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A professional vlog needs perfect audio. Without good audio, you cannot take your vlog very far. The viewers engage and come back only when they have noise-free clear audio. So, like a camera, you need a good quality mic as well for a perfect vlog setup.

In this article, we will look at some of the best vlogging microphones. We have selected different types of mics to make it a comprehensive guide for beginners and professionals alike. Let’s get into details and review our selected options.

Blue Yeti : USB Mic for Studio Recordings

  • USB mic with easy setup
  • Multiple picking up pattern
  • Three capsules arrays
  • Wide frequency range

Blue Yeti is one of the most popular choices for vloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters. The mic comes with everything you need for perfect audio. As it is a USB mic, it offers a simple plug-and-play setup. You don’t need to connect the mic to any audio interface, just plug the USB cable in your PC, and you are ready to go.

The Yeti offers broadcast-quality audio that is perfect for vlogs and live streaming. It features three capsules arrays for picking up clear sound. The wide frequency range makes it a good option for instruments, gamers, and vloggers alike.

The Blue Yeti offers four pickup patterns that suit different recording situations. Its four patterns, cardioid, stereo, bidirectional, and omnidirectional make it the best microphone for several applications. Whether you are hosting a solo vlog, have a co-host, guests, or an audience, the Yeti picks up sound as you need it while rejecting background noise.

The mic provides excellent onboard controls. It features all useful buttons right on the mic. You can mute the mic while recording, and a red light indicates when the mute button is on or off. It also has a headphone jack with volume control.

Overall, the Blue Yeti is one of the best vlogging microphones and offers a ton of features in a very affordable range.

Blue Snowball : Affordable USB Mic

  • Portable mic
  • Affordable price
  • Simple setup
  • Three polar patterns
  • Good sound quality

Those who cannot afford Blue Yeti due to its price should consider buying Blue Snowball. It’s the same brand and comes with many promising features. This mic is more affordable than the Yeti and comes in at half of the price.

The mic has a unique retro design that has a great visual presence. It is also available in three decent colors so you can choose the one that suits your studio setting.

The Blue Snowball is an entry-level mic. It has a classic look and comes with a three-legged tripod stand for holding the mic in the optimal position. The mic is smaller than Yeti and a portable mic if you want to carry it along when traveling.

The mic has less frequency response than Yeti. Still, its 40K-18K Hz frequency response is enough for catering to your all basic needs.

The mic features three pickup patterns to suit your varying needs while recording. It has cardioid, omni, and cardioid with 10dB gain control.

Overall, Snowball is a good option in the budget-friendly range. The sound quality is excellent. It is excellent for studio recordings. However, we don’t recommend it for instrument recordings. Here is a detailed comparison between Blue Yeti and Snowball for those who are on the fence between these two options for their studio setup. 

Rode VideoMic : Compact Shotgun Mic

  • Shotgun mic
  • Super cardioid pattern
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a shock mount
  • Does not need batteries

Rode VideoMic is a directional microphone that is perfect for vlogging and videos.

The mic is compact and lightweight. It is designed for mounting on cameras while recording videos. It’s a perfect option when you don’t want to show the microphone in your vlog, as the mic is mounted and connected with the camera.

The mic features a super-cardioid pattern that makes it a very directional mic. These mics are excellent for canceling the noise from the rear and sides. It’s a perfect option if you like to record your vlogs outside and go to places for recording videos.

The VideoMic is an easy-to-use microphone. It does not come with any complicated switches or buttons to complicate the handling.

It has a rugged build and does not require any batteries to operate. It is powered with any device you connect it with.

The mic comes with an integrated Rycote Lyre shock mount. The shock mount keeps the mic stable on camera under all conditions. It also comes with a windshield, so the audio remains clear if it is windy.

Overall, it’s a cost-effective option for vloggers who are out in the field for recording videos. The compact and rugged design makes it an excellent option to accompany you on the go.

Rode VideoMic Pro+ : Premium Quality Shotgun Mic

  • Premium quality mic
  • Directional mic with a super-cardioid pattern
  • Offers good gain control
  • Cancels noise

Rode VideoMic is another great option for those who are out in fields for recording vlogs. It’s a pro version of Rode VideoMic and comes with many enhanced features for your convenience.

It’s a shotgun mic with a super-cardioid polar pattern that means it is extremely directional. Further, it also features two high pass filters for canceling the mic. As a result, you can get clear and noise-free audio.

The Rode VideoMic Pro also features three stages of gain control. It is designed to improve the audio quality of DSLR cameras. It provides a high-frequency boost that enhances the details and gives it better clarity.

The mic comes with a safety channel for keeping it well-secured on the camera. It ensures signals do not clip when unexpected spikes occur.

The mic has a battery door as well. Unlike the Rode VideoMic that does not come with a battery, it can be operated with batteries.

Overall, it’s a high-quality on-camera shotgun mic that comes with many useful features.

Audio-Technica AT875R : Shotgun Mic for Studio Recordings

  • Designed for studio recordings
  • Phantom powered mic
  • Minimum background noise
  • Produce natural sound

Audio Technica is a reliable brand when it comes to studio mic. The AT875 is a good quality mic that is designed for studio recordings.

The mic has a rugged build. It has an extremely short length. It is designed to be used on small digital cameras. The narrow acceptance angle makes it a very directional mic. It does well for picking up sound from a long distance. The mic captures minimum camera handling and background noise.

The AT875R is powered by phantom power. It’s a good option for getting natural and smooth sound. The mic conveniently mounts on your DSLR or digital camera.

Rode SmartLav : Lavalier Mic with Broadcast Quality Audio

  • Lavalier mic
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Delivers broadcast-quality audio
  • Omni-directional pattern
  • Comes with useful accessories

Lavalier mics are excellent options for leveling up your audio without breaking the bank. These are budget-friendly mics that are also excellent for carrying along due to their portable size. The Rode SmartLav has a discrete design. Its 4.5mm miniature design can be easily hidden if you don’t want to show the mic in your videos.

The Rode Smartlav is a broadcast quality wearable mic that can be used for multiple applications. The mic features a high-quality omnidirectional mic for picking up sound from all around. It is a suitable option for vloggers who want to record the environmental noise as well as cooking or nature videos.

The lavalier mic is compatible with your Android and iOS devices so that you can record the vlogs with smartphones as well.

The mic comes with a windshield, a protective pouch, and a mounting clip as well. Overall, it’s a budget-friendly option that can be used with your digital or DSLR cameras and smartphones as well. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

Saramonic Blink 500 : Wireless Kit with Lavalier Mics

  • Complete wireless kit
  • Lavalier microphones
  • Compact and lightweight mics
  • Comes with everything you need for a wireless setup

These are also lavalier microphones, but it is a wireless option. The mics work well with DSLR or digital cameras.

The mics are very compact and lightweight. These mics are best if you have more than one person or have an interview set up in your vlogs.

The mics deliver excellent quality audio. The mics provide professional-quality audio and can be clipped on your apparel conveniently.

It’s a complete kit with lavalier mics, transmitters, one receiver, and lavalier mic clips, windscreen, and other needed accessories.

The Blink 500 transmitter comes with a built-in battery. It provides volume control. Three volume lights indicate volumes up to six levels.

The kit includes lavalier mics for two persons. The mics are great for vlogging, broadcasting, or interviewing. The omnidirectional mics pick up clear audio with details.

The best part is that you can use these mics with a DSLR camera or connect it with your smartphone with a TRS cable. The operating range of this wireless system is within 164ft. The wireless system has a frequency range between 2.4Ghz.

Overall, it’s a good option for those who need more than one lavalier mics and a wireless system as well. It’s a very portable option, and you can easily carry it along wherever you go.

Zoom H4n Pro : Digital Audio Recorder for Outdoor Recordings

  • Digital audio recorder
  • Saves audio files in SD card
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comes with two X and Y mics

Zoom H4n Pro is a digital audio recorder that is best for vloggers who are traveling a lot. It is a digital recorder that records your audio files into an SD card that you can later sink in with your audio.

The digital recorder features two X and Y microphones for clear audio recording. The high-quality mics are capable of handling 140dB SPL.

The recorder features an LCD screen with a bright backlight. It features both XLR and TRS connectors for connecting with any audio interface or smartphone.

The digital recorder comes with a rugged build. It has an ergonomic rubberized body that is easy to hold, and you can carry it along to outdoor locations easily.

The Zoom Hn4 Pro can be powered with phantom power, and it comes with a chargeable battery as well. The battery gives you long working hours, and you can record up to 6-10 hours straight with a fully charged battery.

Shure SM7B : Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

  • Dynamic microphone
  • Wide frequency range
  • Air suspension system

Shure SM series are high-quality microphones. These are performers and best microphones to be used in the studio. The SM7B is a cardioid dynamic microphone that provides exceptional quality audio.

The mic has a wide frequency range. It gives a flat response to your audio and delivers it with its natural quality.

The mic is designed with an improved rejection of electromagnetic hum. It does a great job of delivering noiseless audio rejecting even the mechanical sounds produced by monitors in your environment.

The mic features an internal air suspension system. It does not require any shock mount due to its air suspension system. The audio remains stable in case of any vibration or accidental bumps.

The mic also has an exceptional quality pop filter that keeps your audio free of any puffing sounds while recording. So you don’t need accessories like a pop filter or a shock mount with this high-quality mic.

The mic comes with a stable stand for holding the mic in an optimal position. It is available in different colors so you can choose one that blends in your studio settings perfectly well. Mounting mic or dismounting is easy, and the stable stand keeps the mic in the right position for capturing the best audio.

Overall, it’s a premium quality mic that suits professional vloggers who need perfect natural sound.

Razer Seiren X : Budget USB Microphone

  • Gaming mic
  • Filters the unwanted noise
  • Budget-friendly price
  • A built-in shock mount

Razer Seiren X is a budget-friendly USB mic that is perfect for vlogging, studio recordings, or live streaming. The mic is particularly designed for gamers.

The USB mic offers a simple setup. You can connect it with your system, and it is ready to record clear sound with minute details. The mic is designed to reject background noise. It filters unwanted noise and delivers clear and crisp audio.

The mic features a built-in shock mount that keeps your mic stable so the audio cannot be affected by accidental bumps and shocks.

The microphone has a sleek and stylish design. It does not cover much space on the desk and also lets your audience see you clearly in vlogs.

Overall, it’s a budget-friendly USB mic. The mic lets you level up your audio with its easy setup. The mic features a super-cardioid pattern that works well for eliminating the environmental noise in your videos. The mic also features a mute button on it so you can on/off it when you need to stop or start recording.

Which Microphone is Best for Vlogging?

Before you choose the mic for vlogging, knowing different types of microphones is essential, so you can choose the one that suits your needs the most. These types of mics are best for vlogging.

Lavalier Mics

These are easy to carry mics, very small in size and lightweight. The mic can be clipped to your apparel and is great if you shoot videos, interview people, or even when you are a single host and don’t want to show the mic in the video. Lavalier mics can be discreetly hidden under a layer of clothes. These mics are usually omnidirectional and pick up sound from all around. So it can pick up lots of noise from your surroundings.

Lavalier mics can be used when you want to capture the environmental sounds like the noise of cutting, birds chirping, or any sound you want to capture for the effects in your videos.

Shotgun Mics

Shotgun mics are directional mics. These mics are designed to focus on the object they are directed at and eliminate the environmental noise from sides and the rear.

An advantage of shotgun mics is that you can mount them on your camera and shoot the videos conveniently. These mics are designed to be mounted on the camera.

Shotgun mics are useful for recording videos outdoors like street life, travelogues, capturing nature, and for sightseeing vlogs. You can use these mics in the studio as well.

The only problem with shotgun mics is that they need to be as close to the target as possible for capturing clear audio. That may not be possible if you are mounting it on your camera. However, you can mount them on a boom pole to keep it near the target.

USB Mics

USB mics are an excellent choice for beginners due to their simple usability. These mics are best for studio recordings. These mics are easy to use; just plug them into your system, and you are ready to go. Also, some of these studio mics have the typical broadcast quality of sound that you can benefit from if you want to create the same format in your vlogs.

The USB mics are great for creating tutorials, documentaries, music videos, and live streaming as well.

Sound Recording Device

Sound recording devices like the Zoom Hn series are best for working in the field. These are recorders that you can carry around easily. The recorder has built-in mics that pick up clear sound. The audio files are saved in an SD card that you can later sink into your videos.

Buying Guide for the Best Vlogging Microphones

Here are a few things that you should consider while selecting a mic for vlogging.

Type of Mic

There are all sorts of the mic for a different type of vlogs. You need to gauge your needs well before selecting the type. For studio recordings, USB mics are best for beginners. For interviews, cooking shows, lavalier mics can do the job. You can choose shotgun mics when out in the field or when you don’t want the mic to appear in videos. Shotgun mics are also great for travelers, simply mount them on your camera and keep recording.

Frequency Range

The frequency range is essential if you want to capture all the environmental noise. For example, if you make videos out in forests or far-off places for capturing the sounds of animals, you need a good quality, sensitive mic with a wide frequency range.


A lightweight and easy to carry mic is preferable if you travel a lot. You can choose a bulky mic like Blue Yeti if you need it for studio recordings.

Sound Quality

Sound quality matters a lot for professional videos. Whether you need a broadcast quality mic or one that delivers natural and smooth audio, good sound quality can make your vlogs stand out prominently, among others.


Price can be a determining factor, especially in the beginning. If you can afford an expensive mic, nothing like them as they always give better value, but even if you don’t have much budget, several budget-friendly mics can be used to have perfect audio in vlogs. Like lavalier mics are very budget-friendly, and they do a good job of transmitting clear audio.

Final Words

Great audio quality is essential for a good vlog. Most of the time, vloggers pay all the attention to cameras for recording videos, and audio is ignored.

Though the cameras are essential as well, you can not compromise audio if you want to compete among other vloggers. If you’re looking for a camera for vlogging, we have a guide on that as well.

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Just like a good camera, you need a right mic for recording noise-free audio. Whether you are using a lavalier, shotgun, or a USB mic, a professional microphone makes a lot of difference.

All options in our list of the best vlogging microphones are carefully chosen for your convenience. We choose Rode VideoMic Pro+ as our best pick due to its high functionality, ease of use, and affordable price.

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