52 Best Ways to Save Money Fast in 2024

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Have you ever given much thought to how much you save a month? If that number can hardly buy you two movie tickets; you’re doing something wrong. Worst-case scenario, you might even be in the negatives by spending much more than you’re saving!

If you’ve constantly run into dead ends with saving up a pretty penny, we feel you. There’s nothing more frustrating than hoarding up your cash only for it to disappear once again the next month.

To think that almost over 40% of Americans have less than $10,000 in savings when they retire is frankly terrifying. You want to do everything in your power to avoid falling under this category.

A number of things could be responsible for this. Lack of self-discipline, hidden charges draining your financial prosperity or even if you’re just missing out on a solid end goal.

Fret not. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on your social life, rocking back and forth in your living room and eating canned beans for dinner.

On the contrary –making a habit out of budgeting can basically guarantee that you’ll have much more moolah at the end to do the things you actually love.

So that’s why you need a guide that’s going to break much more down for you. Go ahead and dive in! Here are the why’s and how’s to be a total budgeting ninja and save money fast.

Where does saving money get you in the long run?

Saving money is necessary for a rainy day, but we all know that. Although there are many people who are keen enough to set aside cash with that mindset –not everyone can commit saving for a ‘what if’ situation. It’s simply not a solid enough reason. 

Think about it this way. If you already have a defined, clear end goal of $800 aside in savings for that sunny vacation –you’re going to be extra thrifty about it. Excusing yourself from wasteful activities would be so much more worth it!

This is of course compared to you just adopt the mindset of saving ‘whatever you can’ when you feel like it. In fact, the average American only saves around 5% of their monthly disposable income. This mindset almost never works.

Here are a few other things you may want to strive for:

• Retiring much earlier than expected, and spending more time with your loved ones!
• Paying off your student, car and house debts quicker.
• Vacations. Need we say more?
• Starting your own side hustle.

In this article, we’re going to completely break down how to save money fast in 2024. It doesn’t matter if you’re following all 52 tips – you only need to find a handful of ones that mesh perfectly into your daily habits for you to start saving money fast.

If you stay true to your budget plan and keep your head in the game, you’ll definitely be able to see anywhere from $100-$300 in excess at the end of the month. Keep it up for long – and you’ll be able to save money fast and be thousands richer at the end of the year.

Let’s get into it.

1. Canceling your gym membership

Canceling your gym membership

Okay before you freak out, hear us out. We value you practicing good health and fitness as a priority. But gym memberships are frankly going to be much more of a liability at the end of the day if you don’t practice going often enough.

Think about it. The average gym membership would cost you anywhere from $40 -$50 onwards. Add that all up and you’re looking at a hefty $600 each year!

Gyms make serious bank on you overestimating your sessions. So if you don’t practice going to the gym at least 5-6 times a week (and be honest yourself!) you’re probably better off without that subscription.

Merely being able to commit to 2 days/week is a total waste of resources. That’s also not counting gas money traveling to and fro the gym.

Don’t take this as an excuse to abandon your health! A yoga mat would cost you anywhere from $15 or less. A good pair of dumbbells would cost you $20. Pilates/workout guides on YouTube = free. Gyms that charge you per entry roughly cost less than $5. Working out from the comfort of your home = priceless. Factor in your average spending of a subscription compared to a total of $35 a year and you just managed to save $565 in cold, hard cash.

2. Take advantage of your credit card

Take advantage of your credit card

Probably one of the most underrated ways to save money is by using bonus points and cash back through your credit cards.

Most people frequently look over this little feature. All you need is a basic credit card where you spend most of your expenses from. The more you use them = the more points you earn and of course, redeem!

Younger gens and debt-burdened audiences can benefit greatly from this. Just make sure the card you sign up for has low interests and high cashback values. Anywhere from 3% and above is great!

Be careful when walking this line though. You don’t want to spend, spend and spend for the sake of earning points or cash back. Just do as you would be spending on utilities, groceries, etc. and watch as your points stack up.

Both Wally and Spendee are expense apps that integrate with your bank; giving you an exact figure of cash flow in and out every day. They’re both on mobile too, so you’ll always be able to access your funds.  

When you’ve finally earned enough, most credit card companies through VISA or Mastercard would list down various services and products that you qualify for. Vacations, special prices at restaurants and clothing vouchers are just a handful of ways that you could save money fast; just by going about your average day.

3. Opt for more affordable cars

If you’ve been considering buying a car or upgrading to another one, there’s a lot to consider.

What you definitely do not want to do at the moment is take out car loans that are way too high-interest. There are loans out there that require you to pay at least 20% interest on repayment –which is plain ridiculous. Sum that up and you could have practically bought another one!

Companies like Compare.com might come in handy here. They currently work together with many auto-dealers and banks alike to compare side by side the best car loans for your lifestyle and needs. Do also consider buying used cars rather than opting for a brand new one.

When you think about it, the average monthly loan for a brand new car is $523 in 2019. Will that go up in the years to come? Definitely.

That might be totally affordable to some, but we’re big believers that your vehicle of choice should only amount to 10-15% of your salary. Anything extravagantly more is just setting yourself up for financial disaster.

4. Refinancing your student loans

We envy those who were born into free education. We really do.

But as long as that doesn’t seem to be a possibility, you’re probably lugging around a student loan that doesn’t seem to end. Student loans can drag on anywhere to your late 30s and even mid-40s if you have pursued higher education!

At HUSTLR, we highly recommend a site called Credible. It’s basically the best way current and former students can refinance, lower interests and apply for more private student loans. In the long run, Credible might help you save money fast by cutting thousands of your loans! 

The best part? It’s totally free to apply and currently partners with over 120 partner lenders for you to compare the ones that suit you best.

5. Taking online surveys


Participating in online surveys isn’t technically a way of budgeting, but it is a way to earn and save money fast with minimal effort.  There’s no huge commitment involved or plenty of research necessary here. Just sign up at a relevant online survey website, and get to filling up forms as and when it’s convenient.

Two good places to start would be through Vindale Research and Survey Junkie. Both of them are tested, secure and totally easy to sign up for. Basic surveys would cost you anywhere from $0.50 – $20 but if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon one that requires more detail; you can cash in on at least $50. 

Most survey sites are 100% free to join. Besides cash, they also have other attractive deals such as food vouchers, gift cards, and savings on a number of other necessities.

If answering surveys is not your cup of tea, we’ve got your back. Check out more ways to cash in and start a side hustle through our very own updated Side Hustle Checklist. Remember, you have to start somewhere!

HUSTLR Side Hustle Checklist

6. Airbnb is your friend

Hotels are great and all –but they sure cost a pretty penny.

Renting out an Airbnb for your next vacation should always be your first option if you’re trying your best to budget on holiday. In New York City alone, the average Airbnb rate for a single room would cost around $119 lesser than a hotel room. Just let that sink in.

If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a vacant property, hosting out your room/condo/house on Airbnb is a grand way of making serious cash. All you need to do is invest a little into cleaning up the place, jazzing it up as and when and voila!

With good ratings and reviews, your Airbnb place can rake in serious passive income rather than just being a vacant property lying around.

It also helps that Airbnb hosts bring in an average of $924 a month –much more than every other company that participates in the “gig economy”.

7.  Measure purchases out in terms of time spent

Measure purchases out in terms of time spent

Never underestimate the power of changing your mindset. The trick to the above step is to essentially measure your purchases in an account of time spent rather than its actual price. Ask yourself, how long do I have to work to pay for this?

Here’s how. Let’s say you plan on getting yourself a brand new MacBook Air, that would cost you around $1,200 in 2024. Doing the math would mean that this laptop is going to cost you almost two weeks of your hard work, or anywhere from 60-80 hours extra.  

Pause to consider this. A shift in the way we see things is a totally underrated way of saving money fast. Here’s how to change your mindset from an employee to a millionaire

This could even work for big purchases. A fancy car might cost you almost $40,000 more than the average ride. Are you willing to work another whole year to cover for it?

8. The “5 Dollar Rule”

Exactly what it says on the paperback. The “5 Dollar Rule” has been a pretty popular budgeting tactic on social media in recent years. Students particularly follow this method to save up for road trips, music festivals, or even just for general savings.

No reason why you can’t too. All you need is a glass jar or piggy bank, and total self-discipline. Whenever you come across $5 through your daily spending habits through loose change, save it up! Do this over a period of a few months, and you can save money fast by practically the least amount of effort possible. 

9.  Impose no-meat days

We love our chicken tacos just as much as the next guy, but do you know that vegetarians save almost $750 a year simply by skipping out on meat?

You don’t have to immediately start taking such drastic actions, though. We love our meat products as well. However, it would be a pretty good idea to test the waters out a little bit and go meat-free when you eat out for a few days per week.

Go Wednesdays and Fridays without meat. Then try incorporating Sundays. Once you successfully (and no cheating!) get through one week, roughly estimate how much you’ve saved.  

10. Follow the “24 Hour Golden Rule” – always!

Follow the 24 Hour Golden Rule

In a nutshell, the “24-hour rule” is another way of shifting your train of thought in order to save money fast.

Whenever you feel the urge to buy something, stop for a bit. Then give yourself a rough span of 24 hours to sit on that decision and consider if you really need it. We’re looking at you, compulsive spenders!

Sometimes, your empty pockets and bank accounts are the results of your own behavior. Read more on how to get past your regrets and start living the best version of your financial self.

11. Pick your sales wisely!

Pick your sales wisely

As much as you think you’d be saving, sometimes the simplest way to save money fast is to skip out on small-time sales every once in a while.

The best way to eliminate temptation is to unsubscribe from any promotional emails, app notifications and other distractions that want you to spend. Advertisers sell the message of ‘big savings’ during sales, but that won’t work in your favor if you don’t actually need the item.

Unroll.me is a nifty little tool for cleaning out your inbox. Say goodbye to tempting sales emails you’ve signed up for in the past and detox your email today.

But this doesn’t have to apply for sales that you actually benefit from.

Of course, there are many instances where you can save money fast from buying an item on sale.

The Black Friday weekend alone managed to rake up sales of 6.2 billion in 2018. This isn’t much of a shocker considering how most price tags can get slashed anywhere 50-70% off on a single purchase!

Other major sales events include Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving. Compared to small-time sales and discount e-vouchers you receive on a newsletter for a measly 10% -you can really save money fast through major sales events by opting for something big you really need (and not what advertisers want to make you think you need).  

Check out this 2024 calendar for a full list of major sales around the world. Shop wisely!

12. Automating your finances

A huge reason your budget might be draining at the end is that you’re not sure of your where your cash goes in the first place.

For this very reason, you can just as easily streamline your cash flow – so your entire finances are automated. Instead of playing a guessing game with your expenses, you can have the entire process taken care for you! By automating your finances, you can view the expenses you have to incur each month, and then pay them with a simple click.

If you need a good place to start, take a look at Prism. Its easy-to-use app allows you to scan through your entertainment subscriptions, cell phone bills, broadband fees. And, you get to pay for them in less than a minute.

13. Get rid of unnecessary subscriptions

Get rid of unnecessary subscriptions

You might think that you’re saving big by skipping out on movie ticket prices and popcorns by being a Netflix subscriber. Now stack Spotify on top of that. That’s not counting other services you might have; like HBO, Amazon Prime, Apple Music and tons more.

You’re not really saving anymore; are you?

We suggest that you set aside a day to really figure out what you need and what you don’t. If you need help with this process, take a look at Trim. It’s an all-in-one service that helps you track subscriptions and unnecessary bills, and helps you cancel or reduce the ones that you have no use for.

14. E-hailing services vs public transportation

Let’s say an average Uber ride costs you $13. If you use Uber to commute to and fro from work, that costs you an average of $26/day. That translates to $572 a month on average. That’s practically a monthly repayment for a full car!

Of course, there are only a handful of people who would use Uber that often to work. But the reasoning is the same; e-hailing rides are expensive as hell. To save money fast, you’re going to need to cut down on the number of times you get into an Uber or Lyft.

If you’re living in an area with strong public transportation! If this is the case, consider utilizing more trains, buses, commuters and the like around your city to get around.

Just think about all the cash you would save. On average in the US, someone who uses public transport compared to owning a vehicle would save around $9,823 a year in gas money, maintenance, and monthly loan repayments. Not to mention the various options of monthly or annual passes for frequent travelers that helps to save even more!

Companies such as Orca and Trimet might have deals worth checking out.  Monthly passes are great ways to save money fast with discounted rides –compared to purchasing a ticket each time.

Don’t worry about the crowds. Just plug in those earphones, lean back and read a book on the way. Or brush up on more ways to save money fast by simply tuning to our Side Hustles, Internet and Passive Income podcast

15. Revisit your phone bills

Did you know that the average US smartphone users pay $30 more in monthly phone bills compared to those in the UK?

The average has reached a whopping $80/month. This is the average in 2024; so it definitely could jump up to more. It’s probably necessary to revisit just how much you’re spending on your phone bill and if there are ways to shave off any excess services you don’t need.

For example, if you’re constantly connected to the WiFi at home or at work, it’s a way to save money fast by if you reduce mobile data charges.

Check out this nifty little service called Ting. Their mobile plans allow YOU to customize what and how much you need, and the average plan starts from only $23 a month.

16. Maintaining your car regularly

If you own a car, stop thinking that servicing your car is a waste of money. It could actually save you thousands more!

Many drivers tend to ignore that dull little clanking sound or weird buzz your car makes –until it’s too late. Before you know it, you’re dishing out thousands of dollars to fix this and replace that; which could have all been avoided with good monthly service.

Always get a good mechanic to maintain your car. Trust us, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

17. Start using Swagbucks

Earn $10 from Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the innovative new way of earning income online; one that you’re going to wish you learned about way before.

It gives you options of earning Paypal cash, gift cards from brands like Target and Amazon as well as points that can be used to redeem other items.

What’s involved? All you need is a little time out of your day to fill up short surveys, watch videos and share your experiences online. Minimal effort, and ways to save money fast with great discounts all the time.

Also, you’ll get a free $5 reward for signing up with them today. 

18. Buying and selling preloved goods

This might be a totally underrated way to save money fast, but buying preloved items is something you should definitely consider.

ThredUp is an online resale fashion store that sells preloved, clearance and affordable clothes that are still high-quality. You can also take advantage of Facebook’s Marketplace feature to find secondhand items on sale near your area.

You can also earn some quick cash by selling away unwanted goods of your own!

19. Get a good water filter

Did you know that the average US citizen spends nearly $100 on water bottles annually?

Why not start looking at solid options for a water filter at home? It doesn’t have to be super fancy – this is much more about functionality after all. And it’s definitely bound to cost you less than $100 anyway.

By getting yourself a water filter at home, you won’t just be able to save money fast. The environment would also issue its silent thanks in your first step taken to reduce plastic consumption.

20. Start investing your money

A lot of people automatically assume that investment requires hours of learning investment jargons and adopting a risky behavior.

However, with the right tools at your disposal – it doesn’t have to be this way at all! You can already start building up your investment portfolio at the age of 18, and without a hefty amount like so commonly advertised.

Look at companies like Robinhood and Ally to begin your learning curve. Both investment firms are largely catered to younger gens and steering them in the right direction so you can count on the least complication possible. If stock picking is not for you, consider buying low-cost ETFs.

Done right, and watch your money grow over the years until it’s time to withdraw them!

21. It’s your birthday!

When you sign up for Starbucks cards, fashion brand newsletters, or any others – you should qualify for several birthday freebies on your special day.

You can score anything from discounts, free stuff and new product samples by simply showing up and flashing your driver’s license. This little tip might be small, but it’s a handy little way to save money fast by simply just being born. How cool is that?

22. Share your food more often

Sharing is caring. It’s also among one of the best ways to save money fast while eating out!

When going out in groups to a restaurant/cafe – suggest sharing platters instead of ordering ala-carte dishes. For example, one plate of pasta might cost you anywhere from $12 to $15. If a group of six people gets dishes around that price tag, each person would leave paying about $20 counting tips and tax.

If you pick up on the habit of sharing platters – you would have the options of choosing from a variety of selections. But if the total bill comes up to around $90 all in all; each person only pays $15.

See how that works? It’s also so much simpler compared to whipping out your phones to calculate how much each person owes.

Pro tip: Use TravelZoo to browse thousands of restaurant deals, promotions, and inexpensive restaurants in your area.

23. Check your credit report

For you to be considered for a home, car or personal loans – you have to possess a healthy credit score.  Your score directly affects whether or not you can be approved and in some cases, your application for a job.

Knowing your credit score is super important! Be that as it may, some companies still charge a small fee for you to gain that kind of access.

That doesn’t have to always be the case though. Credit Sesame also you to check your scores for free, and would also guide you on how to improve them.

It’s not directly a way to save money fast – but it is pretty important if you intend to refinance your loans, negotiate for a pay raise amongst other things.

24. Pay your cards in full

According to the US Census Bureau, about 189 million Americans are proud owners of at least one credit card. Credit cards are pretty great for a number of reasons (cashbacks, birthday freebies, reward points, etc.) but you need to handle them responsibly.

A good rule of thumb would be to practice paying off your cards in full every month. Yes, every month.

It’s also a pretty good way of policing yourself too. If you intend on buying something from your regular retail therapy sessions but can’t afford to pay it back in FULL this month? Don’t buy it!

Sometimes, you’re your own worst enemy when it comes to policing yourself. Check out this article on our take on how to own up to your bad behavior every once in a while.

25. Save on groceries

When given the opportunity, groceries can eat up a pretty big portion of your monthly budget. $233 per month, if you need an estimate.

Given the fact, there are many apps and platforms out there that aim at providing cash back for all of your grocery expenses. Here are a few to check out:

• Receipt Hog – Upload receipts across your grocery transactions to receive points which can then be redeemed via Paypal or gift cards.

Fetch Rewards – Get a $2 signup bonus when you register! It’s a straightforward cashback app for groceries, and with amazing partnerships across the country.

Checkout 51 – Gives you a $5 signup bonus. Browse through various items on the app, purchase them and upload your receipt as proof to qualify for redeeming cash back.

26. Use Groupon (or any other group-buy sites)

There is no need to take the fun out of budgeting! You can still manage to save money fast and do the things that you love but in a thrifty way of course.

Groupon is heaven-sent when it comes to pampering yourself on a budget. It’s filled to the brim with offers from restaurants nearby, spas, facial salons, massage parlors and so many more to bring you discounted goodness.

Sometimes just finding fulfillment, simple enjoyment and being grateful can take you a long way. You don’t really need to pay the full price to live the lifestyle you want.

27. Go to the movies at the right time

This tip is perhaps a little under-used, but a relevant way to help you save some money nonetheless.

If you’re thinking about going to the movies soon, give your nearby cinema a local call first. They usually have (not heavily advertised) discount options readily available for certain shows, student promotions and days a week where ticket prices are low.

Or you can even download Fandango to browse through + book local movie times through relevant promotions.

28. Neighborhood swap meets

Think of an innovative, revamped version of a yard sale. That’s what neighborhood swap meets are! The logic is simple – show up at a common ground with your neighbors, bring preloved things you may not use anymore and swap it out amongst yourselves.

You can even use ‘the ticket system’ to make it more interesting. This means that if you show up with 10 old books to swap for, you get 10 tickets altogether that can be used to swap for an item each.

This is another great way of getting rid of your old items, and getting something in return without having to fork out extra cash. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

29. Check your home’s energy usage

Sometimes, the culprit responsible for skyrocketing your utility bills is right under your nose. A stunning amount of $2,200 is spent on average/year on utility bills for the average American household.

Is there any real way to reduce that? Definitely.

Reach out and ask your local electric or gas provider for a home energy audit. They might charge you a small fee; but if you’re lucky it would come free of charge! The audit will target specifically high-cost ways you’re overspending your utility budget –and then provide you with options to reduce home heating and cooling costs. 

And of course, when purchasing electronic items for your home such as air conditioning, fridge, or even your new TV, look at low energy usage items. While it can cost more to get them, It will help you save up on your electricity bill in the long run.

30. Compare between several airfare sites

Compare between several airfare sites

Going on a well-deserved vacation is one of the best feelings in the world. But hold your horses! Are you rushing into booking airplane seats? If that answer is yes, you’re probably overspending on the ticket price by a lot just by lack of time and research alone.

Never rely on booking your tickets through a single airline’s website. Opt for aggregator sites like Skyscanner and Expedia to compare and contrast ticket prices from all over the web.

Expedia also allows you the option to customize your flight plan and accommodation all in one go. As a result, you’d save more buying a total holiday package or even cheaper flights if you just choose an earlier or later flight.

31. Cut your landline

Be honest with yourself. When’s the last time you used your landline?

If this article teaches you anything at all; we hope that it’s to essentially get rid of every budget-draining thing you’re not actively using. Even the minor ones.

A landline can cost you anywhere from $30-$45 per month. When you think about it, that’s an exorbitant price to be paying if you’re used to always talking on mobile or texting anyway. Sum that up and you could be looking at an extra $360/year that literally has no impact on your lifestyle. Consider cutting your landline altogether; it helps you save money fast by guaranteeing almost $400 on average back in your pocket each year.

32. Learn to do things on your own

It saves doing things on your own! A really handy tip if you want to save money fast is to pick up on a skill set that would usually cost you hundreds to outsource.

For example, watch YouTube guides on how to naturally get rid of pests around your home. Or ask a family friend to teach you how to unclog a sink, and change a light bulb.

It may sound trivial. But when the day comes around to fish out your hard-earned cash for something totally fixable on your own –you’re going to wish you knew your way around the odd job or two.

33. Quitting bad habits

This especially applies to those who are living paycheck to paycheck. Indulging and pampering yourself every once in a while is important – but your bad habits might be severely costing you.

We’re all aware of the adverse effects that smoking and drinking have on your health. Especially your financial health! Cigarettes alone can range up to $10 a pack in New York City. For an average smoker, that’s nearly $400 a month.

Here’s how you could be drinking and smoking your way into debt.

While there is no way to just permanently stop these habits as most of them are social habits, reducing your intake or switch to other cheaper alternatives such as vaping over smoking cigarettes could see your money draining less every month.

34. Restrict your online shopping

Amongst other extreme ways of saving money fast is by restricting yourself from the easy, accessible usage of online shopping. While It’s good to wait for good sales and only purchase something when It’s necessary, sometimes It’s hard for one to control themselves.

What you can do here is to remove your billing details from online e-commerce sites; forcing you to re-enter them every time you want to make a purchase. Doing this would inadvertently condition you into spending less on a whim and unnecessarily.

35. Refinance your mortgage

Other than your loans, refinancing your mortgage is also a great way to save money fast as it is one of the highest repayment you will have compared to others. NerdWallet has a pretty good mortgage refinance calculator if you’re ever interested in lowering your interest rates of monthly repayments.

Being able to go back to the drawing back and assess your repayments is definitely one of the most popular ways of saving money fast. Just make sure that your credit score is healthy and avoid getting yourself into new debt. 

36. Go Green!

When we emphasize the importance of going green, trust that there are financial reasons for this as well.

Not only will going green ensure better choices from your end, but it’s also bound to save money fast in the long run. When it comes to saving through your home’s budget – some ways to do this is to invest in a programmable thermostat, carpool or buying energy-efficient light bulbs.

(Did you know replacing your bulbs with energy-efficient ones can save you up to $240 a year?)

To top it off, you can even adopt small habits like carpooling to work, or even taking shorter showers.

37. Look at inexpensive dates

Yeap, even your dating life might not be saved from unnecessary wastage of funds. Spending too much money on trying to perfect your dates is a surefire way of ruining your financial prospects!

It’s hard to stay away from fancy meals, premium movie tickets, expensive drinks at the bar. We understand that you might have to incur some of these charges to have a good night out –but definitely, don’t make this a habit.

Instead, you can opt for outdoorsy dates that are inexpensive to carry out. Go for a morning hike, roll out a picnic mat in the parks on the weekends, or hit up your local bookshop. Not every date has to cost you an arm and a leg, and we’re sure the love of your life is just happy to be around you.

38. Make your own coffee

Let’s start this out with numbers. The average Starbucks enthusiast would spend almost $800 a year!

You might not feel the pinch as your purchases are spread throughout the year. Think about this way though. Cutting down severely on that coffee habit might actually give you enough room to save money fast for a round-trip vacation. Think about that-you’re sacrificing a stroll down the streets of Europe for a daily Grande Frappuccino.

Invest in a solid coffee maker that lets you bring your own coffee to work. Or if you have extra time around the house, try your hand at brewing your own blend. You might also find new and better coffee options this way!

39. Making use of leftovers

Cooking at home would most likely leave you leftovers. Use this wisely and freeze them up to eat in the future, or even prepare different variations the next day. Some meals that you can experiment with are curries, kinds of pasta, pie, casserole and the like – they also last relatively long once refrigerated.

Allrecipes is pretty cool at dividing their recipe suggestions according to diet, cuisines, and other personal preferences. Another time-efficient way to do this is to batch your cooking with meal prepping.

40. Try swap babysitting

If you have kids at home, you can also try cutting down on babysitting services by swap babysitting “services” with other families.

For instance, work up a schedule with your parent friends (or even trusted neighbors!) to sit your kids once a week when you’re out for a date night or something similar. In return, you can make time for their kids once a week too.

While this isn’t applicable for everyone, those who can leverage on this can really save up on babysitting fees as well as having someone you trust well to take care of your kids.

41. You don’t have to be fancy all the time

Don’t keep up with what everyone else is doing.

One of the worst ways you can drain funds is to insist on brand-name everything. Most of the time, you’re just paying the premiums for marketing royalty and not quality.

In one of our articles, you can read all about why you should immediately stop thinking of the world in consumerism & materialism –and what you should be doing instead!

Look into more generic brands of clothing, groceries, household appliances and more. Trust us, people will barely notice the difference. You’d also be surprised at how much you are able to save just by this.

42. Turn your hobby into cash

Have you always had a penchant for crocheting? Or how about arts and crafts?

The best way to generate side income is by doing what you really love. Start selling your artwork or crochet sweaters via the Pinterest community, Facebook Marketplaces or through a simple e-commerce store!

Here’s how you can get started with the basics of e-commerce.

Monetizing your hobby is an excellent way to be rewarded for your past time. However, avoid thinking of your hobby as your main source of income. You can still keep your day job and run this on the side – no problem.

43. Work from home

Work from home

This could be taken one in two ways; as a side hustle during your free time or even full time. Some work from home jobs that you can keep an eye out for would be:

An online English teacher
– Companies like VIP Kids allow you to work on your own times and slots to educate children through online learning.

Video game coaching Gamer Sensei puts all of those video gaming skills to work! It’s an online community that pays you to engage and teach the gaming community how to improve their craft.

Become a pet sitter Rover pays up to $1000 a month for vetted pet sitters.

Transcriber – Both Scribie and Rev pay you to transcribe audios and caption videos.

Look for side hustles to do during your free time, and earn extra cash that helps overall in your goal of saving money. Combined with the other tips above, you are only capable of cutting down on spending, but earn even more on the side!

Download our free Checklist for Side Hustles here to view 50 more working-from home gigs and save money fast. 

In the meantime, here are 8 Websites That Pay You $20/hour Or More in 2024.

44. Keep an eye out for fees

Not many people are aware of hidden fees that come with owning a 401(k) account. Spend some time to find yourself some lower-cost brokers to handle your accounts; companies like Fidelity, PayChex and ADP are a good place to start.

Paying the 2% to your financial advisors is most definitely not a waste. In most cases, you’d be able to bring this fee down to 1%. Remember; sometimes you have to invest in order to save money fast. Plus, think about how much they’re probably going to help you make in the long run.

45. DIY everything

If you have extra time around the house, one of the best ways to save money fast would be to start DIY projects that could help lower expenses.

There are online guides to help you craft anything from laundry detergent, baby powder, reusable bags and so much more. That way, instead of making frequent trips to the grocer –you’ll have whatever you need for less than half the price.

Pinterest is also a good option for ground zero to source such new projects! You even have options to generate up to $10,000 by using Pinterest tools!

46. Buy insurance when you’re young

Don’t skip out on your insurance! You might just be breaching your mid-30s, feeling on top of the world in terms of health and overall well-being –but let’s not play the odds.

Medical emergencies and accidents can strike at any time; which is why you want to qualify for life and health insurance at a much younger age. The older you are intent on signing up; the higher your payments are going to be – so don’t wait for a second longer.

47. Bring snacks on all your errands

Whenever you’re on an errand run, or just bouncing from place to place – you might constantly feel the need to stop at sausage stalls and ice cream trucks. It might be a small amount, but (let’s be honest!) hunger can drive you to make very stupid decisions with money.

To avoid falling into these traps, carry along with your own delicious snacks when you’re running errands. Just simply an orange juice in your glass tumbler would do the trick. Don’t be surprised as this might even save you $20 extra bucks a day!

48. Take advantage of your social media following

Social media management services

Lucky enough to boast a great social media following? Use it to your advantage! There are many companies out there who would pay for micro-influencers such as yourself to promote various products and services.

Check out indaHash if you need a platform to connect with thousands of industry professionals and marketers. They currently are widespread throughout 90 countries!

You could even use social media to build up your personal brand. We explain the power of social media when it comes to changing your life, and hopefully making you a pretty penny.

49. Opt for student services

The next time you want to try out a service – keep a look out for college based ones.

You can find anything from cheaper health check-ups at universities to affordable braces at dentistry schools as well as food and drink deals via hospitality colleges (some hospitality colleges offers fine dining and course meals).

It’s a pretty cool way to save money fast; especially considering that a similar service elsewhere would cost you probably double or more.

50. Get everyone on board

You might be able to have all of the best ways to save money fast memorized, but that’s going to do very little if you lack the support of the people around you. Getting people updated on your plan to save money is also a great accountability hack.

This tip is commonly looked over – but in fact, can make or break your entire budgeting plan. To really see changes to your finances over time, your family friends, and close colleagues have to be either 100% ready to motivate you or even share your ideas.

It’s not going to work in your favor if you suggest sharing platters at a restaurant for instance, but your friend suggests a round of drinks for everyone at the table. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your social life altogether – just stand your ground when it comes to these sorts of things.

You might end up disappointing a few people along the way, but sometimes the end does justify the means.

51. Set tight rules and constructive penalties


You have your goal and financial expectations all set. What happens when you accidentally go astray? Don’t fret if this happens, it happens to the best of us.

If you find yourself constantly restarting and failing at self-discipline, go back to the drawing board. The important thing here is to have a plan that you’ll revisit.

Need help? Here are 7 super mobile apps that can help you track just exactly where you’re going wrong with budgeting. And how to fix that, ASAP.

Incorporate new habits and ways to save money fast. It’s clear that what you have right now may not be suited to your lifestyle; so try 5 new ones maybe. It also helps to impose certain penalties on yourself if you end up splurging. Let’s say you go past your Starbucks drink quota of 5 cups. Deduct the same drink’s worth and set it aside to pay extra on your student loan this month.

Instead of punishing yourself – take that energy and push it into something constructive, always!

52. Brush up on personal finance


Last but definitely not least, you’re going to always stay right on top of personal finance. For example, the need to understand the best tips when considering a loan, or reading up on financial books to keep you updated with the latest trends. There are hundreds of new trends, websites, skills, online jobs and so many more ways to save money fast once you dive in.

HUSTLR aims to provide you with this arsenal of budgeting tips – for your best life! We’re constantly updating our blog, eBooks and PDF guides to keep up with the very latest.

You can reach us here on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Shoot us any questions or topics that you think would help you out in your journey – and we’ll get cooking.

You can even take a look at our Monthly Saving Planner as a guide to help you save tons more – and have a clearer detail of where it comes from. 

HUSTLR Monthly Saving Planner

If there’s anything you can gift yourself, it would be the ability to be completely in charge of your financial freedom. Never, ever take for granted that your money would replenish itself if you spend a little extra here, waste some dollars there.

Instead, build your wealth by incorporating at least 6-8 of the ways above this month. Then try new ones the next month, and new ones the next!

You can even check out our articles below on our experiences saving money fast and making money in the process:

• How I Started A Million Dollar Online Business With $300 In Capital
• Side Hustle – Another Stream of Income

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