Jesslyn Chai

Jesslyn has been a senior content strategist and writer for the past 4 years. She believes in the power of an idea and breaking the rules whenever necessary. Above all, balance is everything. When she’s not writing up a mad scramble, she leans towards wine bars and yoga studios on the weekends.

What Cameras Do YouTubers Use to Vlog

What Cameras Do YouTubers Use to Vlog In 2023?

Looking to pick up some gear this holiday season? Check out HUSTLR’s holiday season shopping guide for the best deals! Whether or not you’re recording your workouts in a gym or documenting travels halfway across the world, you probably landed

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27 Best Podcasting Microphones For Any Budget

27 Best Podcast Microphones For Any Budget 2023

However you look at it, settling on a microphone is a huge deal for your podcast. Whether or not you’re wet behind the ears or a total guru, there’s no denying that you need a solid microphone to count on.

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How To Start An Online Business Overnight

How To Start An Online Business Overnight

You’ve read the success stories, skimmed through hours of interviews, TED talks, and podcasts. Now, you’re finally ready to get your hands dirty and start an online business! Making money online is 100% possible, regardless of whoever and wherever you

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