Best Smartphone Tripod Mounts in 2021

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If you intend to use your smartphone for photography, videography, or live streaming, you need a good tripod mount. The smartphone these days is more than just a phone. You can use it as a digital camera and create quality content, but to make the most out of your smartphone, you need a tripod. With the help of a tripod mount, you can record videos, podcasts, live sessions, or even repurpose it as a phone stand to watch Netflix.

A tripod mount allows you to take some great selfies, group photos, wildlife photography or to record videos. You can mount the smartphone on the phone handle, and a good tripod allows you to adjust the right angle for a perfect click. You can adjust at even odd angles, take shots from difficult places or even from a height with the help of a tripod. So it allows you to be versatile in your content creation.

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In this article, we will look at some of the best smartphone tripod mounts in the market for your convenience.

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit

Joby JB01507 GorillaPod 3K Kit

  • Can support devices under 3kg
  • Foldable stand
  • Rubber feet give stability
  • Can be used in three ways

This one is a complete kit for content creation. It’s a multi-purpose tripod that can be used in multiple ways to catch the right moment. It can be held in hand, attached to the stand or simply wrapped it around a branch of a tree or any stand for the right view.

The tripod works not only with your smartphone, but it can hold your DSLR camera, or almost any recording device weighing less than 3kg.

The tripod mount features a 360 degrees panning bed and a 90 degrees bubble tilt to set your camera or smartphone in the right direction. The built-in bubble levels help you achieve the best possible shots.

The stand is foldable, which makes it an excellent choice for taking along while on the go. The easy-to-configure tripod can fit in any handbag or backpack conveniently.

The stand comes with rubberized rings and feet that give it better stability. Overall, it’s a sturdy option for professionals. The metal and plastic mix build is there to last many years.

Arkon iPhone Tripod Mount

Arkon iPhone Tripod Mount

  • Tripod for iPhones
  • Adjustable legs
  • Budget-friendly tripod

This option is perfect for iPhone users. The tripod is excellent for live streaming or making videos. It’s a multi-featured tripod phone holder that packs many useful features for your convenience. It has a spring-loaded phone holder that can extend to 4″. Its special bubble level keeps the phone stable and prevents the photos or live video from getting crooked.

The phone holder is removable so you can make use of the stand for mounting a digital camera as well.The tripod is fully adjustable with its sturdy legs that can bend or stretch to give you a perfect click. You can make use of the tripod mount as a selfie-stick as well. Overall, it’s a sturdy tripod mount that keeps your expensive phone secure on stand. The budget-friendly tripod comes with a two-year warranty as well.

UBeesize Ring Light with Stand: Tripod Mount with LED Ring 

UBeesize Ring Light with Stand

  • Lighting ring
  • Easy setup
  • Compact tripod

This one is a smart and latest phone tripod mount for Vlogging and live streaming. The best thing about it is that it comes with an LED light ring to provide sufficient lighting. Bi-color lighting can be used for creating effects while live streaming.

It comes with a quick and easy setup. It can stand up to 50″ to create perfect shots from your smartphone. At the same time, it is a very compact option; you can easily carry it along on your travel trips.

Square Jellyfish: Metal Spring Tripod Mount

Square Jellyfish

  • All metal construction
  • Compact in size
  • Phone cradle has a rubber coating

Square Jellyfish offers a sturdy tripod with metal construction. The metal tripod is designed for smartphones. You can use it for iPhones as well.

The tripod mount gives an easy and secure grip so that your smartphone remains safe even at height. It securely holds the phone with the help of 4 springs.

The compact tripod is small in size. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. The lightweight and small structure make it a very portable option.

The best part of this tripod mount is its quality and build. It’s all-metal made with the heavy-duty clamp. Though, the phone cradle is made of rubber to prevent any scratches on the phone’s sides.

The phone cradle can hold the smartphone in both portrait and landscape mode too. You can place it on the work desk and go on a FaceTime with friends and family, go live, or simply watch some movies. The tripod mount is compatible with any smartphone.

Manfrotto PIXI: Mini Tripod Mount Kit

Manfrotto PIXI

  • A complete tripod kit
  • Universal clamp for all smartphones
  • Stable and secure
  • Limited height

Manfrotto provides a tripod kit with a universal smartphone clamp. It’s small and looks very elegant. The beautiful Italian design makes it look cool wherever you take it.

The tripod mount is small in size and very portable. The handy size makes it a perfect tripod for travel-videographers, sports enthusiasts, photographers, and all who want to capture their passion in the field.

The tripod has a universal clamp for holding smartphones or even small cameras. You can make the bracket as a self-standing stand to place the smartphone on the desk.

Overall, it’s a sturdy tripod with aluminium construction. The bummer is that you cannot extend the clamp head like a selfie stick to take the view from a little height.

Joby GripTight PRO: Best Smartphone Tripod Mount

Joby Grip Tight PRO

  • Premium option
  • Comes with cold shoe adapter
  • Pin joint mount for a versatile setup
  • Bluetooth remote control

This one is a premium tripod mount for professional photographers and videographers. The GripTight Pro offers great modularity that includes Cold Shoe Pro and Pin-joint mount for versatile setup options.

The tripod works in four modes to suit different situations. You can use it in hand, monopod, tripod, or as an elevated stand. Its removable clamp can support smartphones, iPhone, or even smaller cameras perfectly well.

The lightweight tripod is very portable and comes with foldable legs. The extension can be lowered easily as well. Overall it’s a decent looking tripod that also comes with a Bluetooth Impuls remote shutter so you can operate it from a distance conveniently.

BlitzWolf: Tripod Mount With Selfie Stick


  • Extendable stick
  • Metal construction
  • Wireless remote control option

This one is a fine combination of a selfie stick and a tripod mount. It’s a super stable tripod that will support even the heavy smartphones nicely. The tripod has all-metal construction and has a durable and anti-corrosion stick.

The long selfie stick allows you to take shots from a considerable height. It is extendable to 32″ that makes it perfect for group photos or capturing landscapes. You can turn it into a phone holder and facetime or live streaming.

The tripod comes with a wireless remote for taking pictures from a distance. A rechargeable battery powers it. The battery gives you a 24 hour working time that is enough for almost 20,000 selfies at a charge. You can operate the phone with its Bluetooth function that works well within 33 ft.

Ravelli APLT6M 72″ – Lightweight tripod for outdoors

Ravelli APLT6M 72

  • Versatile tripod
  • Sturdy build
  • Adjustable legs
  • Comes with useful accessories

Ravelli presents a tripod for professional photographers. It’s a versatile option that is perfect for shooting outdoors under odd conditions. The center of column doubles so you can make use of it as a monopod as well.

The tripod has a sturdy build and its aluminium legs are extendable to 72″ height. The legs have different height segments on stable legs, and it has a well-made phone head that is made of molded plastic. The stable legs have rubber feet that keep the tripod stand and secure on almost any surface. The height makes it an excellent choice for wildlife photographers.

The phone head is adjustable to keep the camera or smartphone stable at different positions. It can hold the smartphone in both landscape and portrait orientations.The tripod comes with many useful accessories. It comes with an easy-to-carry bag, adapters, carry handle, pan/tilt handle, weight hook, and quick release plate. So it’s a complete kit to cater your all needs for working in the field.

Buying Guide for Smartphone Tripods

Here is a checklist of things that you should consider while selecting a tripod mount for a smartphone.

• Compatibility

Compatibility with your smartphone is essential. Look for the specs carefully to know if it fits the size of your smartphone perfectly. Also, the iPhone users may look for the tripod that is specifically made for iPhones. Needless to say,a secure fit is important for the stability and security of your smartphone.

Some of the Tripod mounts come with removable clamps so you can adjust the other clamps over it. These versatile tripod mounts can be used for mounting your DSLR cameras conveniently.

• Type of Tripod Mounts

Choose the type of tripod as per your needs. These are the common types: 

  • Flexible Skeleton Tripods: These tripods can be warped around branches or pipelines, or anything else that is sturdy enough to hold your smartphone or camera. These are good for shooting outdoors.
  • Gimbal Heads: Instead of mounting the smartphone or camera on the top, gimbal heads are used to hang the device alongside the head. These are well-balanced tripods that give sharp and focused results. These tripods are expensive, but they give excellent stability.
  • Fluid Heads: These are movable tripods and perfect for video recordings. These are used for recording scenes. A person keeps moving the camera or smartphone to record the scene.

• Sturdy Build

This is important for so many reasons. First, smartphones are very expensive, and you don’t want to mount your phone on something that is not sturdy enough to hold it securely.

Secondly, if you are choosing a very lightweight tripod, it may work well only in vertical mode. If you flip the phone in a horizontal position, the light tripod may not hold it well and topple over. So, the tripod should be able to remain stable under the weight of your heavy phone.

And lastly, a tripod made of heavy-duty metal will last longer, which means you don’t have to keep replacing broken tripod mounts.

• Flexibility

The tripod should be flexible enough to allow you to keep the phone stable at various positions. More flexibility means you can take odd angles and capture photos and videos from several positions.

Some of the tripod mounts allow you to make use of them in different positions. They can be used as a monopod, selfie stick, or more.

We have some options in the list that allow you to hang the tripod to something like a branch of a tree for capturing the right moment from the right angle. These are excellent if you are a wildlife photographer and are out in places to capture your best shots.

• Portable

A portable tripod does not necessarily mean that it is small and has limited access. The tripod mounts can be portable without compromising the size or reach. You can choose one that comes with foldable legs. A portable smartphone tripod is excellent for carrying along if you are a traveller. You can put them in a handbag conveniently.

• Phone Clamp

The phone clamp is very important. It should be the right size for your phone. It’s better if the phone clamp has a rubber coating so that it does not leave any scratches on your expensive smartphone.

• Cold Shoe Adapter

This helps generate quality content. The cold shoe adapter allows you to mount accessories along with the phone or camera. For example,you can mount external lights or mics to enhance the audio or visual quality of your photos or videos. Not all tripod mounts come with cold shoe adapters, especially if you are selecting a low budget tripod. But if you are a professional, we would recommend you to invest in a good quality tripod with a cold shoe adapter. You can buy the cold shoe adapter separately.

Final Words

The smartphone tripod is a useful accessory that helps you to generate quality content. These are not expensive at all, and you can buy a professional tripod for under $30 easily.

All options in our list of the best smartphone tripod mounts are chosen due to their performance, build, and durability. We choose Joby GripTight PRO as our best option.

Are you using your smartphone to get started with podcasting? Check out our podcasting for beginners guide to learn more on what you’ll need to go to get your podcast up and running.

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