Shen Lee

Shen is a content and copywriter, sales exec and a world-record holding powerlifter. She works with words - writing about property, law, travel and business. Gratitude drives her, along with a goal to implement real-world skills and values in youth from childhood.

Leadpages Honest Review

Leadpages Review 2024: A Brutally Honest Review

LeadPages is a web-based software tool that allows users to create landing pages and other opt-in tools like popup boxes with minimal fuss. With one of the lowest price points on the market, Leadpages is suitable for beginners who may

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13 Perfect Side Hustles for Millennial Moms in 2019
Side Hustles

13 Perfect Side Hustles for Millennial Moms in 2024

Most hustlers know this – we live, work, and play in a culture obsessed with productivity, obsessed with singling ourselves out from the crowd to be the cream of the crop. But when you’ve got an entire life in your

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Blubrry Review-The Best Podcast Host For Beginners

Blubrry Review 2024: The Best Podcast Host For Beginners?

Blubrry is a podcast host by podcasters for podcasters. The hosting provider boasts a varied medley of features – everything from WordPress integration to professional statistics. Blubrry allows podcasters of all levels to store and publish podcast files with ease,

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How To Get Out of Student Loan Debt Fast
Money Management

How To Get Out of Student Loan Debt Fast

You graduate from college with a luggage full of big dreams, big goals, and a bright outlook on where your next steps in life will take you.  “Career success is just over the horizon!” However, something is holding you back.

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