Best Chromebooks in 2023

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Chromebooks are slowly dominating laptops and PCs. They come with surprisingly rich capabilities and constant updates to their OS, the Chrome OS, making them super fast, secure and reliable. Moreover, they are lightweight, spot colorful full IPS displays, and ample storage options. The best Chromebook models come with premium styling that other ordinary laptop users would admire.

The Chromebook industry has grown beyond basic functionality for a while now, and the competition comes with specific features each offers. Some have gone an extra mile to include a touch display, a flip design, and you don’t know what to expect from this fast-growing industry. All this begs the question; what is the best Chromebook? Stick around, and let’s find out.

Before we begin, one of the most popular questions people ask is why they’d prefer a Chromebook over a laptop. Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. First, Chromebooks are less expensive as compared to laptops with similar specs. Again, Chromebooks are versatile, and their operating system is miles ahead in terms of security and reliability. Chromebooks would surely be the best addition to your work-from-home setup. If you have a minute, you can check here for the best work-from-home setup

What specs should you look out for in a Chromebook?

If you’d like to go shopping for a Chromebook, you probably have a pre-set list of requirements you want it to meet. You can be assured of getting a quality choice for almost every budget. Nonetheless, the most premium pieces might be worth a lot, but you’ll have everything to smile about.

Here are the specs you should look out for when purchasing a Chromebook.


That is where you’ll be looking at the entire time you’ll be owning the Chromebook, so you have to select the one that suits your preferences the most. The screen comes in different sizes, which have different resolutions. Here’s the breakdown.

The native Chromebook display is 1080p; (1920*1080). However, a few cheaper Chromebook models come with a slightly lower resolution than the one mentioned above. As you’d also expect, high-end models come with higher resolutions. 

  • Smaller-sized Chromebooks (12 inches and below) come with 1366*768p resolution, which at times looks coarse. However, the screen size can only accommodate that, and it is still a comfortable resolution.
  • Middle-sized Chromebooks (13-15 inches) come with the standard 1080p. That resolution works perfectly for almost everything you’ll be handling with the machine.
  • Like the Acer Chromebook Spin 713, high-end mid-sized Chromebooks come with a native display of 2256*1504. That is phenomenal!

In a nutshell, you can always choose the type of screen you need and the resolution you wish it to provide. However, since you may come across different tasks requiring you to have a high-resolution screen, it would be best to get the highest possible. You can always request to have a peek at the screen before making a purchase. 


We all know how a good processor is instrumental when it comes to performing those intensive activities. Did you know that a standard Windows laptop with 4GB of memory and Intel Celeron Processor might be sluggish under everyday use, but a Chromebook with the exact specifications works consistently fine under similar circumstances? Well, now you know. 

If you’re not seeking to acquire a Chromebook for heavy productivity, then Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron, or an AMD A-series will be OK. However, intensive users need a strong CPU, probably an Intel Core or Rayzen-based processor. These will allow multitasking but might cost a little bit higher than the rest. Nonetheless, what wouldn’t you do to see everything work out? Nothing. 

Storage Specifications

While working with a Chromebook, you expect that most files will be stored in the cloud. As a result, Chromebooks tend to come with a small serving of storage (usually eMMC-based) to enable you to save your local creations. On the downside, eMMC can be sluggish sometimes, and you may think about installing an external drive to store excess files and help free up some space. You’ll majorly find 32 GB and 64GB specifications on most Chromebooks. Premium Chromebooks come with either 64GB or 128GB specifications. 

Chromebooks should improve on their storage game. 


Most Chromebooks have wireless connections, as you can exclusively use the machine when connected to the internet/Wi-Fi. Besides, that does not rule out the possibility of finding one or two USB ports on the device. You can choose to go with the one that has the ports and can connect your peripherals or external drives. However, you shouldn’t give up on a quality Chromebook because it has few USB ports. USB hubs of all types give all kinds of connections and only require one USB port from your Chromebook. Easy! Here are some quality USB hubs.

On the Internet connectivity, most Chromebooks support 802.11ac Wi-Fi, with emerging models supporting Wi-Fi 6 technology. However, you’ll need a robust Wi-Fi router to unleash the full potential within the connectivity of these Chromebooks. Here are some of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers in 2021. 

Battery life

Battery life will be a crucial factor to consider when purchasing your Chromebook. Even if you’ll always have a power source, it is good if you got at least 10 hours of battery life on your Chromebook. 

Those are the essential features you ought to look into while purchasing a Chromebook. Of course, there are other factors you’ll want to consider, like cost and other factors. Now that we have looked into that, it’s time we jumped straight into the specific Chromebook choices, shall we?

Best Chromebooks

Acer Chromebook Spin 713

Unlike most Chromebooks that give a 16:9 aspect ratio, the Acer Chromebook comes with a 3:2, availing more screen space for scrolling or working on. Getting a Chromebook with such an aspect ratio is rare, and this makes the Spin 713 such an appealing choice. The screen resolution of this machine is sharp, with a native display of 2256*1504. You also get to enjoy nicely saturated colors, brightness, and excellent viewing angles. Touch Screen operations are swift and sure, but the Asus Chromebook Spin 713 lacks a stylus. 

It comes in an aluminum body with an antimicrobial touchpad and screen. Moreover, this Chromebook brags 8GB RAM and a Core i5-10210U processor. Moreover, unlike other Chromebooks that come with slow eMMC flash storage, the Spin 713 rocks a 128GB NVMe SSD. 

One of the unique connections of the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is an HDMI cable. Most other Chromebooks don’t come with that port either. You also get a USB type-A, USB type-C, a microSD card slot, and an audio jack as more extensions. The AC adapter plugs into a USB-C port. Wireless connections include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). 

Key SpecsProcessor – 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-10210U
Graphics Processor – Intel UHD Graphics 620
Operating System – Chrome OS
Boot Drive – 128GB SSD
Screen Size – 13.5 inches
Native Screen Resolution – 2256*1504
Panel Technology – IPS
Touch Screen – Yes
Screen Refresh Rate – 60Hz
Battery Life – 13:48
ProsIt has an HDMI port
Uses SSD storage instead of the slower eMMC.
Appealing 3:2 aspect ratio
Sleek and sturdy
ConsNo stylus

Asus Chromebook Flip C434

The Flip C434 is among the best-looking Chromebooks in the market right now. It comes with an elusive 14-inch that can flip into a tablet or tent. Interestingly, the C434’s hinges lock at 180-degrees. The flip is lightweight, especially when compared to the Chromebook’s display size. We don’t have many ports on the Flip C434 due to its slim design, but what is provided is the essentials;  a USB 3.1 Type-A port, a micro SD card on the right side and a USB-C port, and a headphone jack to the left of the chassis along with a second USB-C port. However, you can always purchase a USB hub to complement your needs. The display is bright and colorful, hitting a native 1080p resolution. The Asus Chromebook Flip also comes with a 1080p front-facing webcam. The touch screen is snappy and responsive to any touches.

The Chromebook Flip C434 is equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage specifications. Running on Intel Core m3-8100Y CPU, you can virtually perform any task effortlessly. The Chrome OS is lightweight, secure, easy to use, and a viable alternative to the popular Windows Operating system. The battery life is not that good, but reliable as it hits close to 10 hours. 

Key SpecsProcessor – Intel Core m3-8100Y
Graphics Processor – Intel UHD 615
Operating System – Chrome OS
Boot Drive – 64GB eMMC
Screen Size – 14 inches
Native Screen Resolution – 1920*1080
Panel Technology – IPS
Touch Screen – Yes
Screen Refresh Rate – 60Hz
Battery Life – 10hrs
ProsIt has a sleek and premium design
Thin display bezels
14-inch touchscreen
Reliable battery life
ConsFinicky touchpad
A little bit pricey

Samsung Chromebook 4

Here’s one for students and frequent travelers. It is one of the best cheap Chromebooks. Its build quality is surprisingly good, even though it’s made of plastic. The textured metallic surface on it looks classy.

The chassis has a silky-smooth palm rest, where a gently rounded lip is attached to keep your wrists comfortable. The hinge is solid and flexible, having the ability to tilt the screen to 180 degrees.  It’s equipped with 6GB OF RAM and 64GB of eMMC. Moreover, the lightweight Chrome OS makes up for the 4GB RAM, making operations convincingly fluid. The internal storage is not the best too, but you can add an external microSD card.

The Samsung Chromebook 4 measures 11.4 by 8 by 0.7 inches, weighing 2.5 pounds. On its left side, you’ll find a battery indicator, a USB 2.0 port, a slim jack for the AC adapter, an HDMI port, and a micro SD card slot. On the opposite side, you’ll also find a USB 3.0 port, as well as a microphone-audio jack combination.

Its full HD screen is bright, as well as providing decent viewing angles , as you can see all the colors on the screen from about 45 degrees on each side. The bottom-firing speakers are at least loud enough to fill a small room with sound. Its battery life is around 9 hours and 44 minutes.

Key SpecsProcessor – 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3060
Graphics Processor – Intel Celeron N3060
Operating System – Chrome OS
Boot Drive – 32GB eMMC
Screen Size – 11.6 inches
Native Screen Resolution – 1366*768
Panel Technology – IPS
Touch Screen – Yes
Screen Refresh Rate – 60Hz
Battery Life – 8 hours
ProsBright, colorful screen
Reliable performance
Good webcam
Reliable battery life
ConsAwkward button layout
Muddy speakers

Google Pixelbook Go

The Google Pixelbook Go is Google’s Chromebook. The machine has the best keyboard and trackpad you’ll ever probably use. The screen is large (13.3 inches) and has an alluring 16:9 aspect ratio, standard among most Chromebooks. The Pixelbook Go has a robust magnesium body that makes it strong but super slim, light, and easy to handle.

The Pixel book Go offers solid performance, a bright 13.3-inch 1920*1080p glossy touchscreen display, and a remarkable battery life of close to 12 hours. The display is bright and colorful and comfortable to use for long hours. The Pixelbook is also made with narrow side bezels, but the bezels on the top and bottom are a little thicker. That is because you can not flip the Chromebook into a tablet, and therefore no need for grips and huge bezels.

We only have two ports and an audio combo jack. That might be the only underside of the Google Pixelbook Go, but there’s a way to solve the problem. You can purchase a USB hub that will connect to any of the two USB-C ports and provide a connection to several peripherals. Problem solved! The Google Pixelbook offers you a generous 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD. You don’t expect to have a lag experience with such kind of storage.

However, Google offers you premium Pixelbook Go alternatives with 16GB RAM and 256GB storage. You’ll need to have some extra bucks to get your hands on one of these, though.

Key SpecsProcessor – 1.3GHz Intel Core i5-8200Y
Graphics Processor – Intel UHD Graphics 615
Operating System – Chrome OS
Boot Drive – 128GB SSD
Screen Size – 13.3 inches
Native Screen Resolution – 1920*1080p
Panel Technology – IPS
Touch Screen – Yes
Screen Refresh Rate – 60Hz
Battery Life – 12 hrs
ProsGood audio output
Long battery life
High-quality camera
No stylus support

Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630

The Yoga Chromebook C630 is the best 15-inch Chromebook in 2021. It has this substantial gorgeous screen that feels so comfortable to use. Moreover, the display rocks an astounding 4K resolution, the first in Chrome OS. However, some 1080p competitors display better than C630’s 15-inch display since it is not that bright and saturated. The fluidity and responsiveness of the touch screen panel are second to none, but Lenovo should have added a stylus pen, considering the Chromebook’s price tag.

The Lenovo Yoga Chromebook can flip around its hinges to assume the shape of a tablet. The keyboard is super smooth, and typing on it is hassle-free. The mousepad is soft and highly responsive to input and gestures. The keys are backlit and elegant to use at night. 

How about performance? With Google’s lightweight OS, the Yoga Chromebook’s 8GB RAM and Intel Core i5-8250U give you a seamless performance all through. The internal storage space is 128GB eMMC. We have some ports on the Lenovo Yoga Chromebook c630, but this can be solved by obtaining a USB Hub to support mutual connections. You can also connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6. 

Key SpecsProcessor – 1.3GHz Intel Core i5-8250U
Graphics Processor – Intel UHD Graphics 620
Operating System – Chrome OS
Boot Drive – 128GB eMMC
Screen Size – 15.6 inches
Native Screen Resolution – 4K (3840*2160)
Panel Technology – IPS
Touch Screen – Yes
Screen Refresh Rate – 60Hz
Battery Life – 6hrs 53 minutes
Pros4K resolution
Flexible aluminum chassis
Speedy performance
ConsBelow-average battery life
The display could be made brighter and more colorful.


Choosing the perfect Chromebook depends on your particular needs and what you wish your next Chromebook to offer. Are you a student looking for a Chromebook to help with research and studies? Are you a business seeking to find a quality Chromebook to enhance productivity? Are you looking for a basic 2-in-1 Chromebook that can shift into different modes? You can find all that and more in the Chromebook market today; you only need to know your specific requirements. Chromebooks offer a wide variety of choices at different prices. Premium editions call for a higher price tag since they have enhanced processors, screen resolution, and battery life. However, other factors come into play, like cost and minor personal preferences. 

Chrome frequently releases updates to its OS to enhance security and reliability. Make sure to always stay up-to-date. 

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