Axie Infinity: The Ultimate Breeding Guide

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With the rapid success of Axie Infinity, many people have expressed interest in the play-to-earn game, which continues to grow and draw more players. If you’re a fan of the game and have played it, you’ve definitely seen that there are hundreds of different Axies combinations to try out. These combinations also differ greatly in terms of combat abilities and market worth. 

This article will provide a brief and comprehensive guide on one of the most crucial components of the game, breeding Axies, for players who are new to Axie Infinity.

An Introduction To Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based mobile pet-themed turn-based RPG game launched by Sky Mavis in 2018 that allows players to make money by buying, selling, trading, breeding, and battling cute digital creatures known as “Axies.” 

These “Axies” are non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, which have completely dominated the cryptocurrency market in recent months. In order to progress in the game, you’ll need at least three Axies, which may be used in both PvE and PvP combat and bred up to seven times to generate new Axies.

What Are Axies & How Do You Breed Them? 

Axies can be bred, just like real-life pets, to produce new baby Axies. These spawns can be utilised in battle or sold on the market. However, in order to avoid overcrowding and limit the amount of axies, there are several regulations and resource needs for breeding, which are mentioned below: 

  • Each Axie can only be bred a total of seven times. 
  • Smooth Love Potions and 1 Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) are required to purchase Breeds. AXS is the Axie Infinity platform’s governance token, an Ethereum-based digital marketplace for the game Axie Infinity. 
  • Breeds are also subject to a gas price, which varies according to how often the Ethereum network is used.

Smooth Love Potions (SLP) may be obtained by playing the game in both the PvE Adventure and PvP Arena modes. The token necessary to mate your Axies is SLP (Small Love Potion), and the amount of SLP required increases with each breed. Once you’ve earned them, you can sync them to your wallet. 

What Is The Cost To Breed Axies 

The SLP cost of an Axie is determined by the number of breeds it has already utilised. The following is the cost of a love potion dependent on an Axie’s breed count:

  • 0/7 – 100 SLP
  • 1/7 – 200 SLP
  • 2/7 – 300 SLP
  • 3/7 – 500 SLP
  • 4/7 – 800 SLP
  • 5/7 – 1,300 SLP
  • 6/7 – 2,100 SLP
  • 7/7 – Can’t Breed (Sterile)

To give you a better understanding, we’ve provided an example below: 

To breed them together and create one Axie child, Player 1 must have a breed count of 2/7 (300 SLP) and Player 2 must have a breed count of 1/7 (200 SLP). 

Since Player 1 now has a breed count of 3/7 (500 SLP) and Player 2 has a breed count of 2/7, the following breed would cost 800 SLP (300 SLP).

Furthermore, you will be charged for certain actions as well as gas fees at every stage of the breeding process. You will be charged for gas if you: 

1. Purchase an Axie 

2. Buy SLP from Uniswap or sync your SLP

3. Breed 2 Axies together 

4. Morph the baby Axie to petite 

5. Morph the petite Axie to adult 

6. List an Axie for sale 

7. Delist an Axie from sale

The Role of Genetics While Breeding 

As a breeder, this is the most crucial thing to understand. Each Axie has inherited genetics from their ancestors. 

Axies, like real-life pets, have body parts, six to be exact, as well as a body shape. For each body component, they have three types of recessive genes: dominant (D), recessive (R1), and minor recessive (R1) (R2). The dominant gene determines which parts of the Axie are physically present. 

Each gene has a probability of being handed on to offspring when they are bred:

  • Dominant (D): 37.5% chance to pass this gene to offspring.
  • Recessive (R1): 9.375% chance to pass this gene to offspring.
  • Minor Recessive (R2): 3.125% chance to pass this gene to offspring.

Understanding The Calculating Class

In combat, an Axie’s class is crucial because each has different strengths and limitations when compared to other classes. The Axie with the class advantage will do an extra 15% damage. The Axie with class disadvantage, on the other hand, will do 15% less damage. A total of nine classes have been released in Axie Infinity. Three of them are distinct classes, each with its own set of Body Parts or Class Cards:

  • Aquatic
  • Bird
  • Plant
  • Dawn
  • Bug
  • Dusk
  • Beast
  • Mech
  • Reptile

There are no recessive genes when it comes to class. When a child is born, they have a 50% chance of inheriting each of their parents’ classes. A Beast/Aquatic couple, for example, has a 50% chance to produce a Beast and a 50% chance of creating an Aquatic. If both parents are in the same grade level, the child will be in the same grade level as well.

Understanding Axie Mutations 

Each of the 12 recessive genes has a 10% chance of changing into a completely random component that was not inherited from either parent; this is referred to as a mutation. 

Each gene mutation has no effect on the likelihood of other genes mutating. An Axie’s dominant portions cannot be modified. There is a 32% (1/3) chance of no mutations (100% parents produce 100% ) and a 68 percent (2/3rds) chance of one or more mutations. 

Non-pure Axies can also mutate to become 100 percent pure Axies (although rare). More than 6 mutations in a single breed are unlikely, so here are the odds for up to 6 mutations:

  • 0 mutations: 28.24% chance
  • 1 mutation: 37.66% chance
  • 2 mutations: 23.01% chance
  • 3 mutations: 8.523% chance
  • 4 mutations: 2.131% chance
  • 5 mutations: 0.379% chance
  • 6 mutations: 0.049% chance

What Are Breeding Loops 

Siblings cannot be bred with each other. This means that if you use two parents to produce multiple Axies as offspring, those offspring will not be able to breed with each other. 

Breeding Loops can be used to solve this problem. Breeding loops are strategies for breeding for infinite generations with only three or four Axies. There are two approaches: ABC looping (3 Axie) and ABCD looping (4 Axie), as well as a method to move from ABC to ABCD looping.

The Various Stages of a New Axies


New Axie infants begin as an Egg. They will stay in this stage for 24 hours. You have no idea what genes the Axies will inherit at this point in their lives; all you can do is watch them float in their incubator. The colour of the egg has no bearing on the class it will become. The egg colour is determined by the parents.


After the first 24 hours, the egg will transform into a larva. You still don’t know what genes it will inherit or what class it will be, but you may see it leap around every now and then! For 48 hours, the Axies are in the larval stage.


Finally, after three days, you will be able to see what your new Axie will become! At this moment, you must manually transform your Axie into a petite. When it’s ready, a Morph to Petite option will appear in the top right corner of the Axie page. To morph it, you must pay a modest price in addition to the ETH gas transaction fee. You will be able to see the class and the traits once the transaction is complete (allow the website a few minutes to update once the TX goes through).

Your petite Axie will remain in this final stage for 48 hours before becoming an Adult. After 48 hours, you need to pay a modest amount to transform the petite into an adult. You can check the remaining time at any time during the Egg to Adult phases. There is a timeline on the Axie page that depicts each stage. If you hover your mouse over it, you may see the times that are specific to your machine.

What Are Origins and MEOs

There are a few Axies that do not have a breeding cost associated with them. These are Origins and MEOs, respectively. If you are new to Axie, it is not suggested that you purchase these until you have a better understanding of everything. 

Every Origin and MEO Axie, regardless of breed count, costs 0 SLP per breed.


The original Axies sold during the presale were known as Origin Axies. These are the Axies that bred all of the Axies that exist today. The only method to obtain an Origin is to purchase it from another market participant.


MEO Axies were sold after the pre-sale as a method for the team to offer new parts and classes to the Axie ecosystem. MEO I is the name given to the first set of MEOs, and MEO II is the name given to the second set of MEOs.

How To View Genes On The Axie Website

It can be quite useful to see the recessive genes of each Axie while exploring the marketplace (or your inventory of Axies). To do so, install a Chrome extension that allows you to see all of the relevant stats at a glance, such as breeds, HP, speed, and so on.

You can download the extension here

When you install the plugin, you will see updated information from the Marketplace screen right away (reload the site if it isn’t visible).

Here’s what each of the new metrics mean:

  • Eggplant emoji – Number of Breeds used
  • H – HP (Health)
  • S – Speed
  • M – Morale
  • P – Purity (The % of the genes that are the same class as the Axie)

All of the genes are visible if you hover your mouse over the stat bar. By hovering over the term Stats on each individual Axie’s page, you can see all of the recessive genes.

How To Breed Your Axie Properly 

Many gamers attempt to breed powerful Axies for fighting, which is the obvious thing to do. This requires choosing powerful Defenders, Attackers, and Support Axies. 

If you want to breed a strong defender, for example, you must examine your Axies to discover which ones have a high chance of producing an Axie that can withstand a lot of damage when mated together. You could try to find Axies with high HP and cards with good defence or self-healing, as this will allow them to absorb more damage.

Follow the steps mentioned below if you want to breed Axies: 

Step 1: Open the page of your Axie in your inventory  

Step 2: Click on the ‘Breed’ option 

Step 3: Selec another Axie that you want to pair it with. 

It’s worth noting that Axies mature in 5 days. After 5 days, your Axie can be morphed into an adult. However, there are some gamers that breed for fun and simply strive to produce the most fascinating children possible. 


According to Axie, there are around 250,000 daily active players. The game requires both time and strategy. Not only must players carefully breed their Axies to gain specific skills, but they must also accomplish quests to earn energy that allows them to engage further.

We hope our guide provided you with sufficient information to get started with breeding your Axies and unleashing the true power of Axie Infinity. 

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