Best Cheap Desks for Content Creators in 2022

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Whether you have a proper studio or simply work from any corner of your house, a proper working desk is essential as it sorts out the clutter and helps you manage your things in a better way. You don’t need to spend much on a nice desk if you have a tight budget. Many cheap desks are available that look great, offer great functionality, and come at a very reasonable price.

In this article, we will look at some of the best cheap studio desks for content creators. We have chosen different desks that can enhance your functionality and allow you to work from your home studio professionally.

A proper desk is also part of a great work-from-home setup. To learn more about the perfect work-from-home setup, check out our dedicated guide on that.

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Now, let’s review some of the best studio desks for content creators.

1. Mobili RTA-8211-M615

Mobili RTA-8211-M615

  • Designed for small spaces
  • Combines beauty with comfort
  • Scratch and moisture-free laminated surface
  • Two storage drawers

This one is a perfect option for small spaces. The desk is designed beautifully and offers great functionality. It’s a good combination of aesthetics and comfort.

It’s a durable option for long-lasting use. The desk is made of a heavy-duty desk that is moisture resistant. It has MDF panels that are laminated with a special veneer that is both moisture and scratch-resistant.

The desk is designed to create a better workflow. It has an underdeck keyboard panel that slides in and out easily. Two storage drawers keep your essential well arranged. It has a separate compartment for a PC and a slide-out accessory shelf with rear cable openings for managing your workplace.

The desk is easy to assemble. The package comes with complete instructions. It also comes with the necessary tools to assemble the different parts of the desk. Overall, it’s a great option for a home studio and looks great if you are live streaming.

2. On-Stage WS7500

On-Stage WS7500

  • Ergonomic design
  • Z-shaped frame
  • Sliding out keyboard
  • Metal frame

This is one of the most popular choices for studios and content creators. On-Stage WS7500 series provide productive desks. The desk is ergonomically designed to provide perfect comfort and work efficiency while working.

The desk is a unique combination of metal and wood. It features a rectangular steel tube frame that makes the desk very durable and supports wood parts. The desk is designed in a compact form with the maximum features. A Z-shaped frame and sliding out keyboard keep your essentials well arranged and neat.

The wooden structure of the desk is laminated to make it resist moisture and scratches. Overall, it’s a perfect desk for small studios. It covers very little space, looks great, and provides you maximum space for managing your things while working.

3. CubiCubi Computer Office Desk

CubiCubi Computer Office Desk

  • Comes with an additional small table
  • Vintage-style desk
  • Contrasting colored wooden panels
  • Iron hook for headset

Here is a simple yet very functional design for small spaces. The desk is very simple but elegant enough to look great and enhance the aesthetic beauty of your studio. It comes with a basic design and thus is very affordable as well. Moreover, it also comes with a small table for managing your laptop or computer. You can place your system on the small table and have more space on the desk like some books, speakers, keyboards, or other things.

The vintage-style desk is made of dark and espresso wooden boards that give this desk a unique appeal. The contrasting color looks different and enhances the aesthetic beauty of your workplace. The wooden boards are placed on a metal frame that makes the desk very stable and durable.

The desk is perfect for podcasting. It features a special iron hook under the table for hanging your headphones. 



  • Elegant desk
  • Compact design
  • Sliding keyboard drawer
  • Lots of storage space

Furinno furniture is known for its grace and elegance. This multipurpose desk is no exception. It is an excellent choice for studios for content creators. The desk has a compact design that keeps your essentials well arranged and neat.

The desk features a keyboard drawer with metal slides that provide easy access to the keyboard and hide it away when you don’t need it.

It has plenty of storage for all accessories. The desk has a 3-tier shelf that can be used for storing all your essentials. It arranges the thing into high, mid, and low layers. The desk also has bins for organizing your paperwork. The bins are not attached to the desk, and you can easily take it out when you need to. The desk is thoughtfully designed. It is made of high-quality CARB compliant composite wood that is durable and moisture-resistant.

The desk requires some assembling when you receive it. However, it is easy to assemble. It comes with all the instructions. The desk is available in different decent colors. You can choose one that suits the color scheme of your studio.

5. SHW L-Shaped

SHW L-Shaped

  • L-shaped corner desk
  • High-quality wood construction
  • Open shelves for accommodating all essentials
  • Moisture-resistant wood

This one is a beautifully designed desk for home studios. It has a special L-shaped design that gives you more storage space and does not come in your as well. It can be fitted in any corner of your room conveniently.

The desk is made of high-quality espresso wood that is further made secure by careful lamination. The lamination keeps the surface to resist moisture and scratches. The desk has open shelves. You got plenty of space for accommodating everything from the mic, speakers, computer, or other essentials.

To keep your workplace clean and tidy, it provides two binders as well. These can be used for managing cables of your different equipment while streaming or podcasting.

The work desk is easy to assemble. The package includes step-by-step instructions and all the necessary hardware for assembling. The desk has a very elegant presence, and you can show it off on your videos as well. Overall, it’s one of the best desks for content creators. The plenty of storage allows you to accommodate all your documents, books, equipment, and other essentials within an arm’s reach.

6. FEZIBO Stand Up Desk

FEZIBO Stand Up Desk

  • Standing desk
  • 2-tier construction
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Wide surface
  • Smooth transition

This one is a standing desk for podcasters or streamers who don’t want to sit while working. The desk can easily be placed on a table, and it is collapsible so you can store it conveniently if you don’t need it.

The desk has a two-tier design that gives you an upper display for your PC monitor. The lower section is ideal for keyboard and mouse. The two layers make it very compact. It does not need much space. The desk has a simple setup. It features two handles that allow you to adjust the workstation with a squeeze of a handle.

The standup desk is 32” wide. That means it has plenty of space and can accommodate two monitors on it. The desk is designed carefully with high-quality metal and wood. It is sturdy enough to hold up to 28.6 lb easily. The thoughtful design makes it a good fit for those who have to spend long hours at the desk.

You can simply adjust the desk in standing mode and keep working while standing. The transition from sitting to standing position is smoother and hassle-free. Overall, it’s a perfect option for DJs, teachers, or other video makers who like to have the choice of recording videos in both the sitting and standing position.

7. JOISCOPE Computer Desk

JOISCOPE Computer Desk

  • Affordable price
  • Dark wood stitching design
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Plenty of drawers

Here is another very simple, cheap, and functional desk for content creators. It’s a multipurpose desk that can be used as a writing desk, computer desk, or like any other normal office desks. The simple design makes it look very elegant. The desk has a classic dark wood stitching design that looks beautiful. High-quality wood is used in its construction that makes it a very durable desk.

A steel frame surrounds the wooden panels. The exquisite craftsmanship of steel and wood makes it very functional and sturdy. The desk has plenty of storage space for accommodating your essentials. The drawers on the side help you store your small to big things easily from where you can find them conveniently.

Overall, it’s a sturdy desk for those who have a small working space. It’s simple design and compact style make it a perfect option for those who are starting work from home.

8. Best Choice Products Modular L-Shape Desk

Best Choice Products Modular L-Shape Desk

  • Classy wooden top
  • Special PC stand
  • Drawers for storing essentials

This one is a stylish desk for content creators and YouTube videos. The desk has an L-shape design that looks great and allows you to accommodate all your streaming and gaming gear on it.

The desk is designed for convenience. It features a special PC stand and keyboard drawers for convenience.

The desk looks stylish and functional at the same time. It has a  sleek top that gives it a very modern look. A high-quality steel frame supports the wooden top and makes the table sturdy. It is wide enough to accommodate a PC with two monitors. The steel base withstands the weight of computers and all other gear easily.

Overall, it’s a perfect option for those who can dedicate some space to their home studio. The desk looks great if you are recording videos for YouTube as well.

9. SHW Home Office Computer Desk

SHW Home Office Computer Desk

  • Cost-effective Desk
  • Covers less space
  • Simple construction
  • Easy assembling

This one is another cost-effective option from SHW. It’s a beautifully designed desk that is simple and very functional. There are no gimmicks on this desk, it’s all about storing  all your essentials at a place so you can access them easily. The desk does not cover much space.

The desk has a wooden top. The espresso wood top looks both elegant and is easy to clean. The laminated surface makes it resist water and scratches. It has a steel frame, and the powered coated material gives a nice shine to this desk.

The desk comes as a compact package. You need to assemble the very easy parts. The manufacturers provide all instructions.

Overall, it’s a simple, practical, and a budget-friendly option for beginners. It provides plenty of space for your computer, laptop, speakers, mic, or other essentials on the table.

10. EKIMI Computer Desk with Storage Shelf

EKIMI Computer Desk with Storage Shelf

  • Thick metal frame
  • High-quality fire-proof board
  • Special space for CPU
  • Simple and functional design

This one is a sturdy and durable desk for studios. The computer desk features a thick metal frame that gives a very solid base to your essentials.

Over the heavy-duty frame, it features a first-grade fire-proof board. It has a special open storage space under the desk for accommodating your essentials. Space can be used for placing your computer as well. Beside your computer, you can store your paperwork, books, and other essentials.

Overall, it’s a great combination of wood and steel. The sturdy desk has a simple and elegant design. With a good and comfortable chair along with this desk, you can concentrate on your work and stay comfortable at the same time.

Buying Guide of Cheap Studio Desk for Content Creators

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting a studio desk at an affordable price.

• Material

The material of the desk is very important. Especially when you are buying budget-friendly desks, if the desk is made of wood, or has wooden boards on the top, make sure the quality of wood is good. Poor quality wood will start absorbing moisture and get chipped easily. You will end up looking for another desk soon if the quality of wood is not good. To further ensure that it remains in good condition, make sure the surface is well-laminated to resist scratches and moisture.

• Design

Design is important. It should be modern and yet very functional. There are a lot of modern, sleek designs in the market that provide maximum space without covering a lot of space in your studio. The design becomes even more important if you are recording lectures, videos, or live streaming from your desk. It should have a good presence that gives an aesthetic appeal to your videos.

The design of the desk depends on where you are planning to place the desk. You can choose a corner desk with an L-shape. It can be easily placed in a corner without coming in anyone’s way.

• Space

The size of the desk depends on the size of your studio or workstation. You don’t have to spend a huge amount on a desk. There are plenty of desks that provide good storage space without covering the massive space of your room.

The size of the desk depends on the number of gears you are going to place on it as well. You should choose a wide desk if you have different speakers, mixers, audio interfaces, and other gaming gears to be placed on your desk. However, a simple desk is enough if your work involves nothing much than a mic, headphone, and a monitor.

• Keyboard Tray

Having a separate keyboard tray not only clears the space on your desk for other things, but it also helps you type conveniently as well. The inside keyboard tray is often ergonomically designed to help you type fast. If you are choosing a desk with a keyboard tray, make sure it glides in and out easily. Nothing can be more frustrating than the hassle you have to face if the keyboard is stuck.

• 2-tier Design

The 2-tier design is very practical and functional for those who have to spend a lot of time on their PCs. It can be used in standing or sitting positions alike. You can occasionally raise the desk and use it in standing position. It is also excellent if you are recording videos and like to record them while standing.

• Comfort

Having a comfortable space makes you concentrate on your work in a better way. So make sure you choose a desk that has an ergonomic design and makes you comfortable while working.

• Organization

The best part of having a studio desk is that it keeps your essentials well organized. Make sure you choose that suits your requirements. It should have shelves and inside drawers to store your small to big things. Everything should be well arranged so you can access it easily whenever you need them.

Final Words

A studio desk is something you must have no matter if you are working from home or a furnished studio. It keeps all your gears at one place in a well-organized way. The modern and stylish designs make your presence more prominent if you are recording videos from home.

All options in our list of the best cheap studio desks for content creators are carefully chosen for your convenience. Make sure you choose one that suits your needs the most.

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