Richa Sharma

Richa describes herself as an avid dreamer and a curious soul! She is a certified Content & Search Marketing Specialist from Digital Marketer, USA. With an experience of 5+ years as a content marketer and researcher, she is in love with Digital Breakthroughs, Content Marketing, Startup Strategies and so much more.

Side Hustles

19 Surprising Hobbies That Make Money Fast in 2021

We all enjoy doing different things. From photography and blogging to cooking and baking – there are a plethora of hobbies that can help you channel your creativity. However, in the rut of clearing bills and paying off debts, you

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What Are Long-Tail Keywords and How To Search For Them

What Are Long-Tail Keywords and How To Search For Them?

If you’re working on your SEO campaign, odds are you’ve already heard that long-tail keywords should be your focus. Despite it being a popular topic, few marketers understand what long-tail keywords are and why they are crucial. Because of the

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