Best DSLR Gimbals In 2024

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For video recordings, one of the most important concerns of videographers is to keep the camera stable while shooting. It can be challenging as keeping the camera stable in different situations is not easy.

Even the best camera may fail to produce good results when in motion. We have a guide on the best cameras for vloggers, and some of them do have built-in stabilization that would be great for vlogs. Be sure to check it out if you’re shopping for a camera to shoot vlogs.

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With that said, no amount of built-in stabilization would come close to what you can achieve with a dedicated gimbal. You can mount the cameras on the tripod stand to keep it stable as well, but gimbal stabilizers are for keeping the cameras steady while you are holding it. Here is our list of the best tripod stands for vlogging as well. 

In this article, we will look at some of the best DSLR gimbal stabilizers for your convenience. We have selected a range of options within different budgets and load-bearing capacity. Let’s review each of our selected options in detail.

1. Letus Helix Jr. Gimbal

Letus Helix Jr. Gimbal

  • Expensive gimbal stabilizer
  • The flat bottom does not need a stand
  • Vibration dampening ability
  • Lightweight and compact

This one is the most expensive gimbal stabilizer in this article and for a reason. It’s a premium quality stabilizer that is designed for professionals to create smooth and excellent shots, even in difficult situations.

The stabilizer is made with a high-quality magnesium alloy that remains in good condition after prolonged use. It has a special vibration dampening property that keeps your camera stable in shaky conditions.

The Helix Jr. is designed for those who are always on the go. It comes in a compact form and does not require any assembling. You can carry it along ready to use the form and get to work instantly without wasting any time on setting this thing up.

The stabilizer is made very lightweight to help you hold it comfortably for long hours.

Another good thing about its design is its flat bottom. It does not require any stand, and due to a flat bottom, balances itself well. The 3-axis gimbal stabilizer is optimized for DSLR cameras.

Overall, it’s a premium quality option and may not fit easily in everyone’s budget. The gimbal comes with a remote control for controlling from a distance. It can also be connected with your smartphone so you can control it with its mobile app.

2. DJI Ronin-S Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

DJI Ronin-S Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

  • Innovative design
  • Can be used for a range of cameras
  • Can support bulky cameras well
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

The DJI Ronin S is a premium option for independent filmmakers. The gimbal allows you to take spontaneous shots with clarity.

The camera stabilizer has an innovative design that helps filmmakers, vloggers, and videographers to achieve excellent video stability.

It is designed to provide unobstructed shots. The camera play-load is built above the roll axis so that its built-in display always remains in sight.

The gimbal features more space on the camera play-load and can be used for bulkier cameras conveniently.

The gimbal comes in a portable form that is easy to carry. It weighs only 4 lbs. To make it more convenient for travel, it has a detachable body that can fit in a handbag easily. 

Though lightweight and portable, it is designed to provide a sturdy base to your heavy camera. It has an ergonomic design that causes less fatigue even when you are holding it for a long time. The gimbal features a focus wheel that helps you control the camera focus for better results.

The DSLR gimbal is powered by a 2400 mAh battery that gives a run time of 12 hours. With its quick-release camera plate, mounting on the camera is easy and takes less time.

Another thing to note is that this gimbal comes with a remote controller. With the remote control, you can change the motor settings or switch operation modes right from where you are.

Overall, the DJI Ronin S is a premium option designed for professional photographers. The gimbal is compatible with a lot of camera models ranging from the small to heavy DSLR cameras.

3. Zhiyun Crane-M2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun Crane-M2

  • Affordable price
  • Versatile stabilizer
  • Smooth transition of scenes
  • Compatible with a range of cameras

The Zhiyun Crane is a great option that costs far less than our previous options. The camera stabilizer comes with a lot of versatility to suit the different needs of vloggers and filmmakers.

It’s a three-axis camera stabilizer. You can lock all three-axis and can go to another scene by simply changing the lock.

The Crane-M2 is designed for easy setup. It has a quick-release system that enables you to mount or unmount your camera with a press of a lock button. Balancing the camera becomes easy with its unique scale mark and memory lock. You don’t have to adjust the camera every time you use it.

The gimbal is compatible with a range of cameras and even smartphones. It offers a great variety in terms of compatibility.

You can mount the smart mini camcorders to the heavy DSLR professional cameras on this stabilizer for perfect shots.

The Crane-M2 offers an intuitive OLED display for controlling different modes and checking Bluetooth or battery status. The different modes help you be more creative in taking difficult shots. It supports Pan mode, Following mode, Locking mode, POV mode, and Vortex mode.

The gimbal features a sleek and portable body that is easy to carry. It gives an easy and comfortable grip and gives unrivaled support to your camera.

The stabilizer allows you to control the camera wirelessly with a Bluetooth connection. You can pair the gimbal with your smartphone and control the movements of the camera or select the modes from a distance.

The Crane-M2 comes with a powerful battery that allows you to have long working hours. Once fully charged, you can keep using the gimbal for 7 hours straight.

Overall, it’s a midrange gimbal for DSLR cameras. The smart option is easy to carry and use.

4. FeiyuTech AK2000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

FeiyuTech AK2000 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

  • Good load-bearing capacity
  • Can be operated with Bluetooth or mobile app
  • Intuitive user interface

The Feiyu AK2000 is another 3-axis gimbal stabilizer with useful features. It comes with an innovative design that gives versatile use.

The gimbal features an ultra-large torque motor that gives it a better load-carrying capacity. The high power combined with a performance chip and an anti-shake algorithm enables you to use the camera in extreme environments.

The high load-bearing capacity makes it compatible with almost all expensive and high-quality heavy cameras with lenses of all brands.

The AK2000 has a camera plate that can bear a load of up to 6.17 lb. The gimbal can pan and tilt to 360 degrees. With the quick release camera plate, you can install the camera easily. It provides a dual-module of control. You can operate it through a Bluetooth connection or activate a Wi-Fi connection and change the commands through your smartphone once paired.

It also comes with a multi-functional USB interface that can be used for charging other expansion devices.

It also features an auto-rotate or auto-shutter control. You can set up the start, finish, and rotation route for capturing the moving scenes. You can create time-lapse photography with it conveniently.

The gimbal provides an intuitive interface for selecting different modes or settings. A large LED touchscreen display allows you to operate the gimbal easily.

Overall, it’s a good quality gimbal stabilizer that is designed for professionals. It helps you take moving or still shots with equal perfection. The gimbal allows you to have a quick transition of scenes and help you produce high-quality content.

5. FLYCAM HD-3000 Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer


  • Features a micro-balancer
  • Quick-release plate
  • Cushioned handle
  • Comes with a counterbalancing plate

Flycam offers a high-quality hand stabilizer for DSLR and all other types of video cameras. This one is a lightweight option that comes with precise design to help you record clear videos without blur, even when the camera is in motion.

The Flycam gimbal is designed for DSLR and video cameras. It can support cameras up to 3.5 kg. It features a micro balancing technique for creating smooth video shots. You can expect it to produce high-quality images and videos even when running, going up or down, or shooting from uneven terrain. It captures high-quality video even if your subject is moving.

Its camera base plate supports almost all types of camera bases. The quick-release plate helps mounting or to unmount the cameras quickly. It’s a three-axis gimbal that allows you to move it up and down or from side to side as you need it. The movements in any position are made smooth due to a ball bearing.

The gimbal features a cushioned handle that not only gives a comfortable grip but allows you to move the stabilizer in any position conveniently. The gimbal not only holds the camera in both horizontal or vertical positions easily. It features a weight plate for counterbalancing the gimbal for handling the camera load.

For long shooting hours, it provides arm support that helps you hold the gimbal comfortably.

Overall, it’s an affordable gimbal for video cameras. It keeps the heavy cameras well balanced. A counterbalance helps you to keep the stabilizer well balanced even in odd positions.

6. IFOOTAGE Aluminum Handheld Camera Stabilizer

IFOOTAGE Aluminum Handheld Camera Stabilizer

  • Easy to set up
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Can support accessories

It’s another midrange gimbal for professional filmmaking or vlogging. It’s a handheld stabilizer to help you get smooth filmmaking and video shootings.

It’s an aluminum and carbon filled gimbal that is designed for extended use. The portable size enables you to carry it with you around the world with confidence. 

The gimbal features an easy setup. A simple push release button allows you to mount or dismount the camera securely within seconds. For readjustment, unlock the handle and adjust it to the right position.

The gimbal offers a counterbalance to help you adjust the camera securely in an optimal position. It has the maximum load bear capacity up to 6.6lbs. With counterbalance, you can choose any position for the camera.

The gimbal is designed to help you mount several accessories along with the camera. ¼” threaded holes in the leg enable you to attach accessories like a mic, video light, or support arm conveniently.

It’s a professional design that helps you to rotate to 360 degrees. Three-axis gimbal enables you to move the camera in the right position for the best results.

It allows you to have both high and low shooting angles and spin all around the stabilizer. The movability allows you to be as flexible and creative in your shootings as you need, while still providing the stability you need to record smooth videos even in an extreme environment.

Overall, it’s a good quality gimbal stabilizer that helps you take excellent videos even in odd situations. It’s an excellent choice for capturing wildlife as well.

7. Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

Pilotfly H2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Four-way joystick
  • Long battery hours
  • Premium quality gimbal

Here is another premium option for professional photographers and videographers. Pilotfly offers a highly versatile hand stabilizer for video shootings. The gimbal is designed for DSLR cameras and other video cameras.

The gimbal features an ergonomic handle that gives a soft grip. It has a four-way joystick with a mode button and a power indicator as well.

The gimbal comes with a brushless motor that allows you to move the camera in any position smoothly. The three-axis gimbal consists of a CNC alloy aluminum construction. This sturdy gimbal can bear payloads weighing up to 2.4 kg.

The powerful battery can keep the gimbal working up to 24 hours. That makes it an excellent option for working out in the field in remote areas. It features three encoders that allow you to reposition the camera without adjusting the balancing knob.

The gimbal stabilizer is lightweight and excellent for carrying along on long trips. It provides arm support that makes carrying the gimbal easier.

Overall, it’s an expensive gimbal designed for DSLR cameras. The stabilizer keeps the camera secure and helps you shoot in shaky conditions. The portable structure makes it an excellent travel partner.

Buying Guide to choose a gimbal stabilizer for DSLR cameras

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting a gimbal stabilizer.

• Weight

Holding a camera fixed on a gimbal stabilizer for a long time can be painful if you have a very heavy stabilizer. For natural shots, you need to hold the camera in hand sometimes for hours. So make sure you have a lightweight gimbal.

• Balance

Balancing can be a problem, especially if you are mounting a heavy camera in vertical or any other position. The gimbal should hold the camera well-balanced in the right position and balance itself as well.

• Batteries

Gimbals need the power to run their brushless motor. A chargeable battery powers almost all good quality gimbals. You may not be in a position to recharge the gimbal if you are out in the field or traveling. So make sure the gimbal stabilizer comes with long-lasting battery life. Some gimbal stabilizers offer as long battery life as 6 hours. There are some options on our list that offer as long as 24 hours. Make sure your gimbal has enough battery life to last for as long as you need it.

• Load-Bearing Capacity

Each gimbal stabilizer specifically mentions its load-bearing capacity in pounds or kg. Make sure you check the specs carefully before selecting a model. Some of the quality gimbal sets offer a wide range of compatibility and can be used for even the heaviest cameras.

• Versatility

DSLR gimbals can be versatile and allow you to work with a range of other camcorders and even smartphones. Make sure you choose a versatile gimbal stabilizer with an adjustable camera plate.

You can mount cameras of different sizes and even a smartphone. Professional content creators and photographers often have more than one camera for different situations. So make sure a gimbal set you can work with different sizes of cameras.

Also, with a versatile gimbal stabilizer, you can set the camera in different positions and get some interesting shots.

• Price

Gimbal stabilizers are available in different price ranges. However, the quality will not be the same. So make sure you invest in a good quality gimbal with useful features. If you are not a professional or a beginner, it’s best to go for a mid-range gimbal stabilizer that serves the purpose well while being a lot cheaper.

Final Words

Gimbal stabilizers are one of the few accessories you must have for creating professional content for your vlogs. It keeps the camera steady against all the odds and helps you take some of the best video shots. Even a slight vibration or a bump can ruin your video, especially if you are capturing a live scene or wildlife. Reshooting a scene is both time-consuming and expensive. For real-life videos, you may not get the chance to reshoot at all. Investing in a good quality gimbal stabilizer is important to save time and create some amazing videos for your channel.

All options in our list of the best DSLR gimbal are carefully chosen. We chose DJI Ronin-S as our best pick. It’s a great all-rounder that should fit your budget and serve the purpose well.

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