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Blue Yeti is becoming a standard microphone for podcasts, voice-overs, gamers, and live streamers. The mic comes with a beautiful stand that is fully functional, but it is short and more suitable for recording only one person.
If you intend to make full use of Yeti with its multi-patterns, having a boom arm helps a lot. You can adjust the mic with your desk in an optimal position, and you can move around the mic to suit your needs while recording conveniently. In case you want to know more about the mic, check out our detailed review of Blue Yeti.

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In this article, we will look at some best Blue Yeti arms for your convenience. Let’s look at each of our selected options without further ado.

InnoGear Heavy Duty Microphone Stand with Mic

  • Low price
  • Fits all types of mics
  • Fully rotatable
  • Stable boom arm

Our first option is a good quality microphone stand that suits Blue Yeti and some other popular mics like Snowball, Shure SM58. The stand fits most of the mics and shock mounts in the market. It’s not just a microphone stand but comes with other useful accessories for studio recording like a pop filter and microphone screen. 

The boom arm is made of heavy-duty metal. It is fully adjustable and can set the mic in your required position securely and comfortably. The mic stand can rotate up to 360 degrees so you can set it to an optimal angle for capturing the sound. It features strong springs for holding the mic securely. The secure grip prevents the mic from shaking, or accidental falls, affecting your recording sessions since Blue Yeti is a pretty sensitive mic. 

The boom stand comes with one table mounting clamp for fixing the arm on your desk. A protective sponge layer on its base prevents the arm from vibration, and the adjustable screw helps you set the mic in a perfect position.

The boom arm stand comes with a windscreen and pop-filter to control the plosives and make your audio recording clearer. Overall, it’s an affordable option and suits beginners or those on a low budget.

Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm

  • Premium quality build
  • Tube style boom arm
  • Secure and adjustable 

The Blue Compass is a premium option for professionals and those who can spend a little extra for better quality. 

This one is a tube-style boom arm that is designed to be fixed on your table. The boom arm keeps your workspace clean with a hidden cable management system. The stand stays secure in an optimal position with the help of secure springs. The boom arm is perfect for professional studio recordings for gamers, YouTubers, podcasters, and voiceovers.

As we all know, Blue Yeti is a heavy mic and may not stay stable on any cheap mic arm. This one can handle the microphones up to 2.4 pounds that include Yeti and Blackout Spark SL.

The boom arm keeps the mic secure in the right position with its friction hinges.  You can tighten the friction hinges with a hand that holds the mic secure and stable at one point. You can leave the mic in position, so you don’t need to spend time fixing the mic in the right position daily.

Overall, it’s a premium option with a high price. The boom arm can not only handle a sturdy mic but a shock mounts as well.

Gator Frameworks Deluxe Boom Stand

  • Heavy-duty build
  • Versatile functions
  • Comes with C-clamp

This one is another premium option from Gator Frameworks. The deluxe boom stand is designed for broadcast mics that are heavy and very sensitive. It can be used for clamping the mic on the desk, so it remains in perfect position and leaves the space of your desk empty for other essentials.

The boom stand is made to reduce clutter and suit podcasters and content creators. The stand is engineered to reduce the vibration or sounds that are produced from moving parts. Setting the mic at the right angle becomes easy with this 360 degrees swiveling arm. 

It’s a versatile boom stand that you can either clamp on your desk or fix it on a mounting base to accommodate the setup where you have a mic placed on the desk.

The heavy-duty metal construction stays stable while holding the heaviest mics. The steel body is black painted that blends in the studio’s environment and looks good.

Overall, it’s a good option and suits those who need a versatile boom stand for their studio setup.

Neewer Upgraded Large Sturdier Microphone Stand 

  • Mid-range quality
  • Double-braced arms
  • Aluminum build
  • Keeps the mic balanced

If our previous two options seem too expensive, you can look at this Neewer’s large microphone stand. The mic stand has metal construction and keeps the mic in position with its double-braced arms.

The mic stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy that is stable and sturdy. Even the heavy mics like Yeti, Yeti Nano, and Snowball stay balanced effortlessly.

The length of this boom arm is extendable and adjustable. You can extend it up to 19 inches to suit your needs. 

Overall, it’s a good option for those looking for a mid-range microphone stand for Blue Yeti or other studio mics. The stand is secure and allows maximum adjustability. The extendable arm and long horizontal and vertical distances make it a practical option for broadcast microphones.

DuaFire Microphone Arm Stand

  • Easy to install or dismantle
  • Steel build arm stand
  • Flexible and adjustable

Here is another good quality arm stand for Blue Yeti at a reasonable price. It’s easy to install, and a fully adjustable mic arm stands with a good weight-bearing capacity.

The mic offers a vertical and horizontal reach up to 35″. It can rotate up to 360 degrees that give you the flexibility to adjust the mic at any angle comfortably.

The mic has a high-quality steel construction that is considered sturdier than aluminum. Steel construction may make the boom arm a little heavy, but the material does not bend and handles daily wear and tear easily.

The Duafire Mic arm stand is easy to handle as well. The system is easy to install or dismantle. You can set it on any table or desk, and it keeps the heavy mics stable and in a good position for better sound recording. It offers a good range of motion that allows you to take the arm out of the way conveniently when not in use.

Overall, this one is also a good quality microphone arm for Blue Yeti that we can’t call an affordable option. Still, it certainly is reasonably priced considering its high-quality steel construction and full maneuverability.

Samson MBA48-48

  • Comes with C-clamp
  • Stable positioning
  • High weight-bearing capacity
  • Comes with a flange mount

This one is another sturdy boom arm that you can buy for your Blue Yeti mic. It’s a sturdy boom arm stand that is capable of keeping our mic an optimal position.

The MBA48-48 comes with a C-clamp for joining the boom arm to your work desk. You can keep the mic connected; that saves time as you don’t have to spend time fixing the mic in the right position every time you go live streaming.

The boom arm features internal springs that allow you to change the mic’s position without any noise or disturbance while recording or live to stream.

It’s a sturdy metal made arm that has a good amount of weight-bearing capacity. It features a standard microphone clip threading that can support mics up to 5 lbs.

The boom arm can also be used for resting the mic on a flat surface. It comes with a flange mount if you don’t want to clamp the mic to a desk and want to place it on any flat surface.

Overall, it’s a midrange boom arm perfect for Blue Yeti or any other broadcasting mic in the studio. The boom arm has a sturdy steel construction that gives long-lasting durability.

InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand

  • Heavy-duty steel build
  • 4.4lbs weight-bearing capacity
  • Comes with a sturdy adjustable extension
  • Features a secure table clamp

We have already included a cheap option from InnoGear at the beginning of this list. This one is a premium option from InnoGear and comes with the best features to suit both beginner and professional use.

The microphone arm stand has a sturdy build. It features a polished look that gives a smooth touch and stays new forever. The mic stand is made of heavy-duty cast metal, which is very sturdy and strong enough to handle bulky mics like Yeti. It has a load-bearing capacity of 4.4lbs.

It’s an adjustable mic arm that you can easily move and adjust at your required angle. The high-quality material does not shriek or send noise while you are moving the boom arm.

It comes with a table clamp for attaching the mic to your desk. The clamp is attached with secure side screws, and the base has a sponge layer to protect your desk from scratches.

It comes with an extension rod that can extend the mic’s reach and rotate to 270 degrees. The connectors are compatible with the most popular mics in the market, including the Blue Yeti.

The mic stand is compatible with Yeti and multiple other mics like the Blue Snowball, Audio Technica AT2020, BM800, Shure SM58, and multiple other mics.

Overall, it’s a sturdy option designed for robust performance. The heavy-duty build keeps the mic stable in your required position. Further adjustments are also easy with its rotatable body and silent springs.

Buying Guide of Selecting the Boom Arm for Blue Yeti

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting the boom arm for Blue Yeti Microphone.

Heavy-Duty Build

Blue Yeti is one of the heaviest mics in the market. Its bulky size is just part of its personality, one must say. So while selecting a boom arm for Yeti, make sure you check the boom arm’s build quality and its load-bearing capacity.

The boom arm should be sturdy enough to keep the Yeti in optimal position without being shaky or loose. The boom arm should be made of heavy-duty steel, and load-bearing capacity should be more than the mic weight.

The Yeti weighs almost 2.2 lbs, but you need a boom arm that can handle the load up to 4 lbs. You may need to attach several other accessories on the mic stand along with the mic, like a shock mount or a pop filter. 


A C-clamp is used for attaching the mic to your work desk. The mic stays out of anyone’s way, leaving your desk unoccupied, and it also keeps the mic set in one position where you can leave it there for daily recordings. You don’t need to spend extra time setting the mic in an optimal position daily.

Adjustable Boom Arm

Make sure the boom arm is fully adjustable. Even when it is clamped to the desk, it should be able to move around silently. 

Blue Yeti is a multi-pattern mic. It is designed not only for one person, or you can have a co-host, someone you are interviewing, or even many people discussing something. The mic can capture audio from the front, sides, and rear conveniently. So, a boom arm should be selected to suit all these needs. You may need to keep moving the mic position while having a live session. Make sure the mic springs are easily adjustable and allow you to change position quietly. Again, this calls for a heavy-duty build and a fine quality mic boom arm.

Final Words

Although Blue Yeti comes with its mic stand that is excellent for all basic needs, a proper boom arm will greatly improve its utility. The boom arm works especially well for singers, podcasters, and live streamers who may need to keep the mic in different positions with optimum stability.

All options in our list of the best Blue Yeti arm are carefully chosen for your convenience. We choose the InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand as our best pick due to its sturdy metal construction, adjustability, and high quality.

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