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YouTube has become the most effective platform where people showcase their talent to the world through posting videos. It claims the second-largest share after Facebook, recording an estimated total of 2.3 billion total users. Besides, YouTube records over a billion watch hours daily, making it suitable for someone to share videos to showcase their talent or promote their business/brand name. If you want to become a great Youtuber, well, here’s some advice for you.

YouTube is proving to be an extremely competitive space with every day that passes. To best navigate the industry with a little less friction, you will need to improve your video quality. That would be the key to getting a credible number of viewers, and then the subscribers will come later. If you think of it as a huge money-spending endeavor, know that some of the greatest YouTubers spend fortunes and even hire professionals. Having that in mind, let’s start by looking into how you can improve your video quality.

The smart-devices market is filled with video-recording equipment, ranging from your smartphone’s camera to DSLR mirrorless cameras. However, camcorders have proved to be the best for YouTube vlogging for several reasons stated below.

  • More storage space – Despite smartphones being the most convenient for recording videos currently, camcorders edge them in storage space. That is because some of the space in a smartphone is occupied by mobile apps and other vital files, leaving only a fraction to video recording. What makes camcorders better is their flash memory slots that can store vast amounts of data. Moreover, flash memory is a cheaper alternative, and you can carry backups along with you. 

  • Longer videos – The ability to have ample storage space makes camcorders more efficient in recording lengthy videos. Unlike in mobile phones, you can record up to 3hrs of video with a camcorder without having to think about your battery or storage space. 

  • Better video and audio quality – Camcorders have two advantages over smartphone cameras in terms of video quality. First, Camcorders have a wider zoom lens compared to smartphone cameras, making it easier to record far-reaching objects without losing video quality.

  • Moreover, camcorders have an image-stabilization feature that eliminates the blur effect in case the camera shakes. Some camcorders are equipped with a 5-Axis Stabilization, while others, mostly SONY camcorders, have the BOSS stabilizer, which is considered the best.

  • The audio quality of camcorders is also unmatched. Offering the provision to add a physical mic, you get quality stereo-quality sound, which is vital in every professional video. Besides, you can add more audio devices since camcorders are more adaptable with external devices than normal cameras.

  • Easier to use – Unlike your smartphone or DSLR camera, which you have to hold for long when recording a lengthy video, camcorders are designed to be fitted to a tripod stand or come with a comfortable strap to be held in a more stable manner.

Even with plenty of advantages over smartphones and DSLR cameras, camcorders have their drawbacks too. You have to make sure that the lighting is good since these cameras come with a small sensor. Moreover, camcorders are hard to carry around as they are heavier than smartphones and DSLR cameras. 

However, even with the few limitations, camcorders have offered consistent quality in video recording, a characteristic that makes them popular among many Youtubers. With equal consideration to the several factors that may affect your choice of a camcorder, here is a list of the best camcorders for YouTube. 

Before we begin, we have a full guide covering on what cameras the top YouTubers use for their videos. Check out the guide below if you want to learn more.

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Best Camcorders for YouTube


Canon is among the giant producers of electronics, mainly digital video cameras. Among its several quality products, the VIXIA HFG40 is among the best cameras for photography and video recording. The HFG40 offers you HD recording at 1080p@60fps, beating most camcorders to the job. Moreover, you get to enjoy a 20× optical zoom and a 400× digital zoom that makes it easy to record objects at a reasonable distance comfortably. Moreover, to cater to contrast issues, the HFG40 comes with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. 

The hardware composition of the Canon VIXIA HFG40 is suitable for recording lengthy videos as it is light(765g) and has excellent battery life. Moreover, the camcorder comes with a double SD card slot, saving you the interruptions that may arise from lack of sufficient storage. You can have a storage space of 8GB to 128GB on the HFG40. Owing to the camera’s dual SD design, you can expand that memory to around 2TB. Besides all that, the camcorder comes with a 3.5-inch OLED (flip) touch panel that displays your recording in high resolution. Video recording is done at MPEG-4 AVC and H.264 modules. Audio is done at MPEG-2(AAC-LC 2ch), Linear PCM(2ch), and Dolby Digital(2ch.) 

Key SpecsScreen type – Touch Sensitive 3.5-inch OLED screen
Sensor – CMOS Sensor (1 / 2.84 inches)
Digital zoom – 400×
Optical Zoom – 20×
Video resolution – 1080p, 60fps
Audio Recording System – Dolby Digital (2ch), MPEG2 (AAC-LC 2ch), Linear PCM (2ch)
Video Recording System – MPEG-4 AVC and H.264
Battery – 7V
Available memory – 2GB to 128GB, expandable to 2TB
Supports HDMI output
In-built Wi-Fi function
ProsOffers manual calibration of features for professionals
Highlight priority mode
HD recording experience
Supports up to 2TB storage
Highlight priority mode
The multi-SD card feature allows for the expansion of memory.
ConsThe inbuilt Wi-Fi is complex to configure.
The camera may become challenging for a beginner to operate.
It doesn’t record in 4K

Sony FDR AX33 4K Camcorder

We all have come across Sony electronic products and know how much effort the company puts to attain sheer quality in every one of them. The FDR AX33 is among the best live-streaming camcorders in the market, as it operates on a 4K recording mode. The AX33 comes with a 3-inch LCD screen and a ring with plenty of embedded manual controls. 

The build-design of the FDR AX33 is impressive as it spots a smaller and lighter feel as compared to its predecessor, Sony FDR AX100. Moreover, it comes with quality-performance features such as an electronic viewfinder and an Exmor R CMOS sensor. Besides, you will enjoy a 10× optical zoom and a 120× digital zoom to ensure the recording’s efficiency. The wide sensor of the AX33 is crucial in improving the camera’s performance in low-light conditions. 

Key SpecsScreen type – 3-inch LCD screen (Touch-sensitive)
Sensor – R CMOS Exmor sensor (1 /2.3 inches)
Digital zoom – 120×Optical Zoom – 10×
Video resolution – 4K/24p/30pImage format – JPEG
Video Recording System – AVCHD, H.264, XAVC S
Battery – Li-Ion NP-FV50Electronic Viewfinder, USB 2.0
NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity
ProsIntelligent 4K zoom (15×)
In-built Wi-Fi and NFC
Compact design
Excellent in-built mic
Balanced optical-steady shot
ConsNo HDMI output
The buttons can be complicated for amateurs.
Small EVF

Panasonic HC-V77C0

The Panasonic HC-V77C0 is one of the best camcorders the company has produced lately, which is, consequently, one of the best for YouTube vlogging. First things first, you’ll love the 3-inch LCD touchscreen that it offers. In addition to its outstanding picture-capturing quality, the HC-V77C0 is equipped with superb video recording features like the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and a 20× optical zoom option. The camera’s exquisite clarity in video recording and outstanding results in low light has made it the best camcorder for YouTube live streaming. You don’t expect less than that from a camcorder fitted with a high-speed BSI sensor.

The HC-V77C0 is fitted with a 4-drive lens system that separately commands each set of lenses. That feature comes in handy to reduce drive range and, as a result, get high-quality pictures and images. Besides, one of the most exciting features of the Panasonic HC-V77C0 is the feasibility and ease of operation of the camcorder, even on your smartphone (via Wi-Fi connection.) 

Key SpecsScreen type – 3-inch LCD screen (Touch-sensitive)
Sensor – BSI sensor
Digital zoom – 60× or 150×
Optical Zoom – 20×
Video resolution – FHD (1920×1080) @ 120fps or 240fps
Video Recording System – Dolby Digital 2-ch / 5.1-ch, MP4 (AAC 2-ch)
Battery – 3.6VSD card support, USB 2.0, mini HDMI
ProsIn-built NFC and Wi-Fi
Supports real-time broadcasting
Supports wireless auto-transfer
Live-view remote control
Manual settings control is enabled
50× intelligent zoom improves the quality of your record
ConsSlow touch sensitivity
The camcorder doesn’t support 4K recording
Relatively small sensor

Kicteck 4KMW Camcorder

A fascinating feature of the Kicteck 4KMW is its IR night vision that maintains outstanding video quality even in low-light conditions. Moreover, you get a remote view feature that enables you to view the recording onto your smartphone in real-time. That is a good starting point for a beginner when choosing a YouTube camcorder. Besides, it is a cheaper option when compared to other camcorders that record in 4K.

The 4KMW is small and lightweight, making it suitable for long hours of recording, which might be challenging when using heavier camcorders. Moreover, it comes with a quality 3-inch rotating touch-sensitive screen that delivers a breathtaking display. Again, the Kickteck 4KMW features 4K (24fps) video recording, a feature not so familiar to most camcorders. Even when the 4K video quality may lag when compared to other more-expensive camcorders, it serves the best at its price. 

Key SpecsScreen type – 3-inch LCD screen (Touch-sensitive)
Sensor – CMOS
Optical Zoom – 1×
Video resolution – 4K (24fps)
Image Resolution – 48M
Image Format – JPEG
Video Recording System – MP4
Battery – 3.7V, 2500mAh
Wi-Fi, USB 2.0Supports SD, TF cards
ProsFace Detection
Supports Anti-Shaking
Easy to use
ConsNot perfect for professional-quality recording
No Image Stabilization

Sony FDR-AX53 4K Camcorder

Sony has loaded a handful of professional-standard specs into the AX53, and as a result, the camcorder best suits pros and those who can afford its high price tag. Nonetheless, you’ll get quality for every penny. First, the AX53 comes with an EXMOR sensor, a unique sensor from Sony fitted with BOSS Image Stabilization properties. The FDR-AX53 is fitted with a 3-inch touch-sensitive screen for ease of control.  With the Exmor R Sensor’s help, the camcorder’s screen will deliver a clear and more-detailed preview of the video and image quality. The camcorder is light and easy to handle, as well as operate. 

The FDR-AX53 gives you 4K video recording even in poor lighting. Moreover, the camcorder comes with a 20× optical zoom that helps to deliver precise and more-focused quality. The FDR-AX53 is fitted with a BIONZ X image processor that comes with in-built Wi-Fi and NFC connections. The camera, furthermore, comes with a 0.27-inch electronic viewfinder and a quality battery that ensures that you record for long hours. If you are a professional and are looking for a YouTube streaming camcorder, the Sony FDR-AX53 might be the best place to start.

Key SpecsScreen type – 3-inch LCD screen (Touch-sensitive)
Sensor – Exmor R Sensor (6MP)SS Stabilization 
Optical Zoom – 20× in 4K
Video resolution – 4K
Video Recording System – MPEG-4 and XAVC
In-built zoom microphone
Battery – Li-Ion NP-FV50Manual ring
Electronic Viewfinder, USB 2.0
NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity
Pros4K video recording
Fast and reliable auto-focus
5-axis image stabilization
Electronic viewfinder
ConsThe battery life is relatively low as compared to same-priced products.
HDMI doesn’t support live streaming
Imperfect focus quality

Canon VIXIA HF R800

The HF R800 is one of the best camcorders for newbies on YouTube. Interestingly, the HF R800 is among the budget camcorders that have a high optical zoom. Moreover, it is fitted with quality features that enhance its image and video-capturing capabilities. The camcorder comes with a 3-inch LCDD touchscreen. The HF R800 has a compact build design, making it easy to handle, even for long hours.  However, a strap is provided that fits the camcorder to the hand perfectly. 

Canon VIXIA HF R800’s video quality is excellent. That is due to the quality capturing framerate of up to 60fps when recording at 1080p resolutions. With the camcorder’s 57× advanced optical zoom capability, you can take pictures and videos of beautiful scenery from a distance. Moreover, the 3.28MP FHD CMOS sensor gives all your images and videos a professional touch. 

Key SpecsScreen type – 3-inch LCD touchscreen
Sensor – CMOS sensor
Optical Zoom – 32×57× advanced zoom feature
Video resolution – 1920×1080p
Video Recording System – MP4
DIGIC DV4 Image Processor
Battery – BP-727Slow and fast-motion recording
USB 2.0NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity
Pros57× advanced zoom makes it easy to capture long-range shots
Updated 3.28 CMOS sensor
Easy-to-use for beginners
FHD videos at 60fps
ConsThe camcorder doesn’t support 4K video
The image stabilization feature is not perfect.


Camcorders are the perfect devices for recording YouTube videos as they are specifically made to perform the task. Moreover, a camcorder will be the most decent device for beginners who would love to start their YouTube channel, edging smartphone and DSLR cameras in terms of overall performance.

The camcorders listed above are among the best camcorders for YouTube. With these options, you get a robust tool that can reliably produce great quality footage that would make for great YouTube content. This way, you get to focus your attention on brainstorming for the best content ideas for your YouTube channel instead of spending time fiddling around with camera settings or getting the right camera setup.

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  1. How is the Sony HDR-PJ440 compared to the Sony Sony FDR AX33 here. I found a list that has it as the second best under $500, the basic seem quite interesting but it doesn't say much about it. No other guide speak so highly of it neither.

  2. Why didn't you include the MSRP anywhere in the information? That would've been extremely helpful!!
    For all we know you may be comparing a $300 camcorder to a $3,000 camcorder.
    That fact that you didn't forces the reader to stop and click on a link to go to another site.
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