Best Standing Desk for Laptops In 2024

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Whether you are working from home or office, sitting long hours in one position can cause you back pain and lots of other health complications. That makes standing desks in great demand. They have adjustable heights, and you can use them in both sitting and standing positions and stay active.

This article will look at some of the best standing desks for laptops since most home users have laptops to work on. The best part of having a laptop instead of a PC is its movability; you can take it wherever you go. When you are looking for standing desks for laptops, we certainly need the same movability. You should be able to glide it along smoothly in any part of the house. In other words, it can be a moving workstation that securely accommodates your laptop and other essentials in one place.

Here we have selected some of the best standing desks for laptops. We have selected different standing desks, converters, and carts to help you choose the best option for your laptop. Let’s review them in detail.

AVLT 44″ Pneumatic Laptop Standing Desk

  • Sturdy gas spring to adjust the height
  • MDF wooden surface
  • Features a tablet holder
  • A hole for managing cable

Improve your productivity with this AVLT’s pneumatic Laptop standing desk. It’s an adjustable height desk that you can use in both sitting and standing positions. The adjustable height also allows you to set it according to your height and comfort.

The desk features a gas-spring height adjustment. The desk can be adjusted from 28″ to 44.1″ depending on your comfort level.

The MDF wooden surface does not flex when mounting the power strip holder and remains stable.

The desk is conveniently designed for both laptop and tablet users. It has a tablet holder for propping the tablets for facetime or using it in a standing position.

It features a cable hole through the opening that allows you to charge the laptop or tablet while using it.

It’s a mobile standing desk that means you don’t have to stick to one place while working. Instead, you can glide it smoothly to wherever you go in-home or office.

The desk rolls on four caster wheels. It has a slim structure, and you can fit it in any corner of your house.

The frame of this moving desk is made of high-quality steel. The solid reinforcements give the stand its stability and strength. The tabletop also has a metal cap that makes it even more secure and durable.

Overall, it’s a great option to attend online calls or work on laptops. The adjustable height makes it easy to work in a sitting position as well.

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk

  • Two-tier design
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Heavy-duty build base

Here is another adjustable height desk with a two-tier design. Again, the front and rear separation of design enables you to use it in a versatile manner.

The adjustable height desk can lift to 45.3″. You can use it in a sitting position as well. Four smooth caster wheels help you take your desk along wherever you go.

The desk is ergonomically designed to keep you healthy while working. In addition, the heavy-duty build makes this desk very stable. The base of the desk has a thick metal frame. The tabletop is made of MDF wood. The spacious tabletop can accommodate your other essentials as well as the laptop.

Overall, it’s a great option for those who are looking for a mobile laptop standing desk. It is easy to assemble and comes with all the instructions to put this thing together.

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter

  • U-shaped keyboard tray
  • Gas spring for adjusting the height
  • Non-skid rubber feet

This one is not a desk, but it’s a standing desk converter that you can use with your existing desk of any height. Changing your existing desk with a standing desk can be very expensive. This standing desk converter allows you to keep using the existing desk in sitting and standing positions without spending too much money.

This standing desk converter is a great option for laptop users. It features a U-shaped keyboard tray that can be used for a 17″ laptop, or you can use the tray for a full-size keyboard or mouse.

The table converter offers a high-powered gas spring for adjusting the height. In addition, it has a bracing safety system for keeping the desk secure and stable. Increased security prevents accidental falls.

The converter is designed to be safe for the tabletop of your desk. It does not leave scratches due to the rubber installed in its base frame and keyboard tray.

Overall, it’s a great option for those looking for a standing desk converter.

SIMBR Standing Desk Converter

  • Dual tier design
  • X-shaped secure base
  • High weight-bearing capacity

Here is another desk riser stand for those who want to use their computer with laptops. You can use it conveniently for your PC system or laptop.

The SIMBR riser is easy to raise with just one handle. You can adjust the height from 4.9″ to 16.9″. Its dual-tier design can be used for a PC with Keyboard or simply for other gadgets.

The desk riser has a rectangular shape with an X-shaped base. The legs are made with heavy-duty material. The slightly curved design of tiers makes it easy to use for pregnant women.

Overall, it’s a good option for those who want to use their existing desk with a riser. It comes with ready use design and requires no assembly at all. In addition, it is sturdy enough to handle up to 28lbs easily.

AIZ Mobile Standing Desk

  • Lockable caster wheels for easy movement
  • Two platforms
  • Flip-able design of one board
  • Allows versatile usage

Here is another standing desk for laptops with two platforms. You can adjust them separately, depending on your convenience.

It’s a mobile desk that you can glide smoothly with in any room. The 360 degrees rotation of wheels makes it easy for you to move it in any direction. Unfortunately, the lockable design prevents the desk from moving when you are working on it.

It features a sturdy and stable frame. The heavy-duty steel frame is designed to last long. It is also powder-coated, which prevents it from rusting.

The tabletops are made with good quality chipboard. One of the boards has a flip design so that you can have a comfortable posture while working. You can tilt the board to turn it into a creator mode for video editing, drawing, or any other task.

The adjustable height makes it easy for you to work on it in any position. It can be adjusted from 27.5″ to 45″ to suit your height.

Overall, it’s a great choice for those with versatile needs. The movability, strength and flip design make it one of the best standing desks for laptops in the market.

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk

  • Lightweight and secure tray
  • Fully rotatable legs
  • Lockable at a specific angle for a better view
  • USB powered cooling fans

This one is a standing desk, or you can call it a laptop stand designed to use the laptop conveniently in any position. You can adjust it to your existing desk or take it anywhere with you and continue working peacefully.

It has a lightweight yet very secure tray for laptops. The aluminum-made tray is easy to carry and adjust. You can adjust it in any position conveniently.

The standing desk has a versatile use. You can make use of it for other devices like a projector, LCD screen, sound equipment or a tablet holder, depending on your needs.

It features fully adjustable legs that can rotate to 360 degrees. That means you can adjust it at any angle for work in both sitting and standing positions. The stand can be locked at a specific angle to stay in position.

It’s a very portable solution, and you can carry it wherever you go. You can fold its legs and take it with you easily.

The stand also features a mouse tray for using the mouse. You can use the space to accommodate other things as well if you don’t use a mouse.

The best part of having this stand for your laptop is its two cooling fans. These are USB-powered fans that keep your devices cool. You can charge the cooling fan with your laptop or computer through a USB cable.

It features rubber feet that are non-skid and stay in position when you are working. The textured surface on the legs also keeps it from sliding away or moving. Overall, it’s an easy to use, adjustable and portable option for those who want a mobile workstation.

Single Column Standing Desk Laptop Stand

  • Single column design
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Simple design
  • Affordable price

Here is a single-column standing desk for your laptops. It comes with an adjustable height solution to use it in both sitting and standing position.

It’s a versatile standing desk that you can use for laptops, tablets, or mobiles. You can also turn it into a presentation podium when you need to.

The standing desk has a robust steel construction. In addition, it has a durable powder-coated finish that prevents it from rusting.

With its single-column design, it is easy to adjust or use. In addition, it features a minimalist look, and its simple base provides ample leg space.

The caster wheels glide the standing desk smoothly to anywhere you go. It makes movement easy, and you can store the desk in any corner when not using it due to its caster wheels.

Overall, it’s a simple and yet very functional design. Its affordable price also makes it one of the best standing desks for laptops.

Stand Up Desk Store Electric Standing Desk

  • Electric standing desk
  • The steel frame gives a sturdy base
  • The electric motor works noiselessly
  • Premium quality desk

This one is an electric standing desk designed for those who are not looking for a mobile option. It’s an electric standing desk that features an adjustable height.

The standing desk comes with a simple paddle-style operation. You can easily adjust the height of this desk up from the minimum of 27.5″ to 45.25″. The height can reach up to 30″ to 47.6″ with the included furniture shoe.

It’s a reliable electric standing desk that is secure and stable. It stands on a robust steel frame. The powder-coated steel remains unaffected by the humidity and thus stays rust-free.

The tabletop is made of medium-density fiberboard that is smooth on touch and has a scratch-free texture.

The desk is easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary hardware. The height adjustment is easy due to its electric motor. The motor works noiselessly.

Overall, it’s a premium quality electric standing desk great for both Laptop and PC systems. It’s spacious and can fit your other work gears conveniently.

Techni Mobili Sit-to-Stand Rolling Adjustable Height

  • Made of engineered wood
  • Easy to move
  • Open space for storage

Here is a simple and space-saving solution for laptops. The standing desk is designed for functionality. It is a comfortable sit-to-stand desk that is aesthetically appealing and is easy to move as well.

The desk is made of heavy-duty engineered wood. The wood is well-treated and is moisture resistant.

It’s an easy to assemble standing desk that is easy to assemble. It comes with detailed and easy-to-follow instructions and all necessary hardware.

As it’s a mobile desk, it features caster wheels that move in all directions. But, unfortunately, the locking mechanism prevents it from moving.

The laptop desk features an open storage space where you can accommodate your other essentials in one place.

It’s an adjustable height cart that helps you work in both sitting and standing positions. The height adjustment is also hassle-free. You can adjust it from 28″ to 43″ with a dual adjustment knob. The knob also prevents accidental plunges and keeps your desk stable.

The table surface is made of heavy-duty MDF wood panels that are moisture resistant. It is also PVC laminated, which gives it a smooth and shiny surface.

Buying Guide of a Standing Desk for Laptops

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting a standing desk for laptops.

Type of Desk

Standing desks are available in different types. You can buy a complete standing desk or save some bucks with different stands, carts, and converters that can be used for your laptop.

Manual Sit Stand Desk

These desks are available with adjustable height to use in both sitting and standing positions. They can be adjusted manually. A problem with these adjustable standing desks is that they can be wobbly and are not very stable. The height limit is also limited. And they may not have much weight-bearing capacity as well.

Electric Standing Desks

If you are looking for a sturdy and stable desk, these are for you even at a high price. Electric standing desks are very stable and built to last. They use a motor to automatically change the height of the desk. The motor can be noisy, but it helps you to adjust the height effortlessly. These are also more secure and stable than the manually adjustable ones.

Standing Desk Converters

These are a new addition to standing desks. If you already have a desk, you can use this converter to be placed on the desk and use it as a standing or sitting desk. They have a lever that can be pulled to raise the desk and make it a standing desk. They are also more affordable than buying a good quality standing desk.

Portable standing desks or carts

These are so far the best option for laptops. These carts are portable and have caster wheels to move them in any direction. These are perfect for home users as they can conveniently take the moving desk in any part of the house.


The quality of the standing desk is of paramount importance. It should stand on a metal frame. A heavy-duty steel frame is required to make it secure and stable.

Storage Space

Storage space allows you to accommodate your other work essentials at a place with your laptop. Make sure there is a separate open storage space for your headphone, speakers, notebook, or some files.

Locking Mechanism

If you are choosing a mobile standing desk, make sure it comes with a locking mechanism, or even a kid can glide it around easily.


It depends on your budget and how much you want to spend on your standing desk. Converters and carts are easy to afford, but the converter is not useful if you already don’t have a desk.

Final Words

Having a standing desk for laptops makes your work easy. Especially when you are at home, you can take the desk wherever you go and keep connected with your work. Make sure you check all specs and buy one that can be used in a versatile way. Invest in a durable standing desk even when you have to pay a little extra. All options in our list are carefully chosen to help you choose the best standing desk for your laptop. 

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