Best Vlogging Waterproof Cameras In 2021

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Digital cameras are perfect for vloggers to capture the wonders around the world. With a waterproof camera, you can explore photography or videography in places other cameras simply can’t reach. There is a world outside to capture, and a waterproof vlogging camera allows you to record the wonderful world underwater as well. 

Waterproof cameras have a rugged build. You can carry these cameras anywhere you go conveniently and click some awesome photos while surfing, go underwater, or capture your cool pool memories. A waterproof camera is designed to last and can function in water. The camera also allows you to capture photos or videos in harsh weather conditions without affecting the camera.

If you are looking for a quality waterproof vlogging camera, this guide will contain the best options for your needs. With that said, if you happen to be looking for a camera specifically for vlogging, we have a guide on that as well.

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Waterproof cameras are available in different price ranges. We have included some midrange and premium options for your convenience. Let’s review each of our selected waterproof digital cameras in detail.

1. Fujifilm FinePix XP80

Fujifilm FinePix XP80

  • 16 MP camera sensor
  • Easy to switch from photos to video recording
  • Intuitive timer feature
  • 11 special filters for adding special effects 

If you are looking for a compact and mid-range digital camera for shooting underwater, then Fuji FinePix XP80 is for you. It’s a very handy camera for creating some amazing content for vlogging.

The camera is waterproof to a depth of 50ft. It is also shockproof to a height of 5.8ft. The camera features 16 million pixels of BSI-CMOS sensors for capturing high-quality images. With its optical image stabilization, you can retain image quality even when zoomed in.

The camera features a 5X Optical Fujinon Zoom lens for capturing every action. As it’s a waterproof camera, you can take it underwater as well. The camera allows lens adjustments, so you can adjust the zoom in or out for taking pictures. It offers a special remote shooting function that allows you to take pictures from a safe distance.

The camera is capable of shooting full HD movies with its CMOS sensors. It has a dedicated video recording button that makes it very easy to switch to video mode.

It comes with several other nifty features as well. You can set it on a timer so that the camera takes pictures after a specific time interval. It also has a special burst mode that continuously takes pictures at up to 10 frames per second.

Another great feature for content creators is its 11 special filters. These filters can be used to change the surroundings and to give a new look to your pictures. You can verify the filter effect with its large LCD.

Overall, it’s a decent camera that can be used for beginners. The camera helps you take quality pictures and video underwater.

2. Panasonic LUMIX Waterproof Digital Camera

Panasonic LUMIX Waterproof Digital Camera

  • Tough and durable camera
  • Multiple useful modes
  • Allows you to retouch in playback
  • 220 MB internal memory

Here is a tough digital camera for those who are looking to shoot in extreme conditions. The camera has a rugged built, and it is not only waterproof but shockproof, dust and freeze proof as well.

The camera provides full control over the camera so you can turn ordinary situations into something special. It provides creative control in recording mode and a creative retouch in playback mode. You can give many creative effects to your photos. It includes a lot of modes to be used in snow, underwater, beach, or snorkelling.

The camera offers an advanced underwater mode that compensates the loss of red color while shooting underwater.

The camera comes with 220 MB internal memory for storing pictures and videos. Other than that, it also allows you to store the images in the camera’s SD card.

Another interesting feature of this camera is its panorama function. You can overlay consecutive horizontal and vertical images, and change filters to give these images a new look.

Panasonic Lumix automatically compensates for the loss caused by sudden blur. Even a slight movement of the hand can cause blur and may ruin your picture. So the result is clear and sharp image quality. A simple push of a button can switch the camera from picture mode to video mode. It also captures the high definition MP4 HD videos.

Overall, it’s a good quality camera that comes at a very reasonable price. The camera is made for an active lifestyle.

3. Nikon W300 Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera

Nikon W300 Waterproof Underwater Digital Camera

  • Premium camera
  • Low-light sensors to work in dim light
  • Captures 4K UHD video
  • Features a macro mode

Nikon is a reliable name when we talk about cameras. This one is perfect for outdoor and underwater shoots as it’s a compact waterproof camera. It’s a premium option that you can safely use out in extreme conditions. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, giving you peace of mind that the camera won’t be damaged in tough conditions.

You can take excellent shots of your adventures both underwater and on the ground. The camera is also freezeproof so you can use it out in extremely cold and snowy conditions conveniently.

The Complex 300 can capture 4K Ultra HD video, 16 MP pictures, and time-lapse videos in all weather conditions. The camera features low-light sensors and an f/2.8 Nikkor zoom lens that can perfectly capture a moment with all details and clarity even in dim light.

With its Macro Mode, you can take close up shots with extreme detail. It provides other useful modes like autofocus and continuous shots as well.

If you are shooting videos or photos from a distance, the camera allows you to fit the scene in frame with a zoom-in option. With its Nikon’s Hybrid VR the pictures remain steady even when the camera isn’t steady.

The camera records videos with full stereo sound as well. It also allows you to combine different clips into a 30-second video with background music and special effects.

Overall, it’s a high-quality digital camera that comes with easy and simple setup. It is easy to use and offers all controls intuitively. It features a large 3.0 LCD screen for easily navigating different options on top of its rugged build quality.

4. Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera

Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera

  • Wide-angle Lens
  • High-speed sensors
  • Captures lifelike photo and video
  • Allows you to imprint data on pictures for easy referencing

The Tough TG-6 is designed for adventures. Being waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, crushproof, and also freezeproof; this camera is built to endure any adventure.

The camera features a wide-angle F2.0 lens and high-speed sensors that captures video and photos with brilliant colors and stunning details. It has a powerful processor that helps you take brilliant images quickly.

The camera supports macro photography. You can capture the incredible close up details by shooting as close as 1cm from the front of the camera. With its Microscopic Control Mode, you can increase the zoom by up to 44X.

The camera is designed for divers, as it can be used underwater to capture marine life. You can capture clear photos and videos with minute details. It provides 3 White Balance modes to add some colors to your clicks.

The camera is also capable of shooting in 4K Ultra HD, offering sharp resolution videos along with lifelike colors.

It features special sensors for recording data from GPS, barometer, compass, and a thermometer as well that can sync with the photos and video. It imprints the data on photos so that you can easily organize or locate them when exported.

Overall, it’s a premium quality digital camera that is perfect for vloggers. Its sturdy build, picture quality, and microphotographic options make it one of the best bets if you are looking for the best waterproof camera for vlogging.

5. GoPro HERO7 Digital Camera


  • Reasonably priced
  • 10MP sensors
  • Burst mode for taking 15 pictures in a go
  • Easy data transfer

This one is another budget-friendly waterproof camera that you choose for vlogging. It’s a compact but very sturdy option that you can take to any adventure without a second thought. It can capture smooth videos and high-quality pictures with clarity and details.

The camera is very simple to use. It offers an intuitive touchscreen panel for selecting the capture modes and other options. A great feature of GoPro Hero7 is that you can control it with voice commands.

The camera takes beautiful 10MP photos. It gives an excellent result even in shadow or bright light. With its Burst Mode, you can take as many as 15 shots in one second. The camera features video stabilization for giving excellent results of challenging shots.

The camera enables you to take a picture both in a vertical or horizontal orientation. With its photo timer, you can take group photos without manually activating the shutter where everyone can fit in the frame.

The camera provides a fast data transfer rate for sending videos and photos within seconds. It does not take any time in buffering and is always ready to snap a picture.

Overall, the camera is reasonably priced for what it offers. It offers decent features and comes in sturdy build. The compact size makes this camera easy to carry and handle.

6. Campark V40 4K/30FPS

Campark V40 4K/30FPS

  • Features electronic image stabilizer
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 20MP for capturing clear pictures

The Campark V40 is an excellent alternative to the GoPro if you want something that offers similar functionality at a lower price. It’s a compact waterproof camera that has a similar compact form factor as the GoPro. 

The camera comes with a waterproof case, and you can control the camera through a remote controller as well. Its water-resistant body is designed to protect the camera from rain, water, snow, or a splash of water. You can take it along on adventures and capture your moments with clarity and detail.

The Campark V40 can be used as a video camera for recording your vlogs. The camera allows you to take videos in full motion and slow motion. With its 20MP crystal clear photo, it records your adventure in true lifelike colors.

The camera features an Electronic Image Stabilization to capture blur-free and clear images and movies. The camera gives excellent results even when you are capturing from a moving object. Its 6-axis gyroscope compensates for motion and keeps the footage smooth and steady.

The best part of this camera is its wrist remote controller. You can take some awesome shots when skiing, cycling, or surfing with a wrist controller. However, you should take special care of the remote as it is not waterproof.

The camera comes with a built-in WiFi connection to connect with other devices for quick transfer of data and other functionalities. 

The camera also allows you to take a sequence of photos with its burst mode. The mode takes multiple pictures instantly, allowing you to capture fast paced moments reliably.

Overall, it’s a great option for adventurers who want to record their underwater footage with clarity and details. The camera is a mid-range option and certainly affordable if we compare the price with some of the premium options on this list.



  • 16MP sensors for capturing photos
  • Wireless connectivity option
  • Multiple modes for creativity
  • Rugged build

Here is another great option for beginners. Kodak is not a new name for camera lovers, and this one is designed to be used underwater with its waterproof design. The camera comes with a rugged build and can be your perfect companion to any destination in the world.

You can’t be right on the spot for recording the images or video, and for that, the camera features a 4X Optical Zoom so you can take clear pictures from a safe distance.

With its 16MP sensors, the camera captures lifelike images. You can easily process these photos and crop, zoom, enlarge, or edit without losing quality.

The camera is not only waterproof, but it is made tough enough to withstand shocks and bumps. It remains unaffected in dusty locations as well.

With its wireless connection, you can connect the camera with your phone or laptop and for seamless data transfer. The camera offers a host of modes to make photography and videography fun. 

Overall, it’s a decent camera with all the basic functions. The camera suits beginners and hobbyists who want to record their underwater adventures.

Buying Guide of Waterproof Digital Cameras

Let’s look at a few things that you should consider while selecting a waterproof digital camera.

• Durability

What you want to make sure in a digital camera is its durability. It should be able to withstand not only water, but dust, shocks, and bumps as well. Make sure you check the specs to ensure the camera offers waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. If you are to travel with your camera to different locations, invest in a camera with a rugged build. You can check if a camera can go in the water or can withstand a fall from a certain height in specs.

• Video Quality

Digital cameras are used not only for taking pictures, but you can make high-quality movies with this camera as well. Make sure you choose a camera that captures flawless video with true colors at a decent resolution. A 4K UHD video capturing ability provides excellent resolution to capture even the smallest details. Some cameras capture Full HD videos as well, which should be the minimum resolution in your camera of choice. 

Also, make sure it captures a good stereo sound as well. You can connect the microphone with the camera as well, but some cameras capture video with good sound quality as well.

• Picture Modes

Cameras allow different modes to help you take awesome shots. Some modes like a macro mode allows you to shoot natural objects from very near to unravel the wonders of nature up close.

Burst mode also helps you to capture the movements of any animal or birds by taking a group of photos in a second. Several other options, like the ability to zoom in the camera from a distance without losing the image quality, also help you to catch the real action from a safe distance.

• Image Stabilization

Make sure the camera works well when you are on a moving object. It will help you capture an interesting and memorable picture while on the move. You can capture video or photos from your vehicle or when snorkeling without creating unwanted blurriness or smudginess.

• Connectivity Options

Wireless connectivity is a great feature to have if you want to quickly export footage. You can connect the camera with your phone or computer to transfer data. It will also help you to keep the on board memory or SD card free for taking more photos or videos.

Final Words

Waterproof digital cameras are useful for generating amazing content that you can’t capture with other types of cameras. These are sturdy devices that you can use in snow, dust, water, or practically anywhere your adventures take you. Make sure you invest in a high-quality camera for capturing detail and clear pictures.

All options in our list of the best vlogging waterproof cameras are carefully chosen. You can choose one that fits in your budget. We choose Nikon W300 as our best pick due to its rich features. It’s a premium option and suits professional vloggers.

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