17 Easy Ways to Earn Rewards on Swagbucks

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Online paid surveys have been all the rage lately to make money fast.

Without a doubt – Swagbucks is up there as our favorite ways to earn with paid surveys.


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It’s reliable and filled to the brim with offers and rewards!

Creating an account is entirely straightforward. Once that’s set, you’ll get to earn through their Swagbucks or “SB” points that you can exchange for Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, and other gift cards.

Of course, if you prefer to earn cash -that’s possible too. Just redeem your SB points for PayPal cash.

Swagbucks is an excellent way to turn your spare time into a way to make money fast!

A $5 Amazon gift card would cost you 500 SB. On the other hand, a $50 PayPal reward would cost you 5,000 SB.

But did you know? Completing surveys isn’t the only way you can get to make extra cash.  

Here’s a list of 17 complete ways to earn rewards through our Swagbucks.

1. Watch some videos

Yes, it’s that straightforward. You can start earning Swagbucks points by just watching short videos.

The pay-outs aren’t going to be as fantastic as other long-form surveys, though.

However, it’s one of the easiest ways of earning through the site.

Just think about it! Hit ‘play’ on a video and leave your phone down for a few minutes to go about some chores. Rinse, wash, and repeat.

In the end, the maximum you can rack up for this activity is around 150 SB (equivalent to $1.50). 

2. Try your hand at mobile games

There’s a surprising amount of high-paying offers for mobile games on Swagbucks.

Download them, get to a certain level (or reach some accomplishments) and you can earn thousands of SB points for this.

Swagbucks also has a ‘tournament’ section that lets you play against other members on the site. You have to buy your way to qualify -but winning them would reward you handsomely with a few thousands of SB points.

3. Downloading some apps

If you’re lucky – Swagbucks will give you points purely for the sake of downloading their free apps.

It’s a little different from their mobile game deals, though. While that would require you to reach a certain level or milestone; Swagbucks rewards you once you’ve downloaded the app on your phone.

Once you’ve received the points safely; you can go ahead and delete the app, but your points would still remain! 

4. Earning through cashback

Now, we’re not asking you to make excuses to shop more online than you need to for the sake of earning points here. That doesn’t make sense. We want to make money fast; not burn it out!

Swagbucks can be helpful if you’re already planning to buy something online.

If you’re shopping for something particularly expensive; it’s always good to double-check with partnering brands on Swagbucks to see your options.

Often, they’ll give you 2-3 SB points per $1 spent. You’ll get loads of points this way that you can use as rewards later on.

Remember, always do a quick search before making any purchase. At the moment, they have brands listed like The Body Shop, Hotels.com, and more.

5. Filling up surveys

Okay, so this is one of the most popular ways of earning through Swagbucks.

You probably already know how to fill up surveys. However, you can amp up your earnings by receiving more surveys that you are qualified to answer.  

Do this by signing up for ‘Email Surveys.’ Once done, you’d be able to receive more relevant and better-paying surveys straight to your inbox!

You can toggle this through your settings. It’s also easy to turn off if you think it’s clogging up your inbox.

6. Tell the crowd!

Amongst every other online paid rewards platform, Swagbucks honestly has one of the best referral deals.

For starters, they’ll reward you a whopping 500 SB points ($5 equivalent) for each person that uses your referral code.

That’s not all! After that, you’ll also start earning 10% of their total earnings for the entirety of their membership. Pretty darn sweet, right?

7. Make Swagbucks your search engine

Exactly what it says, yet another crazy simple way to make money fast on Swagbucks is to search for things through their search engine.

Yahoo runs Swagbucks’ search engine portal – so don’t worry about it being shady or anything.

8. Keep updated with the Swagbucks blog

You can access their official blog “The Daily Swag” right here.

They’re pretty frequent with their post updates, news and offers that allow you to be always in tune with the latest promotions.

You’d always want to keep your eyes peeled for their “contest” category.

Here -you’d find competitions where they pick random followers to dish out SB points to, some giveaways and holiday rewards.

9. Answering daily polls

Without fail, there would be a poll each day on the site.

Never miss out on a chance to answer this! It’s one of the simplest, fastest ways to make money fast through Swagbucks we can think of.

Your reward is 1 SB point each time you answer. At the end of the month, that’s a cool 30 SB points -for simply checking in.

10. Downloading the extension

Every time there’s more promotions and offers -the Swag Button notifies you of what’s available. They’ll even give you a $10 (or 1000 SB points) bonus just for downloading + making a purchase within the first 30 days.

Plus, the Swag Button releases something called ‘Swag Codes’ quite often as well. The extension would tell you where to find them (either on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page) to increase your SB points!

Download the Swagbucks browser extension right here to enjoy all its benefits.

11. Completing daily tasks

Logging in will give you access to a list of different categories that have updated, refreshed tasks in them.

Focus on ticking off each task one by one. Besides the points earned from doing the tasks, you’ll also get bonus points for finishing all of them in a day!

You can also activate the Swagbucks ‘Daily Goals’ option; placed on the page’s header.

Here, you’ll automatically get extra points if you manage to reach the desired goal of SB points for the day.

12. Participating in sweepstakes

Are you feeling lucky? Go ahead and sign yourself up for their limited time giveaways.

If you manage to win; you could be the lucky owner of the latest smartphones, headphones, or even thousands of SB points.

Do note however that these Swagbucks sweepstakes require you to spend a few SB points to enter the competition. It’s a very minimal amount – often just 2 or 3 SB points per entry.

13. Signing up for subscriptions

Swagbucks also has an array of subscription offers that you can sign up for to make money fast!

These subscription offers include free trials, music, video and online gaming subscriptions that they deem relevant to you.

Keep in mind that although they do have some free trial ones – try to avoid signing yourself up for pricey subscriptions, or ones that you know are going to go to waste.

14. Always check your inbox!

Sometimes, the fastest way to make money fast through Swagbucks is staring at you right in the face.

Your inbox holds rewarding, easy-to-do offers that are continuously updated! Just remember to click on the little mailbox icon is located in the upper right corner of the page.

It should be the first thing you check every time you log in -as most of them are time-sensitive.

15. Printing coupons

A lesser-known way of earning through the site is to print out grocery coupons.

For this -look under the “Discover” tab. Then click on “Grocery Coupons” to access all relevant offers. The maximum pay-out is up to 100 SB per day; which is around $0.01 per coupon printed.

16. Mega Swagbucks Friday

Each Friday of the week is known as Mega Swagbucks Friday!

What does this mean? This essentially means that your chances of earning more SB points go higher up this day. 1 SB point through a search engine becomes 3 SB’s and so on, so forth.

So if you only have two days of the week to take the polls, fill up surveys or watch videos to earn -make sure one of those days is a Friday.

17. Check back with NOSO options

The NOSO page stands for “No Obligation Special Offers.” Click on the NOSO link and Swagbucks will guide you through the offer path where you’ll have the chance to participate in offers you’re interested in.

Skip ones that you don’t care about, but the rewards at the end of it all will remain! If you do this every day; you can earn up to 60 SB points at the end of the month.

If you want to start maximizing your earnings with Swagbucks -download their mobile app!

The app keeps you updated with all the latest rewards, sweepstakes, and promotions to earn SB points.

The app also helps so that you don’t have to always log onto Swagbucks on your computer. Whip out your phone and fill up surveys, watch videos and more – while waiting for your Uber to arrive.

 Swagbucks isn’t the only place that turns your spare time into cold, hard cash.

Interested in more ways to make money through surveys? Here’s a list of 22 more savvy paid online survey sites in [year]. Happy hustling! 

17 Easy Ways to Earn Rewards on Swagbucks

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