Best Podcast Recording Software for Mac & Windows in 2022

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Are you looking for the best podcast recording software for Mac and Windows? You will be surprised at the wide range of choices. We will make the search easier for you by listing down the best podcast recording programs for the two platforms.  

Before that, if you’re looking for a platform to host your podcast, we’ve got that covered as well.

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1. Best Recording Software for Mac Users:
Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

This is one of the most popular and highly-rated audio editing programs for many years now. This distinction is not surprising considering that Logic Pro X offers professional-quality audio recording tools plus a wide selection of plug-ins. 

While a costly choice as it comes for $199, the Logic Pro X gives podcasters a lot of features. It has superb post-production effects, while the automation functions can enable you to streamline podcast editing. There is also a Track List feature that comes in handy when editing more than one track. The software comes with a 90-day free trial. 

Some podcasters, however, may feel that the Logic Pro X offers too many features that they may not find useful. This is not surprising because Logic Pro X is designed for musicians and audio professionals. Still, it ranks as one of the best podcasting recording programs today.


Offers a wide range of features and plug-ins
 With pro-grade audio recording
Comes with a 90-day free trial


Can be a bit costly
Offers too many features that may not be useful to podcasters 

2. Best Free Podcast Recording Software for Mac Users: GarageBand

Garage Band

If you’re a Mac user and you’re looking for a free podcast recording program, then consider using GarageBand. You can record, edit, and export your podcasts like a pro on this user-friendly software. 

You need not be a techie to fully understand and utilize GarageBand as it is user-friendly. The tools are easy to learn even for a neophyte podcaster. It also features a nice library of music and effects that you can use for your podcasts. 


It’s free for Mac users
It is easy to understand and utilize
It features music and special effects


It is not available for Windows users

3. Best Podcast Recording Software for Newbies: Hindenberg Journalist


While most of the recording programs available for podcast recording are primarily designed for music production, Hindenberg Journalist is different. It is particularly intended for podcasters especially for those who are starting out. This makes it arguably the best recording software for neophyte podcasters. 

Hindenberg Journalist is available both on Mac and Windows, so you can use it whether you have a PC or Mac. Extremely user-friendly, it has all the pro tools you’d want from a podcast recording software. 

With the Hindenberg Journalist, recording, editing, and organizing podcast episodes are easy. There’s also a built-in equalizer that can make your recording sound better and clearer, and a noise reduction function to remove distracting background noise. The software is integrated with Buzzsprout for quick and easy exporting and uploading of podcast episodes.


Easy to use and learn
Designed for the use of podcasters and journalists
With many audio tools and functions


The Pro version comes at a relatively high price of $375

4. Best Free Podcast Recording Software for Podcasters Who Use Both Windows and Mac: Audacity


While GarageBand is arguably the best free podcast recording software for Mac, the problem is that it is not available on other platforms. If you’re a podcaster who uses both Windows and Mac, you should opt for Audacity.

Although it is free, Audacity still has enough features for you to make a clear and professional-sounding podcast. With it, you can edit multiple tracks, record live audio, add music, cut out pauses, and remove unwanted sounds. 


Available on both Mac & Windows
It is free
With numerous features for creating pro-quality podcasts


Lacks publishing functionality, meaning you’ll have to convert the podcast episode into mp3 format and upload it manually
Not as user-friendly as other recording programs

5. Best Podcast Recording Software for Seasoned Podcasters: Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition

It’s hard to argue the contention that Adobe Audition has set the standard for podcasting recording. It has become the go-to software for podcasters and audio professionals. If you’re an experienced podcaster, it’s highly likely you have heard of and even used Adobe Audition. 

Adobe Audition has everything you need to create a pro-quality podcast. For starters, you can choose from its podcast templates. These templates simplify the process of recording multiple audio tracks. You can also access its library of sound effects which you can use free of charge for your podcast episodes. With Adobe Audition, optimizing audio levels is quick, precise, and effortless. 

This software, which is available on both Mac and Windows, comes with a price of $21 per month of subscription. 


With numerous advanced functionalities for recording and editing podcasts
With a wide range of royalty-free music and sound effects
Available on both Mac and Windows


It is quite expensive

6. Best Podcast Recording Software for Busy Podcasters: Descript


Recording and editing podcasts are time-consuming. The process even gets more difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the use of a podcasting recording software. With Descript, you can edit your podcast episodes after recording as if you are editing a Word file.

Descript is called an audio word processing software. With it, you can record your podcast episode. The program will transcribe the episode for you, which you can edit like a Word file. Any changes to the text editor will be reflected in the audio file. Therefore, Descript makes the recording and editing process quick and hassle-free. 

Descript is available for free for the first three hours. After that, you’ll have to pay $10 per month to access its full suite of features. 


Editing audio is quick and intuitive
Allows multi-track recording and editing
Free trial for the first three hours


Available only for English audio

What is the best software to record a podcast?

There’s no single answer to this question. It depends on your needs, such as your budget and your level of experience as a podcaster.

For example, if you have a limited budget, then you would likely consider either Audacity or GarageBand as they are both free.

If you’re an experienced podcaster who’s willing to invest in a paid program, then neither Audacity or GarageBand may not fit the bill.

Instead, you may want to take a second look at Logic Pro X. But if you feel that Logic Pro X offers too many features that are not useful to you, the Hindenberg Journalist may be the best option.

What is the best recording software for Mac?

Without a doubt, Logic Pro X is the best recording software for Mac users. It is a premier music suite with a wide range of functionalities. It has complex and powerful editing features designed for audio professionals. It is also very user-friendly.

How do I record a podcast on my Mac?

Once you have the essentials secured—recording software, microphone, Mac, and of course, your podcast topic—you can now start recording your podcast on your Mac. 

Since it’s free, let’s use GarageBand as the sample podcasting recording software for Mac. 

After launching GarageBand, choose New Project and then Podcast. Choose a name and then save the location for the podcast. After that, click Create. 

Press the big red Record button located at the bottom of the window to start recording. Hit it again if you want to stop recording. You can play, rewind, or forward the track by pressing the recording controls. You can also pause your recording to collect your thoughts and pick up from where you left off. 

Depending on how you see it fit, you may then edit your recording. Editing not only gives you the chance to tighten your material but also improve the sound quality. You’d want your podcast to sound like professional-quality in order to generate more fans. You can also add jingles or sound effects to make your podcast even more interesting. 

Five Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Podcast Recording Software

With the numerous podcasting recording programs available on the market, it can be quite a challenge to pick one software. 

Below are some factors that you ought to consider when shopping for a podcast recording software: 

1. Price

As you may have realized after reading the reviews above, there are paid and free podcast recording programs. Should you get free software or pay a premium for the software? It’s really up to you.

It goes without saying that using free podcasting recording software means you won’t have to shell out any amount. This may be the best route to go if you’re a first-time podcaster who’s testing the waters, so to speak.

You should also realize that a free software does not have as many functionalities as a paid audio editing program. This may limit your choices in editing and improving the sound quality of your podcasts.

2. Ease of Use

The best podcasting recording software is one that’s easy to understand and manipulate, even for a novice podcaster.

Ideally, it has a simple interface that shows all the basic functionalities such as record and playback. Even more advanced functions like background noise reduction, special effects, and sound equalizer should be easily accessible. You would also want an audio recording software that allows drag-and-drop instead of complicated keystrokes.

You should also consider the availability of online tutorials when shopping for podcast recording software.

3. Help and Support

Consider a podcast recording software with sufficient customer support or resources online. This is very much true if you consider yourself far from being technologically savvy.  

Paid recording programs usually offer customer support through email, live chat, and frequently asked questions (FAQS) on their websites or social media sites.

As for free recording software, the good ones like GarageBand have numerous resources online that you can refer to in case you run into something difficult or tricky. 

4. Editing

The best podcast recording software not only lets you record your podcast but also to edit your audio files. Editing means mixing tracks, adding special effects, cutting and splicing audio. It may also pertain to converting the audio file to appropriate formats for publishing online. 

5. Features and Functionalities

The best podcast recording software for Mac and Windows has all the functionalities you need to record and edit podcast episodes. 

Of course, you’d expect the software to have the basic functions such as record, add music or audio tracks, and export audio files to podcasting platforms. 

The best recording programs have advanced features such as noise reduction, volume leveling, audio file conversion, audio mixing, and automatic post production, among others. 


So, which of the six podcast recording programs above deserve to be crowned as the king of the hill?

It’s a close call, but Descript takes the cake as the best podcasting recording software today. It’s reasonably priced, easy to use, and with enough functionalities to appeal to both novice and advanced users. It makes recording and editing of podcast episodes a breeze, too. 

If you’re on a budget, GarageBand is a solid choice as long as you have a Mac. This has enough functionalities to get you started on your podcasting career. 

If you are willing to pay, then the Adobe Audition is your best bet. It is not as expensive as Logic Pro X and Hindenberg Journalist. It is user-friendly, too, and can serve you well regardless of where you are in your podcast journey.  

Also, if you are new to podcasting, check out our complete guide on podcasting for beginners where you can learn everything you need to know to get your podcast up and running.

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