Best External Android Microphone for Podcasting in 2020

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If you are new in the world of podcasting and looking for different options to level up your audio quality, then external Android microphones are the best budget option. A simple digital external Android microphone can upgrade your sound quality at a very affordable price.

Smartphones these days can be used for so much more than making calls. For recording podcasts, these can play a vital role. The only problem is that the built-in microphone may not give you the audio quality you need for podcasting. That’s where external Android microphones come handy. They are simple to use, affordable, and portable as well.

In this article, we will look at some of the best external Android microphones for podcasting in 2020. A common choice among podcasters is a lavalier microphone. But you can get a condenser and shotgun microphone for that purpose as well. If you’re looking for those, we check out our guide on that to find the best options.

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In this guide, we’ll cover the best external android microphones instead.

Best External Android Microphone for Podcasting In 2020

Let’s look at each option in detail and see if it fits your requirements and budget.

Saramonic Mini SmartMic: Compact External Android Microphone

Saramonic Mini SmartMic

  • Cardioid microphone
  • Anti-interference function
  • Easy to set up
  • Good frequency range

This one is easy-to-afford a mini mic for Android phones. It is a cardioid microphone for your smartphone. The mic upgrades the audio quality better than the built-in microphone of your phone. The mic is made of aluminum and has a sturdy build. It’s a small microphone shaped like a shotgun mic.

The Saramonic microphone has an anti-interference function that provides clear sound for your podcasts and videos. It’s a lightweight mic with a multi-directional head. Being a directional mic, it picks up sound from all sides and gives you flexible recording options.

The mic can be connected with a 3.5mm audio jack. It offers a frequency range between 35 Hz-18 Hz, that is enough to catch all the nuances of your audio.

It comes with a removable foamy shield that helps you to reduce excess background noise. The mic can be used with all Android and iOS smartphones. Overall, it’s a great option within an affordable range.

AUFGELD Lavalier Microphone: Best Mics for Podcasters with Multiple Connections

AUFGELD Lavalier Microphone

  • Plenty of accessories
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Low priced microphone

This one is a small lavalier condenser microphone that offers great connectivity options. It can be connected with your PC, laptop, Android, iOS, DSLR camera, or any device with a 3.5 mm audio headphone jack.

AUFGELD Microphone levels up your audio quality like any professional mic. You can make use of it for podcasts, videos, live streaming, conference calls, and any other occasion with your smartphone or PC conveniently.

The microphone comes with all the necessary accessories. You get two windshields, a protective pouch, and two lapel chips that help to record podcasts or videos. It is attached to a sturdy metal clip. The grip is firm, but both the mic and clip are very small. It comes with extra clips as well.

Overall, it’s a cheap option with plenty of conveniences. It’s easy to use the system, and lightweight makes it an excellent choice from recording podcasts from anywhere conveniently.

Rode VideoMic: Overall Best External Android Microphone

Rode VideoMic

  • Shotgun microphone
  • Small and easy to set up
  • Good sound quality

Those who are looking for shotgun mics should consider this Rode VideoMic. It’s a mini shotgun microphone that can be conveniently used for podcasts or recording videos.

Being a shotgun mic, it’s a great option for recording audio from a targeting frame, unlike the non-directional microphone that picks up the sound from all around. You can use the mic in a variety of ways to level up your sound quality for videos, live streaming, or podcasts.

It’s a compact microphone that weighs very little. You can easily carry it around with you when out in the field. The microphone can be connected with the headphone TRRS of your smartphone.

You can make use of it for recording audio files or for making videos as well. The Rode Video Mic comes with a sturdy shock mount for easy recordings.

BOYA BY-M1DM: Best Lavalier Microphone for Podcasting


  • Cost-effective option
  • A pair of Lavalier microphones
  • Comes with a long cable

With this option, you get a pair of lavalier microphones for podcasts, videos, and live streaming. The microphones offer a range of connectivity options. With its 1.8″ stereo connectors, you can connect it with your smartphone, digital camera, DSLR, audio recorders, or PC.

The pair consists of two omnidirectional lavalier microphones. As it picks up the sound from all around, it’s a great option for interviews and presentations or any situation where you want to record the sound from surroundings.

The mics come with long cables so you may use it conveniently even if the subject is away at a comfortable distance from your smartphone or camera.

As you are getting a pair of microphones with this purchase, it’s excellent for interview sessions in your podcasts. Overall, it’s a good investment if you need a pair of Android lavalier microphones.

MAONO AU-303: Lavalier Microphone for Phones


  • Two lavalier mics
  • Great adaptability
  • Headphone splitter for one connection

Maono AU-303 is a professional microphone that can be used for studio recordings and interviews. The microphone offers great adaptability options.

It can be connected with DSLRs, camcorder, iPhone, smartphones, PC, MacBook, or any other device you have at your hand. You can use it for podcast recordings, videos, conferences, or live streaming.

It’s an omnidirectional microphone that picks up sound from all sides. It’s a very convenient option. You normally have one headphone jack on the smartphone. These are two lavalier microphones that are connected with a headphone splitter that enables you to connect both lavalier microphones with your smartphone.

These are extra long lapel mics that give you more flexibility. It can capture sound from a wide source.

The mics are easy to use and do not require any batteries to work. Simply connect the TRS cable into your headphone jack, and you are ready to go. The only downside we can mention is its long cable can be messy and difficult to manage at times.

Shure MV88: Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

Shure MV88

  • Features both cardioid and bidirectional capsule
  • Recording is controlled by an app
  • Comes with a Lightning Connector

This one is a stereo condenser microphone for those who want an external Android microphone. The mic comes as a complete video kit for professional YouTubers, podcasters, or anyone who wants to enhance their audio quality.

The condenser microphone is compatible with almost all Android and iOS phones. It comes with all the necessary wires for connecting with your system or smartphone. It brings along the lightning connector and USB-C cable for easy connection. You can make use of it for Android and iPhones conveniently.

Being a condenser microphone, this one is ideal for recording podcasts or other studio recordings like voice-overs or videos. It has a cardioid, and bi-directional capsule inside that provide great audio range and quality. The microphone phone provides a bit limited moveability as it can only be moved to 90 degrees. Another issue we noticed in this microphone is that you cannot charge it while using it.

You have to make sure it is fully charged before recording. All recording options are controlled by its app. With its easy setup and good performance, it’s a great option for those looking for a digital Android microphone for recording podcasts.

Ultimate Lavalier Microphone: Best External Android Microphone for Low-Budget

Ultimate Lavalier Microphone

  • Affordable price
  • Omnidirectional Mic
  • Comes in a protective case
  • Two windshields

This one is a very low priced lavalier microphone from Miracle Sound. It’s easy to set up the mic that you only need to connect with your microphone. It’s a very simple-to-use mic that can level up your sound game at a very low price.

The mic can be connected in almost all types of 3.5 mm TRS jacks. The good thing is that the same mic can be used with your iPhone or Windows system.

It’s an omnidirectional microphone that picks up the sound from all sides. It gives perfect audio recordings, even the slight movements surrounding you.

The lavalier mic comes with all the accessories. You would get it in a deluxe case. The wind muff and strong lapel clips make it a very convenient option for podcasters or videographers. The cord is also 59″; long enough to be used from a distance.

Overall it’s a small and easy to use lavalier mic with good sound quality. The price is also very reasonable that anyone can afford. It serves the purpose well.

Buying Guide for the Best External Android Microphone for Podcasting

Here are a few things that you should consider while selecting the best external microphone for podcasting.

• Compatibility

The microphone you are selecting should be compatible with your Android phone. Not all microphones support all phones. If you are using an older device, the mic may not support your phone. So, make sure you check the specifications and see if it supports your Android phone or not. Most of the options in our list of the best external microphone for podcasting supports both iPhones and Androids. But still, if you are using an iOS system, you need to double-check for compatibility.

• Headphone Jack or USB Connection

External microphones are connected with your Android device through either a headphone jack or a USB connection. You can connect the digital audio recorders or DSLRs through a TRS or TRRS adapter. Another type of microphone for Android phones are the wireless microphone that can be connected with your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection.

For the headphone jack, you need a jack plug with three rings on the plug. It provides four connections. The USB connection can be used with digital microphones. The good thing about them is that they save the audio not as analog but digital signals.

• Sound Quality

Sound quality is very important. If you are aiming to find a place in this competitive world of podcasts, you need professional audio quality. Condenser microphones provide the best sound quality, but they can be expensive. Lavalier microphones are cost-effective as well as easy to handle.

Also, you can get a pair of lavalier mics at a very reasonable price. Two mics help a lot for interviews or when you have a co-host.

• Type of Microphone

Choosing the type of microphone depends on what kind of audio recordings you need. For interviews or personal recordings, a simple lavalier microphone can do the job. However, condenser mics and shotgun microphones have their own advantages. They can be pricey but offer better sound quality if you can afford it.

• Frequency Response

The frequency range is the microphone’s ability to capture the range of sound. It also determines how sensitive the microphone is for picking up sound within that range.

• Accessories

Make sure the mic you are selecting comes with all the necessary accessories. It should come with connecting cables, and also cables should be long enough to meet your needs. You can expect a windshield, shock mount, cables, or pop filter with microphones.

Final Words

Android microphones are an excellent choice for beginners. You don’t need to buy expensive gear to start a podcast. You can level up the sound quality of your podcasts without a complicated setup or high price. All you need is your smartphone and this Android compatible microphone for phones, and you can start recording your podcasts from practically anywhere.

All options in our list of the best external Android microphones are carefully selected for your convenience. We choose the Rode VideoMic as the best all-round choice. Choosing between a condenser mic, lavalier mic, or a shotgun microphone should depend on your budget and what you intend to do with these microphones.

Want to learn how to start a podcast? Check out our podcasting for beginners guide to learn exactly how you can start a podcast from scratch.

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