Best DSLR for Vlogging In 2024

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Nowadays, in this race of social media and vlogging, videography has become as important as photography. The DSLR cameras are considered the best option for shooting videos due to their compact size and a fantastic range of features.

Whether you are starting a YouTube channel or like to connect with your audience on other social networking platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, or Instagram, a great DSLR goes a long way to improve the quality of your content. In this article, we will review some of the best DSLR for vloggers. 

Best DSLR for Vlogging

Sony ZV-1

  • Fast hybrid autofocus
  • Features a directional onboard mic for audio
  • It comes with a detachable windscreen

The Sony ZV-1 is a DSLR that is designed specifically for content creation. You can have amazing selfies, great videos, and high-quality footage all in a small camera that comes with a great flip out screen.

The ZV-1 features an auto-exposure algorithm that focuses faces automatically and prioritizes them while shooting.

The camera has a forward directional onboard mic that allows you to capture good quality audio and also comes with a detachable windscreen when recording outdoors. The camera also features a mic jack and hot shoe mount if you want to use an external microphone for even better audio quality. 

It works excellent for product showcasing, like for beauty vlogs. You don’t have to use your hand for grabbing focus as the camera can automatically focus the products.

The camera comes with a simple setup that allows you to start recording in an instant. It has a quick focusing system and takes as much as 0.03 seconds with its Fast Hybrid Autofocus. Real-time autofocus helps you to keep focused for as long as you want.

Overall, it’s a perfect content creation DSLR. The camera comes with everything you need for perfect vlogs, such as a proper flip screen, great quality footage, robust software, all in a compact size.

Canon PowerShot G7X

  • Light and fast
  • Allows you to live stream directly
  • Records 4K video
  • HDMI port

The Canon PowerShot G7X is another great option for content creation. The camera is designed to give mobile-ready pictures and videos instantly. You can use the camera for live streaming on different social media platforms conveniently.

The camera is built to be lighter, faster, and offers a ton of connectivity options for the best convenience. It allows you to go live stream right from the camera without needing any other device.

The camera features 20.1 megapixels 1.0″ CMOS sensors for capturing your special moments with clarity. The DIGIC image processor delivers incredible real time processing to ensure vivid colors in your footage as you are recording. 

The DSLR allows you to record 4K videos with great details thanks to its uncropped sensor. You can record uncropped 4K video at the frame rate of 30p. With its 20 fps continuous shooting mode, you can even take high quality images at a rapid pace if you want to capture moments at high speed.

The camera comes with a 3.0″ touch panel that can tilt to 180 degrees. It  also has an HDMI port for choosing the video output and any information displayed on the touch screen. A USB charging port is provided for charging the camera for long shooting sessions. It also supports external mics if you want to connect your external microphone.

Overall, it’s a high-quality camera for stunning photos and detailed videos that comes built-in with great connectivity that even allows you to live stream right from the camera. This camera is not cheap by any means but offers good value for your money with its great performance.

Panasonic LUMIX LX10

  • Ultra-high-speed focusing
  • 4K videos
  • Allow you to focus point after the photo is taken
  • Light composition feature

The Panasonic Lumix LX10 is perfect for those of you looking for the smallest camera possible that is capable of producing high quality vlogs. The LX10 is one of the smallest cameras in this list but packs a punch with its 20.1MP 1” sensor, which is unheard of in cameras of this size.

The LX10 is also fairly priced given its performance, and makes for a great beginner DSLR for vlogging that can still scale as you step up your vlogging game.

A cool feature included in the LX10 is a special post focus feature to select your desired focus point even after the photo is taken. That gives you a lot of creative freedom to retroactively set the focus of the image.

The camera adds a lens-mounted aperture ring that gives you precise control over what you want to capture and have in the frame. It offers dual control, and with the lens ring, you can use the dial button from the rear for manual control of zoom and focus. 

The LX10 features a 3-inch touchpad that is capable of tilting upward to 180 degrees. It allows you to take some awesome selfies and make ground-level photography easy. It automatically goes into a selfie mode when you flip the touchscreen to a tilted position.On top of recording in 4K resolution, the LX10 is also capable of recording slow motion footage at up to 120fps if you want to incorporate some slow motion video in your vlogs.

Sony RX100

  • Low noise image quality
  • Allows real-time tracking
  • Real-time eye detection for photos and videos
  • Eye detection works for animals as well

The RX100 is a premium quality compact camera from Sony used by many vloggers. It’s a high-resolution camera that has a large 1 inch image sensor that delivers a low-noise image of superb quality.

The Sony RX100 comes with a newly developed 1.0-type stacked CMOS that gives high-quality images. With these sensors, it features a BIONZ image-processing engine that offers super fast image processing. 

The camera features a 3″ LCD monitor that tilts up to 180 degrees for vertical portraits. Real-time autofocus is also present in this camera, as well as using touch-to-focus on the screen.

The RX100 features real-time eye detection for both photos and movies. You don’t have to compose your shot as AF detects eyes even when a subject moves. This is great for the peace of mind knowing that the camera will be focused correctly all the time.

The camera also comes with Sony’s renowned enhanced image stabilization. Its active mode image stabilization shoots smooth 4K video even when you are moving.

With great image quality, it supports good audio as well. The camera includes a microphone input. The standard 3.5 port enables you to capture professional audio for your videos.

Overall, the RX100 series from Sony is one of the best options if you are looking for an ultra-compact vlogging camera. It’s only drawback is its price, but you certainly get what you pay for in this regard. 

GoPro HERO9 Black

  • The most advanced GoPro ever
  • 5K resolution recording
  • Rugged build

If you have a ton of action packed footage in your vlogs, or you record in harsh outdoor environments, the GoPro Hero 9 is made for you.

The camera is capable of shooting 5K video with stunning results, making it a first for any GoPro camera.

It also offers top of the line stabilization like you’d expect from any GoPro camera, which has now been improved in what GoPro calls HyperSmooth 3.0. 

The GoPro Hero 9 also features a front LCD screen and a rear touch screen panel for easy framing and intuitive camera controls.

To top things off, the GoPro Hero 9 allows you to live stream right from the device as well, while maintaining hyper smooth stabilization processing in real time.

Other notable features include a time-lapse feature and 240fps slow motion capture that offers a ton of creative possibilities.

In a nutshell, if you are shooting outdoors or sports footage a lot for your vlogs, the GoPro Hero 9 is an excellent option. It may be pricey, but the unique proposition of the GoPro means that there is no other camera like it.

Sony Alpha A6400

  • High-quality image sensors
  • Discounted price
  • Autofocus system
  • Enhanced eye-detection system

The Sony Alpha a6400 used to be the go-to recommendation for a mid range vlogging DSLR when it was first released, but since Sony has released several newer models to replace it, the A6400 can be had for a heavy discount, making it a great buy for the price.

The camera features high-quality image sensors that give an excellent light collection for a wide sensitivity range. As a result, it gives excellent image and video quality with low noise. The a6400 offers 11fps for continuous shots and up to 120fps for full HD slow motion video.

The on-board BIONZ image processing engine has also aged very well, still keeping pace with newer cameras that have been launched since the A6400.

The camera boasts of having 4D Focus System, which is the world’s fastest autofocus acquisition at the time. The autofocus system also tracks the subject if it is moving. The advanced AF enhanced tracking performance that is still better than most other DSLR cameras.

The a6400 employs an advanced eye detection system and automatically autofocuses in all modes. The eye capture is maintained in both AF-C and AF-A mode. You can also select the preferred eye focus of your subject.

The real-time tracking utilizes a special subject recognizing algorithm that processes color, distance, and brightness, ensuring all subjects are captured with accuracy and precision.

To sum it up, the A6400 is designed to record 4K footage with exceptional detail and depth, making it one of the most sought after cameras when it was released.

Today, the A6400 is still a top performer, and thanks to newer models being released since then, you can pick one up for a sweet discount to get one of the best deals on a quality DSLR for vlogging.

Buying Guide for Best DSLR Camera for Vloggers

Here are a few things you should consider for buying a DSLR camera for vloggers.


Lens are important for giving detail and a clear picture. What you need is a wide aperture that allows the camera to capture more light. As a result, both picture and video quality are captured with clarity and detail. The high-quality lens allows you to improve the aesthetics of your vlogs. Especially if you are shooting out in the field, it does not blur the details even when zooming in or out.

AF System

Autofocus is an intelligent system that detects the eyes of the subject and focuses on the faces. The advanced autofocus system doesn’t require you to set the frame at all, and it can even detect the eyes of the animal so you can focus better when shooting wild photography. The effective autofocus system allows you to keep track of yourself or the subject while shooting.

Image Stabilization

Make sure the camera comes with a good stabilization system. When shooting real-life events, the circumstances are not always in your favor. You may need to walk while shooting, but a good image stabilization system keeps the frame and focus smoothly for better photos and video results.


Check the sensor size as the more sensor size means it can capture more light and give better results. The small camcorders have a smaller size of sensors. That’s why they fail to create a major impact through their photos or videos. DSLR cameras have larger sensors and thus give lifelike photo and video results.


If you want to go live through different social media platforms, make sure the camera allows you to go live stream without connecting to another device. That requires a WiFi feature in your camera. Through a WiFi connection, it allows you to go live with your camera.

Microphone Input

If you want to record excellent audio with the video, you may need to connect an external microphone with the camera. Make sure the camera you select allows input for connecting the external microphone.

Final Words

DSLR cameras are way smarter and functional than they used to be a few years back. Not only can you click some awesome shots, but you make lifelike videos with excellent clarity and detail. You can connect with your live audience right through these cameras without needing any other device. You can create professional videos that leave an impact on your audience, helping you stand out among others in this race of content creation. All options in our list of the best DSLR cameras are carefully chosen for your convenience. However all of these are high-end devices and if you are looking for some cheap cameras for vlogging check out this list. We choose Sony ZV-1 as our best pick due to its high performance and great functionality.

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