invoice tracking, cash flow management, profit and loss statements and so much more! Sound like a lot to take in? Not at all. You don’t have to be an accounting wizard to get started with Quickbooks. Many of its processes are automated (invoice generator, branding efforts, data records, etc.) so you spend less time worrying about getting it done and focus on results.

Having an all-in-one system like Quickbooks is essential for your business. Plain and simple. The pricing for the software itself depends on business size and necessity (from $10 to $60) but the mobile app is 100% free. It’s never been easier connecting to bank accounts, approving invoices and accept mobile payments on the go. Plus, it helps to be always connected to your small business and receive updates 24/7 –regardless of where life takes you.

2. Zoho

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is zoho.png

PRICE: Free/Premium plans available
CURRENCIES: Global options
BANK SYNCS: Available

Zoho’s financial and business features are some of the best in the industry –and Zoho Expense is no different. Their mobile app version still allows for the best to be accomplished on the go. Options such as storing digital receipt copies and recording expenses are just a few of them.

One of Zoho’s most unique features still has to be the built-in GPS trackers. Zoho Expense can log mileage overheads –which then lets you see a rough estimate of how much the trip would cost you. This makes it perfect for employees or individuals always on the go! Feel free to connect your credit card and send expense forms to parties concerned by email; in order to be reimbursed.

Did you think that was all? Zoho Expense also allows offline options for recording information. Whenever the network comes back on, data is seamlessly synchronized once again.

If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, here are some business accounting tools that we recommend:

1. Invoice by Wave

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is waveapp-1024x372.png

PRICE: 100% free
CURRENCIES: Global options
BANK SYNCS: Available

Wave might be new to the game –but they are already making big “waves.” Pun totally intended. Critics have branded Wave as the new disruptive force of invoicing and budget tracking –and even rating it ‘as an excellent solution for freelancers and small business owners’.

Why the hype? Unlike many other accounting software, Wave is 100% free to use –without any additional limitations on features. You can connect an unlimited number of bank accounts and cards, syncing transactions automatically through all your records.

Wave also prides itself on making your finances a total breeze through their easy-to-use interface and beginner friendly software. At the moment, Invoice by Wave is the only feature that they have managed to deliver through mobile –but we have no doubt there are more to come. Nevertheless, their mobile invoicing is great to always be on top of when your invoice is viewed, paid and when it’s overdue.  

2. Tycoon

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tycoonapp.jpg

PRICE: Free trial + Premium plan ($6.99/month)
RECEIPT SCAN: Not available
CURRENCIES: Global options
BANK SYNCS: Not available

Tycoon started out from one supermodel’s frustration with not getting paid on time for their work. Thus, a mobile app for always keeping in touch with income and payments were born –and it has only huge plans from here.

Founder Jess Perez (who’s a supermodel for Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated as well) also managed to design the app to features and categories relevant to those in the fashion industry (photographers, makeup artists, stylists, etc.). Although it can be used by any working professional, really. Just keep in mind that Tycoon works the best for freelancers.

Tycoon allows for its users to set aside timetables for different gigs, alongside the details and expected payments. All of your jobs + gigs are gorgeously listed down in detail –which also allows you to come up with a rough estimate of your availability and schedule!

Another plus point of Tycoon is that it places its freelancers’ income above all else. Evidently, Tycoon displays an accurate take-home pay (after taxes and any forms of commission) for you to see if the gig is actually worth your time before accepting it.

Choose a category you are best at, hone your skills, and make money on the side!

Once you’ve grown past the freelancer stage and want to move onto something bigger -take that leap of faith and delve into starting your own business. Here’s how we made millions from only $300 in capital -and there’s no reason why you can’t too.

You shouldn’t have to sift through masses of paper receipts, attached PDF invoices and countless CSV Excel sheets to organize your finances. In fact, having multiple bookkeeping software might even defeat the purpose of the organization -and harm your budgeting further with unnecessary complications and misplaced funds.

Why go through the hassle? The above mobile apps (regardless of which one you pick!) are revered by most critics for what they have done for to help you track your expenses. Invest in them now -according to your preference, personal needs, or business size- to up your hustling game today.

7 Mobile Apps That Help You Track Your Expenses

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