Best Dynamic Microphones In 2023

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Dynamic microphones are excellent for both beginners and professionals. They are affordable and reject off-axis sound and help you achieve clear and professional quality audio without a treated studio.

Not to mention, they are easy to operate and do not involve any technicality at all. If you are wondering which one to buy for your setup, stay with to the end of this article. We’ll be going through some of the best options so that you can get the best dynamic microphone for your needs.

The choice of microphones in the market varies significantly. You can get one on almost any budget. So, we have included some low budget, midrange, and premium dynamic microphones to help you select the right choice for your needs. In case you are interested in microphones only for studio recording, check out our guide on that.

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Let’s review some of our selected options in detail.

Best Dynamic Microphones

Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500

  • Cheap dynamic microphone
  • Rugged build
  • Two stages of filtration system

For beginners, we have included this cheap microphone as they cannot pay the high prices of some other dynamic microphones in this list. The mic has a rugged build and excellent for taking out on different field trips for sound recording.

The Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 is an entry-level mic. Its cardioid pattern rejects the noise from the rear and sides. The noise handling is further ensured with its shock-mount.

The mic features a two-stage filtration system to reduce puffs and breathing noises. It offers a decent frequency response between 50Hz to 15Hz.

Considering its price, the frequency response seems justified. It also provides -70dB sensitivity that suspends the surrounding noise and reduces noise coloration.

Overall, it’s an entry-level dynamic microphone that provides decent features. It’s great if you are setting up your home studio and have a limited budget. The mic also works fine for enhancing audio at weddings, church ceremonies, functions, and school meetings.

Audio-Technica ATR2100x

  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with both USB and XLR outputs
  • Extended frequency response
  • Built-in headphone jack

If you are looking for a decent dynamic microphone at an affordable price, then consider the ATR2100x.

It’s a handheld dynamic microphone with both Digital USB-C and XLR outputs. You can either connect it with your system directly or choose an interface with an XLR cable.

The dynamic microphone features an extended frequency response that makes it an excellent choice for podcasting, studio recordings, voiceovers, outdoor use, and live performance.

The mic has a rugged build, and you can pack it in a bag conveniently for outdoor use. It also has a built-in headphone jack so you can monitor the audio recording in real-time.

The mic features a cardioid polar pattern that is directional and cuts off the surrounding noise.

It provides an excellent frequency response with its low mass diaphragm. The mic brings a decent quality tripod, and a clamp stands for setting this thing up. You get a decent set of cables, including USB Cables and an XLR cable. What you don’t get are a shock mount and pop filter, but we should keep in mind the low price of the mic.

Shure SM58-CN Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

  • Sturdy build
  • Enamel coated mesh grill
  • Features a pneumatic shock mount system

Shure has a decent range of dynamic mics for different uses. The SM58 is widely used for live performances. It’s a cardioid dynamic microphone that is engineered for versatile vocals.

The microphone comes with a sturdy build. The enamel-coated mesh grill keeps the mic safe from daily wear and tear.

The dynamic microphone provides a tailored response that enhances your lower notes, brightens up your midrange, and takes the shrill off your high notes. The mic controls the proximity effect and gives superior quality audio. Its uniform cardioid pattern rejects the off-axis noise.

The mic maintains the audio quality with its advanced pneumatic shock mount system. The system minimizes the mechanical noise or vibrations to affect your audio.

You don’t have to buy a pop filter with this dynamic microphone as it features a built-in pop filter that keeps your audio free of wind and breath effects.

The mic comes in a zipped storage bag. Overall, it’s a mid range microphone with multiple useful features. you can use it both indoors and outdoors with equal convenience.

Shure SM7B

  • Flat frequency response
  • Internal suspension system rejects coloration
  • Features a pop filter for explosives
  • Reduce proximity effects

Those who can afford a premium dynamic microphone should consider Shure SM7B. The microphone provides a flat frequency response that does not change your audio and transmit it with its natural quality. This one is not a broadcast-quality microphone. It suits live performances, singing, and instrument recordings as well.

The mic is designed to eliminate the electromagnetic hum, so you get better clarity and detailed sound. The mic is also optimized to reject the slight broadband noise to improve your sound quality. Its internal suspension system eliminates the mechanical sounds that you may hear with ordinary microphones.

The SM7B comes with a pop filter that protects the sound from breath effects. So with all these noise eliminations, the sound it transmits is clear even with close up vocals. The microphone comes with a windshield that smoothens your high notes and reduces the proximity effect.

This one also features a cardioid polar pattern and picks up audio where it is directed.

Overall, it’s a high-quality mic that provides excellent audio quality. The mic suits situations where you want to convey the natural sound without the slightest coloration or off-axis noise.

Sennheiser Pro Audio EW 100-835S

  • Complete wireless system
  • The transmitter works within 100 meter
  • Offers 20 channels
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

Here is another premium option for professionals who cannot compromise over audio. The Sennheiser EW 100-835S is a versatile, dynamic microphone for singers, live performers, instrument players, and presenters. It’s a wireless system that comes with both receiver and transmitter. The transmitter comes with a high range and works within a range of 100 meters.

The mic is engineered for transmitting high-quality natural sound. It has a rugged build, which works fine, considering it is made for live performances and may pass into many hands. The receiver offers up to 20 channels per frequency range.

The vocal set has state-of-art construction, as we expect from a mic costing above $500. The mic features high-quality Sehnhieser capsules for picking up sound. The aluminium body is light in weight and thus easy to handle. You get an integrated mute button so you can conveniently turn off the mic when you need to.

The E835 can handle the 154 dB SPL. The mic-head is engineered to handle high-pressure levels, so you can use it for recording high bass instruments as well.

The microphone provides a balanced frequency response that transmits the natural tone of audio. The cardioid pattern picks up audio from the front, but as it is designed for live performances, it can handle moving on and off-axis while performing and does not affect the quality of sound.

The E835 is a great option for singers, professional speakers, and live performers. The mic is expensive but offers great value for money.

Neumann-BCM 705-Dynamic Studio Microphone

  • Premium quality dynamic microphone
  • Sturdy build
  • Features hyper-cardioid polar pattern
  • Higher bass roll-off

This one is another premium option from Neumann. The mic is expensive, costing you almost $700, which means it’s a pro mic designed for professionals.

The mic comes with a sturdy build. It has an all-metal body, including the metal grill. It has a little bit of foam used inside of grills to reduce plosive sounds. The mic comes with a shock mount system installed, and you don’t have to buy one separately.

This mic comes with a hyper-cardioid polar pattern that makes it a very directional mic. The directional mic is extremely beneficial when you have other people in the studio or another host. The mic also eliminates the off-axis coloration, and you can expect a far better sound clarity than some of the other mics offer.

The mic gives a clear tone to your audio. It starts the bass roll-off higher than average and allows you to get closer to the mic without affecting the audio quality. The higher base roll-off won’t allow proximity effect to your audio. The roll off a bass that starts from 250-300 kHz allows you to get closer to the mic without having the proximity effect on your audio. That reduces the proximity effect and gives clear audio recordings.

Overall, it’s a premium option that suits podcasters, gamers, singers, live streamers, and all those who can use it right in front of their mouths while recording. It also suits vloggers who want to eliminate the environmental and mechanical sounds from their videos or audio. The mic gives excellent detailing to your audio.

Electro-Voice RE20

  • Broadcast quality audio
  • Feature variable D technology
  • Reduced proximity effect
  • Comes in a sturdy box

If you are looking for a decent quality dynamic microphone with broadcast-quality Electro-Voice RE20 is for you. The mic is very popular with podcasters due to the broadcast quality it renders to your audio. The mic is perfect for music production and can be used for instrument recording.

The mic has an all-steel body that makes it look very durable. You will get a high pass and low cut filters on the bottom of the voice to improve the audio quality. The mesh grill on sides has variable D technology that decreases the proximity effect from your audio rendering it better quality. It also features an internal pop filter that further clears your audio to eliminate the puff sounds from audio.

Overall, it’s a decent quality mic for podcasting and radio. The mic comes in a sturdy box that is easy to carry and keep your expensive mic safe. It comes with a pre-installed shock mount to keep the audio clean of desk taps and vibrations.

Telefunken M80

  • Designed for stage performances
  • All-metal body
  • Less proximity effect
  • Gives clarity of a condenser mic

The last one in our option is a dynamic microphone from Telefunken. The M80 is designed for stage performances. It’s a handheld dynamic microphone that works well for singing and live performances.

The mic has an all-metal body which gives a nice feel to your hand. The grill part is sturdy, and the mic has a substantial amount of weight to it. An interesting feature in its design is a flatten area from the bottom of the mic that prevents it from rolling away from you. It has a cardioid polar pattern and rejects the background noise. The mic gives a clear and nice sound that you need for presentations or live performances.

The grill and its sound picking capsules are designed to reduce the proximity effect. It adds clarity to your low ends and too high vocals. Though sometimes the audio on high note loses body and warmth which is a bit of our concern. The mic brings good quality, but it does have a proximity effect on your audio. In terms of sound clarity, it gives the audio like in a condenser microphone.

The mic comes in a zipped storage bag. It’s a durable mic that you need for live performances. It’s a mic for those who need a rugged build of a dynamic mic and the sound quality of a condenser mic.

What are Dynamic Microphones

Microphones are generally divided into two types; condenser and dynamic microphones. A dynamic microphone has some advantages over a condenser mic, and here is how it works. 

Basically, when you speak into a dynamic microphone, your sound makes a diaphragm that makes the voice coils vibrate. A magnet field changes that vibration into electrical signals.

These electric signals are interpreted by either an audio interface or an amplifier. The dynamic microphones have a pretty simple construction and have a very rugged build. As they are ultimately designed for live performances, these mics have better durability as compared to condenser mics.

Another difference that distinguishes the dynamic mics is that they can handle loud audio well. These mics come with cardioid polar patterns that make them very directional. These mics do a great job of removing background noise from your audio. Dynamic mics also have lower sensitivity levels and may lack the clarity and detailing for which we love a condenser mic. They usually have a broadcast quality sound that you hear from different podcasts or radio.

Advantages of Dynamic Mics

Here are few advantages of a dynamic mic which distinguishes it over other types of microphones. 

Rugged build

Dynamic microphones have a simple construction and come with a durable build as they are designed for live performance, so they are not fragile and have a durable metal body.

Background Rejection

These mics work great for rejecting background noise or eliminating the off-axis coloration from your audio. It suits podcasters and vloggers who are recording audio in an untreated room. A condenser mic may record the ambient noises that do not sound very professional.

Versatile Use

These mics can be used for multiple applications. You can use it for live performance, audio recordings, and private ceremonies. As they don’t need a power supply, you can pack them in your bag and carry them with you conveniently.

Don’t Need Power Supply

One of the many advantages of dynamic microphones is that they don’t need a power supply, unlike condenser mics. However, in some cases, dynamic mics do need an external power supply, but generally, they can convert the audio into electronic signals without any external power source. 

Smoothens High Notes

With dynamic microphones, the higher notes of your audio do not sound very harsh as these mics can not capture the high frequency, so the audio remains smooth. However, with some cheap dynamic mics, the higher notes lack body and detailing.


Dynamic microphones are more budget-friendly than their condenser counterparts. They are priced reasonably due to their simple construction. Our list includes some high-end dynamic microphones, but you can get one at a very affordable price if you are on a tight budget. Finding a good condenser mic in that range is difficult. So yes, there are some expensive dynamic microphones available in the market that sound better and professional but on the whole dynamic mics are inexpensive.

Disadvantages of Dynamic Microphones

Like other types of mics, dynamic microphones have some not-so-great facts about them as well. First, these microphones fail to produce the high-quality sound that a condenser mic can give. These mics have lower frequency responses and are sensitive to external effects like weather, humidity, and temperature. The sound transmitted through a dynamic microphone may lack extra details that you can only get in a condenser microphone.

Final Words

Dynamic microphones are extremely directional mics and suit situations where you need to cut-off the surrounding noise. These are built like a tank and handles your daily wear and tear well. These mics produce excellent audio and fit in everyone’s budget conveniently.

All options in our list of the best dynamic microphones are carefully chosen for your convenience. Make sure you choose one that suits your objectives and fit in your budget easily.

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