9 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins in 2021

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Are you a blogger looking for new ways to grow your audience? Perhaps you’re a business owner trying to reinforce brand authority and reputation? Or maybe you’re a digital marketer who wants to build a loyal and engaged community of followers for their clients? If you want to strengthen your online presence, it’s high time you turn your attention to podcasting.

In recent years, podcasts have emerged as one of the most sought-after content formats. The latest research shows that there are an estimated 62 million weekly podcast listeners in the U.S. It isn’t surprising that many content creators and marketers have already jumped on the podcasting bandwagon.

If you’ve been contemplating launching your own podcast series, this might be the best time to get started. However, you should consider a few things before you take your podcast episodes to your listeners. Apart from the creative aspects of podcasting, you should also think about how you want to present your content to your listeners.

Streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes let you upload your podcast episodes and take it to your audience. However, creating a dedicated WordPress website is a highly recommended way of making your podcast debut. A website helps increase your online visibility and establishes your authority and credibility. Moreover, you can use it to build your audience and stay connected with them.

WordPress also offers a plethora of sophisticated podcast plugins that let you add advanced features to your website. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best WordPress podcast plugins to help you get started. However, let us first understand why you should select WordPress as your podcasting platform.

What Makes WordPress a Great Podcasting Platform

If you’re a newcomer in the world of podcasting, it might seem like a challenging task. You have to identify the right niche, set your objective, and develop engaging content. Moreover, you have to select the best podcasting equipment to record and edit your podcast episodes. Building a top-notch website amidst this can be extremely overwhelming.

This is where WordPress steps into the picture with its diverse array of the best podcast-friendly themes. The best part is that you don’t need any prior experience with coding and website development. You can simply sign-up on WordPress, purchase a domain, select your theme, and customize it. WordPress offers a simple and user-friendly dashboard that lets you add new podcast episodes, blog posts, etc. in a few easy steps.

Creating your website on WordPress lets you control how your episodes are presented to your listeners. You can create multiple playlists, add new shows, and even highlight specific episodes. Most WordPress themes let you showcase the latest episodes on the home page, thus maximizing its visibility.

The best part about WordPress is that you can easily customize individual elements such as header, footer, menu, sidebar, etc. You can even play around with the color palette and fonts to ensure that the website aligns with your brand image. It also offers useful SEO tools to help you optimize your website for search engines.

However, WordPress’s true strength lies in its rich assortment of feature-rich plugins. Whether you want to add a pop-up box or build an online store – you’ll find a WordPress plugin to accomplish any complex task. You can also use its wide range of podcast plugins to make your website more listener-friendly.

Now that you want to build your website, you must be eager to find the best WordPress podcast plugins. However, there are a few factors you should analyze before choosing your WordPress plugin.

WordPress Podcast Plugins: Things to Consider

Simply put, a WordPress plugin is a software that lets you extend the functionality of your website. It eliminates the need to write extensive codes for adding new features to your website. Instead, you can simply install the plugin on your website and configure it according to your preferences. WordPress offers a wide range of high-quality plugins that have been created keeping in mind the needs of today’s podcasters.

The best part is that you will find different plugins to help you with various aspects of podcasting. Almost all podcast plugins let you add a user-friendly audio and video player on your website. The audio player usually contains play/pause, rewind, and forward buttons as well as social sharing icons. This lets your listeners easily access your content and even share your podcast episodes on their social media profiles.

Additionally, you will find plugins that connect the website to your podcasting hosting provider. This, in turn, lets you import existing episodes and publish new episodes directly from the hosting provider. Some plugins also let you import your episodes from an RSS feed or create your own RSS feed.

You can even create multiple RSS feeds on the same website. This lets you host multiple podcast shows under the same roof. Additionally, some WordPress podcast plugins add a “subscribe” button on your website. This lets your listeners sign-up for regular updates about your podcast.

The choice of podcast plugin goes a long way to decide the performance of your WordPress website. You should take a closer look at the features and determine whether it fulfills all your requirements. Additionally, you should select a plugin that is compatible with your podcast hosting provider and WordPress theme. Many hosting providers also offer built-in podcast plugins.

It’s also essential to find out if the plugin is compatible with various podcasting platforms like Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, etc. You should also consider other factors, such as ease of use and multi-language support. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure that the plugin offers mobile-responsive features. You should also ensure that the plugin isn’t too resource-intensive; otherwise, it’ll make your website slow.

Lastly, it’s important to keep your budget in mind while selecting a plugin. WordPress offers a wide array of both free and premium podcast plugins. Most premium plugins also have a free version with limited functionality. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended that you find a free plugin with the best features.

It’s now time for us to take a look at the top WordPress plugins for podcasting.

Best WordPress Podcast Plugins

A podcast plugin can make or break your WordPress website. While the right plugin improves your website’s functionality, a mediocre one makes it slow and unresponsive. The good news is that WordPress has a diverse profile of high-quality podcast plugins. However, the sheer variety of plugins available in the market can be overwhelming for beginners.

Here is a list of the most useful and popular WordPress podcast plugins:

1. Fusebox

Fusebox isn’t your average podcast plugin. Co-founded by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, it addresses the most common pain points of new-age podcasters. The self-proclaimed podcasting toolbox is a step ahead of Smart Podcast Player. It lets you boost audience engagement, build your mailing list, and optimize your website for search engines.

Fusebox combines a three-in-one intuitive audio player with a transcript plugin. You can easily generate transcripts for your episodes and add them to the show notes. This, in turn, helps search engine spiders crawl your website and understand what each episode is all about. Likewise, it helps listeners with hearing impairment scan each episode and enjoy your content. The best part is that it lets your listeners download PDF files of your transcript.

Fusebox also offers a robust audio player that works in three modes – full player, single-track player, and site-wide sticky player. Apart from the standard play/pause, rewind/forward, and speed control controls, it lets listeners download your episodes. The player is fully customizable and mobile-friendly. Moreover, it includes a “subscribe” button as well as social sharing options.

The Pro version of Fusebox costs $8 per month (billed annually). In addition to the features mentioned above, you also get access to email support and webinar training. Fusebox also offers a free version with limited features. The free version only includes the site-wide sticky player and transcript plugin.


Image via Fusebox

Key features:
Easy to install and configure, simple and SEO-friendly transcript plugin, intuitive three-in-one audio player, email support and webinar training

Pro version costs $8 per month (billed annually) | A free version is also available with limited features

2. Astra

Even though Astra is technically a WordPress theme, it’s a must-have podcast essential. Astra’s true power lies in its versatility and speed. It’s a feature-rich, less resource-intensive, and fully customizable theme that can transform your podcast website. The best part is that Astra is compatible with a wide range of popular podcast plugins.

You can choose from an array of pre-built website templates and customize the color palette and typography. It also supports various drag and drop page builders, including Elementor and Gutenberg. This simplifies the process of customization and makes it even more suitable for beginners.

Moreover, Astra is mobile-responsive and supports WooCommerce integration. This means you can build an online store on your podcast website to sell merchandise, e-books, etc. The theme is optimized for search engines and has a robust knowledge base to help beginners get a hang of the theme.


Image via Astra

Key features:
Lightweight and versatile WordPress theme, compatible with a wide range of podcast plugins, fully customizable and mobile-responsive

Free version is available | Pricing for Astra Pro starts at $47 per year

3. Seriously Simple Podcasting by Castos

Seriously Simple Podcasting is one of the best WordPress plugins for new podcasters. Its power lies in its simplicity and user-friendliness. You can install and configure the plugin in just a few simple steps. This, in turn, lets you focus on what you’re meant to do – record and publish insightful podcast episodes.

What makes Seriously Simple Podcasting unique is that it is compatible with Castos, a robust podcasting hosting provider. This means you can host your podcast files with the WordPress interface. It eliminates the need to search for a compatible hosting provider. However, you can use any other hosting provider as well.

The plugin is also compatible with podcasting platforms such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, etc. Moreover, SSP lets you create individual RSS feeds for multiple shows from the same website. This makes it ideal for hobbyists and professional podcasters as well. It supports both audio and video podcasting and includes advanced features such as YouTube Republishing. This gives increased visibility to your content and maximizes your reach.

The plugin also features a user-friendly and customizable media player. Additionally, you can use various widgets and shortcodes to display your playlists and individual episodes anywhere on the website. You can even use a wide array of add-ons to extend its functionality. Moreover, it gives you access to useful analytics and data that help you monitor podcast performance and engagement.


Image via Castos

Key features:
Supports individual RSS feeds for multiple podcast shows, fully customizable audio player, includes various widgets, shortcodes, and add-ons, provides analytics on listener behavior and engagement, YouTube Republishing

The plugin is available for free; hosting on Castos starts at $190 per year

4. StudioPress

StudioPress offers a wide array of popular podcast-friendly themes for your WordPress websites. These themes are fast, mobile-responsive, and compatible with a plethora of WordPress plugins. You can simply browse the theme catalog, filter the results according to your preference, and select a theme that fits your needs.

What sets StudioPress apart is that it uses the powerful Genesis Framework to improve your website’s speed and performance. It also includes advanced security features to protect your website from malware and cyberattacks. Moreover, StudioPress themes are optimized for search engines, thus giving maximum online visibility to your website.


Image via StudioPress

Key features:
Collection of mobile-responsive, customizable, and user-friendly WordPress themes, uses Genesis Framework for security, speed, and SEO compatibility, supports a wide range of podcast plugins

Varies according to the selected theme

5. Simple Podcast Press

If you’re looking for a hassle-free plugin that is compatible with a wide range of podcasting solutions, Simple Podcast Press is the right fit. It offers one of the easiest ways to showcase your episodes and boost audience engagement. All you have to do is install the plugin and enter your iTunes/SoundCloud/Spotify URL.

Thereafter, the plugin imports all your existing episodes and creates individual web pages for each episode. Additionally, it adds the show description and images from your feed. Whenever you publish a new episode, the plugin automatically displays it on your website. Simple Podcast Press is also compatible with other podcast plugins such as PowerPress by Blubrry.

Other features include a versatile, mobile-responsive, and smart podcast player. The media player has been designed to increase email opt-ins and shares. You can even add timestamps and tweetable show notes.

Simple Podcast Press

Image via SimplePodcastPress

Key features:
Easily imports existing podcasts from any platforms, compatible with other plugins and hosting providers, includes mobile-friendly and smart podcast player that drives engagement and conversion, automatically showcases iTunes ratings and reviews

Starts at $67 for a single site license

6. PowerPress

This powerful WordPress plugin by Blubrry takes care of all your podcasting needs. From creating RSS feeds for multiple shows to importing your episodes from any podcasting platforms – PowerPress does it all. Moreover, it includes a set of powerful subscription tools to convert website visitors into loyal listeners. You can create individual subscribe pages using a shortcode or add a site-wide responsive subscribe sidebar widget.

What makes PowerPress unique is that it operates in two different modes. While the Simple Mode is ideal for beginners, professional podcasters will enjoy the sophisticated features of the Advanced Mode. The robust SEO tools let you optimize your website for search engines as well.

PowerPress is compatible with various podcast hosting providers. However, if you use Blubrry, the plugin lets you automatically publish your episodes on Spotify. The smart and intuitive audio player ensures that your audience enjoys a seamless listening experience.


Image via Blubrry

Key features:
Compatible with various hosting providers and podcasting platforms, includes powerful SEO and subscription tools, supports individual RSS feeds for multiple shows, operates in two modes – Simple & Advanced

The plugin is available for free; hosting on Castos starts at $12 per year

7. Podlove Podcast Publisher

Featuring a sophisticated HTML5 player, Podlove Podcast Publisher is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that supports both audio and video podcasts. The modular nature of the plugin lets seasoned users tweak the code and customize it according to their needs.

Even if you’re a beginner, the plugin offers a plethora of useful features, including subscription tools and analytics. You can access valuable information on how listeners are engaging with your content. Moreover, the plugin lets you divide each episode into various chapters and allow users to access each chapter directly.

Podlove Podcast Player

Image via Podlove

Key features:
Feature-rich HTML5 player, supports audio and video podcasting, customizable shortcode, chapter support for podcast episodes, user analytics


8. Buzzsprout

If you want an easy-to-use plugin that does all the groundwork while you work on your content, Buzzsprout is the right fit. It automatically imports all the episodes from your Buzzsprout feed. Moreover, it optimizes your audio files whenever you upload a new episode. You can even schedule your episodes to be published at a specific date and time.

Buzzsprout also lets you add your podcasts to all the leading podcasting directories, including Apple Podcasts, Alexa, Stitcher, etc. Moreover, you get access to a plethora of statistics that help you understand how your content is performing. You can even track the location of your listeners and the app they’re using to access your content. It also comes with an advanced HTML5 player.


Image via Buzzsprout

Key features:
Automatically imports episodes from Buzzsprout feed, enhanced HTML5 player, lets you schedule episodes, lets you list on popular podcasting directories, provides useful statistics on listener behavior

Free trial lasts for 90 days and includes 2 upload hours per month; paid plans start at $12 per month

9. PodBean

Unlike most WordPress plugins available in the market, PodBean is your all-in-one podcasting tool. From publishing your episodes and generating RSS feeds to boosting email opt-ins and monetizing your content – Podbean handles everything. You also get access to insightful statistics that help you monitor audience engagement and behavior. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use and fully customizable.


Image via PodBean

Key features:
All-in-one customizable and user-friendly podcasting tool, provides audience analytics, includes powerful subscription and optimization tools

Free version offers 5 upload hours and 100 GB bandwidth per month; paid plans start at $9 per month


Podcasting is an extremely fun and rewarding journey. However, you must select the right tools to make the most out of your efforts. If you don’t have a dedicated podcast website yet, this might be the right time to get started. Make sure you choose the right WordPress themes and plugins to make your website listener-friendly.

WordPress offers a plethora of powerful podcast plugins. These plugins offer various features, ranging from a simple media player to advanced subscription tools. Many plugins also offer comprehensive analytics that let you monitor listener behavior. It is crucial to carefully evaluate their features and select one that fits your goals and budget.

What are your favorite WordPress podcast plugins? Share your views in the comments section below.

9 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins in 2021

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