22 Best Paid Online Survey Apps in 2023

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Do you fantasize about making money with the least amount of effort possible?

No shame there! You might be juggling a full-time job, be in your final year of a stressful degree, or have other responsibilities to take on, which doesn’t make starting a whole new venture possible at the moment.  

If the above applies, you should consider becoming an online survey applicant.

As the name suggests, online surveys are a systematic method of collecting data through various platforms on the Internet. From being just another experimental method, online surveys have jumped to become one of the most utilized ways of gathering data compared to the traditional paper/cold call interviews.

Online surveys are responsible for gaining feedback about new product launches, web design interfaces, political opinions, household and lifestyle habits, and so much more.  

Here’s how you can help – and subsequently make some good money at the same time. Answering online surveys takes less than 20 minutes on average. In return, you’d be rewarded with cash, gift cards, or big discounts on the brands you love.

It’s that simple. No more, no less.

Although answering online surveys probably won’t “get you rich quick,” it’s still a viable way of making money fast in your spare time. It’s one of the many excellent side hustle ideas to grow your savings for a rainy day, end-of-year vacation or towards starting your ACTUAL business in the future that’s going to bring you real profit and growth.

Hundreds of online survey sites are out there for you. But how sure are you of their legitimacy and payment options?

We’ve made it a tad easier by narrowing some of the best paid online surveys to do in 2019! Rest assured that these platforms are trusted and endorsed by thousands of consumer reviews and have been in the game for a long time. 

Before you jump on the bandwagon; here’s a handy tip:

Word of advice if you’re dead serious about answering online surveys to make money fast. Create a new email address to use for that sole purpose.

Why? Most paid online survey websites would curate options for you straight to your inbox – every single day. If you despise cluttered email inboxes (like we do!), you might get peeved at the number of emails coming in at odd times.

So to avoid the mass of emails clunking up your primary inbox, direct the flow to a separate email address. It’ll take you less than 10 minutes.

Once that’s sorted – proceed and check out 22 of the coolest paid online survey sites you can do today!

1. InboxDollars


Rewards: Cash, gift vouchers
Minimum to cash out: $30
Average rate/survey: $0.50-$10.00

InboxDollars has given out almost $58 million to its users since launching in 2000. Although they do commonly get lumped together with paid online “survey” sites, InboxDollars has many more earning options.

Watching videos, using discount codes upon checkout, reading emails, signing up for memberships, the list goes on!

Did we mention that InboxDollars gives you $5 straight away upon signup? 

The process of creating an account is pretty simple. As usual, you’d need to list down basic information like your age, source of income, marital status, etc. yada yada. Once you’re in, you’d be presented with plenty of options to start earning – that includes great referral deals if your friends sign up.

InboxDollars has a payout threshold of $30, and would usually take a minimum of 10-16 working days to cash out. Once you’ve withdrawn for the first time though – you get to enjoy the perks of being a “Gold Member” and reduce your waiting time to just 9 days!

2. MindSwarms


Rewards: PayPal cash
Minimum to cash out: None
Average rate/survey: $10-$50

MindSwarms is revolutionizing the way online surveys are carried out. How do you ask? By turning every answer into a full-length video!

The signup process for MindSwarms is simple. To qualify as an active participant, you’ll need a MindSwarms account (because, duh) and then record your profile video based on a few baseline questions provided.

Once you’ve got a moderator to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for the platform, you’ll be matched with a few surveys that you can apply for.

If the application goes through – you’ll be redirected to the final step, and that is answering a list of questions via webcam, or video and camera functions on any available device.

All in all, answering 7 questions like this would get you up to $50 bucks! Shorter surveys of just one question would get you $10, and the process could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 TOPS.

Oh, and did we mention that you don’t need a minimum amount to cash out? Cause you don’t. And you get your funds directly deposited in your PayPal account in 24 hours. 

3. Survey Junkie


Rewards: Points system that converts to cash and e-gift cards
Minimum to cash out: $10 or 1,000 points
Average rate/survey: $1-$3

Survey Junkie is one of the OGs of the paid online survey games, boasting over 3 million active users all over the US, Australia, and Canada at the moment.

If you’re even a little younger, Survey Junkie sets the minimum age requirement at only 13! They allow the options of signing up through Facebook and Google+ too.

Although the primary way of earning through Survey Junkie is paid surveys – you can also indicate if you’re interested in sending feedback through phone interviews and small focus groups.

However, we do need to warn you that Survey Junkie is all about strict quality control.

How do they enforce this? Let’s say, for instance, the estimated time to complete a survey is 3 minutes. If you miraculously complete it in 30 seconds or less, you will immediately be disqualified from the said survey. Aaaaand yeap, that means no point rewards for you. 

You can read the rest of their terms and conditions right here.

Stick to the truth, answer as honestly as possible – and we guarantee that Survey Junkie is a pretty solid alternative!  

4. Swagbucks


Rewards: Points system that converts to cash and e-gift cards
Minimum to cash out: $25 or 2,500 Swagbucks points
Average rate/survey: 40 – 300 SB

We can faithfully endorse Swagbucks as one of the most reliable paid survey sites out there to make money fast.

A quick Google search would show that the majority of consumer reviews are positive, reliable feedback. Check it out if you don’t believe us! Swagbucks’ constant stream of surveys, paid promotions, and other attractive offers make it one of the largest survey sites in the world.

At the time of writing, Swagbucks’ live record counter records a whopping $353,189,069 paid to members of their site. Crazy right?

Swagbucks operates on its very own point system – commonly referred to as SB. This is measured by having $1 = 100SB. You can cash out after reaching $25 = 2,500 points. If you were wondering, the average of each survey would take anywhere from 8-10 minutes. 

5. Prize Rebel


Rewards: Points used to purchase gift cards, Bitcoin, or PayPal cash
Minimum to cash out: $5 or 500 points
Average rate/survey: 200–500 points ($2-$5)

The first thing you’ll notice about Prize Rebel’s site would be how straightforward and easy-to-use it is. After all, we’re looking for ways to make money fast with the least amount of frills, right?

Prize Rebel has the usual game promotions, paid surveys, daily challenges, and the likes –but their interface makes it simple to see exactly what you’re getting and just how much effort is involved.

We’re also huge fans of Prize Rebel because of how low their payout threshold is. Racking up 500 points will immediately get you a $5 Amazon voucher, and 1000 points would allow you to cash out directly through PayPal. Best part? Your payment would be processed in 24 hours or less!

6. Toluna


Rewards: Points used to purchase gift cards and PayPal cash
Minimum to cash out: $10 cash or 30,000 points
Average rate/survey: 15 – 15,000 points depending on the length of the survey

Like Survey Junkie – Toluna happens to be one of the longest paid online surveys in the game.

The upside about this little fact is that Toluna gets a lot of survey traffic coming their way, so you’ll practically never have to worry about running out of offers. Like many other survey methods to make money fast, Toluna also uses the point redemption system.

Here’s a little tip for the high stakes gamblers. Toluna lets you gamble out your collected points for cold, hard cash. We want you to think twice before participating, though! You might get lucky and walk away with anywhere from $20-$50 in cash, or you might end up losing out on a whole lot of saved up points.

Regardless, Toluna is an exhilarating way to explore the world of paid online surveys. You can quickly signup right here

7. i-Say (IPSOS)


Rewards: Points used to purchase gift cards and PayPal cash
Minimum to cash out: $10 cash or 1000 points
Average rate/survey: 5-300 points depending on the length of the survey

Okay so, remember how other sites like InboxDollars and Swagbucks lay a myriad of game promotions, video-watching and other offers at your feet?

When it comes to i-Say, they believe in the power of keeping things simple and straightforward. You’ll only find paid surveys here! i-Say eliminates the time taken for you to sift through promotions, only curating relevant surveys straight to your inbox.

Their loyalty program is also like no other. Essentially, the more surveys you take part in = you rack up bonuses just for participation alone. Finish 200 surveys, and you get a whopping 600 points, just like that.

8. Vindale Research

Vindale Research

Rewards: PayPal cash and rewards
Minimum to cash out: $50
Average rate/survey: $1.50-$20

It’s impossible to write a piece on legitimate online survey sites without including Vindale Research. Why? Because they’re one of the highest-paying survey sites out there; with a 4-star rating of almost 4,000 reviews on Trustpilot.

Their payout threshold of $50 might seem high, but only at first. Vindale Research dishes out almost an average of $2 bucks every survey, with some of them even ranging to $20 bucks for lengthier ones! So it doesn’t take that much time stacking up your dollars to reach the payout point.

It’s also pretty refreshing that they base all of their surveys on the exact amount in cash instead of points.

If we swear by any site, let it be Vindale Research. Seriously – they even give you $1 just for completing a single tutorial. 

9. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost

Rewards: PayPal cash, Amazon, and iTunes
Minimum to cash out: $10 (100 points)
Average rate/survey: $1-$5 (10 points to 50 points)

Opinion Outpost mostly holds paid online surveys for government institutions, big-name finance companies, and business industries around the world.

Much like Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost also measures their rewards in their own-titled point system; called Opinion Points aka OP. For participants with Lady Luck on their side, Opinion Outpost even gives you the chance to enter a raffle prize draws that range up to $10,000 in cash! Not bad for a day’s work.

Opinion Outpost’s website is a pretty sweet place to begin, especially for starters who want to make money fast without the flashy ads, confusing rewards systems, etc.

10. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions

Rewards: Gift cards only
Minimum to cash out: $10
Average rate/survey: $1-$5

Most survey sites here would allow you to earn cash, but we thought it’d be refreshing if we switched things up a bit.

Cue Valued Opinions. They make it clear that they only reward via e-gift cards and vouchers from brands. Everything from Macy’s gift cards, food, and drink vouchers as well as free cinema tickets are available for redemption here.

It doesn’t seem like Valued Opinions would go in the business of cash rewards any time soon.

Perhaps the way they make up for this would be offering an extremely low payout threshold for surveys, which can pay up to $4 or $5 each! This means you can redeem your reward as early as 3 or 4 surveys in. How cool is that?

11. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research

Rewards: PayPal cash or check
Minimum to cash out: $3
Average rate/survey: $1-$5

Pinecone Research is a little different from the rest because of one major factor; it’s exclusivity. This paid online survey allows you to make money fast – but with one catch! You have to be invited to join their platform.

Now, note that they don’t extend the invite from links on their website. However, you’ll find the signup links by doing a quick Google search of “Pinecone Research sign up” or just by clicking right here.

Fair warning though – when we say exclusive, we mean it! Pinecone Research keeps their pool of participants very limited and to a certain demographic (although no one really can tell what it is). The best way to find out is to try your luck and apply because getting in would mean amazing deals and high-paying surveys.

12. YouGov


Rewards: PayPal cash or e-gift cards
Minimum to cash out: $50 or 5,000 points
Average rate/survey: 400 points.  

YouGov brands themselves as your “not-so-typical survey site” – and asks for your opinion on social issues, political affairs and other human interest stories where your take counts.

The average survey on YouGov takes around 15-30 minutes that reward anywhere from 400 to 800 points. They also immediately hand you 100 points upon sign up! Referral deals are also decent. YouGov gives you 200 points for every 6 surveys completed by each and every referred member. 

Upon creating your account, you’ll also have access to really cool articles, case studies, and survey results by members of YouGov. This can come in handy for research purposes!

13. OnePoll


Rewards: PayPal cash
Minimum to cash out: $50
Average rate/survey: $0.25-$5

OnePoll is notorious for its shorter, sweeter surveys. Definitely something you’d want to get with if you want to make money fast with whatever intervals of time you have!

Another cool feature of the platform is its mobile app – perfect for taking surveys on the go. The signup bonus is priced at a cool $5, and since their surveys are usually super short and simple; making it way faster to reach their somewhat high $50 payout threshold.

14. Prolific Academic


Rewards: PayPal cash
Minimum to cash out: $7
Average rate/survey: $1.25

Prolific Academic is one of the top faves when it comes to online surveys. Even Survey Police ranks them a strong 4-stars!

With probably one of the highest rewards amongst any other survey sites, Prolific Academic still reigns supreme with low payout thresholds (around $7 or £5) and a wide range of surveys that are almost consistently available. Most surveys start from $1.25 – although 45-minute surveys can dish out more than $10!

One feature that we found pretty cool about Prolific Academic would have to be its option to earn money for charity. Probably not something you would expect from a paid online survey site (as the main goal is to make money for yourself) but a noble move nonetheless. After all, it would maybe make sense for those wanting to give back in some way – without actually shelling out their money.

15. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys

Rewards: PayPal cash and gift cards
Minimum to cash out: $10 or 1000 points
Average rate/survey: 100 points or $1

Branded Surveys (formerly Mintvine) has a diverse selection of offers that we love. You can start with the usual paid surveys, then slowly move on to daily polls and partner-website surveys that bring in big rewards too.

On average, the active Branded Surveys user gets around 2 or 3 surveys delivered straight to their email. This would earn you roughly 300-600 points a day, which can then be accumulated to reach the already low payout threshold. Score!  

Branded Surveys also reward their participants with membership rewards. As you climb the ranks, there’s a possibility to earn bronze, silver, and gold labels that would churn out better daily rewards for you; a pretty creative way to ensure active members, if you ask us.

16. Crowdology


Rewards: PayPal cash and gift cards
Minimum to cash out: $8
Average rate/survey: $0.50 – $10 (depending on the length of survey)

Crowdology isn’t the first name that would pop up when considering paid online survey sites – but it’s doing splendid work to get there! Their website is easy to navigate and dishes out cash instead of using a point system.

On average, five-minute surveys would get you anywhere from $0.50 and above. Longer ones, on the other hand, can rake in up to $10. Crowdology is a fantastic platform to be on – especially if you have experience giving feedback to website design and interface.

Be careful, though. You want to get on their surveys quick! A lot of Crowdology’s paid surveys have an expiration date, which would mean missing out on serious rewards.

17. Zoombucks


Rewards: PayPal cash and gift cards
Minimum to cash out: $3 or 3,000 points
Average rate/survey: $1 or $1,000 points.

Zoombucks is the younger, hipper and much more trendy kid on the block as far as paid survey sites go. They currently have over 150+ payout options that include Steam vouchers, Xbox gift cards, and many, many more.

There are three ways to earn on Zoombucks. The run-of-the-mill online surveys, watching videos (you can run it in the background while you’re occupied with something else!) and completing offers such as completing a free trial, downloading apps, etc.

They’ve also got a really low payout threshold and amazing processing periods. Most participants receive their PayPal cash 24-48 hours from withdrawal!

18. MindsPay


Rewards: PayPal cash only
Minimum to cash out: $50
Average rate/survey: $3 – $25

Although MindsPay offers “product and services testing” – it borders on more of a cashback/purchase testing fusion services that also lets you earn from answering surveys and reading emails.

It’s a great option to visit if something on their list of products + services was one that you already wanted to buy. MindsPay would compensate you anywhere up to $50 for your valuable feedback with your purchase – and you can cash out quickly via PayPal.

MindsPay issues all compensation regularly on the 1st and 15th of each month.

19. SurveySavvy


Rewards: Via check in USD
Minimum to cash out: $1
Average rate/survey: $2 – $15.  

SurveySavvy has managed to garner a devoted following of participants since 1999 – and people can’t seem to get enough of them. GetPaidSurveys (a paid online survey aggregator) gives them a solid 4-star rating and 9/10 average in terms of all features!

You’ll never have to worry about your stream of surveys drying out. SurveySavvy is extremely frequent with their stuff – and compensation isn’t half as bad either. Expect $2 surveys on the regular here.

Notice their crazy low payout threshold? Yeah, so did we; and we love it.  

20. ParentSpeak


Rewards: Via check in USD or coupons
Minimum to cash out: $10
Average rate/survey: $1-$20

If you’re a new parent looking to earning a little loose cash on the side; don’t miss out on ParentSpeak. As you could probably tell from the name, ParentSpeak is catered solely to gauge feedback and opinions from parents regarding several issues surrounding said lifestyle.

If you’re already familiar with the basics of survey completion – ParentSpeak should be pretty easy to navigate. Besides offering regular surveys, they also have a “community” feature that allows you to exchange ideas and engage in discussions with other active members on the site.

All in all, we love how easy ParentSpeak is to use. Each survey pays pretty well too (most of them are around $1), and you usually receive checks in the mail after 5 business days from cash out.

21. Global Test Market

Global Test Market

Rewards: PayPal cash and gift cards
Minimum to cash out: $50 or 1100 points
Average rate/survey: 10 to 100 points

Global Test Market is revered for always having a ready stream of paid online surveys coming in each week. Shorter 2-minute surveys can earn you anywhere from 10 to 30 MarketPoints (their point reward system); while longer ones can give you up to 100.

Besides the usual suspects of PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards, Global Test Market also allows you to redeem your points for charity. Yeap – similar to Prolific Academic!

Check out Nerd Wallet’s very own in-depth review of the site if you need more details.

22. PointClub


Rewards: PayPal cash and gift cards
Minimum to cash out: $25 or 25,000 points
Average rate/survey: 500 to 5,000 points ($0.50 to $5)

Last but certainly not least, PointClub is the latest addition to the online survey game – and they’re already one of our favorites.

PointClub lets you decide pretty early on the types of rewards you’d prefer receiving, and tailors all of their surveys to help you achieve your goal in the shortest amount of time. An added bonus of being a registered member also consists of its fantastic daily rewards giveaway of 10,000 points a day. That’s like earning a clean $10/day if you qualify!

All PointClub rewards are received 72 hours from withdrawal. You can take a look at all of their customer testimonials right here.

That about sums it up! To reiterate, filling up paid online surveys is not exactly a substitute for an actual job – but you would benefit significantly from being ultimately patient even if you’re making an extra $5/day for 28 days a month.

Total that up, and you’d find yourself with an extra $140/month lying around. You’re more than welcome to channel that into finishing up your student loan or even repaying debts much more effectively to reduce the outrageous interests you’re racking up. Filling up these surveys can be done anywhere (since most of them have apps or are mobile optimized) – so it’s easy to start converting your free time to solid cash!

22 Best Paid Online Survey Apps in 2023

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