Best Microphone for YouTube Videos (On A Budget) In 2022

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Selecting a good microphone for your YouTube videos can be hard, especially when you are restricted by a budget. There are a lot of nice and high-end options, but if you are a beginner in video making, you may not have a very flexible budget.

First of all, a good mic is critically essential for good videos. You cannot rely on the mics of your camera or smartphone at all. The sound would be low quality, not loud enough, and without adequate detail.

Visitors might tolerate a low-quality video, but they won’t bother staying long on your channel if your audio quality is not up to the mark.

You don’t need a very high-end microphone at all. A simple lavalier microphone under $50 can level up the audio quality of your YouTube videos. And there is no such thing as the best microphone for the YouTube video as overall. The choice of mic should solely depend on the type of content you are creating and the environment you are working in.

In this article, we will look at some of the best microphones for YouTube videos on a budget. We will also discuss the most common types of mics used for YouTube videos so you better have the idea which one should be used for creating content.

Let’s look at each option in detail.

Rode VideoMic GO: The Best Microphone for Outdoor Videos

Rode VideoMic

  • Lightweight Shotgun Mic
  • Easy to set up
  • Does not require any batteries

Shotgun mics are your best option for making videos with the microphone attached to the camera. Rode offers some of the best professional microphones to be used with a smartphone, DSL, or Digital cameras. Among the products in the lineup, the Rode VideoMic Go would be your best bet thanks to its low price and good performance.

This mic can be used for making documentaries, videos, vlogging, and also independent filmmakers. It’s a directional microphone which means it optimizes picking up sound signals right from the front where it is pointed and ignores the noise from sides. This results in significantly less background noise in the audio recording.

It’s easy to use a mic that can work with almost any external audio storage. All you need to do is to mount it on your camera, screw it down tightly, put one end of its cable in your camera, and you are ready to go. It has a shock mount on it, which means it can handle littles jolts and bumps easily.

The sound quality is good, but like all other directional shotgun mics, the sound is better and clear when closer to the mic. The VideoMic does not require any battery and works with the power of your camera. Being a lightweight mic, it does not make your shooting device heavy at all. It’s a pretty decent option in this line of microphones.

Blue Yeti USB Mic: Best Microphone for YouTube Videos Overall

Blue Yeti USB Mic

  • Multi-pattern Recording
  • Full Gain Control
  • Excellent for Studio Recordings

This one is probably the most expensive microphone in this list, but it is simply worth it.

This option is perfect for those YouTubers who shoot videos in a studio. The Blue Yeti is a sturdy USB microphone with a big structure. You may not find it suitable at all for carrying around and recording videos in the field.

So what’s so special in Blue Yeti? Well, it’s one of the best options for a USB microphone and comes with just a plug and play setup.

What makes Blue Yeti essential for any in-studio recordings is its multi-pattern voice recording modes. The versatile microphone allows you to record the voice in different modes to suit the nature of your work.

Four patterns for recording sound like a Stereo, Omni, Cardio, and Bidirectional pickup patterns helps you adjust mic settings if only you are the sole speaker, have guests by your side, or one to one conversation between two people.

The Yeti comes with a headphone jack in the bottom so you can monitor the sound real-time when recording. It’s a convenient option with all the buttons easily accessible once you get used to it.

Other than that, it allows full gain control, mute button, and several other features that make it a big boon for voice overs, gamers, studio recordings, or instructional videos.

Blue Snowball iCE: Best Budget Option for Studio Recordings

Blue Snowball iCE

  • Affordable Studio Mic
  • Clear sound Quality
  • Plug & Play setup

We have included another USB microphone for those who are little put off by the price of Blue Yeti.

The Snowball is another noteworthy microphone from Blue that deserves to be on this list. It’s a very affordable mic and the best bet in this range. The mic is popular among vloggers for studio recordings.

The microphone features custom condensed capsules for picking up sound. The result is crystal clear audio quality for your videos, voiceovers, live streaming, or any other type of recordings.

It comes with an easy plug and play setup. The mic is smaller than Yeti, but not very portable options for recording sound outside of the studio.

The mic has a cardioid pickup pattern that means it will pick up sound from the front and ignore the noise from sides or any other direction.

That makes it a good choice for solo recordings. But if you have people on your side, you should go for the Blue Yeti.

The Blue Snowball is available in different colors as well. It has a cool presence in your videos and has an aesthetic appeal as well.

The microphone comes with an easily adjustable stand that stays stable. It saves space and looks nice as well.

Deity V.Lav: Best Microphone with Convenience

Deity V.Lav

  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Versatile use

Deity V.lav is an affordable option in Lavalier mics. It’s a broadcast-quality omnidirectional mic that is good for making videos. It’s small, powerful, and easy to set up.

As it’s a Lavalier microphone, you can clip it on your shirt, or any other clothing. You can hide it as well if you don’t want the microphone to appear in your video.

V. Lav comes with a 5-meter long TRRS connector so you can easily connect it to the cameras, audio recorders, stereos, and smartphones. The length of the connector is both a good or bad point. It can go all the way conveniently even when you have a camera at a distance. The downside is that it can become messy and hard to manage.

V.LAV delivers clear sound quality. Like most of the lavalier mics, it features omnidirectional condenser capsules. That means it picks up sound from all sides.

The microphone is powered by two LR41 cell batteries. The batteries can work for about 8 hours straight. The batteries are only used when you connect the mic to a device to figure out what it is connected with. Once the V.Lav is connected to your camera, it uses the power from your device.

The package includes everything you need, like a windshield, foam, and pouch. It also comes with a one-year warranty. So, overall, it’s the best microphone for YouTube videos due to its portability and easy setup. Being an affordable option makes it more appealing as well.

TAKSTAR SGC-598: Best Affordable Microphone for YouTube Videos


  • Low Priced Microphone
  • 10dB gain control
  • Shock-resistant structure

If you are on a very tight budget and want a decent microphone, then this one’s for you. It’s a shotgun microphone that means you have to mount it on camera for leveling up the sound quality.

It’s a battery-powered microphone from Takstar that punches above its price point. A light indicator lets you know when the mic is on, and a handy feature is its alarming red light when you have a low battery. That is pretty convenient to know when your battery is low instead of the battery running out without you realizing it.

The mic offers 10dB gain control so you can increase the output level. It also provides a low cost switch so you can cut the rumbles or frequency noise while recording.

Its single-point heart-shaped pickup reduces the sound coming from the sides and helps you reduce the noise level.

Like all other mics, you have to be as close to the microphone as possible to get good results. It has a plastic construction and comes with a shock mount that works fine for most of the situations.

Overall, it’s not the best of the quality microphone, but its low price is its biggest plus. It’s a pretty decent deal in this price range.

Zoom H1n Portable Recorder: Best Recorder With Microphones

Zoom H1n Portable Recorder

  • Mobile mic
  • Sound enhancement options
  • Versatile use

Zoom H1n is perfect for a walk around, and you are in the field for interviewing people. It’s a portable recorder that you can simply stuff in your pocket.

The Zoom H1n is powered by a battery, so you don’t have to worry about any cables hanging around.

It has two microphones on the top facing each other. With two mics, you can pick up the sound if more than one person is recording like live interviews, one to one discussions.

It works really well for recording live music or a band playing. You can enhance the recording quality by attaching it with a lavalier microphone.

The recorder has a built-in stereo microphone for recording. The mic emphasizes the sound field that helps you record clear sound.

It gives a lot of options for enhancing the sound quality and controlling your audio records. You can see your audio levels as well.

It will save records directly in your SD or SDHC cards, and you can later sync the audio file to the video. It’s easy to handle, super convenient, and good for keeping with you just in case you have to record anything interesting. It’s a bit pricey; but the conveniences of the H1 make it well worth the price.

Types of Microphones Used for YouTube Videos

So, the choice of microphone depends largely on the type of content you make, whether you do recordings in-studio or go out in fields. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, you can easily choose the right microphone for your needs if you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

When deciding which microphone you should use, it’s also important to understand how different types of microphones work. Each one has its plus points, but they may not fit in your recording scenario. There is no best microphone overall for everything; it largely depends on what type of recording you do.

• USB Microphones

You may call them condenser microphones, XLR, or USB mics. These are sophisticated mics that provide great sound quality and easy setup.

These are for recording sound to any device storage or your PC. Usually, you need to plug in the cable in the system, and it’s ready to go. A good example of a USB mic is Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball.

XLR or USB mics are great to be used in a stationary studio when you are recording in a controlled environment with or without other participants. They are perfect for voice overs, gamers, singers, or any type of studio recordings.


The biggest disadvantage is their portability. These are not as mobile as a lavalier mic or some other microphones.

These are a bit pricey as well. Though you can get a USB mic like Snowball on a low budget, for something as versatile as Blue Yeti, you have to pay a little more.

Shotgun Microphones

These are on-camera mics. USB mics are great when you are in the studio but what about when you are shooting with a camera, that’s where shotgun mics come handy.

Shotgun microphones are very useful for both indoor and outdoor shootings. These are excellent when you don’t want to show the mic in the video.

Also, if the room is echoey or noisy in any way, it becomes easier with a shotgun mic to control that noise. As these are directional mics, so they pick up sound only where they are pointed at, ignoring sides.

These are versatile mics that you can connect with your smartphone or camera or even boom pole to be as near to the object as possible for clear and better sound recordings.


The biggest disadvantage is that you have to be as close to the mic as possible for the best output. The farther you are from the mic, the less effective your sound would be. Also, it allows less mobility unless you have a crew working for you who change the direction of the mic every time you move.

Lavalier Microphones

Shotguns mics are attached to the camera, but lavalier microphones can be clipped on your cloth. You can hide them conveniently under the shirt or a scarf if you don’t want the mic to appear in the video. Lavalier mics allow better mobility and are very convenient.

Although lavalier mics are omnidirectional mics, that means they pick up sound from all directions. They are a better choice for outdoor shootings where wind or other environmental factors may affect the quality of your sound.

These microphones should be placed near the mouth, so they record clear sound.  And you can move around as per your convenience without worrying about missing the mic.

Lavalier mics are very affordable, and you may even get easily within twenty to thirty dollars.


The biggest bummer of lavalier mics is that it is only for one person. If you are collaborating with someone or two or more people in the video, each one will need a mic for the same sound quality.

Final Words

A microphone is essential for making quality videos for YouTube. You cannot rely on your smartphone or your camera for decent audio quality, so investing in a standalone microphone is definitely worth it.

At the end of the day, your microphone of choice should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Suits the type of videos you are shooting
  • Gives the best sound quality
  • Above all fits in your budget

All options in our list of the best microphone for YouTube videos are carefully selected for your convenience. Make sure to choose one that suits your needs the most so that you get the most out of your dollar in terms of audio quality.

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