Best Green Screens for Streaming in 2023

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If you want to stand out among many successful streamers out there, you need a professional look for your stream. Not all of us can afford a finished studio for recording YouTube videos or live streaming. But you need not worry as all you need is a green screen to be placed right behind you while streaming and you can edit it later with any background of your choice. The idea is to separate the background from the foreground so that it is easy to edit later.

Live streaming is an excellent way to engage with your audience. In this article, we will look at some of the best green screens for streaming. You cannot buy just any green fabric for the best effects. Here is our list of the best green screens in the market.

Before we begin, we have another guide that covers the best equipment for streaming as well, if you’re interested in other streaming gear.

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Without further ado, let’s now review each option in detail.

1. Neewer Chromakey Green

Neewer Chromakey Green

  • Collapsible screen
  • Premium quality backdrop
  • Durable metal frame

The Neewer Chromakey screens are excellent for outdoor or studio shootings. You can replace the screen later and edit it with your favorite background. This one has double sides, one side blue, and the other one is green. The screen is collapsible, and you can easily carry it along or store the screen in a carrying bag.

The green screen is made of premium quality muslin fabric that is durable. The fabric does not reflect light, which is very important for the quality of your videos.

The green screen is easy to set-up. It takes a few seconds to set this thing up. You can reverse the sides for a different color very easily.

The chroma key screen is sewn nicely into a durable metal frame. It is already stretched so you won’t find any seams that may ruin your background. The cold tone of color ensures a perfect background set-up.

The background green screen can be folded easily, making it a portable option. Overall, it’s a good quality option that is designed for serious professionals. It’s just not a piece of fabric but comes equipped with everything that you need for live streaming and video recordings.

2. Emart Photo Video Studio

Emart Photo Video Studio

  • Non-reflective fabric
  • Foldable screen
  • Comes with easy to carry bag

Here is another premium green screen for professionals. The Emart screen is designed to be used by photographers and videographers to help them change their backgrounds as they need it.

It’s a complete stand that comes with everything you need for the set-up. The green fabric is made of 100% cotton material that is safe and durable. The screen has great chromakey compatibility. The screen fabric is opaque as compared to polyester that gives off a shine. It makes editing easy and enables you to separate the background without any black edges. The screen is large enough to easily cover your entire stream background.

The green screen comes with an easy to set-up stand. The width of the frame is adjustable and allows you to extend or shorten it to four points. The stand holds muslin crease-free.

The screen is foldable and becomes very portable with its bag. The premium quality nylon bag is perfect for storage as well. Overall, it’s one of the best options that come with all the accessories that you need for a green screen background set-up.

3. LimoStudio Chromakey Green Screen

LimoStudio Chromakey Green Screen

  • Comes with a mounting stand
  • Adjustable metal frame
  • 20ft background screen

This one is a complete chromakey green screen kit for streamers. It gives a professional look to your studio. The green screen comes with a standard mounting stand.

The mounting stand is made of sturdy metal material and has adjustable heights. The easy to adjust interlocking system is easy to operate and ensures a secure and stable hold. The rods keep the green screen well-erected eliminating any creases. The 20ft background screen suits all your needs.

The kit includes a light holder and a light stand for providing the perfect light for, and a lightning umbrella as well. Overall, it’s a complete studio kit for the background that covers all your needs. The price is slightly expensive, but presents a good value for money considering what you’re getting.

4. Fotodiox 2-in-1 Background

Fotodiox 2-in-1 Background

  • Comes with two colored screen
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to carry along

This one is another two-in-one chromakey panel kit that provides two-color chromakey screens to suit your different needs. It includes both blue and green screens for providing a perfect background set-up.

The two-colored screen is very useful for streamers and content creators. The green one is recommended in the daytime when the light is bright. The blue side works well in nighttime shootings. The dull-colored blue needs more lighting.

The chromakey screens are easy to set-up. These are collapsible screens that just pop up when you want to use them. The screens are easy to set with their support stand. The screens can be folded down to 30×30 inches screen that is easy to carry in a bag.

Overall, this one is a good quality green screen with two colors. The included stand makes the set-up easy. The foldable screens are easy to carry and make this option very portable.

5. Westcott Wrinkle-Resistant X-Drop Backdrop

Westcott Wrinkle-Resistant X-Drop Backdrop

  • Mobile kit
  • Fixed in a telescopic stand
  • The screen folds back easily

This one is a portable set of chromakey green screens for those who have a mobile set-up for recording videos or live streaming.

The 5×7″ green screen is enough for recording any scene. The green screen is easy to set-up. You don’t need to worry about wrinkles or loose fabric with creases. The screen is fixed in a stand that stands on telescopic legs. You can move the screen without much hassle. The green fabric is fixed inside the stand with grommets that keep it well taught and crease-free along top and bottom.

The chromakey green screen is wide enough to suit all the basic needs of streamers. But you can extend the green fabric as per your needs.

The backdrop screen is washable so you can keep the fabric clean and stain free. The tough fabric folds back easily. It’s one of the lightest weighted kits in the market and seems perfect for traveling.

6. Fancierstudio Green Screen

Fancierstudio Green Screen

  • Adjustable stand
  • The three-legged support system of the tripod
  • Portable green screen set-up

Fancierstudio green screens are affordable and durable enough to last longer than you expect. It’s a complete kit with a 6×9″ green muslin backdrop. The fabric comes to the adjustable stand. The stand allows you to adjust the backdrop up to a minimum of 4.5ft.

The Fancierstudio green screen comes with a lightweight aluminum tripod. The tripod keeps the screen tight and stable. It has a three-leg support system that keeps the tripods erect and stable. The material is rust-free and made of premium quality.

The green screen kit is collapsible. You can easily fold the things and carry it along while on the go. The whole studio package is easy to set up and requires a few minutes. Its movability makes it an excellent option for both studios and any other location.

7. Julius Studio Chromakey Screen

Julius Studio Chromakey Screen

  • Easy to set-up chromakey screen
  • X-frame for supporting the green screen
  • The dull and non-reflective tone of backdrop

This one is another quality product for streamers and videographers. Julius Studio screens are collapsible, easy to carry, and very durable as well.

The chromakey screen rolls up and extends easily so you can store it easily when not in use. The best thing about this chromakey screen is that it collapses itself, forming an aluminum case that is easy to carry while traveling.

The chromakey screen is supported with an X-frame that keeps the green screen erect and wrinkle-resistant. The frame keeps the green backdrop secure to your desired height.

The chromakey has a simple set-up. When you open the case, it simply erects itself in the right position with a handle.

This chromakey green screen is a premium option. It comes with high-quality material that stays good for long. The durable material has a dull tone that does not give back any reflection that may cause trouble while editing. Overall, it’s one of the best choices for Twitch and YouTube users.

8. HYJ-INC Background Support Kit

HYJ-INC Background Support Kit

  • Offers three-color muslin backdrops
  • Heavy-duty spring clamps for screen
  • Easy to wash durable backdrop
  • The screen folds back easily

This is one of the best options for video and photographers. The green screen comes with a support stand, and the complete kit eliminates any need for buying accessories separately.

The kit includes a light stand, three muslin backdrops, a sturdy frame for erecting backdrop, two umbrellas, clamps for securing the backdrop, and a carrying bag as well. So it covers all your needs.

The kit has three muslin backdrops of different colors. The white, black, and green colored backdrops are perfect for different backgrounds, time, and location while streaming. The fabric is easy to wash and durable enough to last many years.

The heavy-duty spring clamps are used to hold the fabric on stand securely. The heavy clamps prevent any slippage. It resists any wrinkles that may cause trouble while editing videos.

The tripod stand used for holding the backdrop is made of heavy-duty metal. It can be adjustable to your required heights.

The backdrops, umbrellas, and even stand can be folded and tucked nicely into a carry bag. Overall, it’s a great option for photographers, live streamers, and content creators.

9. Andoer Photography Lighting Kit

Andoer Photography Lighting Kit

  • Comes with lighting accessories
  • Sturdy stand with adjustable height
  • Features a softbox with bulb sockets

For those who only need a chromakey green screen without a complete kit, this one is a great option. Andoer photography and lighting kits are very popular, but this green screen is sold separately.

The green screen comes in different sizes. You can choose the required length and width. The size of this one is 1.8m×6m that is enough for home studios, live streaming, or photography.

It features a highly saturated green color that is perfect for chroma keying. The screen is made of cotton material that is easy to wash and remains wrinkle-free for long. The green screen is supported with an aluminum alloy background stand that keeps the backdrop erect, providing a better shooting environment.

The kit caters to your needs for lighting as well. It offers a two pieces softbox with 4 in one bulb socket. The softbox also contains sockets for one bulb if you want to keep the light dim to avoid reflection. You can control the lights with these accessories.

Overall, it’s a good option for those who need professional-quality light and backdrop. It’s a bit pricey, but the quality of the video provides a good value for your money.

How Chromakey Green Screen is Useful for Live Streamers

A green screen is one of the most needed things if you want to stand out among other Twitch and YouTube streamers.

Technically, a green screen refers to a transparent background that you want to replace with your desired background. This allows great versatility in customizing your stream background.

This is especially useful if you cannot afford to build a studio for streaming or recording videos. The good thing is that you don’t have to do much. The green screen is even used in movies to change the background and add different effects to the scenes.

Green screen technology has made it easier for streamers to record practically anywhere small or big with a big screen behind. The green area in the background is easily edited and changed into any background you fancy. The screen simply eliminates the need to have a decent place to record the video. All you need is a good camera, mic, and green screen behind, and you can make your video as if shot in an expensive studio.

Here are some of the other benefits of having a chromakey set-up behind you.

  • It highlights the content creator, allowing the viewer to focus on the streamer
  • It allows you to save money from furnishing your space to look good
  • It allows your stream to look great no matter how messy your place or room is

Buying Guide of A Chromakey Green Screen

Here are a few things you should consider while buying a chromakey green screen.

• Color of the Screen

Both blue and green colored screens are used. You can even choose a red color. Any color is good for a green screen as long as it keeps your foreground separate. Whatever color it is, it should be non-reflective.

• Material

The choice of fabric is very important for choosing a non-reflective fabric. Different fabrics are used for chromakey green screens. Some are:

  • Muslin: Muslin is a good choice that is easy to wash and does not reflect light like polyester or plastic. It comes in dull tones and is the most common choice for green screens. Though it is not stretchable and may not be a great choice if you are to fold the screen many times for packing. The fabric can get wrinkles or creases that you can fix with an iron.
  • Spandex or Nylon: This fabric is stretchable and suitable if you have to move a lot with folded fabric. The material does not get wrinkles and is easy to fold and collapse. It has a nice stretch as well. Spandex or nylon is also more durable and won’t tear easily. The only problem with his material is that it may reflect light if not chosen wisely.

• Size

The size of chromakey green screens depends on individual needs. Some screens come with adjustable stands so you can reduce the height or width. You don’t need to buy a big screen if all you have to do is sit and talk. But if you record videos, you should invest in a bigger screen so you can extend it whenever you need to.

• Kit or Loose Fabric

Erecting a green screen tightly and keeping it wrinkle-free can be difficult without a proper kit. Chromakey green screens are not very costly. You can buy one under $50 easily. But without a proper stand, it is ineffective. So unless you already have a tripod stand and other accessories like clamps, we recommend investing in a proper kit. A complete kit may seem expensive, but it covers all your needs. You are all set for recording the videos. Buying all accessories separately will incur the same, probably more, cost than buying a complete kit.

• Accessories

If you are buying a complete kit of chromakey backdrop with the stand, make sure it includes everything you need. Some kits may have more things that you need, like LED lights, umbrellas, or other accessories. What you need on a very basic level are:

  • Stand: For holding the backdrop in a correct position. It should be heavy-duty and sturdy enough to hold the green screen tightly.

  • Light Stands: For a professional effect, good lights are important. Green screen kits come with light stands to hold the bulbs in a different position. In case you are interested in more information regarding lights while streaming, check out our complete guide here.
  • Carrying Bag: The collapsible green screen should fold back so you can carry it along easily. A good quality carrying bag is essential for those who are always on the go. Not only the fabric, but it should also be able to hold all other accessories as well.

Final Words

The green screen technique is a lifesaver for streamers. It gives your videos a professional look without spending much. The price of even a complete kit is affordable, and if you already have a stand, then the cost is minimum.

All options in our list of the best green screens for streamers are carefully chosen for your convenience. We have included both only screens and complete kits for your convenience. We chose Fancierstudio Green Screen as our best pick.

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