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The Great Digital Stone Age

The Great Digital Stone Age

What Is The Great Digital Stone Age?Coming from an FMCG background, I used to work as a brand marketer. I have worked with media agencies like OMD, Mindshare and Carat on a day to day basis. Brands under my control were spending tens of thousands on...


I Started My Business With Just $7000 In Savings

In this article, I just want to share a little of my personal story. People tend to assume that I have a rich dad or I struck a lottery to be able to come this far. I'm not lying when I say that I did not have any financial support aside from a bid and they room from...

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How To Spy On Your Competitors

You might ask, why do you have to spy on your competitors? Well, Competition has been a part of our lives since the time of Ancient Greek and has been an important factor in how we push ourselves to grow and improve. In the modern era, competition among businesses...

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How To Negotiate For A Pay Raise

The thought of having to negotiate for a pay raise has always struck fear in employees. I'm sure you are wondering what can you do to increase your salary and the right negotiation tactics needed to achieve it. You will first need to understand and...

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My Biggest Regret As A Teenager

My Biggest Regret During My Teenage YearsMy biggest regret when I was younger was not taking that leap of faith. Recently, I was inspired by one of my workshop attendees during one of my workshop sessions. He just turned 18 and he told me that he wishes to...

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