Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Working from Home In 2023

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Working 9-5 on our computers, followed by late-night gaming sessions, watching TV for hours, and then staying on the phone right until the moment we sleep often gives us a nasty headache, dry eyes, and eye fatigue. We have all been there!

Like everything else, technology now offers a solution to that as well. Blue Light Blocking Glasses aren’t exactly a common part of working setups at home, but that’s only because not many people know about it. This cost-efficient purchase can save us tons of inconvenience while we are earning money from home. As we aren’t distracted by headaches and itching eyes, we can direct all our energy into our work and be more productive. 

What to Look for in Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Men and Women

There are a large number of suppliers of these light blocking glasses available online. You must choose the right blue light glasses for yourself if you wish to protect your eyes. The following factors should be taken into account to make the right purchase. 

Build Quality

You will find a large variety of Blue light blocking glasses available online at low prices. While the prices may attract you, you need to understand that the material used is extremely flimsy, to the point that it can’t be used for more than 3-weeks. Look for plastic titanium material or unbreakable plastic. The same goes for the lenses. Low-quality lenses break, scratch, and get smudged easily. Go for shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses that also provide clear sight.

• Design

Glasses with spring hinges, adjustable temples, and nose pads are convenient and comfortable to use. Designs that lack these features are either too tight or comfortable to wear throughout the day. 

• Blue Light Blocking Percentage

While they all claim to block blue light, not all of them succeed. Some glasses only block a small percentage of it and allow the rest to come through. Look for a 90-100% blue light blocking feature in the pair you choose. Also, always go for glasses that block high energy blue light and UV radiations. The anti-glare feature is a plus. 

Magnification ratio: Blue Light blocking glasses often magnify the view to the point that you can feel dizziness and nausea. Test before you invest in the right pair. 

The Top Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Working from Home 

Shopping for the blue light blocking glasses can be quite confusing. With so many options available in the market with tons of features, it’s hard to pick one. Even more so, when you’ve never had to work from home before or had to worry about eye strain. To make your purchase worth your money, we have listed down the top blue light blocking glasses for you in this guide.

Gamma Ray 003 Anti UV Glare Blue Light Computer Glasses 

The Gamma Ray Anti UV Glare provides excellent blue light blocking. Its amber-tinted lens blocks the blue light and also provides UV400 protection against harmful radiation. People who have experienced concussions have often found these blue light blocking spectacles useful.

Additionally, these anti-glare glasses also work against harsh fluorescent lighting in workplaces or at home. 

While the frames are made with a flexible TR90 nylon frame, the lack of hinges and a tight fit might cause slight comfort issues. Nonetheless, numerous users acknowledged it’s anti-glare and blue light blocking properties and reported a significant decrease in headaches, eye strain, and fatigue. 


  • Anti-reflective
  • Non-polarized
  • Glare reduction
  • Durable


  • Tight fit around the ears 
  • Non-hinged

Occffy Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses 

The Occffy Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses provide high-energy blue light blocking at an amazingly low-price. They reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, and headache after hours of watching TV and playing games on the computer. Their lightweight and comfortable design make them suitable to wear while working long hours or while using the phone and computer for entertainment during night hours.  

The frame is created with a customized fit and is very lightweight, making it easy to wear. Many users on Amazon have reported better sleep and increased eye comfort after using these spectacles.


  • Blocks high energy visible blue light and UV400
  • Polycarbonate lens provides optical clarity and visual fidelity.
  • Impact-resistant


  • Difficult to clean
  • Does not fit all head sizes

Prospek Premium Computer Glasses 

The Prospek Blue Light Blocking Premium Computer Glasses are the solution for those who want effective blue light blocking spectacles yet not overly tinted. The patent lenses used in the design make the glasses look like any ordinary eyeglass pair, yet working double-time to block the blue light from computer screens.

One highlight of the Prospek Blue Light Blocking computer glasses is that they come in magnification levels to choose from. People who feel dizzy and nauseous with magnifying properties can choose level 0. Those who appreciate high magnification can choose the level to up to +3. 

Nearly 90% of Amazon buyers have noticed a great improvement in their headaches, dry eyes, and itchiness. They have noticed less eye fatigue despite using the computer for 10 hours. 


  • Patent lenses reduce the tint yet provide maximum blue light blocking
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty 
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Provides magnification levels 


  • Easily smudged
  • Does not cover the side lighting 
  • Costly 

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses

The J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer is for those who suffer from slight headaches and eye strain after their late-night reading and gaming sessions. While these spectacles do not provide complete blue light blocking, they still block the harmful high energy blue light at the 400nm-430nm range. 

Since the lenses aren’t too dark, they create less distortion and provide a clear sight. The tortoise round frame is unisex and can be worn as reading glasses and also while gaming. The round frame is large and covers a large field of vision from being exposed to blue lights. 

The J+S Vision Blue Light blocking spectacles are designed with comfort in mind and fitted with spring-loaded temples for a secure fit.


  • Provides 90% blocking of high energy blue lights
  • Low color distortion lenses
  • Spring-loaded temples for a comfortable fit on all head sizes
  • Prevents headache and eye strain


  • High glare
  • Lacks complete blockage of blue light 
  • Gets dirty quite frequently 

SOJOS Cat-Eye Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

It’s quite rare for blue light blocking glasses to be trendy in appearance, but SOJOS Cat-Eye Blue light Blocking glasses have managed to achieve functionality with the looks. Many users have reported a substantial decrease in their headaches and dizziness that they used to get after long hours on the computer. 

With its 52mm lens width, the glasses cover the eyes completely and even block the blue light penetrating from the sides. To assure that these glasses work, you’ll get a microfiber pouch, microfiber cloth, blue light testing electric torch, blue light test card, glasses kit all packed in the included beautiful box. 

In addition to its appearance and functionality, the glasses are also created with comfort in mind. The lightweight spectacles have adjustable temples and nose guards, making it a snug fit for all head sizes.  


  • Adjustable temples and nose guards
  • Durable 
  • Trendy and chic design
  •  Effective blue light blockers
  • Original lenses can also be replaced with prescription lenses. 


  • Do not block all blue light.
  • Flimsy  

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Computer Gaming & TV Glasses

The Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking glasses are excellent for those who like to indulge in some gaming and TV right before bed. The glasses block 97% of blue light and prevent melatonin levels from going low. As a result, you can sleep well despite staring at a screen for long hours. 

The spectacles are also very lightweight. The nose pads and the spring hinges make them sit snugly and comfortably on the nose. 

These orange-amber tinted glasses come with a carrying case and a microfiber cloth, along with adjustable nose pads.  


  • Adjustable nose pads for a better fit
  • Blocks 97% of blue light 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Fitted with super hinges for comfortable wear
  • 90-days money-back satisfaction


  • The extreme yellow tint makes it unsuitable for people working with visual graphics 
  • Does not come with a UV card and light tester 

Blue Blocking Amber Glasses for Sleep

These Blue Blocking Amber Glasses by Spectra479 not only make your daytime wear comfortable but also ensure a good night’s sleep. These glasses block 99.82% of light in the critical 450 – 510nm range. It’s the same wavelength that remains the most disruptive light at night and causes trouble sleeping. 

With its highly-effective blockage of high-end blue light, these glasses support melatonin production and help abate sleep issues and insomnia. 

Since these glasses are wraparound style, they also effectively block side lightning, which usually ends up penetrating through many other blue light blocking spectacles. These glasses are especially useful for people who work the late shift at home and then have trouble sleeping. 


  • Non-polarized 
  • No dark tint
  • Sports frame with a wraparound fit
  • Blocks UV
  • Blocks 100% of the light from 280 – 490nm and 99.82% of light in the critical 450 – 510nm range


  • Non-durable 
  • Dark in appearance. 

SOJOS Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The SOJO Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses are one of the few blue lights blocking glasses that are cute and flattering on the face. Many users wear it daily even when they are not working on their computers or their phones. One of the highlights of this product is its unbreakable and eco-friendly plastic titanium material. This titanium plastic is stress-resistant and wear-resistant and hence lasts for a long time.

The lenses are not just anti-blue but also anti-radiation and reduce eyestrain and fatigue. The packing comes with a soft case, microfiber cloth, blue light keychain, blue light test card, and a 3-in-1 mini keychain tool with a Phillips screwdriver, a flat head screwdriver, and a hex socket wrench. 

If you want to spend your money just once for a long time, this is the blue light blocking glasses to go for. 


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Unbreakable plastic that neither breaks down nor deforms 
  • Comes with a few spare parts for a quick repair


  • Larger in size 
  • Might cause strain in the eyes of some people 
  • High glare 

BioRhythm Safe Clip-on Blue Blocking Amber Lenses for Sleep

People who wear prescription and reading glasses can understand the inconvenience that comes with trying to see clearly but also trying to avoid eye strain and headaches from blue lights. They can’t wear two glasses simultaneously, so they end up compromising one sight, enhancing the vision issues.

Fortunately, BioRhythm Clip-on Blue Blocking Amber Lenses provide the perfect solution to this problem. BioRhythm clip-on lenses fit right on top of your prescription glasses and protect eyes while gaming or working. In addition to convenience, it blocks 100% of the light from 280 – 490nm and blocks 99.8% of blue light from the 450-510nm range.

The best part is its pinch clip, which makes it easier to clip on and take off whenever needed. 


  • Pinch to clip on and off
  • Bright and clear lenses 
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable  
  • 99.8 to 100% blockage of blue light 
  • Reduces eye fatigue


  • Costly 
  • No flip-up mechanism, and might require taking them off quite often

If we had to pick the best blue light blocking glasses from this list, we’d go with BioRhythm Safe Clip-on Blue Blocking Amber Lenses. Even though it leans on the pricey side, the clip-on lenses are the most functional, convenient, and comfortable of them all. Their quick clip on and off action makes it best for working from home. Rest assured, every penny spent on it would be worth it.

However, not everyone wears prescription glasses. For these users, the best choice would be SOJOS Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These cute glasses do the job perfectly, take care of your eye health, and lack that cheap plastic look found in most blue light blocking glasses. 

We hope this list helps you in finding the perfect pair of blue light blocking glasses for yourself. If you wish to take care of your eyes, make sure to try some quick eye exercises from your work desk, and don’t forget to take frequent breaks.  

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