Employee Mindset To A Millionaire Mindset

Employee Vs Millionaire Mindset
What are the differences between an employee’s mindset, versus a millionaire’s mindset? One major comparison we can look at is the Lion and the Sheep concept.
The Lion is the leader, the boss, the innovator and decision maker. One that is very determined, ambitious and always hungry to stay on top compared to a Sheep which are known to be followers.
To start things off, you have to adjust your mindset from a regular consumer and start looking at things from the perspective of a producer. For example, instead of consuming shows on Netflix and Youtube, think about how these videos are being produced, and the purpose of it. Always look at things from a business standpoint rather than a consumer. This will help you see the world a lot better and help you understand the techniques, how they handle problems, and then being able to implement these things in your own business and life, as well as being a better consumer.

Turning Problems Into Opportunities

Another criteria of an employee’s mindset is that they see a problem as a problem, but as a leader and an entrepreneur, you have to look at problems and take it as opportunities.
Great entrepreneurs do not stress out when problems arise, the more problems that they are able to solve, they see an improvement in employees, customers, and of course, making more money.
Everyone with a millionaire mindset will tell you their different ways of growing money be it investments, hiring new staff or other methods. For example, when you receive an extra $1000, someone who is not so financial savvy will look at it and think what new smartphone and gadgets to buy or going out for a fancy dinner, comparing to someone with a millionaire mindset, who would think of ways to grow the $1000.
Think of it this way, your money is your ammunition for your financial freedom and you should always balance between spending on what’s necessary and making the right moves.
So the more money you have, the easier it will be for you to invest and have better opportunities in the future. Even if it’s only $10, everything accumulates over in time and builds towards your financial freedom.


Start Small

After understanding the points above, it’s time to view your money as part of your army that will help you fight for your financial freedom. You might think that there are limited investment choices if you only have a $100 and most investors have a million dollars or so as they are investing.
Accumulate your money over time, make the right moves, and one day you will see money start rolling in your way. Check out our guide for managing your investments in Malaysia.
A very simple concept to look at is the Snowball Effect. Think of your initial $100 as a small snowball. If you throw it right at something, you lose it all, and if you roll it down a slope with no snow, you will see it disappear. Look for a tall mountain, choose the right path to set your snowball, and see it roll down as it grows in size over time.
Be patient, make the right moves and create a better future for yourself.
What are the differences between an employee\'s mindset, versus a millionaire\'s mindset? One major comparison we can look at is the Lion and the Sheep concept.

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