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Best Studio Microphones in 2020

Best Studio Microphones in 2021

Recording vocals is no easy feat unless you have the right selection of microphones in your setup. In any project, the recording production process involves clear raw vocals, combined with tracking, mixing and mastering. Choosing the best studio microphone is

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Best Music Production PC in 2021

While choosing a computer for music production, desktop computers certainly have an edge over on laptops. They are more cost-effective, offer more power, are generally faster, and have better cooling systems as well. Audio processing, recording, and mixing is certainly

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Best XLR Microphones in 2020

Best XLR Microphones in 2021

Most of the professional microphones are XLR mics for a reason – these microphones offer better customization and adaptability. They need to be connected with a digital audio interface that converts the audio files into digital signals. But these are

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