Best Headset for Conference Calls In 2023

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Most of us are working from home under not very favorable conditions. The children’s noise in the background or other household clutter makes it impossible to take conference calls. What you need is the best headset for conference calls to have smooth communication with your team.

Although there are many headsets available in the market, even at a very cheap price, when you are looking for a pair of headphones for professional communication, you should invest in a good one. Even when you have the top quality web software to communicate, it is not much use without a good headset.

In this article, we will look at some of the best headsets for conference calls. These are professional headsets that are designed to let you communicate smoothly under noisy conditions. What makes them different from any other cheap headset is their ability to cancel the noise so that the other people online can only hear you clearly without any distraction.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

  • Offers ten levels of noise cancellation
  • Six internal microphones to cancel noise
  • Easy to control
  • Titled design of ear cups give a comfortable fit

This one is a premium option from Bose. It’s a wireless headphone set and provides an unrivaled microphone system to help you have a smooth conversation without any distracting noise.

The Bose Headphone is a powerful noise-canceling headphone and has ten levels of noise cancelation. It has six internal mics that cancel the noise from all around you. Four more mics combine to improve the clarity of audio. It’s a highly recommended headphone for professional conference calls due to its crisp and detailed sound. Not only can you hear better, but it isolates your speech and suppresses the disruption around you from your surroundings. All of it happens in real-time, and the headphones effortlessly adapt as you move.

The volume also remains in your control. The headphone comes with intuitive touch control on ear cups that allow you to give easy access to voice assistant services like Alexa and Google Assistance. You can stay connected without reaching for your phone.

The headphone has a premium design, as we expect from such an expensive headset. It is lightweight and yet very secure. The headband is made of stainless steel, and a tilted design of ear cups gives a perfect fit.

The wireless headphone has long-lasting battery life. You can use it for up to 20 hours without needing a recharge.


  • Advance Bluetooth technology
  • Distortion-free audio delivery
  • 30 hours battery life

Here is another wireless headset from Sennheiser. It combines great audio quality with advanced Bluetooth technology.The headphone features an active noise cancellation with its closed black design. It sends a clear sound without any distortion.

The sound delivery through this headset is also superior. The high-quality wireless codec support delivers deep dynamic bass. The included AptX technology has no latency, and the action is perfectly synced when watching videos.

The headphone comes with extended battery life. It can be used for up to 30 hours. It takes little time to recharge and uses USB charging. A voice assistant button is also provided for Siri and Google Assistance.

Sennheiser also provides a smart app that you can use to select different modes or trailer the sound to suit your experience. Overall, it’s a high-quality headphone set that comes at a very reasonable price.

Plantronics – Voyager Focus UC with Charge Stand

  • Active noise cancellation system
  • 12 hour talk time
  • Features a wireless range up to 98 feet
  • Triple mic with DSP gives clear and detailed audio

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC is designed to be used with both mobile phones and computers. The headset connects through a USB cable to both Mac and PC and is compatible with Microsoft teams and all other collaborations.

Professionals can use it in a very distracting environment. It features active noise canceling that focuses on the caller and rejects the noise coming from the sides. It uses three noise-canceling microphones that let the other person on line hear only the speaker’s audio.

As it’s a wireless headset, you can move about as much as you like. It comes with a battery life of up to 12 hours of talk time and 15 hours of listening.

The wireless headset has a roaming range of up to 98 feet with adaptive power. It also features a mute button that lets you turn off the volume in between calls.

Plantronics also offers a hub app that lets the user customize their headset settings. You can not only check the battery but change language, find a headset or customize your ring settings as well.

Overall, Plantronics headsets offer plenty of useful features. Its triple-mic with DSP ensures that your voice remains crisp, clear, and natural.

Sennheiser SDW 5066 (507024)

  • Radeon Vega GPU
  • Super slim bezels
  • Ryzen Pro processor

The Lenovo ThinkPad T495s is another great option for photo editing. The laptop features AMD’s 2nd Generation Ryzen Pro processor, which offers superior performance than its Intel counterpart. The Radeon Vega GPU that comes with this laptop also packs a punch on the graphics end.

You can also take your workhorse along with you easily with its 2.8lbs weight. The display is no less stunning as well. It comes with a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 and goes up to 400-nits in brightness. The display also features an anti-glare technique as well.

On top of that, the screen also has super-slim bezels to make your display seem wider, giving you more screen real estate in a compact size.

The laptop has a sturdy build. It features a matte black chassis that looks a bit traditional but feels very secure. It also boasts up to 16 hours of battery life, which is more than enough for most people. However, the battery life depends on the usage and type of application or media you are running on your system.

Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Delivers great audio
  • Larger earpads are ergonomically designed
  • Portable design makes it easy to carry

Here are other industry-leading noise-canceling headphones from Sony. The careful design lets you hear every word loud and clear.

With its proprietary HD noise-canceling processor, it dramatically improves sound quality.

The headphones have a very carefully designed structure that is comfortable enough to be worn all day. Its soft pressure-relieving earpads are larger and ergonomically designed to fit on your ear. The lighter weight also makes them comfortable for all-day use.

The best thing about these headphones is that they are very portable and easy to carry. They have a swivel and folding structure that makes them fit in any pocket or handbag conveniently.

The wireless headphones allow you to take calls hands-free and easily move around while taking calls. It also has built-in Alexa that lets you have voice access to music or any information hands-free.

The headset comes with extended battery life. You can use it nonstop for up to 30 hours, and it takes no more than 10 minutes to be used for the next five hours.

It features smart sensors that automatically detects your activity and balances the noise cancellation to suit your activity. Sony also offers an App for mobile users to adjust the volume control or sound settings.

It also offers a touch control to take calls, activate voice assistance, or select the music tracks.

Overall, it’s a high-quality headphone perfect for taking conference calls. The industry-leading ANC provides digital noise cancellation for giving a virtually soundproof experience.

Jabra Evolve2 65 MS Wireless Headphones

  • Three microphones for noise cancellation
  • Ear cups are naturally contoured for a comfortable fit
  • Specially designed to block noise

Jabra Evolve 2 is a headset with a UC-certified headset with more than 37 hours of battery life. The headphones are powered by the most advanced chipset that sets new standards for professional headsets.

It allows you to take calls seamlessly, and three strategically placed microphones filter more than 23% of the noise.

The headphone features bigger speakers for delivering amazing audio quality. These are 40mm leak tolerant speakers that give outstanding audio. The specially made design blocks the noise from all around and cancels up to 48% of the noise.

The advanced digital chipset, bigger speakers, and the latest AAC code give rich and high definition sound.

The Evolove2 65 provides long battery life on a single charge. Only 15 minutes of charging gives you 8 hours of use, so you are never short of power.

The structure of headphones is made to ensure your comfort and luxury. It is made of premium quality material that is light in weight and is further cushioned with memory foam for your comfort.

The ear cups naturally contour to fit on your ears perfectly and stay comfortable all day.

Overall, it’s a high-quality headset available at a very reasonable price.

Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds

  • Pair of wireless earbuds
  • Features Sony’s noise cancellation technology
  • Simple touch control

This one is another great option from Sony that provides Wireless freedom with these earbuds.

These earbuds are perfect for joining conference calls. It comes with industry-leading noise cancellation technology. The audio you hear is clear,z, and features additional microphones that isolate your sound when taking calls.

The earbuds feature Sony’s proprietary HD noise-canceling processor that processes the audio with 24bit that dramatically improves the sound quality of whatever you choose to listen to.

The earbuds are easy to charge and provide enough power to last the day. On a single charge, you will get up to 6 hours of battery life.

These are smart earbuds that have Amazon Alexa that gives you hands-free access to music or any information.

They provide simple touch control; you can tap the earbuds to change the track or make calls. You can place your hand on the left earbud and turn the volume down or deactivate the noise cancellation.

Overall, these are great for those who don’t like to wear headphones.

Buying Guide of Headset for Conference Calls

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting a headset for conference calls.

A Comfortable Fit

It should fit on your head comfortably. The headset’s design should be lightweight, and especially its ear cup should be padded and ergonomically designed so that it fits on your ear easily.

Look for the headset with a sensitivity rating of up to 110 dB to protect your ears from damaging loud noise.

Audio Quality

To make smooth communication, make sure you choose a headset that delivers high-quality audio. For professional quality audio, look for a noise cancellation headset. These headsets use technology to block out the distracting background noise. It is especially useful these days when the whole family is at home, and you have too much going on in the background.

Wired or Wireless Headset

Almost all of the options in our list are wireless. Wired headsets are cheap, but they restrict your movements. A wireless set allows you to move around while talking on the phone.


A great advantage of having a wireless headset is that it can be connected to multiple devices. Look for the headset that offers two-three connectivity options so that you can use it with your desktop system and mobile phone at the same time.

Battery Life

That depends on how much time you spend on calls. If you have to use headphones on calls for a long time, look for a good headset with long battery life so that you can use it all day without needing a recharge.

Final Words

A set of good headphones is essential for great communication. It should cancel all the background noise and help you professionally communicate with your team members. Having a padded and comfortable set of headphones also makes it easy to use. All options in our list of the best headset for conference calls are chosen due to their battery life and noise cancellation. Make sure you choose one that fits your budget.

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