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If you have an iPhone, you probably don’t need a digital camera to record some stunning videos for a start. Whether you are a vlogger or use social media platforms for engaging with your live audience, an iPhone sure covers your basic needs for video recordings. However, to make the video perfect you still need an external microphone.

Even when you can record great videos from your iPhone, you cannot trust it for audio recording. You need to connect it with a microphone to boost your audio. Good audio for videos is as important as excellent picture quality.

The problem here is that you cannot connect any microphone with your iPhone. In the past, you could use the headphone jack of iPhones to connect with any microphone with a TRS cable. But the latest iPhones are not coming with a headphone jack anymore. Now for an iOS device, you need a microphone with a lightning connector or choose some intermediary connectors like a lightning dongle or an XLR to Lightning interface to connect with your iPhone.

In this article, we will look at all options that you can use with your iPhone. We have selected some iPhone microphones that you can use to upgrade your audio quality.

Best Microphone for iPhone

Shure MV88

  • It comes with a lightning connector
  • Metal construction
  • Features a cardioid and bidirectional mic

Shure MV88 is a certified iOS microphone that connects directly with your device using the lightning port.

The mic comes with the decent build quality. It has a metal construction. You are supposed to clip the mic on your iPhone, and you have your recording setup ready.

The clip that attaches the mic with your iPhone is very flexible. You can rotate it up to 90 degrees, and it can flip the sides as well.

The MV88 features both a cardioid and a bidirectional microphone that makes it an excellent option for recording interviews or solo performances. Shure offers a mobile app that is free to download and it gives you all mic control.

You can set up the mic for video or audio recording. The Shure App also allows you to record audio with multiple patterns or attune to different vocal settings to suit our recording needs.

It’s a decent option great for recording videos or interviews. Although, if you are going to use it as a directional mic, capturing audio from a direction may not perform well. The mic also comes with two years of warranty.

Zoom iQ7

  • Compact build
  • Excellent sound quality
  • On-mic control

Zoom iQ7 is another microphone that is designed for iOS devices and connects with a lightning connector. The mic comes with a compact and robust build. It is lightweight and small enough to be put in a pocket.

The iQ7 offers comprehensive control to ensure excellent sound quality. You can pivot it or rotate it to help you with the precise setting of the mic.

The iQ7 has two microphones. One is the directional mic which allows you to use it as a directional mic. The rotating stereo mics can input 90-120 degrees or use an MS mode. You can focus on one speaker, and it rejects the background noise well.

The mic offers you record recording that is excellent for stereo recording. It contains two microphones; a bidirectional one captures the stereo mic that captures the front’s audio.

It gives on-mic control. There is a dial switch to adjust the gain control. You can select from 0 to 10. Overall, the Zoom option if you are looking for a recorder for your iPhone.

Rode SC6-L

  • TRRS to Lightning interface
  • Headphone to monitor audio in real-time
  • A complete interview kit

This one is for those looking for an iOS microphone that needs to record two different audio sources, like an interview. Rode microphones are a class apart for vloggers and podcasters, and this SC6-L allows you to use any mic with your iPhone.

It’s a lightning port connector that can connect two microphones at a time with your iPhone for recording audio. There is a headphone jack with mic ports that allows you to monitor the audio while recording in real-time.

You can use any lavalier mic or other mic with TRS inputs and connect it with the interface for connecting with your iPhone. Here’s a list of lavalier mics that you can use with your iPhone.

When you have the headphone connected, it allows you to set the gain setting through your iPhone’s gain button. It also allows you to combine or separate the channels of recording depending on your preferences.

The SC6-L offers good control with its Rode app that allows you to save files in different formats and provide some other setting options.

Overall, it’s a great option for an interview setup when you want to connect two mics with your phone at a time. 

Rode VideoMic Me

  • Shotgun mic for iOS devices
  • Sturdy build
  • Features a cardioid microphone

Rode has another excellent option for you if you need a shotgun mic for recording vlogs or podcasts from your iPhone. Rode VideoMic Me.

The Rode VideoMic Me is a directional mic designed to be used for iOS devices and other smartphones. The mic can be connected with a headphone jack and you can use it for older iPhones. With that said, if you’re using an iPhone newer than the iPhone 7, you’re going to need a dongle. While that’s definitely a hassle, we think picking up a cheap dongle to access is well worth it given the performance it offers for the price.

The Rode VideoMic has a sturdy plastic and metal construction. Its rugged build is great for everyday use.

The sound quality of this microphone is also fantastic. It features a cardioid microphone, and its shotgun build makes it good when you need to capture audio from a direction. That makes it a great option if you are a solo podcaster or a vlogger. The mic comes with a windshield that makes it easy to record audio in windy situations.Overall it’s a budget-friendly option for iPhone users who need a directional mic that can reliably capture great audio quality.


  • Premium quality microphone
  • High onboard fidelity
  • Built-in high pass filter
  • High-quality stereo recording

If you’re looking for the ultimate microphone for your iPhone, and can afford to splurge, look no further than the IXYL. This one is a premium quality cardioid microphone for iPhone users. The microphone provides high onboard fidelity, and its 24-bit audio sounds rich, smooth, and clear.

The IXY uses two ½” condenser microphones. With their 90 degrees alignment, it gives a true-to-life stereo recording. It also has a built-in high pass filter that makes your audio clear and

The microphone is available in both lightning and 30-pin versions that support earlier versions of the iPhone.

Overall, the IXYL is a premium option for those looking for the best of the best in terms of iPhone microphones. It comes in a very strong and durable carrying case. Its case is easy to carry and also keeps your expensive mics safe.


  • Cheap microphone
  • High fidelity digital signals
  • Rejects unwanted noise

The Boya DM200 is for beginners or hobbyists who have a low budget and want to enhance their audio while recording from their iPhone.

The Boya DM200 gives reasonably high fidelity digital signals. The mic supports almost all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, or iPods.

The microphone features two cardioid capsules with a unidirectional polar pattern. The twin capsules pick up crystal clear audio and reject the unwanted noise pretty well due to its shotgun shape.

Overall, it’s a good option for this budget. The mic comes in a kit form with multiple useful accessories like a windshield, windscreen, and carrying case. The mic is also backed with Boya’s one-year warranty.

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast

  • Ultra-compact sound recorder
  • Crystal clear audio recording
  • Adjustable input sensitivity
  • Good for instrument recording

The iRig Mic Cast is an ultra-compact sound recorder perfect for recording interviews, podcasts, lectures, and other audio recordings. It’s also one of the cheapest options in this list, which makes it a great option for those who don’t want to spend that much on an external iPhone microphone. 

The pocket-size recorder offers decent audio quality, especially when you consider its price. It features a unidirectional mic that cancels the background noise well. Its cardioid polar pattern makes it a good fit for solo recordings.

The sound recorder gives a flat frequency response that gives natural sound. It also allows adjustable sensitivity output. You can adjust its input sensitivity and it can record loud audios pretty well. The mic is good for field recordings, and it can also be used for instrument recordings.

Overall, it’s a great budget microphone that only works only with the older iPhones with the headphone jack as Apple has removed the headphone jacks, so it can’t be connected with the new iPhone models without a dongle.

Movo Smartphone Video Rig

  • Video kit for both iPhone and android
  • Smart handheld grip
  • Features a shotgun mic
  • Adjustable polar pattern

This Movo smartphone Video Rig is a useful video kit that includes a microphone as well. The kit is designed for iOS and Android devices and allows you to record with your iPhone conveniently. However, you will need a Lightning Dongle to connect the microphone to new iPhones.

It’s a useful combination that includes a handheld smart grip for holding the phone in an optimal position and improving your audio quality at the same time. 

Its universal design fits 2.2-3.6″ wide smartphones, including iPhone 7 Plus. It comes with a secure clamping mount. Its microphone fits perfectly with its built-in spirit level and a removable padded grip.

The kit comes with a shotgun microphone that works as a directional mic picking up audio right where it is directed, ignoring the sides or background. It’s an X/Y stereo microphone with adjustable polar patterns. You can set the microphone to 900 to 1200, depending on your needs. The kit includes a windshield for filming out in the field.

Rode i-XLR

  • Digital interface to connect XLR mics with iPhone
  • Headphone jack for monitoring audio
  • Allows any XLR mic to be used with iPhone

This one is not an iPhone microphone, but it is a useful device if you have a great XLR mic that you’d like to connect directly to your iPhone. 

The device is compatible with all dynamic and self-powered mics. With this interface, you can connect any XLR mic with your iPhone.

The i-XLR connects your iPhone with an XLR microphone through a lightning wire. It also features a trimmable headphone jack for monitoring the audio with zero latency.

Overall, it’s a great way to use an XLR mic with your iPhone. It’s a one-time investment that allows you to use any XLR microphone with your smartphone.

Buying Guide of iPhone Microphone

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting an iPhone Microphone.

Type of Microphone

Choose the type of microphone that suits your recording setup. Different microphones fit in different recording applications. For smartphone recording, you can choose from the following options:

Lavalier Mics

Lavalier mics are very popular for iPhone users. It can be discreetly clipped on your apparel and stay unnoticeable. These are affordable mics and gives and available at a low price as well. As the mic is very close to the subject, it immediately boosts your audio without much fuss.

Clip-on Microphones

These are specifically designed to be used for the smartphone. You can clip these mics with your smartphone, and it records the audio conveniently. They can be available as a shotgun microphone if you want to capture the audience from one side.

Stereo Mic

Stereo mics allow you to capture more realistic and lifelike audio. It consists of two capsules that are arranged on both sides of the mic. These can be perfect for recording an overall ambiance and also great for recording interviews. These mics are great for recording musical instruments.

Polar Pattern

It depends on the type of content you want to create with your iPhone. If you have a solo speaker, a cardioid pattern or a shotgun microphone is suitable. It picks up the audio from the front and rejects the background noise or sound from the sides.

An omnidirectional microphone picks up audio from all around. It’s a suitable option when you want to capture the audio from all sides.

Frequency Response

No matter if you are recording solo videos, music, or interviews, a natural frequency response is preferable that gives lifelike audio to your videos.


The best part of a recording with your iPhone is that you can use it anywhere. So you need a microphone that is durable to handle daily wear and tear. It should have a rugged build to last long and handle all the abuse of working in the field.


You can connect any XLR mic with your iPhone with Rode i-XLR interface, but it won’t be too easy to carry along. So for iPhone users, the mic should be portable and easy to carry.

Sound Quality

Sound quality depends on the type of microphone and your budget. You cannot expect a microphone costing under $50 to work as an expensive mic. But it will sure give an upgrade to your audio. So if you need more professional audio with lots of clarity and detail, then invest in a high-quality microphone. For hobbyists, a simple lavalier mic would enhance your audio quality.

Final Words

iPhones these days are coming with stunning camera results. You can utilize these cameras for creating good quality videos for different social media platforms.

However, even with a great video, you cannot rely on the iPhone for the audio. With a dedicated microphone, you can easily see huge improvements in your audio quality when recording from your iPhone.

iPhone microphones are relatively inexpensive, and shooting right from your iPhone is now more feasible than ever thanks to the great audio you can get from these options. For anyone looking to start producing videos for social media, this is a great investment that allows you to make high quality content right from your iPhone.

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