Best Camera for YouTube Gaming in 2023

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Are you a gamer looking for the best camera for YouTube Gaming? We are here to help you!

In this age of technology and increasing awareness, a lot of gamers have started streaming their videos on video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. 

People join in to watch these videos to gain experience, learn, and even for enjoyment in their leisure time. 

A lot of effort goes into making these videos. With the help of the right equipment, the process becomes a whole lot easier.

One gadget that is absolutely necessary to record and stream videos on YouTube is a high-quality camera. 

Even though most webcams are perfectly fine for a video call, their video quality doesn’t even come close to the dedicated cameras, such as those mentioned below. 

Before you purchase a camera to help you with your YouTube gaming career, there are a few things that you need to look at.

If you choose the camera correctly, it can give your videos a very professional aesthetic and help you create quality content.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Camera for YouTube Gaming

• Frames per Second (FPS)

FPS or frames per second defines a camera’s ability to capture shots in a single second. The higher the FPS rating, the more the number of shots taken per second will be.

It is important to get a camera that can output 60FPS recording when connected to your PC. This is because most gaming videos should be uploaded in 60FPS, so you would want your camera to have the same frame rate and your gameplay. 

• Resolution

The clarity of an image is defined by the resolution of the camera that was used to capture it. Basically, it means the number of pixels that will appear on the screen.

High-definition camera models offer 1080p resolution. Some older cameras might only be able to output 720p video to your PC or capture, so getting a camera that can properly output 1080p video is crucial. 

• Battery Life 

Some webcams come with batteries that can be replaced once they run out. However, some are programmed to run using an external power source. 

It is best that you choose a camera that can be reliably powered with an external power source. This way, you will not have to recharge batteries again and again. Furthermore, there will be no risk of the batteries dying during a game.


HDMI is the defacto output for cameras that you want to use as a webcam replacement. Make sure your camera has a clean HDMI output without any overlays so that the video feed is uncluttered from any unwanted elements. 

• Budget

There are plenty of cameras out there with various prices. However, you don’t have to go over your budget to get a high-quality camera.

Take a look at your budget. Jot down the features that you want in a camera, and then look for a camera in the market which has those features and falls within your budget.

Usually, you can get an amazing camera for gaming and streaming from $200 to $300.

Comparison Table

1Sony a7 III Full-frame sensorWorks in low-lightMirrorlessInterchangeable lensCheck
2Sony a6400 AffordablePrecise focus4K videoMirrorlessCheck
3Canon Rebel SL3 AffordableBuilt-in WiFiTouch screenBest battery timingCheck
4Canon EOS M50 AffordableBuilt-in stabilizationTouch screenCompatible with iOS and AndroidCheck
5Panasonic GH5 Best 4K qualityDual I.S. stabilizationPrecise focusAffordable full-frame cameraCheck
6Panasonic G9 Flip-screenAccurate focus4K video qualityCheck
7Panasonic G7 Mirrorless4K videoMicro-focusCheck

Best Cameras for YouTube Gaming in 2020

1. Sony A7 III

Sony A7 III

Look at any professional gaming content creator on YouTube and you will notice that their facecam has outstanding quality. With the help of Sony A7 III, you can expect the same top tier video quality, albeit at a premium price.

With this 24.2 MP DSLR camera, you can create a bokeh effect in videos as you live stream. The sensor in the Sony A7III is one of the most competent amongst full-frame cameras. 

This full-frame sensor camera works perfectly, even in low-lighting conditions. The best feature of the camera is the 5-axis stabilization for smooth shooting. 

What we truly like about this camera is that it can be connected with various smartphones as well due to its Bluetooth connectivity feature.

It has a good battery life, and you can shoot for 200 minutes continuously on one complete charge. The Exmor R CMOS focus sensor increases the clarity and quality of your live streams.


  • Full-frame sensor 
  • Works in low-light 
  • Mirrorless 
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • There is no flip screen

2. Sony a6400

Sony a6400

Sony a6400 has impressive and professional features at a fairly reasonable price point. This 20.1 MP camera comes with an Exmor RS CMOS sensor and a wide aperture. With over 425 contrast-detection points, the camera captures the subject perfectly. 

With 11 FPS, the camera is fast, quick, and accurate. You get multiple movie functions such as slow-motion videos and time-lapses.

The LCD screen can be tilted to be front facing so that you can see what you are shooting. This can come in handy if you want to quickly check if you are in frame during gameplay.

The only downside of this camera is that there is no built-in stabilization. However, if you are shooting a video while you are gaming, stabilization does not matter as the camera would be in a fixed position anyway. 

There are other camera models out there with more advanced features, but this one works amazingly well and that too at an affordable price!


  • Flip-screen 
  • Affordable 
  • Precise focus
  • 4K video 
  • Portable


  • It has no built-in stabilization 

Canon Rebel SL3

Canon Rebel SL3

When it comes to the best cameras for gaming, it is not all about the features and functionalities that it offers but also about the value for money it offers.

Canon Rebel SL3 is an inexpensive APS-C sensor camera. It is a compact and lightweight camera that will take your gaming experience up a notch.

Moreover, the camera comes with a crop sensor as well. It also offers a fantastic bokeh effect and 4K video shooting quality, though certain features will be disabled when recording in 4K. 

It has a long battery life and can capture more than 1000 shots in a single charge. Whether you are an aspiring photography enthusiast or a professional SLR user, this camera will be your perfect companion.

It has a dual pixel CMOS AF sensor and a vari-angle LCD. The 24.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor, along with the DIGIC 8 processor, provides amazing results.

With options such as “creative assist” and 4K Time-Lapse, you can explore your creative ideas with ease using this camera.


  • Affordable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Accurate focus 
  • Best battery timing 
  • AC adapter for power


  • No built-in stabilization 

4. Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50

Canon EOS M50 is a great camera with fantastic video-quality and professional features. It is affordable and is compatible with both iOS and Android. 

Canon EOS M50 comes with a dual pixel CMOS AF sensor that helps you capture fast and accurate pictures and videos. 

The 24.1 MP APS-C sensor and the DIGIC 8 image processor results in clear pictures with clear details, incredible color, and enhanced details. 

This camera has a vari-angle touchscreen LCD that has a flexible tilt range, which is ideal for low angle and high angle shooting.

The built-in high-resolution electronic viewfinder helps you capture the details accurately as you are gaming.

Moreover, with the help of the EOS utility webcam software, you can turn this camera into a webcam using native software as well! 


  • Affordable camera 
  • Built-in stabilization 
  • Touch screen 
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Lightweight 
  • Interchangeable lens


  • Webcam software is currently in beta and might be unstable

Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5

Looking for a camera that is incredibly sharp? Then you should take a look at Panasonic Lumix GH5. 

This 20.3 Megapixel camera has a micro 4/3 sensor that captures sharp images. It has a high dynamic range as well.

The camera comes with five-axis dual image stabilization that corrects all lenses, even with the classic lenses. However, it is not equipped with Optical Image stabilization.

It records 4K videos and has a frame rate of 60 FPS. The splash and freezeproof design of the camera makes it pretty handy for outdoor use.

If you can compromise on the absence of a bokeh effect in your streaming, then this camera is perfect for dynamic image quality. 


  • 4K quality 
  • Dual Image Stabilization 
  • Precise focus 
  • Affordable full-frame camera


  • It is bulky

Panasonic G9

Panasonic G9

This 20.3 MP camera comes with a micro 4/3 sensor that helps you capture sharp, clear images. The magnesium alloy body not only makes the camera durable but also resistant to natural elements.

With the dustproof/splash-proof construction, you can use the camera outdoors without worrying about its safety.

It has dual image stabilization along with a 4K video recording feature that makes it a lucrative option. 

The model has a flip screen, mic port, and headphone port. However, the bokeh effect is not as good as other full-frame or APS-C cameras. 

The camera has a fast shooting mode, which is best for live streaming. 


  • Affordable 
  • Flip-screen 
  • Accurate focus 
  • Dual Image stabilization
  • 4K video quality 
  • Splash-proof design


  • Doesn’t shoot well in low light 

7. Panasonic G7

Panasonic G7

Panasonic is one of the most affordable brands on the market. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when you look at the price tag of Panasonic G7.

It is one of the cheapest mirrorless cameras that you can buy this year. However, the cheap price tag doesn’t mean that it has inferior video quality. 

This amazing camera shoots sharp, clear, and detailed 4K videos. The camera has intuitive controls with easy to use shutter settings and aperture.

The LCD display and the high-resolution viewfinder is the cherry on the top. It has a 16 MP micro 4/3 sensor that helps you capture high-dynamic-range images and videos. 


  • Affordable 
  • Flip-screen 
  • 4K video 
  • High-quality output 
  • Precise focus


  • It has no image stabilization

Wrapping Up 

Every career demands a certain level of work, patience, and some of them require the right equipment as well. 

The career of a YouTube streamer and gamer does require some investment in the name of the perfect equipment.

These gadgets improve and increase the quality level to make sure people tune in to your channel again and again.

Thus, it is a wise decision to invest some money in gadgets such as the best cameras to record your gaming experience.

Happy gaming, people!

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