Best Computer Monitor Stands in 2023

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Whether you’re working from home or working in the office, staring at your monitor screen for long hours can have long term health consequences. Getting the right eye level for your monitor can mean the difference between preserving good posture and visiting a specialist to check out a strained neck. If you have a monitor that’s not height adjustable or has a height adjustment that is simply not enough, getting a computer monitor stand should do the trick. We’ve compiled for you a list of monitor stands that are the most stylish, durable, and economical in 2021.

Things to look out for

Just a quick search for monitor stands on your choice of online retailer will yield a vast number of options out there in the market. So before getting into that list, you may want to consider these factors to help you sift through the various offerings:

Size and height – Be sure that your desk has the eventual space for the monitor stand. Measure your desk and compare it with the product’s size. You should also know how much more elevated you want your monitor to be, the right height that’s perfect for your eye level while sitting in good posture.

Durability – If you want your monitor stand to last and perhaps to support additional weight, such as two monitors, you’d want to go for materials that are tougher and durable. Common sense will tell you that metal and wood generally fare better than plastic-type monitor stands.

Style and aesthetics – Are you a minimalist and prefer a simple look on your work desk? There are plenty of monitor stands with various designs from manufacturers vying for your attention. Though we are no fashion advisors, a safe option would be to go for a stand that blends in most with your devices and the room where you will be placing it.

Storage – If you are a neat freak like I am, you should definitely consider getting a monitor stand with some storage space at the bottom. Monitor stands designed with storage at the bottom will make great use of space and can be utilized to store your devices, books, keyboard and mouse when not in use, or anything that would fit in that space.

Ports – There are monitor stands that come with USB ports that allow you to plug-in devices such as your mouse, keyboard, or phone for charging. It can never hurt to have additional USB ports.

Value – Frankly, the point of a monitor stand is to elevate your monitor to a desirable height. You can always go for a cheaper, plastic made monitor stand or go with good old fashion books to stack, though it may not be the sturdiest or best looking. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend and if durability or aesthetics matter at all to you.

Best Computer Monitor Stands

SimpleHouseware Mesh Monitor Riser

This sturdy metal constructed monitor stand has to be the best in overall value out of the many monitor stands out there. It’s priced at just under $17.00 and has a drawer underneath to keep things neat and organized. The mesh platform can also aid with airflow and ventilation for your devices. Dimensions are 16.25 inches wide x 12.25 inches in depth x 4.7 inches in height. The overall look has a nice touch of a modern office look.

SimpleHouseware also offers a beautiful, sleek looking monitor riser made up of glass that also comes with a storage drawer. It’s slightly more expensive than the mesh monitor riser, at just under $19.00. Not much of a difference in price if you ask me, but indeed more pleasant looking with glass.

Huanuo Monitor Stand Riser

While it’s certainly not the best looking monitor stand on this list, the Huanuo Monitor Stand Riser is perhaps the most economical one with a price of just below $15.00. It has three adjustable height levels and is very easy to assemble.

Heights can be adjusted to 3.9, 4.7 or 5.5 inches and the platform dimension is 14.5 inches x 9.1 inches. The material is made of powder-coated steel, and its platform contains mesh holes designed with better airflow and ventilation in mind to prevent your devices from overheating. Consider getting the Huanuo Monitor Stand Riser if you are on a budget and looking for great value.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Computer Monitor Riser Desk Stand

AmazonBasics is another value for money monitor stand at just over $20.00. Heights are adjustable up to 4 to 7/8 inches, and there is an 11-inch-wide storage space underneath the platform for storage. Its build is made up of plastic and may not withstand excessive weight on the platform, so don’t expect too much from it with the price that you’re paying.

If you’re looking for a sturdier-looking build, AmazonBasics has the Wood Monitor Stand. The price is slightly higher at just over $30.00, and it has a lovely wooden walnut platform with a minimalist look. If you’re not fussed about adjustable height, this would nicely blend in with your home decor or desk.

Twelve South Curve Riser

If space is a problem on your desk, you might want to consider the super-compact Twelve South Curve Riser. It would be just enough to fit a standard monitor base at just 10-inches wide and 9.5 inches deep on the platform. Durability wise, it’s constructed from high-grade aluminium, which means it can hold more weight than its tiny size might suggest.

The small storage space available at the bottom would be just enough to probably fit a dock or equally smaller devices. It is priced slightly higher than the previous economic stands we’ve discussed, at $79.99. If you don’t have the luxury of space, this minimalist monitor stand could be the one for you.

3M Adjustable Monitor Stand

Another contemporary looking stand that comes with a generous amount of height adjustment from 1 to 6 inches to raise your monitor. The platform is 11 inches wide, which means 11 inches of available storage space underneath. The 3M supports a maximum load of 80 pounds, which is quite a lot and says much about its durability. Comes with a choice of black or silver for just under $35.00.

Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand

Here’s one for the wood furniture lovers. The Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand is made from solid bamboo with environmental standards met. The arc-shaped corner design gives it an interesting aesthetic while also helping to prevent accidents from happening, especially if you have a child around. The Homerays stand has a big drawer with 3 compartments. Homerays claim that the bamboo platform can support up to 100 pounds of weight, so feel free to set your heaviest monitors on top of it. Get the Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand for $49.95.

Kalibri Wood Monitor Stand Riser

Another wood constructed monitor stand, but with a much more contemporary and modern aesthetic with a warm touch of walnut. The riser surface area measures 12.6 x 9.1 inches, while its base is longer at 20.2 inches wide x 9.1 inches deep x 3.6 inches high. It’s not going to fit much more than a small to medium sized keyboard, but it’s got a great look to make any work desk look more appealing. The Kalibri stand is priced at $49.99.

Eutuxia Glass Monitor Stand

If you’re looking for a sleek, clean, and modern aesthetic that is inexpensive for your desk, the Eutuxia Glass Monitor Stand would be a fine addition. The tempered glass platform and steel leg support can hold up a monitor of up to 40 pounds.  It’s a straightforward assembly with a minimalist design, nothing complicated here. A thing to note is that it’s not height adjustable, and only raises your monitor by a modest 3.5 inches. Get it for the price of $44.99.

Marbrasse Monitor Riser Stand

If you’re into the office mesh look on your desk, check out the Marbrasse Monitor Riser Stand. This one is the perfect size for organizing office supplies or startionaries giving that classic office desk look with it’s two mesh drawers beneath the platform. It’s made with sturdy metal construction with a classic black coating, supporting up to 33 pounds. This one is priced at $26.99. 

SUPERJARE Lengthened Dual Monitor Stand Riser

If you use two monitors and plan to raise them, you will have to consider getting a lengthier and stronger built stand. This dual monitor stand from SUPERJARE has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 70 pounds, and the length of the platform is anywhere from 26.6 to 45.6 inches. Storage-wise, the SUPERJARE has 3 separate sections that are angle and size adjustable. If you’re environmentally conscious, you’d be glad to know that the SUPERJARE is constructed from P2 Particleboard wood, which is an environmentally friendly material that complies with California’s Composite Wood Products Regulation. The final price tag – $39.99.

AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser

This monitor stand from AMERIERGO would be ideal for a dual monitor set up if you’re looking for more versatility in adjusting your angles and height. It also comes with ample storage shelves and desks for keeping your desk more organized and neat. It is slightly cheaper than the SUPERJARE at $27.44, with a similar build.

Vaydeer USB 3.0 Aluminum Monitor Stand Metal Riser

Who doesn’t want additional USB ports? This monitor stand from Vaydeer comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports, and they even throw in a wireless charger for your phones. Having the ports right next to your monitor on an elevated platform is super convenient. It has a sturdy aluminium alloy build that can support up to 66 pounds of items and withstand monitors that are more than 27 inches, such as the iMac. For all this, you pay a reasonable price of $69.99.

Alternatively, Vaydeer also has the 2 Tiers Aluminum Monitor Stand with the same exact features but with more storage capacity for better organization. This one is priced at $119.99.

Final Words

A monitor stand may seem almost like a negligible aspect of our desk setup, but in a time where many of us are spending longer and longer hours staring at the screen to get work done, it certainly pays to have the proper eye level while maintaining good posture.

If you’re already starting to notice symptoms, it’s time to consider a monitor riser to relieve your eyestrain and prevent back & neck pain from wrecking your health. Get creative and make efficient use of additional storage space that becomes available when you lift the monitor base off the desk, get a stand that makes your desk look sleeker, and get organized.

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